A/N Timeline is gonna be a little messy, but Im doing my best to comply with the Naruto timeline. That being said, I want Hinochi to meet Itachi in the Academy, and for them to bond a bit.

As some will notice, 5 is younger than most students joining the Academy. Im editing it to be structured like so

•1st year, 5 year olds learn shinobi basics

•2nd year, 6 years olds learn Shinobi history, and maintain their skills

•3rd year, 7 Year olds learn simple justsu and expand upon shinobi tactics

•4th year, 8 year olds learn the genin structure and improve on all of their general skills

5th, final year, 9 year olds narrow down a specialization and prepare for a genin team. Children who fail and must repeat a year will move forward and simply repeat the 5th year as necessary.

Hinochi is a yearish older than Shisui, three yearishs older than Itachi. With Riddle making her lie to appear younger, She will be attending Academy with Itachi. Being naturally intelligent they will both graduate Early.

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The cool breeze felt nice on her skin, but the sunlight felt incredible. She thought about memorizing it forever with her Sharingan, but didn't take the chance as anyone could be watching her.

She made it to the Academy and into the classroom. The first to arrive, she chose an uninteresting seat. Third row of Five, Leftmost side. This put her near enough to the door to leave swiftly, but didn't draw attention to her.

Soon after her, a boy with smooth black hair walked in. His eyes lingered on her for a moment. Studying eachother, the children felt like they knew eachother. An odd sense of familiarity. The boy walked towards her, holding her gaze almost as steadily as she held his.

"Good Morning classmate. What is your name?"

"I am Tenshin Peverell, five years old. It is a pleasure to meet you, classmate." She stood to shake his hand politely.

He returned the gesture, "I am Itachi Uchiha. Your name is unfamiliar. Can you tell me of your family Peverell?"

"I have a mother, and a father. They do not approve of me joining the Academy. I am pleased to be here, and eager to learn. I have read much of your family, it is an honor Uchiha."

The young Uchiha sat beside her. While she wanted to know more about the boy, sitting next to a clan child could bring attention to her. She would likely have to find a way to create distance before-

That train of thought ended as more children began to shuffle in. As the seats filled, most children gave her odd looks, and gave Itachi respectful nods. The clan kids, anyway. Children from civilian families didn't appear to know much of the Uchiha, and were unfamiliar with anyone they hadn't grown up with.

Five minutes before the scheduled start time, a large man walked in. This was clearly their teacher, and he smiled brightly at them all. He introduced himself as Daikoku Funeno, to be addressed as Funeno or Sir.

Tenshin's first day of Academy covered basic Shinobi knowledge; some of it she already knew, but it was clear that Riddle had skipped some things he was sure the academy would cover.

She now fully understood a Shinobi's purpose; to serve the village. She knew her power was called Chakra, and that in the coming months, she would learn how to use it in a few ways.

During a break for lunch, Tenshin was once again approached by Itachi. They sat together by a large tree. They discussed the days lesson in soft tones. Itachi was clearly a genius and Tenshin wondered idly if he too was hiding his age.

They spent a few of the final minutes meditating, focusing on their chakra. Neither of them seemed to notice a few classmates gossiping over their unchildlike behavior.

In order to bring the day to a close, Funeno ordered each student to address the class, intruducing themselves. Many children spoke shyly. Itachi seemed to slightly rush through it, uncomfortable with the attention.

Tenshin's Turn

"My name is Tenshin Peverell. I enjoy studying and look forward to learning alongside you, my peers. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself, Funeno."

A day's learning done, Tenshin bid Itachi farewell and hurried home.

"The Uchiha are a proud clan. They will be your allies one day. Befriending Itachi early will benefit you greatly."

Tenshin didn't understand how it could, if she truly was destined to suffer and die. She was finally considering how little sense going to academy made if she was going to be killed anyway.

"Crush that thought. It matters not Why I have ordered you to go. I have Ordered it. I will allow you rest tonight but tomorrow, you will return to the academy. When you are back we will begin training again."

Tenshin felt a dull ache in her mind as she attempted to sleep. A passion burned within her for more light. She quietly promised herself she would one day stay in the light forever, a whisper that finally lulled her to sleep.

Once again Tenshin had arrived early, and spent her time studying the lesson plans alreadly written on the board. They would begin throwing kunai today. A box of the blades sat next to the desk. She didn't dare pick one up yet, but even she could tell the edges were dulled to avoid injury. The concept of avoiding injury through preplanning rather than skillfully performing the training confused her.

