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Hattie screamed, "Harry!" Her brother turned quickly to see his sister being pulled back in the car. "Hattie!" He yelled back but the car was already moving. He looked horrified. She tried to open the car door but it was locked. "We're not having two of you like that, you can stay normal or as normal as you'll ever be."

Hattie though back to that moment as she lay in her cot, she had been trapped in her cupboard ever since Harry had returned from his first year at Hogwarts. She wondered if he even remembered she existed. She guessed Harry was up in his bedroom still sleeping. It was five in the morning, there a few days until Hogwarts started again.

There was a quiet knock at her cupboard door. "Dudley?" She whispered. "It's me." Her cousin replied. "Oh, thank god." She opened the door with a sigh of relief. "I got you some biscuits but I don't know if I can manage to steal anything else today." "It's fine." She took the biscuits and hid them on a small shelf behind a book. "Damn I hear mum." "Scat!" Hattie whispered quickly and Dudley was gone in a flash. She shut her door and got back in her cot.

She remembered the day she had gone to Diagon Alley with Harry and Hagrid, that had been a wonderful day. When the Dursleys stopped her from going to Hogwarts though they'd locked all her magical things in the basement.

Aunt Petunia opened the grate of the door and whispered to her., "Don't you dare think of leaving this cupboard." "I know, I'm staying here forever. Go away." But she didn't she just kept looking at her through the grate with a disgusted expression on her face. "I hate you!" Hattie screamed. He had always been the brave one out of her and her brother. Aunt Petunia left and Hattie heard Harry come down stairs. "I heard Hattie." He said quickly. "Don't be an idiot, you know we dumped her at an orphanage last year!" Uncle Vernon growled. Hattie could see Harry disappointed expression. "Brush your hair over that disgusting scar." Aunt Petunia told Harry.

Hattie looked in her small mirror. She looked at her scar, she liked it, it connected her and Harry in some other way than just being twins. She turned away from the mirror, she was not going to be in the cupboard for the rest of her life. She banged on the door, "Harry! Harry! I'm in the cupboard!" She heard quickened footsteps. "Hattie?" Harry opened the cupboard door and she fell out onto him. "Hattie!" He cried out in happiness. She hugged him and he ruffled her short black hair, they had the same haircut because Aunt Petunia said it was easy to tell the barber. "I thought you were gone!" Harry said in disbelief. "Here I am." Hattie smiled. "What's going on?" Aunt Petunia walked in. "Vernon! Vernon! He found her!" Uncle Vernon came running in to see Harriet holding Harry's hand.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it, Vernon you sort that out." Aunt Petunia left but Harry and Harriet followed.

The door opened to reveal a black-haired man, "Hello Petunia, haven't seen you since, when was it? Oh yes, James and Lily's funeral." The man stepped inside.

Uncle Vernon walked up to him quickly, "You're trespassing, you freak!" The man pulled out a wand and Harry and Harriet sighed. He flicked his wand and Uncle Vernon fell unconscious. "Now Petunia, where are they?" He asked, "I-in the-" "We're here." Hattie stepped forward with Harry. "Brilliant, time to go."

Dudley came walking in, "What's going on?" "Go away Dudley." Harry spat. "Harry no, he's been faking, he's the reason I'm still alive." Hattie stated. "We're going with this man." "Do you know him?" Dudley asked. "No but he was at our parent's funeral." Hattie said. "Sounds, interesting, I'll let you get on with that." And he stepped over to his father and headed back to his bedroom.

"Hattie, Harry grab my arm." The man told them. They followed suit and they disappeared.

"Where are we?" Hattie asked. "My parents house." "Are they home?" Harry asked. "They're dead, thank god." The man stepped inside the house and the twins followed. "Who are you?" The man ignored the question and led them into a living room with a brown-haired man sitting on the floor. "Moony." The black-haired man greeted him and sat on a couch. Harry and Hattie sat on a different couch to the man and both fiddled with their sleeve.

