Never trust a fairy they say, there is always someone that does not listen. Enter the morally dubious fairy pianist in a very unlikely crossover.

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It was a harrowing day of adventure, despite my newly acquired seven league boots, I did not make it to the shelter in time as the ether wind began to blow across the barren plains. Mutating monsters, men, and all manners of living beings ravaged with mystical forces of magic gone wild. My tattered candy windable cloak was the only thing keeping my sickness from growing worse. I did not want to dig into my potion of cure corruption just yet. Before me stood the mighty gates of Palmia and a lot of angry and highly agitated putti. With a flick of my wrist the first slime fell to my shuriken as my golden bell began to unleash a hail storm of bullets at the gelatinous monsters, turning them into pulp. These pudding looking creatures are not much to look at, but their meat is fantastic for improving my already flawless complexion.

After collecting a bucket load of assorted body parts. A spleen here, a bone there and some skin. It's not much but value is value and people still buy it. I forced my way through the city gates and towards the local inn. The town itself was eerily quiet during the storm, because no one wanted to weather the wind and end up like a multi limbed freak, stalked by a very localized rain cloud. It took a fair bit of time for me to eventually reach the shelter and head inside. Down in the protective basements I was greeted by the smell of unwashed humans huddled together, looking rather bored. As expected really, we can not do much when unshackled cosmic forces tear through the land. The only thing to do is eat stale rations and read. In the corner was a neatly stacked pile of books I had never seen before, maybe this stay would be less annoying than the last time. It's marginally more healthy than getting stoned for playing the piano. The bloody vicious bartender did not have to be that critical of my music after all, it was only slightly off key. Regardless, I began to sort through the books until I found some cliche sounding book about four Cardinal heroes sent to save the world from waves of calamity. Honestly, that sounds like a normal day in my life. When I was about to put down the book , a translucent portal opened under my feet sucking me in, despite my wings, the bell was sucked in as well as a random citizen and a mangy looking mutt.

After the intense light show had passed. I found myself in a stone room, surrounded by monk looking men dressed in white and some very lame looking teenagers.

"Legendary heroes save us from the waves, we implore you."

"What is in it for us?" Said the one with slightly dirty blonde hair.

"Honor, glory, girls, gold and a swanky legendary weapon. Just marvel at the awe-inspiring artifact in your hand."

"I am known as Motoyasu and I like the sound of that."

"Look at that, it comes with a status menu, clearly this is a game." Exclaimed the drool looking kid with the blonde mop on his head.

"What weapon did you get? Also what is your name cosplayer?"

"Adelle, an adventurer, I have a shield, and what is cosplay?". I saw no reason to give them my real name just yet.

"Whatever, I am Itsuki And what in the world is that floating thing?"

"That is my traveling partner, a gold bell."

"You have a pet monster?"

"While this is all well and all, can we get the introductions done with and talk to whomever is in charge? I am Ren by the way."

"Pleased to meet you."

"Before you leave heroes, just what is that thing under and next to you, shield hero?" Shouted a robed zealot pointing a shaking finger at the blood pooling out beneath me.

"It seems to be a dead human, a dog, and a statue of said person. They most likely got sucked in with the rest of us. I would like to be sent home though, I was in the middle of a gig."

"That we can not do, the ritual is one way until the calamity has been bested, now please follow me and meet the king." The clergy proceeded to guide us out of the room. I simply shrugged and bent down to pick up the corpses and the expertly crafted liknes of the newly deceased. No need to waste good body parts after all. Even if human meat is terrible to eat, even in a pinch. Such a shame about the dog though. The moment I touched the body, the shield attached to my arm gloved and the remains were absorbed. A new unknown message sprung up in front of my vision. Apparently I had acquired a body shield, which is irresistible to scavengers and boosted my defense slightly. It also happened to look like a flat human squashed into a disc. The process took very little time and nobody seemed to be in a hurry to usher me forward, which was very odd all things considered. It is an awfully rude way to treat heroes like herpes.

After a short stroll through a narrow corridor, we came to the throne room of a very corpulent king on a very nice looking throne made from the finest marble. It was puny compared to the one that stood next to it. Probably belonged to the Queen that was seemingly absent.

