The Boy-King of Infinity

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"We're in trouble, aren't we?"

"Lying, breaking the rules, abusing power and station and also allowing your brother to have such delusional thoughts of ego, greed and vanity concerning a fellow student who is only out to be what he chooses to be?" asked Professor Flitwick, a look of warning and foreboding in his eyes as he shook his head, whilst glaring daggers at the Weasleys.

"There isn't even a number for how much trouble you're in this time, you Demons of Gryffindor House!"

Chapter 10: Better To Ask Forgiveness Than Permission

As the Weasley Twins had all-but promised him, by the time Harry returned to Gryffindor Tower after his last class of the day, he found a folded-up piece of parchment, which had even been bound in a red ribbon and tied into a bow, the sight of which made Harry smile and shake his head as he picked up the parchment.

As he did so, Harry saw a second piece of parchment fall out of the ribbon.

Picking it up, albeit carefully, seeing as how he wasn't yet sure which side of the battle of wits with the witless the Twins were on, Harry unfolded the second piece of parchment, revealing a hurried-looking style of handwriting, which read a message.

Dear Mr Potter,

We, the Demons of Gryffindor – blame Professor Flitwick for giving us the one nickname we'd like – wish to extend our most heartfelt apologies to you, the Son and Heir to the Marauders, and rightful Crown Prince of the Pride of Gryffindor.

We had no idea of our siblings' intentions or plots – honest, we really didn't – and wish only friendship and, if you'll agree, maybe even an alliance as we honour the Marauders' legacies of chaos, troublemaking and fun and laughter. As their heir, we have decided that it should to fall to you, oh Prankster Prince, to decide whether or not we mere mortals are permitted to carry out the wills of our Gods.

In the meantime, Please, Please, Pretty-Pretty-Pretty-Please forgive us.

This is yours, as is your birthright.

Use it foolishly.

Gred and Forge Weasley

Two Humbled Souls Who Throw Themselves At Their Future King's Mercy

A soft laugh suddenly escaped Harry as he read the twins' message, which had either been written by just one of the twins or, somehow, by both hands; the fact that neither one of them had any intention of defying the choices of the Sorting Hat was funny, especially since, thanks to the Mind Stone, Harry had already learned the truth of Ron's stupidity first-hand.

The Twins were innocent, no doubt about that; at least, they were innocent of this wrongdoing, but as for others?

Well, he supposed he'd have to keep an eye on them and see if they were actually the sort of friends he wanted.

Until then, Harry had a meeting to attend…

'Here we go again,' thought the emerald-eyed scion, clenching and unclenching his glove into a fist as he pocketed the parchments from the Twins.

One of which he knew would serve him well in the days, weeks and months ahead.


"Harry! Thank you for coming! Please, take a seat: would you like a lemon drop?"

"Would you like a Jelly Baby?" drawled Harry, actually sounding like the particular incarnation of the TV-famous time traveller as he offered a bag of large, juicy-looking Jelly Babies, much to Dumbledore's surprise, as well as amusement, as he reached over his desk and plucked one of the sweets from Harry's bag.

"Thank you, dear boy," said Dumbledore, chewing on the sweet fondly, while Harry, after checking the drops with a wave of his hand, helped himself to one of Dumbledore's offered sweets, much to the old man's relief. "Don't worry, Harry; I promised you that there wouldn't be any tricks this time and I meant it."

"Why did you trick me?" asked Harry, not even bothering to acknowledge the truth of Dumbledore's words.

Instead, the only thing he wanted were answers and, judging by Dumbledore's brief look of shock, before it turned into one of resignation, the aged Headmaster knew this to be the case as much as Harry did.

Swallowing the Jelly Baby down – while Harry let the bag he'd offered rest on the desk between them, so both of them could help themselves to many others if they wished – Albus cleared his throat before he replied, "Before I explain and try to show due apologies and remorseful wishes for my actions, Harry, I think it would be prudent of you to ask for a…witness to this meeting."