"Twins." The man on the floor whispered. Hattie looked at him, he had a large scar across his face, "Not to be rude or anything but where the hell are we and also, who the hell are you?" "You didn't attend Hogwarts, correct?" The black-haired man asked. She shook her head "Our aunt and uncle grabbed me last minute and hid me in my cupboard." "Well, I'm Sirius Black and this is Remus Lupin." The man on the floor waved. "What's going on?" Harry asked. "Since Hattie didn't attend Hogwarts last year, Dumbledore got me to fetch you after I broke out." "Broke out?" Hattie asked. "You two are far more stupid than I thought." Sirius ran a hand through his hair. "Padfoot." Remus Lupin scolded him. He grimaced and continued. "Sorry, but, um, I'm you godfather?" He said it as more of a question. "Sirius Black was your fathers' best friend." Remus added. "So, Dumbledore asked me to, you know, look after you?" He looked over at Remus for reassurance who sighed.

"Is Hattie coming to Hogwarts with me?" Harry asked hopefully. "Yes, she will," Remus smiled at Harry's excited face.

Hattie thought for a moment, this was all very suspicious but it had to be better than the Dursleys.

"One of you can have my old bedroom and another can have my brother's." "We get a bedroom?" Hattie asked in disbelief. "They will not be having your room, Sirius. Do you even remember what that horrible place looks like?" "Don't criticise my decor choices." Sirius snapped at him. "I mean the posters, you idiot." "Oh." "What's on the posters?" Harry asked. Remus smiled, "Nothing for you to see."

There was a knock at the door. "There, right on time." Remus stood up and left. Hattie sat in silence. "You okay Hat?" "Stop calling me that." Hattie grumbled. Sirius watched his godchildren bicker.

"You better be in Gryffindor." "What if I'm in Slytherin?" She asked but Harry shrugged. Remus walked back in with Dumbledore behind him. "Hi Professor." Harry smiled and Hattie looked down at her feet, she didn't like people, especially meeting new people. "Good morning, Miss Potter." "Hi." She said quietly. "I'm your headmaster and I'm very disappointed that we haven't met sooner." "Sorry." She mumbled. "Goodness it's not your fault."

Hattie found herself on platform nine and three quarters on the first of September entirely overwhelmed.

Harry held her hand. "It'll be fine, I'll introduce you to my friends." She nodded, "Ron and Hermione?" "Yeah." Two tall identical red headed boys walked up to them. "Hi Harry, why are there two of you?" Fred Weasley held up his hands as if framing them in a photo. "This is my twin sister, Hattie." He said joyfully at the twins' expressions. "Hattie this is Fred and George." "Hi." she said quietly. "Gosh you even sound the same." They walked away and the Potter twins headed onto the train and found Ron and Hermione.

"Hi." Hattie stood in the doorway, Harry and her had decided to prank Ron and Hermione by Hattie taking Harry's place for a couple of minutes. "Hi Harry," She sat down next to Ron and put her trunk under the seat.

"So, what did you do this summer?" Hermione asked. "Sat in a cupboard and thought about life." "Life?" Ron asked. "Yeah, just life in general." "Well, what did you do apart from that?" Hermione questioned. "Found my godfather and his friend." Hattie grinned. "Well, tell us about it." Ron said eagerly. "Alright." Harry stood in the doorway a satisfied smile on his face. "Harry but Harry and then Harry." Ron said turning from Hattie back to Harry multiple times. Harry shut the door, walked into the compartment and sat across from Hattie and next to Hermione.

"This is my twin sister Hattie." Ron sat and stared for a few moments before saying, "What the bloody hell is going on?" Hattie sniggered and the compartment door opened "Yes just like I thought, there's two of you." The boy who entered the compartment started to smirk. "Hi." Hattie smiled. "Don't be nice to him." Ron told her. "My name's Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." "We know, you idiot." Ron glared at him. "I was talking to her not you." He looked over at Ron. "You can tell us apart?" Harry asked. "Of course, it's quite obvious." "Hi Draco." "Anyway, what I was going to say before he interrupted is that if you're getting sorted then take every house into account and don't just join Gryffindor because, you know?" He waved in the direction of Harry, Ron and Hermione. "Okay." She replied and he left.

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