In the middle of comparing the kunai to her own, a curious Itachi set down his bag and walked over.

"Your kunai is interesting Peverell."

"Thank you, Itachi Uchiha. It is a gift from my mother."

Returning to their seats, the two kids drew diagrams of the throwing angles. While Tenshin's previous experience with the blades gave her an edge, Itachi appeared naturally gifted with the fast arithmetic involved.

Other kids found their seats, and Funeno arrived at the same time as yesterday. Tenshin and Itachi's collaborative studying didn't escape his eye, and he took a note to watch their progress. If they proved to be exceptional, he would recommend them for Advanced Placement.

He greeted his students and explained the days task. Picking up the box, he ordered they follow him to the practice area. Itachi and Tenshin managed to be the first two behind him, in their eagerness.

Sighing to himself, Funeno corrected another student on their throwing stance. He calmly explained the way the boys wrist should perform for an accurate hit.

Many of these kids weren't as skilled as his usual lot, though he supposed it was due to the war being over. Skimping on training your children because it was peacetime was a mistake in his opinion.

Two notable exceptions, exceptions who had yet to Not hit the center of each target, stood to the side. Quietly they discussed the finer points of each throw, the differences in throwing positions, and shared ideas with eachother on how to improve even further.

Funeno had seen a few bright minds pass through his class in his time. Half of them held respectable positions as Jounin or Chuunin. The other half were dead. Itachi, Funeno mused, was very dissimilar to his cousin Shisui, whom Funeno had taught 2 years prior. Shisui was loud, proud, and delighted in showing off his Uchiha bred talent. Itachi had proven distant to anyone besides the most quiet civilian girl in the class.

The girl appeared to understand much more than any her age should. She understood and truly grasped his ramblings of Shinobi culture, and when he called on her to answer a question she occasionally expanded upon her answer with a detail he Hadn't taught. A private tutor, perhaps? If she was being taught already, it would stand to reason to be by an Uchiha, as that would explain her familiarity with Itachi.

A nearby yelp shook him from his thoughts, as a boy had thrown his practice kunai straight up. The boy had clearly not payed attention to the trajectory lesson, as it of course fell down and smacked him in the face. Before he could begin walking near, Tenshinwas there, a ring of bandage cut from her arms to staunch the blood from the boys injured nose.

Definitely tutored by a shinobi, to have such an automatic response.

"Activate it."

She pulsed her chakra, pushing it into her eyes silenty. Two tomoes spun around each red eye.


Targets flew around the room at incredible speeds, but V's kunai met them at even greater velocity. As they were struck, they fell to the floor.

"Acceptable. Again, with senbon."

Repeating the process, each target took three perfect senbon to fall. One of them took four total, as she had slipped up, hitting just shy of the center circle.

"Noticed your mistake?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. Crucio."

She took the familiar pain standing, eyes closed to help her focus on remaining silent.

"Now with the practice spell."

V cast the stinging spell as quickly as she could. She had to predict each targets movement, as the physical form of the spell was much slower than any physical projectile. She was successful in knocking each target, but realized that He had added more targets. No, he was raising them as they fell.

The message was clear, "Faster"

She called upon her chakra to help her throw the spells faster, not fully realizing so much as feeling her third tomoe fade into view.

Riddle ordered her to bed in the early morning. Exhausted, she slept in her academy clothes.

That had been a mistake. That went against His instructions.

One hour before she would wake to go the Academy, she woke up whimpering in pain. Riddle stood by the door, wand in hand.

"I ordered you to change. You disobeyed. here are the consequences of your inattentiveness. Crucio"

She spent the hour being tortured. Tears flowed openly, her clothes soaked in sweat.

"Do not fail to heed my commands to the letter. Ever. Again."

Weeks pass3d easily as Tenshin Peverell fell into the new routine. Her reflexes surpassed anyone else, only being challenged by the Uchiha prodigy Itachi.

Tenshin realized he must be going through something similar, to be just as skilled.

Their friendship had grown to a true, caring bond. Itachi brought knowledge to share and Tenshin brought training to physically improve themselves. They had gotten into a habit of finishing lunch early to spend the last half-hour of it training. Tenshin secretely healed the rare injury Itachi would acquire, and in return Itachi brought her reading materials from his family's home.

