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31. Disaster and revelations

Dinoland's party room was full of all the 5th graders from PS 118. Everyone enjoyed their free-pass to all the games, the Halloween food and wearing proudly their costumes, everyone, except a blond boy with one green eye, and don't worry he only had one because that night, he reused his pirate costume.

- Arnold, man, relax! It's a party! Why do you don't want to come? You've been acting strange since I saw you this morning.

- I told you… I've had that nightmare about the zombies here and…

- And you said it! It was only a stupid nightmare! Is not real. Look, this halloween party is the dream of any guy! So… relax bro, everything will be alright!

- You know… it's true.. I've to think positive.

- As always my man! So let's look at some food.

- Yeah that creepy spaghetti looks delicious and… - But a little shock interrupted his walking.

- Oh my… but it is the football head pirate edition! You're always blind and you covered an eye! Brilliant genius!

- Oh Helga, sorry. - He helped her to stand up - Hey, you're a pirate too! Actually… It seems that we come disguised as a couple...

- Co… co… couple costumes?... - Her mind exploited for some minutes and then came back to the present. - Oh sure, like someone wants to come on couple with you… Ha!

- Well, I think that it's an excellent costume, if you ask me!

- Doi! I didn't ask you!

- Hey Helga, here's your drink!

- Finally Phoebe, I thought that I would die… She took a strong sip from the glass, until the hostess appeared with a boy and a triumphant smile.

- Hi everyone! Welcome to my party! This is an excellent occasion to enjoy as older students that we are. Now, we are happy and honored to present to you our new exchange student… The Count Jack Jackson from England… a real member of royalty.

Everybody clapped happily while Helga choked on his drink. Act that did not go unnoticed by his beloved, not so secret anymore.

- Helga? Are you ok?

- Yes.. I mean, no.. I've got to go… now!

- What? Why? The party is just starting!

- Yes I know football head, but I've to do some important things, so see you never…

- Please no… - He stopped her by taking her by her arm. - Is it just, I was wondering if you… want… dance with me? You know? We had a great time at the April fool's dance.

- You… and me… dancing?

- Yes… I mean, it wouldn't be our first party together…

- Helga G. Pataki… It's a pleasure to see you again.

The boy with the big head could feel his friend tense noticeably at the newcomer's voice. There was something he didn't like at all.

- JJ… I'm busy…

- Oh please, Helga, take it easy.. I just arrived…

- Yes but I told you, I've to go home.

- Helga, did you meet him?

- I have never see him before.

- But Helga, you call him "JJ" that is so personal.

- Of course not, it's very common.

- Sure, you can meet a count every single day! - The blond boy said, he couldn't understand how she thought that he would believe that obviously lie.

- I don't judge your life hair boy! Now I leave…

- Oh please Helga, my old friend, you don't have to be rude… I just want to dance with me, my sweet Gera…

- Oh shut up stupid gold boy! We'll dance.

- Oh thank you, it will be a pleasure, for you, of course.

- Hey Helga, wait a minute… you will dance with the count?

- Yes, you can dance with him in the next song.

- Is not about it, but…

- But? What? Anything is happening, relax… See you.

- I don't know what is happening… but I feel strange… and angrier… What happened to me? - Arnold asked himself.

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