The Boy-King of Infinity: A Harry Potter/Avengers Crossover Fanfiction

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its associated characters: all rights belong to JK Rowling. I do not own Avengers or any of their associated characters: all rights belong to Marvel and Stan Lee. I do not own any other crossover references used in the story: all rights belong to their original creators. I do own any OC spells explained at the end of a chapter.

Plot: Sequel to I Am the Master of Death and A Taste of Power Response: Rather than keep his word, the Master of Death chose to have some fun with the Infinity Stones. After all, in a Multiverse of Harry Potters, surely there's one he can give ultimate power to!

Challenge Information: DZ2's 'A Taste of Power' Challenge: Harry wishes he was stronger. He wishes he could do more, be more, and not just be the symbol the Magical World wants him to be. Fortunately, someone is on hand to help him, but if he wants this power, he has to do the craziest thing possible.

Rules: All affinities are welcome

Super or OP Harry ONLY

When the story starts is up to you, but it MUST begin with Harry thinking about how weak he's always been up to that point

As a result, a stranger - or a canon character - offers him power, but, to claim it, Harry must do something that both alarms and amuses him

He must eat the source of whatever the power is to unlock it

When he eats it, Harry MUST make some remark/remarks about the taste, the feeling in his belly and/or some other funny, weird thought

As the power source MUST be assimilated via his digestive system, Harry MUST need at least a couple of hours before he starts to notice anything

What form the power takes is up to you

All pairings are welcome

Guidelines: Crossovers

Omnipotently-Godlike Harry

Dark-Lord Harry

Harry discovers/wishes to eat other/more sources of power

After eating, Harry actually says I want some more/please sir, I want some more or something funny like it

Weirdly, this consumption is a magical trait thought lost to time (eating other magical things to gain new/greater power)

Harry makes a deal with whoever offers him a 'taste' of greater power

For whatever reason, Voldemort offers an alliance to Harry

Harry's friends discover they don't much like the new-and-improved Harry




As well as power-fully, Harry is also affected/changed/altered physically/mentally by his eating the power source

A prophecy speaks of this new power

Forbidden: Weak Harry

Harry NOT eating the power source

The power coming to Harry instantly

Anyone convincing Harry to give up his new powers for any reason

Other than that, it's up to you…

Author's Note: So, I confess…

This story is PURE CRACK!

Yes, seriously, pure crack that I'm writing just for the hell of it and because…well, I chose to.


Recommended Reads: Raven, Magical Spider, Bonded, Widow's Vengeance, Wands and Claws and Reborn by JustBored21, Harry Potts and the Infinity Stones by samhaine, Master Potter of Kamar-Taj and He's definitely got the stones for it by Ryuko monogatari, Child of the Storm, Ghosts of the Past and The Phoenix and the Serpent by Nimbus Llewelyn, The War of Titans by PerseusPeverell092, A Fallen God by Hostiel, Kill me if you can and The Overpowered Gamer by PercyPendragon3, The Eye of the Phoenix by GrandSpaceWizard, Master of Death and Wielder of Infinity by bhanfhen, Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Wizards by Corwalch, Harry Potter the Mutant Obscurus Gamer by GnomeBob and Harry Is A Dragon, And That's Okay by Saphroneth

Key Pairing: Harry/TBD

Other Pairings: To be determined

Normal Speech


'Mental Speech'


Chapter 1: Please Sir, I Want Some More!






"…and Mind: together, they make one the Master of Infinity…not quite as catchy as Master of Death, but…hey, what can you do, right, Harry?"

Harrison James Peverell, Master of Death, groaned audibly, before he scoffed amusingly as he turned to the voice that seemed to have broken through the wall of his thoughts.

"What are you doing here, Wade? This isn't even a Deadpool story, for Merlin's sake."

"Nah," agreed everyone's favourite Merc With A Mouth, idly smoking a cigar through his face-mask, inhaling the fumes that came off of it as he laughed, "If you ask me, I think this is just a funny guy's idea of introducing a little anarchy into an already fucked-up world…oh, that reminds me. Apparently, I'm meant to give you this now, so…here you go, Big Guy!"

With that, Deadpool tossed a paper aeroplane over to Death, before he rose up and sauntered away, humming Careless Whisper to himself as he went on his merry way.

"Nice touch, Big Guy," drawled the Master of Death, opening the aeroplane, and trying not to scoff at the sight of so many bloodstains and even what looked like shit stains decorating the paper.

"Oh, sorry!" called Deadpool from off-screen, "I was busy getting busy with Vanessa and…well, you know…you did see the movie, didn't you?"

"Goodbye, Wade!" called Death, waving his hand, which caused Deadpool to vanish in a burst of light. "Now, if we're all done being weird, can we please see what all the craziness is about, anyway?"

Opening the letter, Death's eyes wandered over it.

Hiya Harry…oops, sorry, I mean, Death…MASTER of Death!