Before Harry could do so, however, his eyes widened with glee, while a smile bigger than the Grinch and the Cheshire Cat combined broke out across his face when a flash of fire appeared in the office. At the same time, the portraits overhead became deathly-still in their frames, while the Sorting Hat and even Fawkes himself looked on in amazed wonder as none other than Lily Potter emerged from the fire, an amused, if not cheeky grin on her face as she looked to her old mentor.

"Well, if that isn't the greatest entry cue line in creation, I don't know what is…hello, sweetie."

"Mum!" gasped Harry, leaving his seat, so he could hug Lily, who held him in her arms as warmly as she had done in the Illuminati Chamber, before she tousled and stroked his hair as she kissed his brow lovingly.

"I know what you've been up to," said Lily, guiding her son back to his seat, though, to Albus' amused relief, and Lily's loving warmth, her boy refused to sit down until Lily had sat down, where he then parked himself in her lap, so she could hold him, tease his hair and reassure him with the warmth of her presence, just like any other little boy being held and comforted by the presence of his loving Mummy.

He might have been eleven, but Lily still let Harry indulge his long-lost desire for his mother's warmth as she felt him rest his head against her shoulder, while she wrapped an arm around him, holding him close to her as she looked to Albus, "I also know Wormtail's in the Ministry's hands, Albus. I'd say thank you, but we both know the only reason he's there, and Sirius will soon be free, is because of my beautiful boy."

"I have to agree with you, Lily," said Albus, looking from the redheaded mutant-witch to her almighty child as he added, "And yes, Harry, in case you were wondering: I remember everything. I always did, even though Christine's magic has grown stronger as of late; it was a boon bestowed unto me by her predecessor, the Ancient One, when I worked with the Illuminati members during the fallout of the war with Grindelwald. Should anything force my removal from their numbers, the enchantment would ensure I kept my memories…if only so I could learn from my mistakes…"

"Or use them for your own ends," argued Harry, earning a slow nod from Albus.

"I can understand your thoughts, Harry, and agree that, in any other time or place, this could be the case; however, if there is one thing I am unable to recall, it is what you took from me, with the power of the Infinity Stones I now know have become a part of you."

"How do you know that?" asked Harry.

"I told him," said Lily, earning a shocked, if not hurt look from Harry, before the Phoenix Force's Avatar added, "Though not before asking for some very powerful oaths to be sworn: long story short, sweetheart. Albus cannot discuss the Stones, the Illuminati or the fact that he thought of you as being as dangerous as Riddle himself and then some with anyone, but me, you and, if he's ever allowed back, the members of the Illuminati. If he's ever caught trying to break this oath, his magic…all of it, will be forfeit and, as penance, it will be passed to the only one capable of wielding so much power: you, Harry."

"Me?" asked Harry, earning nods from both Lily and Dumbledore, before the young boy looked back to the Headmaster as he asked, "Why me?"

"Because, as much as I might have tried to justify my actions and my earlier thoughts, Harry, the fact of the matter is that I was wrong," replied Albus, earning a faint scoff from Harry.

"I'm sorry: can you say that a bit louder? I don't think they heard you in Asgard?"

"I said, I was wrong, Harry," repeated Dumbledore, actually raising his voice as he did so. "I admit it: I was foolish, narrow-minded and did not see the truth of things until it was already far too late. And the fact that I was even willing, according to what Lily told me, since your powers stripped me of the knowledge; the fact I was willing to sacrifice a child for that outcome…all for a lie that, in fear of what the future may hold otherwise, I allowed myself to believe in…the very idea of what I was willing to do. It…it sickens me to my stomach, my young friend…no, my young student."

'Franklin did say he took away some of his insanity,' said Harry, though he directed his thoughts to his Mum, instead of openly.

