This will be unlike any fanfiction I've written before, because this will be based directly off of another person's work.

For some context, a few years back on FiMfiction dot net, an author going by the pen name of Onomonopia wrote a crossover where Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher, found his way into Equestria, the setting for the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And while most found the story mildly entertaining, I…. did not. Especially right towards the ending which felt like a standard ending we'd see in your usual Punisher comic. For a better understanding, I recommend reading it first before this one.

Done? Ok. So now that you've given it a look, you probably understand why it rightly pissed me off. So much so that I asked the author permission to do my own alternate take on the ending, but I was sadly told no because they liked the ending as it was….

Let's go ahead and NOT listen to that because art, by its own definition, is meant to be transformative and up for reinterpretation. Also, I'm barely using any of the events in his story and am essentially just writing something new anyways. ALSO also, none of these characters belong to him nor me, so I can do whatever I want. I already recommended people seek out his work even when I didn't care for it, so…. yeah. Sorry, Ono. But without further delay…


I do not own The Punisher, My Little Pony or any of the characters in this story. They are the property of Marvel/Disney/Sony and Hasbro respectively.




"Sorry, kid, but I'm done here."



"I' sorry, Twilight…. I'll burn soon enough."

"Yes.. you will."


A white void stretching as far as the eye could see was all there was. Save for Frank, who simply knelt on… something solid enough to hold the manifestation of his now departed soul.

"Huh, funny. This don't look like Hell." He mused to himself.

"That's because it's NOT."

The vigilante turned his head upward and almost had to avert his gaze.

Standing before him was the glowing silhouette of what looked like a man. It radiated with a bright yellow light and had eyes as white as the void he now found himself in.

"I trust you already know who I am, Francis Castle." The silhouette spoke to him.

"You're the One Above All… the supreme overlord of my universe."

"You are correct." The One Above All confirmed. "And you are in the state that many have dubbed "Purgatory."

"I thought you were supposed to be above killing mere mortals. Then again, if you were a real god, you wouldn't let any killing happen at all, would you?" Frank spat.

"I did not kill anyone, Francis. You killed YOURSELF. All I did was bring your tortured and hate filled soul to this space between life and death after my colleague froze time long enough to allow you here."

Frank's face contorted with confusion. "Colleague?"

A reddish haze began to swirl next to the cosmic deity and in mere seconds, formed the shape of another silhouette, but one more sinister looking and dripping with hatred and malice. Its body was red and purple with eyes as yellow as amber.

"I aM tHe ONE BELOW ALL. RUleR of HELL aND sHADoWs. IT wAS I who fRoZE tIMe LoNG eNoUGh ARouND tHE aLIcORn PRinCeSS, SToPPinG HeR fRom sAVinG yOU aND aLLOwiNG YOU tO FInALLy sTanD In OuR pResEnce."

Frank's face turned from confused to enraged in a matter of seconds.

"This piece of shit is the ruler of Hell… and you're working with him?!"

"We are doing what is necessary in order to save your soul and to preserve the fate of the universe itself. Your hatred and anger will consume your world and many others if left unchecked. You've lost what it means to truly be human, Francis Castle."

"SO YoU sHALL bE REmINdeD oF WhAt YoU'vE disCArDed as WEll As tHE suFferING yOu hAve WrOuGhT."

Castle roared at the two cosmic forces and ran towards them, only to be halted with a raise of both their hands.

And he felt pain. Not just his own, but the pains of tens of thousands of beings all pouring into his mind. He felt the pain of Elliot Grote, the horror and pure fear he felt leaving the world, every inch of his pain and suffering. But at the back of his mind, he also felt something else. Was this… regret?

No, this couldn't be. Every piece of maggot infested scum he killed couldn't feel regret. They all deserved to bu-

And then he felt Tirek's pain, the loss of his brother, the anger and sorrow he felt not just from his betrayal, but of all his wasted years causing suffering and carnage upon Equestria. And the last thing he felt, right before Frank put a bullet in his head, was true happiness. Happiness in that he was finally going to make amends for his acts and turn his life around.

And with a mixture of sorrow from his victims and anger from what he was shown, Frank Castle looked up at his tormentors with tears in his eyes.


"We've only shown you what you've elected to ignore." The One Above All answered. "My brother imparted the pain and suffering of all your victims into your soul and I myself brought back to life the part of it that has forgotten how to feel compassion and empathy for others."