Yeah, you know who this is and, well, what can I say? I wasn't too happy with how you left things, Mr Infinity Wielder.

True, I MADE you that way and, sure, maybe the whole debacle was one big fan-shit on Captain Cuckoo-for-Carter and all, but, anyway, this brings me onto the next important bit.

Now you have the Stones, and all their powers, I think we can both agree that a certain red, white and blue monkey shouldn't get his hands on them again, nor should any of those MCU douches who either survive when much better people die or come up with things that don't really make sense unless you've streamed the filler.

Hey, do you have streaming yet?

I don't know when DP is going to meet you, so…anyway, I digress.

I was thinking…

Why should the Stones' powers stay with you in THIS Universe?

The world fucked you over so many times…and you tried so hard playing by your rules.

Then, as a wise, Master of Magnetism once said:

'Maybe it's time to start playing by theirs!'

So, why not do a DP and not only break the fourth wall, but use it as a stepping stone to a life where another version of you gets to have all the fun you lost out on. At the same time…well, this IS the Multiverse and what affects decisions in your Earth is a different decision in theirs, right?

I don't know; I'm not Sheldon Cooper, so…anyway…

By the time you read this, Metaphysical Placement and Plot Spurring will have struck…and, if you don't believe me…look up…

Seriously, look up, Harry…


Looking up, Harry's eyes narrowed when, instead of the impressive view from the top of the world – also known as Mt Everest – he was now standing on a familiar dark street, in front of a familiar dark house where, inside, he knew, a familiar dark and dull trio of animals were living.

Them…and someone else…

"Son of a bitch!" exclaimed Harry, returning his attention to the letter.

Sorry, couldn't resist a touch of the dramatic, but, hey, you had to put up with the Overcompensating Manipulative Old Prick for seven years, right?

You're used to a little razzmatazz by now, I'd imagine.

Anyway, here's what I want you to do, and…trust me…they'll NEVER see it coming!

Turn over for the instructions and, for the love of God, don't be a douche and ignore it.

After all, you're not Rogers.

Ciao for now, pal.


"Damnit DZ," growled Harry, scrunching up the letter before, remembering the last words, he scoffed as he straightened them out again, turning the paper over so he could read his old friend's rules and guidelines.

When he did so, Harry sputtered…

Then smirked…

Then tittered…

Then giggled…

And, finally, he threw his head back and roared with laughter.

"I take it back, old friend…you're a GENIUS!"


Many miles away, on a dark island that was dubbed hell on earth, a certain well-endowed she-devil of a sorceress shivered with anticipation as she looked around in curiosity and liking.

She didn't know why, but, all of a sudden, she felt like she had just been beaten in the crazy department.

And that was a thought that gave Bellatrix Lestrange more pleasure than ever before…


"Key under the mat…tch…different world, same thoughtless dickwads, I see."

As he turned the key in the lock of Number Four, Death shook his head as he took note of the fact that, just like his trio of inbred monkey-shits, these Muggles didn't believe in alarms, or additional security, or even a dog.

They did, however, believe in the same treatment for their Harry, judging by the low sobs coming from under the stairs.

Moving towards the stairs, Harry waved his hand, opening the cupboard with a flourish before, snapping his fingers, he conjured up a ball of low-burning, but comforting blue light, which he held out to the sobbing youth in the cupboard.

"Hello Harry Potter," said Harrison Peverell, a part of him seriously hoping that his favourite blonde never heard he'd stolen her line…



Xenophilius looked up in surprise, "Yes, Luna? What's wrong?"

"Call the Aurors…someone's stolen my gimmick: I know just who to blame too…damn you, DZ2! I SWEAR, ONE OF THESE DAYS, I WILL FIND YOU ONE DAY…AND KISS YOU SENSELESS FOR MAKING ME SO BADASS AND AWESOME!"

However, Xenophilius just laughed off his daughter's eccentricities before he went to finish the next issue of the Quibbler.


"Who…who are you?"

"Well," admitted Peverell, before he leaned into the glow of the firelight as he admitted, "That's the weird bit, really; you see…I'm you."


"Yep," said Peverell, looking to his much-younger self, whom he guessed had to be a short while away from his eleventh birthday; judging by the welt on one side of his face, Harry had recently been slammed into the door, while he also had whip slash marks along his back, indicating Vernon's sick mind had gone much further on this Earth.

And, judging by his age, Peverell assumed…

"Dudley's birthday…the snake at the zoo…"

"How'd you know about that?" asked Harry, earning a small smile from Peverell.

"Like I said, I'm you," replied the Master of Death, before he leaned in closer, earning a curious look from his younger, alter-Earth counterpart, as he explained, "And I know all about their pathetic ideas of normality and niceness; shame none of it ever works out and, once I'm done here, I promise you. It won't work out well for them in this world, either…but first, if you'll permit me, kiddo; I've got a present for you."

