Trigger warning: Kidnapping and panic.

So, I came up with this idea and couldn't stop thinking about it: What if Harrison's brother's disappearance had a totally normal reason and not Harrison sent him to another dimension? Harrison is 10 in this and his brother, Thomas, is 7. I made up the name, not canon. Enjoy!

. . .

Harrson was excited.

After a month of Magic Camp, it was coming to a close, and while that was sad it also meant the final showcase was here; The last day when all the camper's parents would come and watch their favorite trick the camper learned on stage, in front of everyone. It also served as a graduation of sorts, at the end everyone would get a small bag of candy, trick cards, a fake rabbit, (the parents could get a real one later, if they wanted), and their top hats!

Mabe excited was an understatement.

To pick who went first, the kids had drawn numbers from a hat, to make it fair. 1 - 15 and, by luck, Harrison picked 15. He was so excited, he got to go last! Be the big showstopper! He knew he had to pick the best trick, and had been wondering about it all the day before…

Harrison had been pacing across the stage for a few minutes, just wondering what to do, when a hand landed on his shoulder. "What's wrong, Harrsion?" It was his idol, The Amazing Change-o!

"I don't know what to do for my act, Change-o. Should I do my card trick? Saw Bill in half? No, Clair's sawing Aggie in half… and he's pulling a rabbit out of his hat. And almost everyone else is doing card tricks… AH! What should I do?" He pulled at his hair in frustration.

"Hey, don't do that," Change-o gently guided his hands away. "You know, you could do the disappearing act."

Harrison gasped, "The disappearing act?" Change-o nodded, "but, you said it was too dangerous!"

Change-o smiled, "but you're our showstopper! And, I think you're more advanced than the others, between us, of course."

"Of course," Harrison agreed. "So, you really think I can do it?"

Change-o put his arm over Harrison's shoulders as he led the boy. "You got this, kid, I know you do!" To that, Harrison beamed…

The trick turned out to be pretty simple: The assistant would step into the box, Harrison would mutter some "Magic Words'' while the assistant steps into the back room, show the audience the empty room and bring the assistant back. Couldn't be simpler.

And, as a special treat, Harrison's assistant would be his little brother, Thomas. During the show, he took him away and showed him how it worked and asked if he would do it. Tom enthusiastically agreed, he wanted to be a magician too, and next year he'd be old enough to join, and then the brothers would be unstoppable.

Harrison loved Tom, and it had killed him to be away for a whole month, but getting to do the trick together would make it all worth it.

Soon, but not soon enough in the boys' opinions, it was Harrions turn…

He took the stage, he wore his best black vest with his purple shirt shining through, and introduced himself. "Hello everyone, I am Harrsion the Incredible! And today I will do the impossible!" He gestured to Tom, who came running, "I will make my brother, Thomas, disappear before your very eyes!" The whole audience gasped, some clapped and some cheered. Most knew how the trick was done, but why not play into the illusion for the boy.

Chango rolled up the cabinet for the trick, and returned to his spot backstage.

"Now, as you can see, this is an ordinary cabinet," he stepped in as ran his hand around the inside, purposely avoiding the hidden door handle. "Now, if my assistant would kindly step inside," he gestured into the cabinet while Tom jumped in, to the audience's amusement.

Harrison closed the door, and faced the crowd, "I will now say the magic words that will make my brother nothing more than thin air! CARNITORIS GRACE FRIDAY BACKSTREET!" A flash of light came from the cabinet along with a puff of smoke, just as planned. "Now, as you can see-" He opened the door, "nothing but empty space!" The audience stood for a standing ovation, clapping and cheering as the young boy smiled bigger than ever before at his new fans.

After a full minute of cheering, he waved his hand to get their attention, "Thank you, thank you! Now, time to bring back my brother… If I have to. Mom? Dad?" He joked.

"YOU HAVE TO BRING HIM BACK, OR NO DESSERT TONIGHT HARRISON!" His dad yelled back, joining the bit.

"Fine," he closed the cabinet, "MAJOR DRAGON RAPTOR INVERSE!" As he finished the gibberish another puff of smoke and light was supposed to flash through the door cracks, but nothing came. "Huh," He turned to his audience, "once more, ladies and gentlemen- MONSTER TOM DINNER LUNCH!" Again, no light.

Harrison sighed, it must be a dud, he thought as he opened the door again, "and here he is, the one and only," gasps as the cabinet was empty, "Tom?"

