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A naked feminine figure with red hair was lifted from a medical bed that was brought outside of a greenhouse next to a large mansion as a man in his late 30s looked at the scene with hope but concern was underneath

Bruce Wayne also known as Batman and his partner and lover Pamela Isley also known as Flora were on a mission to a warehouse housing experimental weapons the night before and Flora got injured from a shot of one of the weapons leaving her strangely unconscious. Bruce along with his butler Alfred tried what they could to treat her but nothing seemed to work before Bruce got the idea to let her mutant plants heal her.

So he placed one of the beds of the medbay with her on it and moved it outside and opened the door of her greenhouse. Her plants seemed to get what was the matter and a vine lifted her from the bed and moved her inside. Bruce gently closed the door to let the plants do their work.

Bruce went inside his bedroom with his sleepwear on. It felt weird for him to go to sleep with his lover on the other side of the bed but he got under the covers. He stroked the other pillow like he was imagining someone laying her head on it but no one was there. Bruce closed his eyes to go to sleep but not before hoping that his girlfriend would be alright.

Inside the greenhouse was an abnormally large plant that seem to have red petals wrapped around themselves and the pedals seemed slightly transparent as you could see a figure inside.

The pedals open up to reveal green liquid completely out from the once-wrapped pedals and a woman that falls on the spot.

Her eyes opened and she got up to look at her surroundings. She recognized the place it was her greenhouse beside Wayne Manor.

She felt lightheaded and brought her right hand to her head before she noticed something…her skin was green.

Her skin was green and not her natural skin colour.

She looked at her hands then her legs and her chest and she saw that her entire body was green.

She quickly got up from her place to look into a mirror on the wall and her suspicions were correct she was not seeing things. She was entirely green.

She also felt oddly stronger than ever before and more connected to the green.

She practically felt plants.

Her mind goes to the land thing she remembered which was fighting in a warehouse with her lover when a bearded man grabbed a strange gun with a handle on the upper left of it and another on the normal placement of a gun handle. It fired a large blue swirly beam that hit her and she yelled in pain before she blacked out.

She still looked like her beautiful self but she was now green.

She couldn't let Bruce see her like this. She couldn't.

What would he think of her now?

Remembering that she was naked she commanded her plants to put her in a leafy bodice with stockings made of a large leaves for each shapely leg.

She went to her desk to look at the clock placed there.

It read 9:36 A.M.

What was she going to tell Bruce?

She couldn't stay holed up in her greenhouse and even she knew that but she didn't know what else she could do.

Life sometimes came with bad timing and this was one instance because knocking sounds could be heard from the door of the greenhouse.

She yelled out "don't come in!"

"Pamela?!" The deep voice sounded surprised.

It was Bruce.

Pamela quickly told some vines to hold the door knob shut.

Bruce tried to open the door but to no avail.

"Pamela are you okay? Why won't the door open?" Bruce's voice sounds concerned.

"You can't come in!" She yelled out.

"Why not? Are you okay?"

Pamela liked down not knowing how to answer that question. She wanted to be as cryptic as possible to tell Bruce that she was okay in health but in appearance…

..well that's another thing.

"Yes Bruce my health is okay but you can't come in here right now."

"Why not? Please tell me."

Pamela still wanted to be cryptic in her answers.

"I just don't look like myself right now."

"Can I see?"

"No!" Pamela roared out and fear was present in her voice.

"Pamela please let me in no matter how you may look you're still yourself and nobody can change it except for yourself."

Pamela's eyes widened a small bit before she grit herself.

Damn him and his soothing words

Pamela told the vines to release the doorknob.

Bruce gently opened the door.

Pamela had her hand on her left elbow with her head to the side trying to avoid her boyfriend's face upon seeing her new change.

Bruce's eyes grew a little before he walked up to her and hugged her tightly. Pamela's face turned to shock.

W-Why is he hugging me?

Don't get her wrong she always loved physical affection with her boyfriend but she wasn't expecting him to do it now.

"Are you okay?" Bruce said softly.

Pamela's grew once again.

Here she was, now green and not expecting a hug but for him to make it seem like it didn't matter.

She turned her head to look at him and she responded.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine."

Bruce pulled away slightly to look her in the eyes.

"That's good." He simply said.

I thought I lost you

Pamela was shocked that Bruce was talking to her like her change wasn't even there.

She fearfully decided to ask "d-do you hate how I look now? I mean how could you not? I'm green for crying out loud. People aren't green. Sure some people have colour but none of them are green. How could I look attractive to you now? How could you stand the sight of me? How could you come in and act like it doesn't surprise you? Like you don't care? Like it's not even there? How could you?"

