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Atrum Galliasta was not a happy magus right now.

His brilliant plan to summon his Servant an entire month before the Holy Grail War's start, use that time to empower his Servant and gain an advantage over all the other Masters? That had gone up in smoke. Not because the summoning was a failure; it had been successful.

Oh, how he wishes that it had been a failure.

Striding down the hall and towards the tower's private bar, he threw a glare over his shoulder at the... well, he hesitated to call them an actual Servant given how weak they were; he'd merely call them creatures from here on out. Anyways, the creatures he had summoned were following him like a massive parade of lost puppies, never mind the fact that some of them were actual puppies.

It would forever baffle him that apparently the rusted remains of the infamous Witch of Betrayal's staff wasn't a suitable catalyst to summon her and would instead act as a catalyst to summon the large horde of young animals and birds that he had now, the majority of which didn't even make it to his chest in height. After their summoning, they had immediately began crowding around him upon their manifestation, perching on his head and shoulders, tripping him and doing damn near everything to grab his attention.

Those had been merely the first of many annoyances.

They shed fur and feathers everywhere, left the smell of a zoo in whatever room they followed him into, ate whatever food wasn't kept behind lock and key, could seemingly ignore his Bounded Fields and never gave him a moment of damn privacy. Every morning for the past three days, he had woken up to discover that he had been buried underneath a multitude of bodies piled both on top of and to his sides. And when they realized he was awake? They immediately began trying to push their way onto his lap in an effort to get his attention, as if it was a game of King of the Hill!

Something that became very painful when all of those participants possessed hooves, had talons or were heavier than the average man.

And despite all of that, he would have been able to grit his teeth and persevere through the pain, humility and inconveniences if the creatures were at least decently powerful.

They weren't. Not in the slightest.

Scrutinizing the horde that he had grown to despise over these last few days, Atrum shifted his gaze between the various species.

At the back were the slowest of the group; bear cubs, wolf pups and white lion cubs that frequently tumbled into one another with awkward steps, which frequently engaged brief play fights between them. In front of them shambled species that was lowest in number: hairy rhino calves with short, stubby horns that came up to above his hip in height. Before them were the much more numerous horse foals that trotted with seeming glee, often serving as perches like the hairy rhino calves for the dozens of grown birds belonging to many species that flew up the hall. And finally, leading the veritable parade of animals were a group of a dozen brown-haired elephant calves, their trunks waving in playful intent as they trailed after him.

Atrum ended up locking his gaze onto the seeming leader of the haired elephants. Visually, it had nothing to set it apart from the other elephant calves. In fact, the only way that Atrum was even able to tell that it was the leader was because it would wave it's trunk into the air and give an energetic toot whenever he gave attention to it.

His eyes narrowed as Atrum cast the spell that allowed him to view his Servants' True Name and parameters.


Strength: E

Endurance: E

Agility: D

Mana: E

Luck: E

Noble Phantasm: D

This Servant was a disappointment in every possible way. Too weak to fight, too weak to survive an attack, too slow to scout, not containing enough mana to make into a worthwhile battery, possessing lackluster luck and possessing an inferior Noble Phantasm that most Servants would be able to simply shrug off or ignore.

Atrum hated it.

He hated his Servant.

Hence why he had been making his way to the bar in the first place.

Opening the door to it and stepping inside, he quickly closed it before any of the creatures could follow him inside. Casting a hasty Bounded Field over the room so that he wouldn't have to hear any of the constant grunts, yips, barks and whining that they would undoubtedly make when they failed to force the door open, Atrum strode over to the counter. Walking behind the booth, he quickly scanned through the bottles before finding the one he wanted; an incredibly strong and popular wine within the Mage's Association which was known as Bacchus Brew.

Grabbing it with a growl that reeked of several days worth of frustration, Atrum quickly uncapped and began to chug it straight from the bottle with no restraint. A solid fifteen seconds past before he stopped to breathe, having emptied half of it in his moment of low self control. His angered breaths lowered into relaxed sighs as the alcohol immediately began kicking in and intoxicating him. If this had been normal alcohol, it would have taken much more over a far longer period of time to do so.