"Greetings noble ones sent to us in this great time of need. I am Aultcray Melromarc XXXII. Hear this my servants, before you stand the sword, the spear, and the bow hero." He was blatantly ignoring me, how rude. Before I could make my displeasure known, he began to prattle some more, clearly enjoying the sound of his own voice. "I have here the finest volunteers we could muster and a starting budget for all of you. Citizen you may team up with the hero of your own choosing." The dozens of people in the room began to swarm the trio like locusts.

"Nobody wants to team up with the remaining hero?" Said the ruler sarcastically.

"To be fair your majesty, the shield is the worst class in Emerald Quest after all." Interjected Motoyasu, posing with his shining spear before a gaggle of girls.

"True enough I suppose. Shields can not attack. But this is clearly Fetch Quest 5000." Replied Ren twirling his sword.

"Never heard of that game, this is more like Dimensional Wave than anything else." Interrupted Itsuki, with a lame smile knocking an arrow to strike a pose, which madeb woman swoon.

"Do you have time for games?" I asked befuddled.

"Surely you jest?" Replied Ren.

"I play a fair bit of blackjack."

"Must be an American thing."

Ren then suggested something useful. "We should compare worlds. What prime minister is depicted on the current yen bill?"




"What is a Prime minister?" They all looked at me like an alien. "Sure I have some yen on hand, but the country I hail from has a king."

"We're all from different worlds then? or you are just full of crock. Seriously, what is up with the wings? Motoyasu seemed very pleased about this predicament, despite his rude tone.

"How rude human, I was born with these wings. Have you never seen a fairy before?"

"Not really and I do not believe you one bit. It's probably just cosmetics. Where did you find the cash shop?"

I paused for a bit before replying. "Cash shop? Sounds redundant, does not all stores take currency?"

"Nevermind you beluga whale." He scuffed condescendingly.

"I do not need you guys to hold me back when preparing for the waves." Proclaimed Ren proudly.

"A solo adventurer? I can accept that, because I do not want to share my XP with other heroes either." Boasted the spear twit who had surrounded himself with only attractive girls. Bow was not much better with his loud proclamation either. "I will be the best, and you lot can not hold a candle to my accuracy."

"Before I do anything your majesty, can you promise me that you will treat us fairly?"

"Naturally, you are the chosen ones after all." With a dismissive wave he had us disperse.

"Then we have an accord. I will lend my power to the cause. Should any harm befell me by you, or your people there will be consequences."

Maybe I should have added some extra stipulations to the agreement. The contact did not provide me with much in the way of fail safes. Interestingly enough it unlocked a contract shield, which drains energy from anyone breaking the agreement. This system is oddly specific and highly exploitable. That is for sure.

"You dare make threats to the king of a nation?"

"No, exhaled one. I am simply clarifying some details, that is all."

"I will let it slide for now. We have an agreement."

"Could you say that again?"

"Agreement? Sure we have an agreement." I love it when sentient creatures agree with me three times, it is practically a magical moment.

"I will gladly help the shieldbearer". Said a buxom crimson haired woman with confidence as the people around her moved out of the way.

"So it shall be done, now we will hold a great feast in your honor. Later you will have ample time to settle in and get acquainted with our fair city." Then four servants came walking over to us, each carrying a brown bag of money. I decided not to voice my opinion of how the king gave me a lighter bag, and opted for leaving the castle instead. Pushing through the guards trying to trip me over with their spear. "I am May by the way, pleased to meet you.

And thus we were brought into a grand hall with food worthy of a monarch. Expertly made from all manner of living delicious looking, The smell made me drool and it felt like ages since I could afford a high quality meal. Time flew by as everyone was talking loudly and filling themselves up making it practically impossible to hear what my only human party member was saying. Probably not very important all things considered.

Later I decided to get some hunting and shopping done before heading to an inn, getting some shut-eye.

"The pink haired girl strutted in front of me like she owned the place.

"What was your name again?"

"Adelle and if you intend to follow me into danger, we need to get you some protection."

"There is a blacksmith in town, come with me." True to her word. There was indeed a blacksmith nearby, they're usually easy to spot, due to the being the only place with a smoking chimney during a warm day and the sound of a hammer loudly hitting an anvil. The sound of clinking metal is just so comfortingly familiar, even if the repetitive sound itself is gratingly repetitive.

"Greetings traveler, what can I do for you? I am Erhard blacksmith by trade and the best stop for all your sharp stabbing implements." The bald bearded bellowed out excitedly.

