Family Secrets

By Lola Presents

Chapter 1

The family unit that Lincoln and his sisters created was entirely unique, even among cultists and those inclined toward incestuous relationships. There was no leader among them, and they all loved each other equally. There were only two rules in their house, which they all agreed to before making them official.

The first was that all clothes came off after everyone came home from work or school.

The second was that no reasonable sexual act would get refused, barring those that might cause physical harm.

And while Lori was away at college, they certainly made use of their humble home. The sex was constant and involved every member of their household. Whether it was Luan getting her jollies while fisting Leni's ass or Lynn eating Lana's cunt as she lay on the table begging for more, everyone took turns satisfying each other.

Even little Lily, whom their parents knew was in good hands, enjoyed oral and anal sex, accompanied by the occasional vaginal fingering. As the resident genius, Lisa was more than self-aware enough to take matters into her own hands. Using increasingly more significant dildos, she opened herself up to her brother and sisters.

With all the love and sex they shared, Lori wasn't too surprised when she came home from college that spring to Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lynn being considerably pregnant. With four little ones on the way and due any time, things were difficult around the house. Food was beginning to run scarce and what they had left over from their movie saving began to dwindle.

Lori put her college plan on hold and took Leni's place at the store, while Lincoln took a position at the local Burpin' Burger to make ends meet. Of course, their parents supplemented their income, not wishing to see them destitute. But neither complained. Between Rita's career as a dentist and Lynn's ownership of the town's most famous restaurant, they had more than enough.

For the next month, time seemed to pass by quickly. When Lori and Lincoln came home that night, they walked into the house tired but ready for sex with whoever was in the mood. Sitting beside his beloved sister, Lincoln slipped his hand into Luan's panties and began teasing her while Lori immediately stripped and embraced Lola, kissing her deeply while fingering her asshole.

Then, something signaled the beginning of a new chapter in the incestuous family's lives, and it came in the form of an immense release of strange-smelling liquid from Luan's plump belly. Sniffing his fingers, Lincoln then sampled it. It wasn't urine. That was certain. After all, he'd drank enough of his sister's pee to know the difference.

"Ouch!" cried Luan, clutching her belly. "I think..." she moaned. "I think it's time!"

Quickly, everyone got dressed while Lori prepared her little red convertible. With limited seats, Lori restricted the occupants to herself, Luan, and Lincoln, leaving Leni, Luna, and Lynn to care for their siblings while they went to the hospital. Naturally, all complained, wanting to see how big Luan's hole could stretch. But she put an end to that right quick.

"Fuck that," she groaned as she hobbled out of the house, supporting her weight with her arms. "Now's not the time! I'm having a baby, for crying out loud!"

All the girls' due dates were pretty close together, and as they came closer, each prepared a baby bag with everything they might need, placing them beside the front door, just in case. Lincoln grabbed the one Luan had assembled and ran to the car as Lori helped Luan get settled.

"Oh, god!" declared Luan, fighting against the seat belt as Lori sped downtown. "This fucking thing hurts more than when I let Lynn stuff her baseball up my ass!"

"Heh," chuckled Lincoln. "That was a fun night," he recalled. "But it's for your safety, now stop complaining," he said soothingly, brushing her hair out of her face.

"Quit that!" she demanded. "Don't touch me right now!"

"Okay, okay..." sighed Lincoln, stopping what he was doing.

"I take it back," Luan whimpered as a contraction gripped her. "Hold my hand!"

Lincoln took his beloved's hand, not expecting it to get crushed under her grip.

"Ow!" Lincoln cried as he bore the pain. "And to think," he muttered. "I have to do this three more times!"

"Oh, shut up!" demanded Luan. "I'm the one doing all the work here!"

Lori laughed her ass off as she drove them to the hospital, remembering how her mother was when giving birth to Luan. It was only fitting that she get some payback. God, her mother had screamed. Then, after looking into the rearview mirror to see how Lincoln was holding up, she pulled into the parking lot and stopped in front of the emergency room.