He quickly slammed the door, "Let me try that again; TOM OUT GET NOW!" He tried to give his brother the hint, but once again the space was empty, "CHANGE-O PRESTO CALEB HUNTER!" He started to freak out. "PLEASE THOMAS DINOSAUR DRAGON!" Once again, empty. He finally stepped inside and opened the back door, it was empty.

"TOM! TOM WHERE ARE YOU!" He was full of panicking, searching the cabinet for hidden handles and trapp doors. His parents and counselors were with him by now. "Change-o, where is he?" He asked the magician.

"I- I don't know Harrison," he admitted.

"There's another door, right? He must've wandered off?" Their dad asked.

"No, only the one. The other cabinets for switching out, this is a classic one." Another counselor explained.

"Well one of you better bring my baby back!" The mom demanded.

They shared a look, "Of course we will!" Change-o promised, he ushered everyone out of the cabinet, "JOHAN VADER DANIEL DANGER!" He opened the door, and no one was there.

This went on for hours, eventually the police were called, and everyone else was sent home with their new gear, but still shaken from the disappearing act.

Harrison was sitting on the stage, he had cried his eyes out hours ago, but was still sniffling as the police continued to search.

Someone sat next to him, "hey kid."

Harrison looked at Change-o, "why'd I do it?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Why couldn't I stick with a card trick? Or saw Bill in half? Why did I insist on doing that? And how did it happen? The trick was so easy? What went wrong?" He leaned into Change-o as he cried. "He's my baby brother, I'm supposed to protect him. Why did I risk it on such a .dumb trick?" He sobbed.

Change-o wrapped his arm around the boy. "I don't know what happened, but maybe you really are magic?" he suggested.

Harrison looked up, "you really think so?"

"Kid, you made your brother disappear, if that's not magic I don't know what is. And," he took his hat off, "every magician needs a top hat!" He placed it on Harrison's head.

Harrison took the hat in his hands, and met Change-o's eyes, "I hereby swear on this hat that I will bring my brother back! No matter how long it takes or how hopeless it seems!" He declared.

"HARRISON! TIME TO GO!" His mom called him.

"IF YOUR READY," his dad added.

The pair stood up, "COMING," he called, then turned to his hero. "Thank you Chango, for everything." He gave him a hug.

Change-o returned the hug, "I hope to see you again next year, Harrison."

"Me too," He left to find his parents, who had started to flinch around him about 3 hours ago. 'I hope that doesn't last long,' he thought as they opened the door for him.

. . .

Thomas was so excited! Not only did he finally get to see his big brother again, but Tom would be the star of the show! He was ecstatic when asked to be the assistant, and listented insently as Harrison showed him what to do, how to throw the smoke bomb and when to enter and leave the back room.

As he stood in the back cabinet, listening to the applause that would be his next year, the back of the back opened.

He gasped, "Change-o?"

"Yes, it's me, listen, plan's changed; Harrison wants you to appear on the side stage to make it an even cooler performance. You good with that?" He asked.

Tom nodded his head enthusiastically, "of course!"

"Ok, we need to hurry, and be quiet." He led the boy behind stage and to a door.


"That's my cue!" He panicked.

"Open the door."

Tom grabbed the door and jumped on stage… or, what he thought was the stage. "Mr. Change-o, why are we in the back alley?" Someone grabbed him. "CHANGE-O! CHANGE-O, HELP ME!" He pleaded as he was thrown into a car trunk.

"Sorry kid, nothing personal," was the last thing he heard as the lid closed, leaving him in darkness.

"WAIT? CHANGE-O, WHAT'S HAPPENING?" The car started and Tom could feel it start to move. He kept yelling, but eventually he just started to cry. Why was this happening? What did he do? Was this a prank?

'They'll find me,' Thomas thought as he curled into a ball and began to fall asleep. 'They have to find me. I'll be fine, I'll be fine. Harry will find me, that's his job. He'll find me, he always does.' Then sleep came over the little boy.

. . .

Does anyone want me to contiun this? Let me know if you do, and if you enjoyed the story. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have kids, please keep an eye on them, you never know when the nice guy at the store, or the nice lady down the street is really a Change-o in disguise. (I, thankfully, don't speak from personal experience).

And, most importantly, be safe and have a great day!

(Also, the 'magic words' really are gibberish, don't bother looking them up).