"My companion needs something long, hard and sharp."

"Certainly sir, might I recommend this arming sword? It is sturdy, well balanced and has room for two hands."

"But it looks so boring, can't you buy something more pretty please?" May was laying on her charm thick like syrup.

"No I will not, budget is limited and then the best gear is always found in dark, damp, dungeons."

"That sounds icky."

"You will get used to it." I said grabbing the sword only to receive a brutal jolt that surged up my arm. The blacksmith looked at me before speaking. "Are you okay?"

"I do believe so, I'm apparently restricted to using only shields."

"It would be a bit silly to have a shield hero using a sword."

After mulling it over I settled for getting her some gambeson and a basic blade.

"May, grab that sword. It is time to hunt. I am in dire need of levels and loot." I said, before paying a handful of coins to the bearded man.

"Okay then." She struggled ever so slightly to attach the sword along with the scabbard onto her belt. After a bit, Erhard had to help her attach it. The extra weight made her strut less and hobble slight undignified.

Some distance away from the gate I ran afoul ofl some very mean looking yellow toothed balloons that immediately charged at us. May hid behind my diminutive stature as I braced for impact. The creatures collided with my shield, but I did not lose my footing, nor a sliver of health. My golden bell returned fire, and with a deafening roar the balloons died in droves. May hunkered down holding her ears, apparently she had no resistance against sound at all. I'm sure she'll get used to the sound of lead filling my enemies full of dread. Gold bells are fascinating creatures, they're simply some of the fastest things around, give them a gun and nothing stands in your way. Terribly frail all things considered, but highly efficient. Along with a level up my defensive stat got an increase, that is very weird. Where did these new attributes come from? I've never had to deal with such stats before. Curious, this is more than just a fancy interface, I have never had such a detailed overview of my body before. Looking behind me I saw May frantically trying to clear out her ears. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"What?" She shouted. Looks like I damaged her hearing. Oh well time to see if my spells still work. With a bit of will and concentration I successfully cast light cure. Immediately she perked up. "What did you do?"


"You can cast healing spells?"


"Interesting, what was that infernal racket just now?"

"It was the sound of an AK 47 going off."

"A what now?"

"It is a weapon that uses small explosions to propel a bullet."

"How very odd and way too loud. My ears are ringing." She furiously rubbed her ears.

"Before we continue here are some earbuds and could you promise me just one thing? To carry your own weight and point that blade away from me, oh and if you hurt me there will be consequences?"

"Sure, sure, sure whatever you say. You're the hero after all."

"Really sure?"


"Really, really?"

"Would you kindly stop asking if I said yes?"

"Yup, then we have an accord, excellent. Now, would you please take a stab at the next balloon? I'm going to collect body parts."

"Okay." With a lot of effort she unsheathed her blade, her hands trembled like an ash leaf, struggling to lift the blade. Seriously, how weak is she? She's not going to survive for long in the wild, that is for sure. I either need to train her, replace, or do some genetic splicing. Fairly certain she would loathe the idea of getting an extra arm. Even if that would mean an extra weapon slot. I can't be too harsh on her, I can only wield stupidly light gear myself. While she was flailing at a red balloon, I began feeding entrails into my shield and unlocked the balloon shield. How curious, how curious indeed. The artifact could now turn into a balloon that protected me a little bit against electric attack and made me float. The grass gave me a green wall that made me look like a bush. "Stupid balloon thingies, sod this, I have had it. I'm hungry, tired, and I broke a nail." I was getting very tired myself. May looked a bit worn out as well and her immaculate makeup was severely tarnished.

"Sure. We will head for the inn then and get a good square meal."

The interior was rustic and very generic. Clearly the bartender lacked a lot of imagination. Regardless, the smell of booze lingered in the air, mixed in with the scent of freshly cooked food.

May plumped her dainty posterior onto the closest stool she could find. Where she immediately ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. I could not stop her from going on a spending spree in time. Yeah, I'm definitely ditching her tomorrow. Is she some sort of pampered and virtually useless noble?

"Wont you have some wine?" She said in a sickly voice curling a hair seductively

"Sure why not, let me just bring out the money so I can pay the barmaid."