Lily, meanwhile, chuckled softly as she replied, 'Once he swore his vows, I might have lifted that block, but only so I could see what he would do, and when I saw it, I saw the truth. It's why I've come here tonight, sweetheart; but, rest assured. If he relapses for even a second, he'll be left as nothing, but a vegetable. Drooling and pissing into a bucket before you can say Illuminati.'

A soft laugh escaped Harry as he thought on that image, before he looked to Dumbledore as he asked, "So…you remember Mum telling you that your reasons were lies?"


"You remember how everyone, even Doctor Strange and Franklin Richards, agreed that you had no right to do what you did?"

"To you and to them," said Albus, before he looked to Lily as he added, "Also, after what will happen tomorrow morning, first thing, I actually hoped I might offer you a liaison who will never betray his own, Lily."

"Sirius?" asked Lily.

"Yes," said Albus, earning another laugh from Lily.

"If he sees me, he'd probably have a heart attack," admitted the redhead, laughing at the thought of it, before she stroked an imaginary beard on her chin as she mused, "But…at the same time…I mean, speaking from personal experience with regards to his sense of loyalty, I agree. It is a suitable choice for a replacement, Albus; I'll pitch it to Christine and the others, see what they say. Especially since Barnes' replacement has said he will be available on the next meeting, so we can deal with that if and when the need arises too."

"Might I know who is the Captain's replacement?"

"No, you may not, but it's safe to say it's someone who does get the meaning of loyalty to all, even over one, so…now we've dealt with the Erumpent in the room, I believe you were answering Harry's question: why did you feel so compelled as to seek my beautiful boy's death?"

"Before…" Albus began, but before he could go on, he jumped, while Lily actually tightened her hold on Harry as the young boy slammed his hand down hard onto the desk between them, his green eyes glowing madly as he glared at Dumbledore.

"I know why you felt the need, old man: before I knew of the Stones inside of me, I knew you wanted me to die. Did you think I wouldn't go looking deeper? All I had to do was will it, remember? And what I saw…you were willing to sacrifice me, claim it was for the Greater Good and have agents set up to make my sacrifice mean something…just as long as that something was fame you could exploit, money you could hand out like free sweets and, worse, a future you believed you were the only one worthy enough to control…"

"I…oh no…" gasped Albus, looking to the spot next to Harry as he added, "Mr Weasley's confession earlier; he talked of how you were all he wanted to focus on. Your fame, your wealth, your future…I thought it was just a boy's greed, but…Merlin's beard: no! Please tell me my delusions didn't extend to innocent souls whom I chose to believe were the only ones who could help you?"

"You…you can't remember?" asked Harry, before Lily cleared her throat, drawing her son's attention to her.

"It must be because of what you did to him, sweetheart," explained the Phoenix, her eyes looking down at him as she went on. "When you took away his desire to see you die, and his reasons for doing so, you unwillingly rearranged his history, his memories and his trains of thought. So, if there were any agents he sought to use, Albus doesn't remember using them, or driving them on with his manipulations…and the only way we can find out who it was, is if…"

"I give him those memories back?" asked Harry, earning a sad look from Lily, before she nodded in response.

"Don't do it…"

Even Lily looked shocked as Albus addressed her and Harry with a sad, hurt and distraught tone of voice, all of which were emotions that were reflected in his blue eyes as he looked up from his fearful musings, so that he was now looking into Harry's eyes.

"I…I won't risk it, Harry…Mr Potter…what you did…for whatever reason, you…you did it because you sought to defy my delusions. And…and for that, my dear, precious soul of a child, I…I am eternally grateful. When Lily…when she told me the full story of your powers, and what was decided by the Illuminati, I was not afraid, but in awe…as now, with my mind and soul clear, I…I look upon you and I can see something I had thought lost to me in…in fear and sorrow and the horrors of war…"

"What?" asked Harry.

"The future, my boy," said Albus, wiping tears from his eyes as he explained, "In you, Harry James Potter, the…what was it the Lady Hela called him, Lily?"

"Boy-King of Infinity?" asked Harry, his lips twitching in amusement as he repeated the Asgardian Queen's words.