"yOU dIDN't SERiouSly THInK ThAt EvErYonE yOU mErCiLoUsLy SLaUGHteRd fElT NOTHING, DiD yOu?" The One Below All added. "WhAt mAKEs YoU aNY DIFfErNt fRom hOw yOu'Ve VIeWeD yOur vIcTumS? PLeASe, DO Tell!"

"I don't… kill innocents." Frank growled through gritted teeth. "I kill those… WHO DESERVE IT!"

"DO you? This other universe begs to differ."

More pain flooded his system. More regrets, more agony and horror that wasn't his own. He saw himself killing… heroes?

"No… no that's not.."

"You? No, not the you in YOUR reality. But it is still a Frank Castle who has lost his family. And in this one, he blamed the heroes of the world. And began slaughtering them."

Every single one. From Hulk, Wolverine, ALL of the X-Men, to even Spider-Man and Captain America. He killed Peter and Steve. Two of the heroes he'd never admit to having respect for.

He even killed Daredevil. Matt Murdock. Right before seeing himself once again commit suicide.

"Make it stop. MAKE IT FUCKING STOP!"

"OH, wE ShALL. BUt oF CoUrSe WE'vE sAveD tHe bESt foR LaSt."

Before he could even ask, Frank's mouth was wide open as were his already tear filled eyes.

Right before him was a blonde haired woman, a young black haired boy to her left and to her right was a brunette haired little girl.

"M.. Maria?" Frank uttered softly, as tears now freely flowed down his face. "Junior?… L..Lisa…."

But just as his hand reached for his youngest child, she quickly backed away toward the embrace of her mother.

"It's ok… it's me.. it's daddy."

"The same father that burned her alive?!" Maria screamed at him.

"….No….." Frank croaked. The memory now fully present.

"You had us." Frank Castle Junior said to his father. "We were back right in front of you. And what did you say to us right before you killed us for the second time?"

"Please… I'm sorry…"

Lisa then looked straight at the man that was once her father and simply said "You belong with the dead."

And the floodgates opened. With that, every single one of his victims' pain burned through his soul, but none more horrifically than the pain he caused the very ones that put him down the path to begin with.

The man that was once Frank Castle let out a blood curdling scream that echoed throughout the void.

Twilight Sparkle, student of Celestia and the Princess of Friendship, watched through a orb like window at the Punisher, who now lay in the void alone and on all fours, crying like an infant.

"I… I don't know how to feel about him anymore."

The two cosmic entities stood on her left and right hoofed sides.

"Frank Castle is guilty of being the most unpredictable and most potential laden being of all. A human." The One Above All said to the alicorn. "Though his story is indeed one of sorrow and pity, it is ultimately his choices that have made him who he had become."

Twilight looked to the two deities. "Why didn't you just let him die? When I was frozen in time and about to save him? You could have just let him pass and he never would have the chance to hurt any other being."

"It is not my place to decide who ultimately lives or dies, Twilight Sparkle. And I feel too much compassion and sorrow for this poor man not to try and set him down the right path."

"I HoWEvEr fEeL No SUch EMPaTHy fOR ThiS hUmAN." The One Below All chimed in. "I jUSt sImplY WAnTEd To EnSURe hE wOulD nO LoNgeR pOsE a THrEAt tO MY dOMaIN Or aNY oThER. EvEN if ThAt mEAnT wOrKinG wItH mY sOftHeArTeD bRoThER."

"I assure you, my sibling, Frank Castle will no longer be of any concern to your realm." The entity of compassion said. "For I shall be returning him back to the one he came from."

Twilight turned towards the glowing silhouette. "You're sending him home?"

"Indeed, yes. He never belonged in your world. He belongs back on Earth amongst his own kind. But he shall have to face justice for his crimes."

"ANd tHouGh hIS bOdY sHALL bE mADE nEw AGaIN, HIs sOul shall be ForEvEr gUiLtY oF thE sInS oF hIS pAsT."

A white swirling aura soon surrounded Frank's being.


With a loud crack and a thud, Frank felt himself hit solid ground. He gasped, still raw from his mental anguish and saw himself within a small wooded area, not unlike the forest of Equestria he landed in not too long ago.

"Am… am I..?"