Once the woman came over I paid up and left the rest of the money on the table before taking a sip. Suddenly my vision began to darken and I felt myself passing out, much to my gold bells despair. Some wine got spilled onto the shield and I unlocked a booze buckler before passing out.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of toplesd men banging on big drums. The room was empty and unfamiliar. I guess my wayward companion tok the gear and left me. Which suited me just fine, I can always get more, besides my money is safe. The loud knocking on the door sent a spike of pain through my skull. The flimsy door burst open and several armored and armed guards burst in. "You there come along with us to the throne room."

"Fine, fine just pipe down will you, I'm hungover." Typical town guards, they treat me like a criminal and I have yet to do anything criminal.

I was brought before the king who looked like an angry beet red walrus. Next to him stood May wearing a fancy purple dress and the worst crocodile tears I have ever seen. The other heroes were also in the room with me. "You insufferable cur, do you know why you stand before me?"

"I have no idea, I just woke up, could you talk more quietly."

"You dare command me, the king. After what you did I should have you hung by the neck until you stop kicking."

"What alien crawled up your rectum and died?"

"You have abused, mistreated, and raped my daughter."

"I beg your pardon, what did you just say?"

"It's true father, he had his way with me."

A pompous looking guard with a haggard appearance ran into the room holding some laced panties.

"We found these in his room."

"Lies, it all be lies." I said getting rather fed up with this boisterous bastard and his ilk.

"How dare you accuse me of having a penis? I will have you know that I am not into women what so ever, this is just slander."

"How could you do such a thing, you uncultured swine." Shouted the spear guy.

"I thought you were a hero as well." Uttered the lame looking sword swinger.

"You are nothing but scum." Came out of the bowman's gullet.

"I refuse to stay here and listen to these false accusations." May began to cry loudly and threw herself into the arms of Motoyasu.

"Guards apprehend that man."

"One step closer and your guards will die and I am a woman, you pedantic knob"

"Fear not men, the shield devil can not attack."

"I might be unable to, but my bell can."

Gunfire tore through the heavily armored men like tissue paper. The courtroom burst into chaos and the other heroes had hit the deck.

"Know this your highness, you broke the deal and you will suffer the consequences of your actions this day." I bellowed out, using my dimensional displacement to teleport me out of danger, hopefully. I saw no reason to keep up the pretense that I was one of these small minded fools.

A moment later I reappeared on the castle roof. At times like this having wings is one of the great benefits of being a fairy, even if I can't wear heavy things. Down below angry armed men spilled into the courtyard like sewer. Discretion is the better part of valor I suppose. Now that the king's true nature has been revealed, it is time to do what I do best, plunder, pilfer, and look for people in need. But first I'll have to get out of here and upgrade my shield. I am sure I can use some of the scrolls and potions I lug around. I glided into a conveniently placed glade close to the outskirts of town, and touched some grass, acquiring a green shield that camouflaged me while on top of foliage. So I hunkered down and pretended to be shrubbery, while leapfrogging from patch to patch. It would be bad to be mistaken for a feral beast, or a fugitive after all. Various plants that came into contact with my artifact while on the move, all which made it level up itself into a full sized thorn bush shield, increasing my concealment bonus. Guards swarmed the city, putting an angry swarm of locusts to shame, but in the end they probably gave up. They came by my location and sound nothing and went onwards. Once I was out of danger and far enough away from prying eyes, I gave an incognito kit to my shield. This new version gave me a very nice disguise. One that apparently turned the shield into an illusion, concealing it from anything but strict scrutiny and touching objects in mission. I then changed my clothes to be on the safe side. By doing so I had turned myself into a painfully average guard looking person. One of those that is impossible to describe, that just slides into the background noise.

I waited until nightfall before conducting my sinister plan. No one noticed the new guard though faceless helmets. These folks will rue the day they crossed me. The Crimson Bangle, muahahah! Yes that is my adventurer title, what about it?

The shield is nifty and all, but it prevented me from using my cloth laser pistol and my katana. Sure it was a shoddy one made of leather, but it could still cut somehow and was just the right weight. Why some simpering sod decided that stones were an adequate way to measure weight I do not know, but it is infuriating.

