First, I'd like to say that I've had a wonderful time working on this story. I had a next chapter ready to go out a few weeks ago but was wavering on posting it for the coming reasons. I also was playing around with an idea of how to end this part of the story and to go on to a dramatic part 2, returning to the Sweeney and Nellie storyline from chap. 1.

However, with ST fanfic seeming to be a dead topic (decided to start here feeling that the revival might bring some writers as it did for me) and on a much larger part, after learning that my one major reader had to leave the world of fanfic writing; it might be best to let this story R.I.P. This has been a fun experience and I've enjoyed sharing my writing with those that had found amusement in reading up to this point, though this will remain for those that may stumble upon and get some entertainment from it in the future.

I also wanted to take some time to give an especially huge thank you to reader Moonlightshadoww for always being there to read my story and share their thoughts. You'll likely never see this being that you're far gone from the site now, but I just need to thank you for all the kindness and support that you've shown me throughout this story and in general. Your generous PMs, continuous reading, and ever thoughtful reviews were what kept me inspired to even keep writing this story. If by chance you ever do decide to return to fanfic writing one day, I hope that you happen on this "chapter"/message and that it brings a smile to your very deserving face. Probably should've started writing earlier before you needed to leave, but tysm for reading for as long as you did.

Thank you all for taking the time to read what I had posted up of my little story. This is Ophelia, saying farewell, and wishing the best to any future fanfic writers. Thank you for allowing me to share what I had of my story with you.