But Bacchus Brew was not your normal alcohol.

It was brewed exclusively by a magus family with roots dating all the way back to the Age of Gods (with said bloodline having been blessed by the drink's namesake), made using the degraded descendant plants of Dionysus' own grapes, infused with mana that would continue to accumulate with age and left to ferment in the family's cellars for at least two to four centuries before being made available for purchase, often at prices high enough to buy out entire towns. It was safe to call Bacchus Brew the undisputed King of Drinks in the modern era.

And it could leave the heaviest drinker flat-out drunk with a mere tablespoon.

Half a bottle being chugged by a casual drinker like Atrum? He passed out almost immediately.

It was warm.

The Bright Air was high in the sky and the Green Stuff under our feet was wet. We were chasing after the Friends. They would run over to us and run away, telling us to play with them. It was fun.

A rumble called out. We were straying too far from Mother and the Mothers. We ran back.

One Mother got her Friend before they went to a different part of the herd, away from me and the Friends. He couldn't play right now.

Another rumble called to me. Mother wanted me with her.

I left the Friends to go to her. The other Mothers were now getting their Friends.

My stomach growled. I was hungry.

Mother stood still so I could drink Good Stuff. I liked the Good Stuff. Good Stuff was nice.

Old Mother trumpeted and began to walk away. We were leaving. Everybody followed her.

Everyone listened to Old Mother.

The herd followed Old Mother. Mother followed the herd. I followed Mother.

Sometimes a Friend would run from their Mother to see me. Sometimes I played with them. We never went far from Mother though. Mother would get worried.

One time I stepped in Brown Stuff. I stopped walking to look at it. Mothers and Old Mother would put Green Stuff in their mouths. Friends and I would put Good Stuff in our mouths. Brown Stuff came out of everyones' other mouths.

I didn't put Green Stuff in my mouth; it felt like it wasn't right.

It felt like it was right to put Brown Stuff in my mouth though. I did.

It wasn't right. Brown Stuff is Bad Stuff.

I ran away to Mother and told her about the Bad Brown Stuff. She and the other Mothers thought it was funny. Funny things are supposed to be good. Putting Bad Brown Stuff in my mouth was not good.

I got upset with Mother. Then she gave me Good Stuff. I wasn't upset anymore.

Old Mother stopped in front of a lot of water. She gave a strange look at the ground next to it and stepped on it slowly. Then she seemed okay with it now.

Everyone began to walk through the water. It was Mother's turn.

Mother helped me through the water. I couldn't walk like the Mothers and Old Mother. I had to kick-run through it. It was fun.

We reached the other side. Mother walked away to eat Green Stuff with more Mothers. I followed her. Then I stopped.

I saw something weird on the ground by the water. I walked towards it.

It looked like one of the branches on the Branch Heads.

Now that I'm closer, it looks like it's in the ground, not on it. Like a Branch Head took a nap in the ground.

I walk closer.

I see the top of the Branch Head's head peaking out of the ground, covered in it. I trumpet to it. Funny Branch Head. You shouldn't sleep in the ground.

The Branch Head doesn't answer. I walk closer.

I fall into the ground.

I try to kick-run through the ground like with the water. It doesn't work. I call for Mother. I'm scared!

I hear Mother yell. She heard me.

I hear and feel her run towards me. I keep calling for her to find me. I keep kick-running so I can make it easier to find me.

A shadow falls over me. Mother!

She tries to get to me. Her front legs fall into the ground.

She yells, getting the attention of more Mothers and Old Mother. She tries to walk through the ground to me. The Old Mother runs over and stops her.

Mother ignores her and tries to walk to me. I kick-run more. We can get to each other!

Old Mother stops Mother by pushing her with her tusks. Mother squeals in pain and shock. Why was she trying to stop Mother?!