I fed one of my energy cells to see what effect it would have. Surprise, surprise, it got a new kind of shield. Apparently plasma shields melt metal that touches the surface and heat resistance. Naturally I had to try with a bullet as well. Which gave me a gunpowder shield that turns raw materials into said substance and lets me ignite it at will. Outside a fancy boutique stood a water collection barrel that was not nailed down. However it was heavy and half full of water, so I had to pour out the contents without being detected. In the twilight I was practically invisible, but surely the racket would attract unwanted attention I thought when someone threw water at he from the top floor. "Scram ye furry friend!" I replied with a cat like meow.

With a lot of effort I succeeded in toppling the barrel. For the next step of my sinister plan I fed the shield a tree worth of leaves, to cram as much gunpowder as possible into the barrel before stuffing it into my inventory. Moving while lugging around this thing was an entirely different thing. Somewhere between the barrel, my genetic engineering machine, a whole slew of potions I was severely overburdened. In other words my backpack was practically squashing me as I moved. The pain was excruciating.

Eventually I sacrificed my grand piano to the utilitarian shield and got a bard shield out of it. Neat! It let's me befuddled and ensnare people based on their level compared to mine, and it works as a playable instrument as well. It took the appearance of a spiraling horn. Next I inserted my gene splicing machine into the arm bound relic to make myself less overburden. "Humans are not meant to play God, but science says otherwise." How did I suddenly unlock snarky quotes? Regardless I now had a genetic shield that lets me play with DNA like a kitten with a ball of yarn. By combining body parts and living beings, onto other living creatures.

Nothing like giving people an extra head to wear two helmets worth of stats.

That was a weight off my shoulder. Now that I had free reins of movement I could finally sneak into the castle and start stuffing things into my shield and plant a bomb in the toilet room. Normally I would pay for a nuke. But I doubt I could find that crazy anarchist girl in this world. Besides, it weighs like a tonn and I'm supposed to protect this world, and turning the town into a smoking crater is generally frowned upon.

Okay, my plan is a bit immature and I'll concieved I will admit. However some jury rigged home fashioned boom, boom to make sure the king gets his comeuppance. I just need an insurance policy and I'm very vindictive.

The bellend is very unlikely to accept the fact that I probably murdered some guards during my escape. Despite my innocence in regards to the royal brat. If I was really looking for a number I'm sure there is a red light district for that.

The throne was lit by the moon casting its rays though stained glass windows high upon the wall. The mean man himself and his spawn have hopefully tucked in for the night. First I scraped off some shavings from the stool itself expecting a throne shield. Alas I was left with a superior wood shield. Behind the chairs hung some banners decorated with three weapons in a triangle pattern. Most likely representing the other cardinal heroes. Judging by the hatred of me and the veneration of the three tool, it was clear that his royal corpulence was out to get me. The cloth banner itself was perfect for hiding a big barrel behind, which I did with glee. Before I left I made sure to steal his chair pillow and feed it to the artifact.

"Sleeping like a king are we? Good for you!"Looks like I will never have a bad night of sleep ever again.

The night was young and I was not done yet. I had a potion of cursed mutation on hand and I intended to find something to mix it with. By following my nose and my keen sense of smell I made my way over to the kitchen. Once there I left no cheese wheel unturned. How it gave me cooking skills is anyone's guess, but the surface changed itself into holy cheese. "Delicious, nutritious, and delicious. Where did my shield go?"

After trying out ten different types of materials I stopped. All it did was to increase my culinary skills and I was burning midnight oil. Eventually I found a big cast iron cauldron with pre prepared ingredients next to it, such as bottled wine and various exotic fruits. Perfect to spice up their day. The fancy purple bottle was probably prepared for the royalty, since it was cold to the touch. With practiced ease I mixed the two bottles and put everything back where it belonged.

My heart practically jumped out of my chest when I encountered a maid in the corridor. My worries were unfounded. She gave me a curt nod and kept on walking.

I swiftly snuck out of the castle before my mana was and patience was spent. My shield does actually have a cost when it comes to using their unique abilities.

From the look of things almost no guards were present, were they still looking for me?

Because this amount of security is a joke.

I on the other hand was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I was getting dangerously tired and rented a room at the nearest inn I could locate.

The next morning I woke up fully rested, despite being woken by a cowbell ringing man crying about the latest news. Due to the bonus my pillow shield provided me. I simply felt divine. I must have acquired another upgrade during the night as well, since the My blue bar was full and my disguise now used a smidge less mana. Not wanting the spiteful king to recognize me, I took the form of John Doe yet again. I made my way through the city in search of any kind of slave trader. I need more than a gold bell to get through this alive and the balloons looked like the worst kind of minion to catch. Eventually I found a garish tent nestled between various makeshift stalls.