Bruce smiled slightly.

"I'll admit I was surprised as I was not expecting a colour change but it doesn't matter to me. I don't care about it at all. You could be red and it still wouldn't matter to me."

"You're still the same beautiful woman and on top of that your plants saved your life if this was the price for them saving you then it's no price at all."

Pamela was floored. But she then had a tearful smile.

Once again damn him and his words

They embraced each other.

"So I'm still sexy to you?" She still had to ask that.

"The sexiest." He responded with certainty.

They left the embrace slightly but their arms were still around them.

They brought their heads closer and they kissed lovely.

They untangled their arms around each other and Bruce went back into Batman mode.

"Those thugs we encountered? Well, there are more of them and cameras from street lights found them driving to the park. They've possibly got more weapons and might be wanting to test them out."

Pamela's eyes grew before she had an angry expression.

Testing weapons on her babies? Not on her watch

"You ready?"

Pamela's face almost turned evil with a cruel smile.

"More than ready."

"Where'd they get these from anyway?" One thug with brown hair said.

"Probably some major company like Lexcorp. Guy's always doing shading stuff." A dyed red-haired guy said.

"Does it matter, to begin with? We got some good shit to try out." An African American member said.

Suddenly signing with a sultry voice behind was heard and was almost echoed in the park.

The three thugs kept turning around trying to find the source of the singing which seemed to be all around them.

Then they noticed a shadowy figure appear in the distance. It was a woman and that much could be said.

The singing figure revealed herself to be Flora in her black spandex suit with a dark green belt, a large green bat symbol at the chest and leaf-like designs running along her legs and she wore shoes that would come from an elf but they resembled more like leaves at the ends.

She walked towards them and as soon as they could see her face they became shocked.

Flora stood a good distance from them with her hand on her hip.

Flora smiled as she had a suspicion about what was under those smiles.

She was right. They were shocked that she was green but in their eyes, it didn't make her any less attractive. It gave her almost an other worldly charm.

"So? What do you think?" She asks.

They knew what she was talking about.

"You look gorgeous."


"Like a million bucks."

Pamela smiled more genuinely.

So it wasn't Bruce just being sweet

"Well, what are boys doing here Hmm? Not doing anything like testing dangerous weapons on my babies, are you? Such a thing would make me angry you know."

Pamela said that last bit with truth.

"Well, we wouldn't want to leave you upset now would we?" The African American man said with a smile of intent.

"Yeah, we could pay for your silence." The one with the dyed hair said. He caught on fast and the same could be said for the last member.

"We'd make sure you would be happy with said payment." The brown-haired man said while licking his lips with the same kind of disgusting smile as his friends.

Flora softly chucked with her eyes closed.

"You're lucky my boyfriend's not here to hear you or he would break a few bones."

Ahh, his possessiveness always got her excited.

"Wait The Bat's not here?" The unnaturally red-haired man said.

"Yeah I told him I could take care of you all by myself and I would be testing something out." She responded.

Pamela raised her left hand towards them and as soon as she did vines came darting at them.

Vines coiled around their limbs and she left them be for the police to find after a call to them.

Bruce walked up to his bedroom and he noticed four large pink flowers in large pots. Two at the end of his bed and two at the bedside tables on either side. He walked closer to them until vines came from the dirt in the pots and rushed at him and gently but tightly held his limbs before lowering to the middle of the bed.

"Mmmphh." A sexy moan was let out and Bruce turned to his window to see his girlfriend with a vine wrapped around her waist and she was wearing some seductive attire.

She wore a skimpy bodice that barely hid her chest and rear.

She had no leggings on and she was barefoot.

She must've planned this earlier

"Well, Bruce you seem to be in a precarious position. I wonder what to do now that you can't use your arms and legs currently." Pamela said with her index finger on her lips in a pretty seductive way.

She then put the same index finger up like she came up with an idea.

"Oh I know I could give you your reward."

She then grew a sultry look.

"But it seems like I have to give it to you myself seeing as you can't movie."

She moved towards him with a smooth and seductive wave to her hips.

She then got on top of him by the waist.

She looked at him with a face that radiated her love for the man.

Bruce began to feel funny like he was lightheaded.

"What you are feeling is an effect coming from the pink flowers in the pots. They will help keep you…energized throughout your experience with your reward." Pamela said in a voice as smooth as silk.

She went down on top of his chest and kissed him deeply.

How could I dare think that Bruce would turn me away after my change? He's excepted all sides of me. How could I think so lowly of him? Well, it will never happen again.

Pamela Isley spent a hefty amount of time giving Bruce the full experience of his reward for the night.

And he would not give her up for anything.

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