July 2, 1993

When one considers that time is always moving forward, one might agree that nothing can ever truly be 'dead' when it comes to progress or events. If one were to explore the Hammond household, they would find that in fact it is the opposite. The very nature of progressing forward had been forgotten in the last few weeks. And it was no clearer to anyone in the family than it was to Robert Hammond.

Growing up had been an easy enough affair. An eccentric grandfather who would take him out to his game preserve in Kenya, a loving set of parents and of course that one cousin that he always hated during the holidays and every time otherwise. The only real disruption to his perfect life was the addition of his siblings. Robert did not despise them, on the contrary he adored them. He helped Lex figure out how to operate computers as they became more mainstream and available to the public, he took Tim to the local bookstores to get the latest dinosaur books by Dr Alan Grant. It was a simple life.

The problem he now faced was for once in his life as the big brother he did not know what was wrong with his younger siblings. Lex had become withdrawn; Tim did not want to go and buy a new dinosaur book. In fact, anytime the extinct creatures were brought up in private they would clam up and actively avoid him for a while. When he confronted his parents, who magically were putting off all talks of divorce proceedings now, they too would avoid the questions and pretend he had asked them about something else.

That is how Robert found himself currently standing in his grandfather's study, arms crossed, face set, and eyes narrowed on the old man as he began to set out papers and plans on a table. It was only two months after his high school graduation, he had intended to be heading out and enjoying his freedom before college, but family would always take priority.

"I suppose I should have seen this coming," his grandfather began, unfurling a large schematic. "I told them that keeping it from you would be a mistake, far too curious and caring for this to have worked. Funny, your own mother said that you'd get the hint, but I suppose that stubbornness is a family trait for us all."

Robert was not amused. The teen sighed, stepping over to his grandfather to offer him some help "I just don't like feeling useless is all. It's pretty hard to sit back and watch my siblings act like a bunch of zombies and not even know the reasons why."

"I know, I know. But you must understand everything to really know just what it is that haunts them so much." John gave his oldest grandchild a pat on the back, "Why don't you take a look, tell me what you see?"

Robert gave the older man a wary look. His grandfather had this way about him, like everything was one massive surprise or gift just waiting to be opened. "Alright, fine, but I don't know what uh...are these building plans?"


"And these are...related to why Lex and Tim are so withdrawn?" At the sad nod he turned his attention back to the schematics. The designs were simple to follow and looked like a visitors' center and research laboratory. "I'm guessing this isn't as simple as it appears?"

"You would unfortunately be right. I was building another park...a special park, on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean of all places. It would have been spectacular, oh how I wish you had seen it!"

Robert gave his grandfather a small smile. There was the old man he had grown up knowing. The kind and eccentric grandfather who for all his money just wanted to make his family happy and preserve nature at the same time.

"Gramps, what kind of animals did you have on this island? I know you, and I know my little annoyances I call siblings, they would not be reacting so badly if it were just some lions and crocodiles you had brought out there. I cannot even imagine just what it was, I mean...what sort of animals were you going to display that would need the heat of the tropics?"

John slowly handed a weathered journal to his grandson. "I had this with me while I was over there, took notes on the different species, even kept a few photographs attached for some of the individuals."

Robert carefully opened the journal. Its binding was a little dull, the covers showing some signs of water damage. But the contents were intact. As he slowly began to speed up his thumbing through the pages, his eyes moving erratically from image and words on one page to the next, his eyebrows slowly rising before he reached the end of the journal. "You...you, did it? That little dream Timmy had...you actually did it?"

"I did."

"Why did you do this?"

"Because what better way to both preserve nature and make my grandsons lives than if I brought an extinct species back to life?" John waved his hand across the table, gesturing at the blueprints for the parks systems, and finally at the journal in Robert's hands "All of this, all of that, was meant to make the world see just how incredible life on this planet is. How small we are in the presence of real giants, and how it is to feel that childlike awe and wonder without needing to see something shiny and new...but old and majestic. That is why I did it."

"Because of us...so all this time...you mean they were on the island and…"

John gave a solemn nod of his head. Many things could have been avoided had he just listened to what was clearly around him. "I ignored the signs, put my grandchildren, my workers and innocent people at risk all because I wanted this to be done just in time for you."