The repugnant smell of sweat, blood, and rot assaulted my nostrils.

The closer I got the more overbearing the sink got. Definitely the right place and quite more unhygienic than Derpy, the lawless den of debauchery. To be on the safe side I called forth my bell, in case of emergency.

"Greetings young one, and welcome to my humble establishment, how may I serve you?"

Spoke the short corpulent man, with a crooked nose and shabby tuxedo.

"I need a minion and your place looks like it has what I need."

"Come in, come in."

The tent itself was poorly lit and filled to the brim with crummy cages. In the various boxes sat all manner of miserable creatures and few looked fit to fight a snail.

"How much for the gilded minion following you?"

"My bodyguard is not for sale."

"Such a shame. What beast of burden are you looking for then?"

"Preferably a humanoid one and a steed."

"Certainly, I have all sorts of magnificent beings here, big, tall, small, and more. Every kind a disconcerting customer could ever need, or want." He then drew a deep breath. How about a wolf warrior? He is strong as an ox, with the constitution of ten men."

"How much will that cost me?"

"At least 5 gold, practically a bargain." He clamped his greasy hand together and smiled.

"Would love to, but I am on a budget."

"How dreadfully unfortunate, but fret not dear customer, I have some second rate ones that suffer from various ailments." In a study wooden cage there was a lame looking dog person that was practically dead, next to a coughing raccoon. Despite her diminutive appearance, she sat defiant on the floor. While weak and sickly, this one had serious potential and was most likely dirt cheap.

"How about I just take the girl off your hands and be on my way?"

"It's practically a steal, but 20 silver should do it. If you put in another 30, You can pick an egg from my pile."

"What sort of egg?"

"Who knows, however they will contain a steed of sorts. The person that sold me the clutch had lousy ledgers. Fancy a gamble?"

"Alrighty, sounds like we have come to an agreement then. I took out a shiny coin and handed it over to the man. He took it with his grubby little hands, muttered something to himself and gave me the most greedy looking smile I have ever seen.

"Excellent, this will do indeed. Now I will just have to get her out of the cage and apply a slave seal."

"What does that do?"

"It forces the thrall to obey their master."

"Will pass on that, a seal is traceable."

"Don't blame me if she tries to shank you during the night."

"I have a bell, anyone that tries will eat hot molten lead."

The bell replied with a "Ding!". After that little exchange I handed over the remaining money to the grubby greaseball. Who gladly released the girl. I had to find an additional source of income soon and I highly suspect I can get much for a fake find goldbar.

"Now then little girl, you are coming with me." She gave me a confused look and followed carefully after me.

"Here you are sir, an egg." Exclaimed the trader gesticulating at a several that lay resting on straws piles.

"They all look the same to me, so I'll just go for the middle one."

"Here you go. An egg, which will hatch a handful of days from now."

"Strangely convenient."

With that I sauntered out and away from the circus, with a reluctant new servant following me and an unidentified egg stashed in my inventory.

"Little raccoon person, do you have a name?" She carefully looked up at me with her brown eyes.

"Rapthila, sir."

"Well then. Here is the deal. I am apparently the shield hero and I need you to join my party and help me murder monsters."

"You're the legendary shield hero, the saviour of the beastmen?"

"This accused artifact is that big of a deal?"

"To anyone outside of this lousy kingdom of bigots."

"Also, stop calling me sir. This is just a disguise." After she joined my party and we found a secluded spot I dispelled my shroud, reverting to my petite, winged self. While inadequate for flying, my insect-like appendages are perfect to avoid floor based hazards, but horrible for wearing a cloak in any sensible fashion.

"What on earth are you supposed to be?" The raccoon looked at me befuddled, coughing weakly. "I am the fae Adelle, a wandering Pianist.

"What, how do you travel with a piano?"

"Slowly, while hoping the next item I collect does not cause my backpack to squash me."

"And you have wings, where do you even keep a backpack?"


"That explains nothing!" She exclaimed forgetting to breathe.

"I have a parasitic, probably cursed shield that can store stuff, and change when absorbing items."


And thus we went onwards into the road less traveled, after slipping by the incompetent guards by the gate.

Njål signing out.