But before his could finish his thought, the sound of a helicopter broke through his musings. And soon enough, about six or seven armored vehicles, all baring the logo of a shield, swarmed around his position, with dozens upon dozens of soldiers exiting them and pointed fire towards the bewildered Castle.

Out of the main car came a man decked in a red, white and blue costume with a large white A on his forehead. If that wasn't a dead giveaway, his iconic circular shield was.

"Frank." Captain America said calmly.

"Hey, Steve." The Punisher uttered softly. Almost hurt.

A sound almost like a whip cracking in the air drew both men to the sky as landing right before them was a being dressed in a similar red and blue outfit, but with black spiderweb like lines running all around it. The hero's large white eyes glanced towards the vigilante laying on the ground.

"Your call, Cap." Spider-Man said to the Sentinel of Liberty. "I don't think he's gonna go down without a fight."

But to Spidey's, Cap's and everyone else's amazement, Frank simply raised both his hands above his head.

"No, Peter. I'm done fighting." Frank said sadly. "Take me in."

Captain Rogers looked to the young superhero in shock, who then nodded silently.

Walking towards the man, Steve pulled out a type of handcuff that magnetically sealed over both of Frank's hands. "Lieutenant Francis Castle, by the authority of the United States government and by the authority of the Avengers, you are hereby under arrest."

As the Captain lifted the former vigilante up to his feet, one SHIELD agent walked towards them.

"With all due respect, Captain Rogers, do you really think it's a good idea to just bring him in? Do you know what he's done?"

Steve looks towards the young man with a firm yet wise gaze. "Yes, I do, son. Frank Castle has made many, many mistakes. And that's why he's going to spend the rest of his life atoning for them. The Punisher won't be hurting anymore people."

"No." Frank said with heads turning his way. "I'm just Frank Castle. The Punisher is dead."

And with a small smile from Steve, followed by a small turn of the head from Spider-Man, the three entered the armored car as all vehicles quickly vacated the area. Whatever future awaited the man formerly known as the Punisher, his days of war and of slaughter were at last over.

End of story…. Or at least it WOULD HAVE BEEN. Because that's not the original way I chose to write this piece. The first draft was far, FAR more immature and mean spirited. And so was I back when I first came up with it. But I figured both versions deserve to see the light of day. So here's ending number 2…

"Not bad, Twilight." Frank said. "Not ba-"

Suddenly, a swirling blue portal opened between the imprisoned vigilante and the purple alicorn princess. And out it walked a being in a red and black spandex outfit with a golden gauntlet around his right hand glowing in multiple different colors all around his fingers.

"DEADPOOL!" Frank screamed.

"Who?!" Twilight asked in confusion and fear.

"Oh, don't mind me. I'm just here to flush a turd." Deadpool said, turning towards Frank.


And with a snap of his gauntlet covered hand, the Punisher slowly faded away into dust.

"You… YOU KILLED HIM!" Twilight screamed.

"ZIP IT, TARA!" Deadpool shouted whilst pointing a gold finger at her, the yellow gem in the gauntlet glowing.

Twilight's eyes soon became blue before she collapsed to the ground, unconscious, but alive.

"Ok, that's taken care of." Deadpool said to himself. "Now to find a patsy. But what sort of character can I frame for this that will be universally despised with absolutely nobody vouching for them?"

He then snapped his fingers from his left hand. "I got it!"

Deadpool then disappeared into another blue portal, right before reappearing in another holding a seemingly frozen Prince Blueblood and placing him before Twilight and placing the Ultimate Nullifier on his outstretched hoof.

"Perfect!" Deadpool said.

He then turned towards nobody in particular.

"Hey, all you reading at home! Now I know what you must be thinking. "DP! Isn't this a lazy, convoluted and downright stupid way to end this?" And yes, it is. But is it any more lazy, convoluted and stupid than the original way it ended? "The world may never know!"

"Spoilers!" He began to whisper. "It's not!" Well, now that this petty ass fanfiction is wrapped up after six years, way to go on that, Adam, I'm off to make my third solo movie starring Logan and me. And this one's made by Disney! HELLO, NEW BUSINESS DADDY!"

And with an outstretched golden middle finger, Deadpool jumped into one last blue portal, never to be seen or heard from again until at least 2024, maybe, who knows?

End of story for real this time.

I'm not sorry. ^_^