Sunny Sky- 1.0

The boy stared up at the burning sky, wondering how it had all come to this. The last few months made everything that had come before seem so… petty. Then again, everything seems petty compared to the end of the world. A once beautiful blue sky was stained a permanent red, tainted by the ashes of billions. So many had died against the twin beings of light. If only they'd had more time, more coordination, if only they'd known the true and sinister nature of the creatures.

If only they hadn't lost so much fighting each other like a bunch of imbeciles…

His friend suddenly appeared next to him without so much as a whisper of sound. She'd abandoned her normal power armor long ago, the added protection absolutely useless against the Destroyers.

When you see the most powerful man on Earth turned to ashes, that tends to mean armor is more a hindrance than anything else.

"Is it time?" He asked quietly.

His friend nodded sadly. "It's time." She replied as she sat next to him on the cracked and barren earth.

Silence passed for a moment.

"I'm scared. For the first time ever, the timeline is closed to me. I can't see what's coming, what will happen. It's… How do you live like this? The uncertainty, the lack of clarity?" She asked with a frustrated sigh, kicking the ground.

He smiled slightly at her behavior. For all her power, his friend was still rather childish in some ways. He blamed her dad for that. "I suppose we just… do what we think is best and what makes the most sense. What we feel is right."

He stared up at the sky some more, the smokey scent pervading his nostrils, as it had ever since the Rampage had begun. What had set them off? They'd come as saviors, as powerful heroes, then one day everything began to simply burn with their fury.

"That's why we're doing this, your dad's last desperate gamble. What makes sense is trying to survive or to try and kill them in revenge, but… Our world is dying and instead we're doing our best to save as many others as we can. To give other worlds a chance, one that ours never did. That's why we can call ourselves heroes proudly."

She was silent a moment before letting out a short burst of laughter and leaning against his shoulder. "You're still you, even at the end of the world. Don't ever let that change."

"Right back at you. "

A silver light blossomed on the horizon.

"Here they come. Get to the lab. I'll hold them off as long as I can."

He pretended not to see the flash of despair on her face or the shine of unshed tears.

"Well then I'll see you soon."

He flashed her a grin. "See ya soon."

She hesitated a split second and then dashed forward, pressing her lips to his. "I should've done that a lot sooner." She whispered as she stepped back.

He let out a short bark of laughter. "You- No, we'll have all the time in the world when your dad's plan kicks in."

"Not 'if'?"

"When." He said firmly.

She smiled. "Give them hell."

And then she was gone.

He smiled and allowed his power to let itself loose. No restraints, not this time. The whole world, no, the whole multiverse depended on this moment.

A rainbow miasma of light and energy exploded forth from his skin. Not the pure silver or gold of the Destroyers, not as singular or focused or perfect. Their power was an inhuman light, something made cold and machine-like in its precision.

His light was that of humanity itself. A flickering aura of alternating colors. All different, all beautiful, and filled with chaos itself.

The light of the Storm.

More power than ever before filled his veins and the last hero stepped forward to meet his foes.

"Crescent wrench."

The man passed his old friend one as requested, before the request was even finished.

"How much longer?"

"Not long. It's almost done. I still think your daughter should've been helping us with this though."

"No, it was necessary. She strengthened his resolve to hold off the Destroyers long enough for us to finish this project. The extra time he'll give us is more important than what little help she'd be here."

"Oh? So you're saying I'm smarter than her?"

"Of course you are, you have far more experience."

"Heh. Just needed to hear you say it."

The man rolled his eyes.

The girl appeared suddenly, eyes rimmed with red.

"He's fighting them off now."

"Good." The man approached his daughter and put a hand upon her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. "His sacrifice shall not be in vain. None of them will."

"I hope you're right…"

"He's always right!" His friend cut in. "It's what makes him so damn annoying. Now get over here and help me finish this thing!"

They rambled off into techno speak that was leagues above his own understanding. The man sighed and sat down on a nearby workbench, lost in his own thoughts. Above him the ceiling continued to tremble and shake, despite the fact they were inside a damned mountain and miles away from the actual fight.

"Hey bud."

The man blinked and looked up, his old friend holding out a glass of amber liquid.

"Really? Now?"

"Why not now? End of the world man, seems appropriate. Besides, your girl is just finishing up some last touches."

The man accepted the glass, took a sip and nearly gagged. "You bastard. Apple bourbon, really?"

"Just reminding you of your mistakes." His friend cackled.

"I hate you so much." He finished the drink anyway. A reminder of dumber times perhaps, but also simpler and far more innocent.

"All those years wasted, fighting against each other…"

"Are you… Are you seriously quoting X-Men at me right now?"

"Damn right I am."

"... Fair enough. It's fitting I suppose, given the situation."

Comfortable silence filled the gap for several long moments.

The ceiling stopped shaking.

"Here it comes." The man sighed. He stood up and walked over to the machine.

"You sure you want to do this man? You know I'd be willing…"

"No. I'll do this myself." He cut in sharply. "I won't damn anyone else."

The girl blinked in confusion and the short argument. "What are you talking about…?"

The man sighed. "It's nothing. Just… an old argument. You have the serum?"

"Yeah." She reached into her pocket and pulled out the vile looking liquid. "It cost us so much just to get this… what if it doesn't work?"

The man smiled. "It will work my dear. Of all of us left, it will work only with one of us here."


"Something about the power of the Storm defies the Destroyers. They're incompatible in many ways and what we're about to do will only work because…" He downed the vial.

"Our powers are not born directly from the Storm."

Spiraling shapes, infinite crystalline labyrinths filled his vision as two beings of incredible mass danced around each other endlessly, shifting between dimensions in a neverending kaleidoscope of gold and silver.

The man hacked and coughed and nearly collapsed, only being caught by his daughter.

The ceiling melted as the two perfect beings descended from above, eyes staring cold and merciless, not a hint of anything behind them. Those empty, alien eyes…

The man grinned savagely as he held up his detonator tied to the device his daughter and friend had rushed to build during the dying days of their planet. "Come and have your Shard back, monsters."

The device was triggered and a world died in a flash of rainbow light.

All according to the Plan.

The blow was not a true killing one, but the damage it did was enough to cause a series of cascading errors and failures. With a shard being infected with the strange energy wavelength, the Thinker became too enamored with its processes and crashed upon an errant plane of existence. Through sheer luck, it was slain and with its death, the fate of the world was shifted as a girl received a changed shard, one altered with the power of a cosmic storm and holding within itself the light of an entire world.

A/N: Welcome to my story, this is my first time posting on this site despite lurking for years. This is a crosspost from my main account on spacebattles, so I'll be spending the next few days uploading the rest before continuing to update on Fridays.

This is going to be a crossover between Worm and an original superhero universe that myself and a few friends created, I hope it's to everyone's enjoyment and I welcome any questions and interest in the world that we've created and are now showing here.