"Hold on...for me?"

"Yes, your birthday in fact. It was going to be a gift for your graduation as well though now that part is...less than adequate."

Robert couldn't help but scoff at that "One way of putting it. Ok...so the park was a failure then? Dinosaurs...dinosaurs walk the earth again for the first time in millions of years and...no one else will ever know it?"

"That's not entirely true actually."

"Come again?"

"Ingen. You. Myself. Your siblings. Your parents. As well as the survivors...we all know the truth. But why should this be the last we hear of them?"

Robert glanced back at the journal then up at his grandfather "You are offering that I... rebuild the park? I... I mean...I am excited at the idea of seeing these animals alive and in the flesh but what makes you think that I could ever rebuild something so controversial and chaotic?"

"Precisely because of that. Chaos. You have thrived in it; you create it just by being present. The trouble you've gotten up to as a lad, and the trouble you continue to get up to now as a young man," Robert felt himself blush with embarrassment as his grandfather's pointed look found him "I was a fool to not bring in the experts from the beginning, but this time...this time I think you are just what the park needs."

Robert opened his mouth to protest, the pair were going to be locked in a debate for days if something did not interrupt them eventually. Thankfully, that interruption came in a single, nonchalant form.

"Yo, Bob! Your mom said you were going to be with the old man, we still up for our...beach trip?" Isaac Clements. Best friend. Future roommate. Current Wingman. And just the sort of friend who would talk you into and seldomly out of a fun adventure. "Am I interrupting something?"

"Old man? Did he just call me old man?"

Robert waved his grandfather's complaints aside "It's Isaac, you get used to it after a while."

"No offense Mr. Hammond but you aren't exactly young anymore, pretty sure you could put my own grandfather to shame in the age department...no offense of course."

John Hammond huffed. Young Isaac was a bit more vocal and... flippant, but the boy did have a curious nature that would get him into trouble, no less evident than as his eyes roamed over the schematics for the park's facilities.

"I'm no engineering major...but this is clearly poor workmanship."

"Excuse me?" the Hammond men replied in unison.

"Yup. See this? Walls don't go all the way up in the command center, false ceilings of that size...that looks like enough coverage for you to crawl through sure, but if a water pipe leaks or the actual roof does well...you might be in trouble with the equipment there. And the security listings are a bit off too. Locking doors but only in a few areas and not widespread in staff only areas...and don't even get me started on some of these logistical issues you've got going on."

John gave his grandson a single inquisitive look. With a single shrug and a shake of his head Robert replied, "It's Isaac, I've stopped questioning how his brain works."

"You only say that because I make sense."

"Says the guy who can't remember the study guide we went over twenty times, yet somehow remembers every detail about his ex-dates."

"Details, who needs them?"

John chuckles, shaking his head at the boys' antics. Both graduates, both going off to college together and both just as likely to stir up trouble as when they were young. "Ah, to be young and foolish again."

"Don't you just mean, young, in your case?"

"I am still young enough to give you a good whack with my cane."

"Isn't child abuse frowned upon in... roughly ninety percent of the planet?"

The two Hammond men turned to their companion.

"What? I know he is used to getting hit, bumping into things, falling, and of course failing in certain aspects...but hey, long as I can't be arrested for aiding in abuse of a minor, I am good with the free entertainment."

Isaac caught the look in his best friend's eye. Something that years of getting into trouble afterward had taught him. When Robert looks like he is thinking or like he has won the lottery...chances were, you did not want to be near him.

"Ok, yeah, no, I know that look. I am out, peace, nice seeing you Mr. Hammond."

Isaac didn't even make it to the door.

"How'd you like to go to the tropics for vacation?"

"Excuse me? Tropics? Like...tropical tropics? Pacific tropics, right? Not the jungle tropics of Brazil or the Congo? Those tropics? Like beach tropics?"

Robert gave a single nod of his head.


Robert motioned his grandfather to start the explanations for the pair of them in his stead. "Well...I have a sort of business proposal I have made for my grandson; he seems to be a bit hesitant, but I believe that it could work."