Racing inside, Lori fetched two nurses and an orderly, who helped Luan into a wheelchair and escorted her to a hastily assigned room upstairs, leaving Lori and Lincoln in the lobby. While both wanted to be with her, they got asked to remain downstairs at least until they could asses her condition. However, they had another problem on their hands.

Without giving away the child's parentage, Lincoln knew there was no way they'd let him, a minor sibling, be in the room with her until after his baby got born. Sulking in a chair, far away from others as possible, Lincoln sat, muttering to himself. And try as Lori might to ease his worries, Lincoln continued to pout.

"I should be there," he asserted. "It's my child, after all."

"Trust me," Lori informed him. "I witnessed Luan's birth, and that's not something you want to see. It's gross and bloody, especially if they have to do an episiotomy."

"That's when they have to make a small incision in her vagina to allow an oversized baby through," she explained without thinking.

"What?" gasped Lincoln, feeling the urge to throw up. "They do what?"

Lori tried to calm her lover down, but it was too late. Lincoln began heaving, vomiting all over the lobby floor. Afterward, he apologized profusely to the poor orderly who got tapped to clean up his mess.

"I'm so sorry!" he clamored. "My sister's having a baby and..."

"It's okay, kid," the man sighed. "This happens all too often. I'm used to it."

Lincoln felt horrible. Had the man known that baby was his, he might have strangled him as most would. Such was an ever-present weight upon Lincoln's mind. Neither law nor society agreed with their lifestyle, and they constantly had to be on guard. Even if someone were of like mind, they would undoubtedly balk at some of their sexual practices.

During Lori's time away, Lincoln slowly introduced Lisa and Lily to the idea of sex. Before then, kisses and cuddles were all he would allow. But he engaged them more often as time passed, especially with Lisa's self-dilation regiment. Interestingly, it was Lily who began their more disgusting habits. Despite being potty-trained at three, the little girl forgot all that once they'd moved into their new house.

Her childhood penchant for taking her diaper off and throwing it at her siblings proved to be more than just a phase. Lily enjoyed being dirty and insisted that whoever had oral sex with her take her as she was. At first, her siblings refused, believing it to be gross. However, one by one, they gave in to their undeniable lust for their little sister and obliged.

Now, such things were part of their everyday routine, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Lori even began cooking meals with ingredients she had shoved up her ass an hour before, and everyone adored her meals. But as Lincoln's stomach started growling at the thought, a nurse approached them, and he sat up in anticipation.

"I understand you're here to see miss Loud?" she asked for confirmation before saying anything else.

"Yes!" cried Lincoln apprehensively. "Is she alright? Is the baby okay?"

"Calm down," the nurse insisted, chuckling under her breath. "Are you Luan's mother?" she asked, turning her attention to Lori.

"No," Lori sighed, suddenly remembering that she hadn't yet called her parents. "I'm her older sister, but they're on their way," she declared as she quickly texted them.

"Alright," the woman sighed. "If you come with me, I'll introduce you to your sister's baby," she said, leading them upstairs to the nursery.

After an elevator trip and a short walk down the hall, she stopped and pointed at the sole basinet containing a baby.

"That's her baby, right there," she said. "A seven-pound, three-ounce little girl."

"She's beautiful..." Lincoln cooed as he placed his palm against the glass, staring at his little pink baby, sleeping soundly among the blankets and warming lamp. "Can we hold her?"

"I'm afraid not," the nurse replied. "Only the mother and father get that privilege. But we should be going. I'll take you to your sister's room," she said. "She wants to see you."

"O-Okay..." stammered Lincoln, completely mesmerized by the life he'd created.

After getting led another floor up, the nurse opened the door, letting Lori and Lincoln see their sister, who lay in bed, looking as if she'd just lost a fight with a five-hundred-pound sumo wrestler.

"Hey, champ!" exclaimed Lori, gushing profusely. "How'd it go?"

