Disclaimer: Craig Barleet is the creator and he and Nickelodeon have the rights of the show

1. A for "Arnold"

The missing part of my heart

your smile is simply art...

my soulmate... my madness...

who can destroy my sadness...

- Yes! It's so perfect! Only for my love one! Oh Arnold my dear... - The little girl sighed romantically.

- Wow Arnold... is that... our Arnold?

- Heyerdahl! What are you doing here! It's recess!

- Sorry Helga, but the teacher said that we are team and I was looking for you to talk about the homework but... I couldn't stop to listen your poetry... it's so beautiful for someone from 1st grade.

- Do you think so?

- Sure! I promise you.

- Oh... thank you... but if you say to someone, I will...

- I know it, Miss Pataki, Betsy and the avengers. So... do you like writing? - She sat down next to her.

- Yes, sometimes... anyway, congratulations for your 1st place in math.

- You were second, amazing! It was a pity that Harold had destroy my exam yesterday when he stole my lunch.

- Oh he did it? Don't worry... I can talk with him about how to be polite... you know?- She showed her fist playfully while both girls laughed, without suspecting that a beautiful friendship was beginning to be born.

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