"Ok, ok, but Isaac is still missing details here."

"I am getting to them," John huffs "Honestly, is he always like this?"

"You should see him on a bad day, I can't get him to shut up."

Isaac pouts, glaring at his friend for the verbal diss.

"Anyway...as I cannot keep it a secret any longer, I have purchased five islands from the Costa Rican government as a sort of graduation and birthday gift for young Robert here. About two-hundred miles southwest of the mainland to be precise, it is mostly jungle in places though the diversity of the foliage is astounding, and the views are absolutely breathtaking."

"Uh huh...ok...jungle islands...tropical climate...breathtaking views...please tell me there is a beach and resort plan in the future?"

"Actually, we were thinking more of a park." John chuckles as Isaac appears to be crushed. His eyes widened comically, jaw hanging open slightly. "You see, I was hoping that what I failed to do, my grandson and quite possibly you as well could succeed in doing."

Isaac turned to Robert "Is the old geezer being serious or am I being punked?"

Robert ignored his grandfather's complaint of 'old geezer, am I?' and shook his head "Not in the slightest man, and he might just be onto something. You see, this might just be the biggest opportunity the world ever sees."

"What? Come off it, it is nineteen-ninety-three, in a few years cell phones might be more than just a big bag with a phone inside. What could be bigger than that?"

"Oh, I don't know...maybe a T. Rex."

Isaac studied Robert's face for any sign of deception. None of his usual tells were present...but there was no way he wasn't joking about this. ...right? To make things worse, even the old man was nodding along with his grandsons' words. They both had to be in on some form of secret joke.

"Not cool man, not cool. A Rex...good attempt but seriously, not cool."

Robert hands him the journal. He only wished he had a camera on hand to preserve the memory of the facial expression Isaac Clements adopted as he flipped through the pages.

"You...you are both serious? Seriously?"

"As serious as you are about rocking that ridiculous afro of yours in college...seriously, cut that thing."

Isaac brought his free hand up protectively patting his fro "No one disses the fro, not even you."

"Not even if I was signing your checks in the future?"

"Checks?" That got Isaac's attention "How big are we talking?"

"Depends on how much we make. Could be hundreds, thousands, even millions you make in a week or a month. Who is to say?"

"Uh, me? Obviously!" Isaac turns his attention back to the senior citizen in the room "Ok, I am in! Where do I sign?!"

"All in due time," John responds "Of course, we will need to make sure we are prepared this time. Experts will need to be brought in, supplies acquired, samples collected and of course we will also need the dinosaurs as well."

Robert glanced at the park designs again "Didn't you say that Mr. Muldoon was on a 'vacation' recently? And I know that you would not start anything this big with electronics without Mr. Arnold either."

"Both were on the island with us," John turned to address Isaac "Robert Muldoon was my game warden in Kenya, no one better to head up security on the island either. He suffered some minor injuries whilst attempting to deal with the Velociraptors. He will be in physical therapy for a week more I think he said, but he should be eager to get back to work and of course with his paranoia he will trust no one else to oversee the handling of security where the dinosaurs are involved. As for Ray Arnold, he has been a trusted employee and he knows his way around computers better than anyone. Long as we do not have a repeat performance we should be fine there."

"Repeat performance?" Isaac hesitantly asked.

"Hurricane, dinosaurs on the loose and from what I am guessing a bad employee or two." Robert gave his grandfather a sideways glance "How much of that is accurate?"

"All of it I am afraid," John looked visibly tired, exhausted even as his mind wandered back "Dennis Nedry shut down the power, stole several samples of our embryos and then ran off and got himself killed. Dinosaurs were on the loose and with the storm we could not go out and make any repairs or undo the damage done to the system that he had caused. But that will not happen here, not again, not this time."

"Really, really, not liking this dreary mood...I mean...I'm all for this of course but uh...are we sure that we can do this safely?"

"Safely? No promises. Carefully? Yes." Robert shrugs "Not like we had any plans for our summer break."

"Beaches, babes, and no work until September ninth."

"Young Isaac's um...proclivity towards the female population aside, there is the matter of your education to discuss."