Quietly, the nurse closed the door as she left the siblings to bond. If she only knew how close they already were, she'd have called the cops immediately. Thankful she wasn't, Lincoln eased up beside Luan and gently kissed her forehead.

"We saw the baby," he told her. "She's so gorgeous! And, she looks a lot like you."

Interlocking her hands with both her siblings, Luan beamed at them.

"Thanks, guys," she said. "It was rough, but she was a natural birth. They didn't even have to cut me," she continued with a motherly glow about her. "I guess all those fistings and insertions helped, huh?"

"Wanna go?" Lincoln teased her, grinning wildly.

"Hell no!" barked Luan, giving his hand a firm squeeze. "Not unless you want my foot in your ass."

"Maybe later," Lincoln said thoughtfully. Then, dismissing the frivolity, he sat in the wooden chair beside the bed and gazed into her eyes. "What do you want to name her?"

"I'm not sure yet," admitted Luan, considering the possibilities. "I was thinking about Dorothy."

"Dorothy?" repeated Lincoln, trying it for himself. "That's a nice name. Is there any significance behind it?"

"Well..." chirped Luan after tipping a few pieces of ice from a cup into her mouth. "That way, her nickname could be Dolly. I'm sure we'll include her in our household activities, like a little sex doll."

"I love it," agreed Lincoln. "But not before she's three. Okay?"

"That's such a cute name!" cooed Lori. "And it suits her.

Twenty minutes later, their parents wandered into the room, gushing over how cute Dolly was and bearing gifts for both baby and mother. Luan was ecstatic, and together they chatted about everything under the sun. But eventually, another nurse entered the room, interrupting their festivities.

It was time to feed the baby. And as it was nearing closing time, Lynn suggested they let Luan get some rest and have time to bond with her little one. Without getting to kiss each other goodbye, Lincoln and Luan smiled warmly at each other instead.

After two days and numerous visitations to the hospital, Luan was allowed to bring Dorothy home. Though she still had trouble walking, Luan insisted on stripping the moment she walked into the house, handing Dolly off to Lynn, who was eager to meet the new baby, as was everyone.

"She's so cute!" exclaimed Lola, poking at the little girl's belly. "What's her name?"

"Dolly," replied Lori cheerfully. "Actually, it's Dorothy. Dolly is her nickname."

"She's so sweet!" Luna cooed, begging to hold her niece.

"I can't wait until I have mine!" chirped Leni, envisioning herself holding a baby. "Who's next anyway?"

"I am," muttered Lynn. "I can hardly wait! I'm not too excited about what it'll do to my body, though."

"Don't worry," laughed Luan, looking toward her gaping vagina. "With all the crap you've stuffed up yours, it'll be a cinch."

"May I hold her?" an uncharacteristically excited young goth asked as she sat naked on the couch.

"Sure, but be careful," Luna said, passing the child to her sister. "Hold her head like this..." she instructed, placing Lucy's hand correctly.

Grinning uncontrollably, Lucy stared at Dolly and giggled at how cute she was. Lucy had never taken much interest in babies, not even her younger siblings. But now that she was emotionally and sexually involved with them, Dolly seemed as much her as anyones.

Eventually, everyone got a chance to hold Dolly. But it was getting later and near dinner time. Luan insisted that Lana hand over her child so she could put her to bed. And as the young mother hobbled off, Lori went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"What does everyone feel like having?" she asked those who sat around the table, still gushing over Dolly.

"How about your special spaghetti?" suggested Lincoln. "That's always a hit."

"Seriously?" gasped Lori, letting her mouth hang open. "As late as it is?"

"Yeah!" cheered Lana, wringing her hands. "I'll help you make it!"

"Fine..." sighed the elder girl, grabbing a bag of meatballs from the freezer and handing it to the young tomboy.

Then, after bending over and spreading her ass cheeks, she began moaning as Lana shoved them into her sister's already occupied hole until none remained.