I trumpet more and kick-run as hard as I can. I'll get to Mother!

I sink entirely into the ground. I can't see! I push my head back up.

Mother sees this and panics. She tries to reach me with her nose. Old Mother tries to stop her but Mother pushes forward.

Mother's nose reaches me. I reach up to try and grab with my nose. Mother tries to grab me. She pushes me back into the ground.

I can't see! I can't breathe! It hurts!

My head gets above the ground again.

Mother is panicking and scared. She reaches to me again but Old Mother manages to stop her this time. She gets her tusks under Mother and pushes her out of the ground. I try to get closer to them.

I can't.

I am stuck in the ground like the Branch-Head.

I squeal and call for Mother. She attempts to run back to me but other Mothers block her path. Old Mother turns back to look at me.

Help! I'm stuck!

Old Mother begins to slowly make her way towards me. I keep kick-running.

My head is more often than not below the ground now. I finally free a leg from the ground. I get it on top of some ground that seems solid. I try to pull myself out.

It sinks into the ground again, pulling the rest of me with it. I'm in the ground!

I can barely hear Mother yelling for me. She is scared.

I am scared.

I struggle to get above the ground. I can't.

I try to go to where Old Mother is. I can't.

Everything is slowing down.

I try to call for Mother. I can't.

I try to kick-run. I can't.

I try to breathe. I can't.

It hurts.

It hurts...


I'm starting to get tired...

I hear Mother yell again... She's still trying to get to me...

I can't respond...

I think I'll sleep here...

I close my eyes.

I'll wake up when Mother saves me...

Atrum's entire front body shot up from the floor with a start, a gasp leaving his mouth and a cold sweat drenching his entire body. What the hell was that?!

He had briefly heard that Masters could have dreams about the past lives of their contracted Servants but he didn't think it would feel so real! Atrum had truly felt as though he was his Servant, or at least one part of them, in both mind and body, and that he had actually been suffocating to death in mud!

A minute passed as Atrum took a moment to collect his thoughts and return his breathing back to normal. His face steeled back to normal as a deep exhale escaped him.

Everything was back to normal.

Atrum spared a glance towards the door that led outside of the bar. The Bounded Field was still active, meaning that outside sound still couldn't be heard. No doubt the creatures were waiting for him outside.

Atrum no longer held hatred towards them. He couldn't.

After all, why would you hate a weak and inconvenient tool that couldn't help that it was weak and inconvenient?

Instead of spending your time putting up with it and hating it, the most efficient thing to do...

... was replace it.

His Servant was weak in every way that mattered and that dream had forced him experience a memorable part of his Servant's life; given how so many of them were so young, the only truly memorable part would be their deaths. He had experienced death.

One death. Out of the hundreds of creatures that made up his Servant.

He wouldn't stand for it. He wouldn't, couldn't experience the sensation of dying yet again.

Yes, he would form a contract with a new Servant and then chase his current one out. If done in the middle of the night or earliest hours of the morning, nobody would see the horde as they wandered the streets. The efficient thing to do would be to just kill them outright with his new Servant but Atrum decided against it; he owed the creatures at least that much for having shown him the horrors of dying and giving him a new goal to strive towards.

Indeed, allowing his Servant to live free however they saw fit for the last few hours of their second life/lives would be a perfectly adequate thanks.

His mind aswirl with the upcoming preparations, Atrum began to reconsider his original plans for the grail. When he had first entered the war as a Master, he had simply been planning to use the it for it's intended purpose: to punch a hole to the Root to obtain Magic for himself.

That goal was being changed.

The memory of dying had changed Atrum and given him a new purpose in life.

He would defy the natural cycle and conquer death.

No matter what it took...

He would find a way to become immortal.

Author's Note: Pulled a lot of shit outta my ass there with that last bit with Atrum wanting to become immortal but I think I did a pretty good job overall. And if not then I have you guys to call me out on my shit and keep my ego from getting too big.