"What's to discuss?" Isaac asks, "We go to these islands, I'm thinking until mid-August, then come back and go to school until next summer vacation."

"Except we would be wasting time...Isaac? How do you feel about studying abroad?"

Isaac did not waste time thinking his response over "All for it. Foreign girls are amazing, but we already registered and have our dorm room assigned, not to mention the money we paid too…you are already thinking of how to fix that aren't you?"

"Hey gramps? You still have those contacts in London, right? The professors and tutor's mom once ranted about...think they would be up for two new students?"

Isaac raised his hand "Uh yes, hello, question right here? Are you really considering us going to London for private tutoring when we could just hop on the plane, and settle down at MIT instead?"

"Yes," Robert responds sharply "Isaac, think for a second man. The two of us are easily going into college for business associates, and potentially you could go for an engineering major after that analysis. If we are going to run this kind of a park without anyone knowing about it before we open, we need to be incognito."

"So, your idea of laying low is to be surrounded by the private tutors in jolly old England while simultaneously creating the park, did I follow all of that correctly?"

"About as accurately as I could," John supplies "Now, are you both committed to this? I will not hold it against you boys if you decline now, nothings been signed or approved yet."

"Well...Bob covered our education adjustments...but do we even have a construction crew or funding? Not to mention the scientists that we will need."

"As I said before to you both young Isaac-"

"Just call me Isaac old timer."

"As I said before," John narrowed his eyes at the young upstart. "We have a head of security and our main technical chief, what we are lacking now are the scientists and the paleo experts. Now, I have a few people I could call about this and someone who could assist in finding the rest to fill out our numbers quite nicely. On the matter of construction, I do have a private company on my payroll, the owner is young, but he is an honest worker by the name of Eddie Carr. Smart, engineering major, and he has overseen my other projects that were not dinosaur related. If anyone can do the job we need, and not cut corners, it is him and his company."

"Ok...good credentials no doubt, and the funding?" Robert made a 'get on with it' motion with his hands "You're starting to prattle gramps."

"Well, I would be happy to sign your check over to young Isaac here, grandson, if you are in such a rush to just get the job done and not be paid."

"And you know that I will absolutely take that extra paycheck." Isaac's grin made Robert roll his eyes "Not like you'd use your half of the money for anything useful man."

"Ingen still thinks they have ownership over the animals and the islands. The truth is that Isla Nublar is on loan from the Costa Rican government, and the dinosaurs there are in fact all theirs; but that is all they technically own. Since Henry Wu is not returning my calls, I can only assume that he has gone underground after the disaster at the park, which means we are lacking a chief geneticist as well as most of the data on the dinosaur's genetic code. Now, the funding will not be coming from Ingen, I just want to get that out of the way first. Instead, it will be my private foundation, the Hammond Foundation, which shall be funding this project and future endeavors."

"Hammond Foundation?" Robert asks, "Is that the same foundation that you refused to ever elaborate on when dad would ask you about your nature preserves and where that money came from?"

"Must you keep doing that?"

Robert blinked "Doing what?"

"He probably doesn't like how you keep asking a question and answering it all in one breath," Isaac shrugs. "You get used to it; teachers hate him for it but since he aces his tests, they don't really say anything since he makes them look good."

"Regardless, I will make some calls, will you boys be staying for lunch? We could discuss more of the details then."

Isaac and Robert shared a look. Isaac's growing frown and sigh of defeat marking the end of the silent debate the two had. "Yeah, sure old timer, lunch would be good. Ow! Hey!"

"Guess my hand slipped, just so hard to keep track in my old age," Robert chuckled as he watched his elderly grandfather whack Isaac in the leg with his cane and just use his age as an excuse. Isaac was in for trouble considering that is where Robert learned most of his 'innocent' behavior.

Isla Matanceros: August 13, 1993

Isaac Clement shielded his eyes as he lay in his hammock. It had been a month since he and Robert Hammond had arrived at the island chain his friend now officially owned. Las Cinco Muertes. The Five Deaths. A name that if you had asked Isaac for his opinion was far too dramatic and foreboding for this to be a good idea. Unfortunately for him the money was going to be good and the idea itself was much more realistic considering it had been done before.