"Oof!" cried Lori as she wriggled around, letting them settle within her. "That's always get's me going. Who wants to fuck while they defrost?"

"Not me..." interjected Luan as she hobbled into the kitchen. "It's going to be a while before I'm up for that."

"I'll handle this," replied Lisa eagerly as she stood and walked over to her elder sister, plunging her fist into her pussy, and working her raw while she braced herself against the counter.

"God, yes!" cried Lori as everyone looked on. "Harder! Deeper!" she wailed.

Lincoln grabbed hold of his cock, intending to rub one out, but Lola beat him to it, and Lincoln's head lolled as his little sister positioned herself between his legs and deep-throated him. Leaning backward and supporting herself with her arms, Lola let her head hang free and took his entire length inside her, making him cum several times before Lori announced that the meatballs were ready to cook.

Lori forced out the meatballs, squatting over the skillet, then placed them on the over to cook. And while the pan warmed up, she measured the right amount of noodles for their family, then passed the pot around for everyone to fill. Once all but Luan contributed, Lori placed it on the over and turned it on. Then, sitting with her siblings, they gushed over the baby.

Lori would occasionally leave to stir the noodles and meatballs, and as they cooked, their house began to smell wonderful, bringing the other to the table. Eager to stuff themselves with Lori's delightful cooking, they started to drool in addition to growing increasingly horny. Finally, the meal was ready, and Lori happily served her family before joining them.

"Sketti!" cried Lily as she poked a warm, filthy meatball with her fork and stuffed it in her mouth, cooing like she'd died and gone to heaven. "Mmmm," she purred after swallowing, rubbing her bare belly.

"It's all thanks to you, you know," Luna complimented her little sister, ruffling her already messy hair. "If not for you, we'd never have known how good it is."

"You we'come," Lily chirped, slurping a few extra salty noodles into her mouth as everyone laughed at how silly she looked.

"God, I feel like the luckiest man in the world," murmured Lincoln, shaking his head proudly as he began devouring his meal. "I love my family."

"We love you too, Lincy!" his sisters replied before digging into their meals.

Lori had outdone herself. Not one plate went uncleaned by their owners, licked thoroughly before getting placed in the sink. But the dishes had to wait until tomorrow. The hours were getting on, and everyone yawned. Then, heading to the living room, Lincoln pulled out the sizeable folding couch that served as their combined bed, and everyone piled themselves around their brother, satisfied and ready for sleep.

"Again?" sighed Luan as she rose for the third time that night, heading for Dolly's room. "Geez, I can't wait until you can feed yourself," she muttered as she walked into the room and picked up her little girl. "Wait, I take that back," she retracted as she sat in her wicker rocking chair and hooked her daughter up to her filled breast. "I love the way it feels," she moaned, slipping her finger between her legs, gently massaging her sore clit.

"Just think, sweetie," she cooed warmly. "One day, you'll get to have sex with the rest of us," she told her child as she looked lovingly into her eyes. "That's when you'll truly be one of us. First, we'll start you off with a little oral sex, then finger-fuck you, and before you know it, you'll be riding daddy as I do. Doesn't that sound amazing?" Then, she leaned in and kissed her daughter on the forehead. "But for now, this is all you get."

The following day, Lincoln rose and showered, getting ready for his shift while Lori got breakfast ready, eating a bowl of cocoa puff in piss instead of milk. Then, they switched off, and while Lori prepared for work, Lincoln ate some hot pop-tarts Lori had left him with a thin smearing of her best topping.

Finally, not wanting to arouse suspicion, they stood side by side, frowning in disgust as they brushed their teeth and gargled. After leaving Leni with some last-minute instructions on how to assist Luan best, Lori and Lincoln headed for the car.

Another day, another dollar. That was the saying. However, they had their delicious family waiting for them when they got home, so bucking up, the perverted lover did what they must. And after dropping Lincoln off at Burpin' Burger, Lori headed off to Reininger's.