"Yes, that's it; in you, my young friend, my Boy-King of Infinity, I see the future of our world…even if that world were to only extend to the world of wands and incantations, while you leave the world's magic outside our borders to Doctor Strange and the others…and, even if it means I don't know of the horrors I committed, I…I cannot…no…I will not allow myself to recall those horrors and become tempted by them all over again…"

"What if he puts them in your Pensieve?" asked Lily.

"I can do that?" asked Harry.

"Combine the Mind and Reality Stones' powers, as well as the Time Stone, since it is something from yours and Albus' pasts, and I think it might be possible for you to draw out what you took from Albus in your own memories, and then you put them over there," explained Lily, indicating a glowing corner of Albus' office as she continued, "Where, together, you, me and Albus can view those memories and the thoughts therein. This way, Albus sees it himself, but, with me there keeping his mind in check, he can't be consumed by it…then, if you really want to, sweetheart, combine your powers again and make it so those memories never existed…like a bad dream, so that it's nothing more than a story…a winter's tale…"

"A Midsummer Night's Dream," said Albus, tears again rolling down his cheeks as he smiled at Lily, "I forgot how much you loved that play, Lily."

"It seemed appropriate," said Lily, looking down at Harry as she added, "But the choice is yours, Harry…either way, if you felt the need, you could rewrite time anyway and, this time, nobody could stop you…especially if you take off your glove to do it."

"But…my promise…"

Lily couldn't have been any prouder of her son if she tried, even as Harry looked to Dumbledore, a look of pain and hurt in his own eyes as he asked the old man, "Do…do you really think you could handle it, Headmaster? Knowing what…what you don't know anymore?"

"I believe so…with the right help," answered Albus, looking to Lily as he said it, "But…but I suppose there is only one way to find out."

Harry had a bad feeling that he'd say that.


"Ow…my…my head!"

"You did brilliantly, my beautiful boy," replied Lily, laying Harry's head in her lap as she sat on the steps inside Dumbledore's office, a pale, sweaty and emotionally-disturbed Harry now laid across his Mum's lap as she rubbed his scalp lovingly, massaging the aches out of him. "And you didn't even remove your glove a bit: your focus is impressive, and I'll be sure to tell Chrissy that too."

"Thanks, Mum," sighed Harry, wincing from the aftermath of drawing out his own mind's memories, as well as the horrors he'd witnessed and, as Lily had suggested, combining them with the powers of Time and Reality, so that he could share them with the others.

And, speaking of the others…

"Merlin's beard! What…what…what did I…what had I hoped to do?"

"That's not you anymore, Headmaster," said Harry, turning his head, so that he could see Albus Dumbledore, who was actually, genuinely, curled up in the corner, sobbing like a baby, while Harry explained, "I…I know I…I can only say…sorry for…for…for…"

Not to Lily's surprise, her son was soon looking at the backs of his eyelids as, once again, he went too far in his attempts to help.

But he wouldn't be her brave and beautiful boy if he didn't.



"I know, Albus," said Lily, continuing her gentle ministrations of Harry's forehead as she looked up to the old man. "And I agree with Harry: he can only apologise, but you? You can make it up to him…help him, don't hurt him…and you can start with these narrow-minded, magpie-brained nitwits who you tried to turn into the same greedy egomaniacs that Barnes' friends fight against."

A weak look of resignation crossed Albus' face, while Lily sighed softly as she added, "After that…well, only time can tell, but, for now, we need to deal with Sirius; as for what comes next…only one person knows…"

"Harry," nodded Albus, but Lily just scoffed.

"No, my foolish, overdramatic old fool of a friend…I'm talking about you…"

Chapter 10 and it looks like Harry's had another taste of his limits, but if that's with his focus, what do you suppose he'd be capable of, if he were ever forced to take it off?

Also, can Albus truly repair the sins of his forgotten past, or will the Manipulative Old Bastard resurface and force Harry's hand again?

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