Both children had recently spoken with their teacher, who congratulated the two of them on their future advanced placement. They would both be moved to the last year of the academy, after which they would become Genin. He spoke of the notes he made in their file, requesting them to remain placed togethed to encourage their impressive teamwork. Itachi and Tenshin silently appreciated the gesture, and Funeno became a personally important and respected figure in their lives.


An impossibly loud roar shattered the night. Red light poured from an imposing figure, in the shape of a fox.

Shinobi threw everything they had at the beast, as it rampaged through buildings and slaughtered people left and right. Among its flailing tails and thrashing claws civilians and shinobi alike met their end.

Their Hokage, the Lord Fourth, was nowhere to be found.

Tenshin had woken before the roar, shaken by the mass of chakra and malice rising in the village. Riddle burst into her room soon after, ordering her dressed and equipped.

Riddle bore a strange mask, and handed her a smaller version. He then granted her a new wand. A Powerful Wand. She hadn't time to admire its craft before Riddle rushed out into the fight.

Riddle threw impossible magicks at the creature though many bounced straight off. He finally landed a mass of vine-like chains that pulled the beast to the ground, working in tandem with the Third hokage who used his summoned staff to bat at the demon.

Tenshin rushed around the village, rescuing villagers and shinobi, providing quick medical attention when called for. She threw the odd spell towards the large fox as she ran. It terrified her, but not more than Riddle did.

One such spell came back to bite her, as an overcharged itching hex resulted in a powerful tail swipe blasted her far off into the wilderness outside of Konoha. She landed in among the branches of a tree, unaware of how distant she was though she still heard the roars clearly. Healing her wounds as best as she could, she followed up with a potion Riddle had provided. After swallowing the mixture she felt re-energized and stormed towards the sounds of fighting.

She froze as she recognized the Hokage, Minato Namikaze, battling an unknown ninja. Calling upon her chakra, she threw a spell towards the shinobi, catching him off guard as his sandals burst under his feet into crawling vines.

He glared towards her but it was clear fighting the Fourth took all of his attention. Tenshin stood amazed as the Fourth used a powrful technique on the man; but it and the Hokage flew straight through the unknown enemy as though he wasn't even there. Tenshin's vines however, kept growing up his form and managed to startle him. He blew fire over himself and allowed the fire to fly towards Minato as well.

Minato responded by disappearing and reappearing a few feet away, thwoing a kunai that the enemy ninja avoided by disappearing completely. Tenshin was too far away to hear the disembodied remark that seemed to stall the Fourth for a moment.

The Hokage then smiled brightly at Tenshin, thanking her for her help. He ordered her back to the village, and disappeared in a flash.

By the time she could make it back to the beast was all but subdued. Hit from all sides by constant streams of Jutsu, held down by endless chains of various materials, the beast could do nothing. Tenshin got back to work helping the people of the village with her spellwork and limited medical knowledge.

"The spell will require one soul. It's not pretty but its the only thing I can think of. Your seal would leave both You and Her dead."

"I understand. Take mine, please. There isnt much time."

"No, Minato. You are too important to the Village. There is noone else who can uphold the Will of Fire as you do. Use my soul Shika."

"Hiruzen No! This i-" Minato was cut off by a flash of red light he was too frantic to properly dodge.

Shika agreed with Hiruzen's reasoning. Casting the spell, Hiruzen felt honored to give his life protecting his village. Minato was the right choice for Konoha, he was sure his village was in good hands.

Shika steeled his resolve before striking Hiruzen with the spell. Hiruzen yelled in agony as his soul was ripped from his body. His personal soul left for the heaven. His soul chakra fueled this spell. Pulling on the Nine-Tails' chakra, Shika forced each and every drop of the being into the spiral seal on the babies stomach. The child cried out as it felt the pressure inside.

Kushina awoke to the sound but knew if she stopped it now her son would die. She could only hope his body was strong enough to withstand the malice and power of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

A/N and that readers is the attack of the kyubi. As per my timeline comments at the beginning, the year itachi turns 5 is the year of the attack. Having two sorcerers sure helped their odds, but Konoha is still devastated from this attack.

Kushina and Minato live at the cost of Hiruzen, lord third. I know kushina originally was dying from the release of the beast and birthing naruto, but im leaving it to be inferred that Shika/Riddle saved her with healing spells.

from here were gonna cover the aftermath of the attack, leading into the genin years of Hinochi.

ages of important characters rn:

Viviel 8

itachi 5

shisui 7

naruto just born