"Me?" asked Harry, earning a nod from Peverell.

Seconds later, the Master of Death held out a small, emerald-green-coloured pouch, which had the universally – and Multiversally – recognised symbol for the Deathly Hallows printed upon it. Underneath the symbol were the words Dead Drops, which had Harry confused, even moreso when Harrison Peverell pushed them into his hands.

"Here…not to sound pervy or nothing, Harry, but…I want you to have these very special candies. Trust me, once you try one, you won't want to stop until you've eaten them all."

"Err…thanks…but…but why?" asked Harry, even as his hunger, as well as a feeling of awe at being given sweets that, for once, he didn't have to share with Dudley, won out as he opened the bag.

"Because, like a friend said to me, we've been playing by our own rules for so long…maybe it's time we start playing by theirs…"

"I don't understand."

"You will," said Harrison, watching as Harry reached into the bag…

And, seconds later, he pulled out a strange, circular, spherical sweet, which he popped into his mouth before, chewing it up loudly – with an audible crunching sound that could have probably been heard all the way on Asgard – he moaned in delight as he tilted his head back and gulped.

"Yum…strawberries…and it was so strong too: thanks me!"

"You're welcome, kid," laughed Peverell, watching as Harry plucked out the next sweet, this one green, like his eyes, before he popped that one into his mouth too, causing it to fizz up on his tongue, before Harry swallowed it quickly, coughing as he did so…

"YOWZAH! Sour Apple flavour…ahh, my tongue's on fire…it's like it melted away so fast in my mouth…"

"Must have run out of time," drawled Harrison, offering Harry a bottle of water, "Here you go; this should help with the aftertaste."

Once the bottle was empty, Harry picked out the next sweet, this one pale-blue, before he sent that one the way of the other two; he even slurped on it before swallowing it whole.

"Wow…it's like blue bubblegum ice-cream…and it was kind of small too…"

"Maybe your throat grew when you ate it," chuckled Peverell, watching as Harry picked up and ate the next one without much effort.

"Lemon…blergh…I don't think I'll ever eat another lemon drop…"

"That's okay, then," argued Harrison, chuckling to himself as he knew, with the Mind Stone now added to its siblings in his alternate-self's belly, the taste was really ironic, given a certain someone's love of reading minds and fucking people over when he did it.

The fifth sweet was tangy, but juicy too, and Harry even said so.

"Blackberries…and…something else…a really strong flavour…"

"I'll bet," chuckled Peverell, before he indicated Harry, "Last one, then: after this, you'll probably feel tired, but, trust me, kid, when you wake up…oh, the fun you'll be able to have…"

"Somehow, I know you're telling me the truth," said Harry, slipping the last sweet into his mouth before he hummed, "Mm…this one's…kind of mixed; like tropical flavours I can't really tell…ah well, I'm hungry anyway."

With one final gulp, Harry eased himself back, tossing the empty packet to Peverell, "So…what happens now?"

"What else? You sleep off your…very big meal," laughed Peverell, rising from the ground before he added, "But, before I go, a few words of advice…and, don't worry: they're not Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak…no…my words are this…"

Folding his arms, Peverell winked at Harry as he laughed, "Have fun, kid…and, whatever you do, don't let some nobody with a shield fetish, or an overgrown bat-shagger, a toad's inbred offspring and, especially not some disgustingly-overcompensating Dudley Dursley wannabe with red hair think themselves your betters…in fact, right now, my alternate self…you are the boss here…have fun."

Then, to Harry's surprise, Harrison vanished, leaving Harry alone in his cupboard.

With the taste of the universe's rainbow dancing on his tongue.

A taste that made him lick his lips and rub his belly as he laughed to no-one in particular;

"Please Sir…I want some more…"

So, I daresay what has to be my all-time CRAZIEST adventure yet, and an actual sequel to another piece of crazy work, has now begun: oh, and btw, my favourite bit was the message from yours truly to our universe's hero, but I digress…

What sort of MADNESS awaits another universe's Harry, especially with ultimate power brewing in his belly?

Keep Reading to Find Out


(Microphone springs to life…)

"HI KIDS: IT'S ME, DEADPOOL! Yeah, DZ and I are cool and all, but, to be Frank, even though I'm Ryan Reynolds' better half and sexier twin, I think this needs a touch of drama…so…LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…


Sexy bastards come into their element

Ignorant Animals get their just deserts

Beautiful Goddesses discover the existence of their Lord and Master

AND…a possible justice gets carried out LONG before the guy can fuck up the timeline any further…


Okay, here you go, DZ!"


(Oh, and don't forget to read and review…ciao!)

AN: One Last Thing

I also confess, the idea for this crazy themed story DID come from being inspired by one of my favourite reads;

He's definitely got the stones for it by Ryuko monogatari

Where that was a one-shot, however, I plan on making a full, and insanely-themed, story with this, but, anyway...

All thanks to them for the inspiration...