Over the last month the pair had overseen the arrival of construction equipment as well as personnel hired by Eddie Carr. Primarily, Eddie was more suited to dealing with vehicle maintenance and creation but given the diversity of his company and the skill sets of his staff, he believed that he could have the park constructed within a year or two.

"Napping again Isaac?" The 'charming' voice of reason was Robert. "You know that we have to be packed by tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah, I know, and you know that I am already packed...I just got comfy with this thing though."

Robert glanced back down the grassy hill. The construction crews had done quite a lot more than he had anticipated. Their first few days were spent with a half-finished dock which until recently had remained half-finished due to storms blowing through the area. The primary staff housing facilities had been completed mostly for the construction crews to use until their stay was at an end. This week had been the beginning of their fencing project for the perimeter of the island.

"Look at it, all of this in a month, visitors center and labs could be finished before September comes around...we are really doing it Isaac."

"Yeah, that's great Bob, now if you could just let me study the inside of my eyelids that would be great." Isaac yelped, his face hitting wet grass as Robert's laughter filled the air. The rich kid had flipped him out of his hammock. "This means war y'know."

"Yeah, I figured it would, but that was so worth it to hear you yelp dude."

"Just you wait Bob, I'll get my revenge, you'll see!"

"I'm sure you will, now come on, we have to give the place a once over walk around before we go, could be that you might see something that none of us did in the layout."

"Sometimes I think your grandfather just let us work together so I would be the one being punished with work," Isaac grouches as the two descend the hill "Just remember, I get final say on where my hotel is when the first one is finished."

"I'll make sure that one is well removed from any good views."

AN: Bit shorter than I would normally like. To returning readers, how you all been? For those just finding me for the first time here, welcome to the show. I suppose you could call this one a passion project. I mean, who does not love dinosaurs right? Been on the backburner for a good few years, I have had ideas written down, type dup lists and information, even found a script for Jurassic Park when it was originally going to be set in the actual movie and not just the wider universe of it. So, let's get to it then, shall we? This is, as the title says, Operation: Genesis. So named as a sort of tribute to the first great Jurassic Park builder video game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (JPOG). Now, the idea is what we all are just wanting from the franchise: Jurassic Park working without the chaos and deaths. Granted I cannot write up a story and not have some deaths or chaos happen...I mean...if you asked my teachers, they would all say they tried very hard to make me do peace and love instead of war and psychotic talking fruit…don't ask and I shall tell no lies on that one. So yes, this is a bit of a 'what if?' kind of story; what if John Hammond had an older grandchild and they made the park and it worked out? For this story I have been looking into the Jurassic Park canon both film and novel, which means first a lot of characters that did die in the films or novel are not actually dead here. So, Muldoon, Arnold; not dead. Hammond, Wu, also not dead. Like JPOG, so if you have played or seen gameplay of that you will understand what is happening, there are key characters who will be in charge of something involving the islands and the parks. I promise you there will be deaths, there will be dinosaur carnage...mostly because there really must be some form of chaos since the illustrious chaotician himself is in this story...eventually. Before anyone asks about character ages and birth dates, do be aware that not all of them have an age or even a date of birth on the official wiki or even Wikipedia so I will mostly be having to guess on that front, even completed a timeline for the characters which is mostly using the dob of their actor if nothing was available online, and of course you might recognize some characters who are not in the films or novels, their backgrounds have been tweaked a tiny bit to fit with this story so keep an eye out there. Now the story updates are sad and hopeful for the old readers here; my laptop is sadly well past its expiration date, practically holding it together with tape at this point and after a recent reboot I have lost my access to Microsoft word and it is now some abomination called word pad...don't recommend that, it lacks the features that make typewriting so much easier and seamless. Fortunately, the Arcani will be continued, been using Rome Total War for points of reference and ideas far as some battles and the like will play out, it will be slow however as that requires me to research ancient battles and events/people in great length more than it would if it were in the modern time now. As for this one…well we shall see. Honestly, between the laptop, storms, and of course a lack of passion for the craft I have been busy. But for this as the old man himself said, we shall spare no expense.