Chapter 1 New discoveries

It was usual for it to snow so suddenly in the wild area in Galar. In fact, it was so typical that Pokemon didn't even think twice when their Silent Night with no sign of a cloud in the sky turned into a snowfield. Pokemon in the wild area were relaxed throughout the sudden change like they didn't even bother to move or hide.

From a far-out Corner, a little Skwovet was running around from tree to tree, trying to find the best berries to eat. It didn't have to look far, for there are many Berry trees in the area, but it looked for only the best and its favorite, Kee Barry. As Skwovet searched, a sharp light got its attention. Confused, the tiny Pokemon went to investigate only to find itself in front of a large cave entrance.

The shining light seemed to be coming from deep in the cave. The tiny Pokemon hesitated as the light got brighter until it disappeared. The Pokemon rubbed its eyes before it heard something from its side. It sounded like something falling like rocks or something more significant. The little confused Pokemon slowly approached the cave entrance. It sniffed around for a moment before slowly walking deeper.

Skwovet continued to sniff around the cave the deeper it went in. It didn't hear anything from the ordinary, just a smell of an abandoned shelter. The tiny Pokemon continued until something hit it... it was a strong feeling... A feeling that the young Pokemon had never felt before. The Skwovet paused as it stared deeper into the cave, trying to see if it was safe. It was about to continue again when the feeling intensified, and four glowing yellow eyes appeared from the darkness. The Pokemon squeaked as the bright yellow eyes got Closer with the sound of an aggressive growl following the feeling of intense pressure in Malice became stronger and stronger the closer they got. Before anything else could happen, as the eyes got closer, a loud roar came from the back of the cave, followed by fire in the small Pokemon's Direction.

The tiny Pokemon yelped as it ran to get out of the cave as the fire got closer and closer. But just as the fire was about to make contact with the small Pokemon, it made it to the entrance and ran to the side. Avoiding being hit just in time. The Pokemon looked back into the cave after it was silent for a couple of minutes and wondered what had just happened. It turned around, about to run away but racing away as another Roar came from the cave much closer and louder than before. Not bothering looking back, Skwovet didn't notice the multiple eyes looking at it from the cave entrance.

Leon was in the middle of a meeting with chairman Rose and the rest of the gym leaders, talking about the upcoming Pokemon League in a couple of months. They have already discussed what path the trainers will take and what events will be held in each town or city as they wait for trainers to get to their respective locations.

" all right, so we all agree that Gordie and Alistair will be the gym leaders when trainers get to their designated gym location," chairman Rose spoke as he looked over the paperwork. Nods of agreement were passed around the table, ensuring that they all agreed with the lineup. " and can I confirm that there will be no issue with your Bonds in case of an event of battling each other?" he said as he raised his head to look at those 4 soulmates in the room. Said soulmates nodded their heads in agreement with annoyed looks on their faces.

For a long time now, soulmates have existed. Almost all in a similar way with the other person's name somewhere on their body, with the color of their hair being the color of the text. Sometimes soulmates we're not meant to be romantic. They could also be spiritual or parental in some cases, but most cases were always romantic. The rarest thing to have in the soulmate Community would be not to have a soulmate at all or to have more than one or two soulmates. Leon is constantly made fun of for having six marks on his body as a boy. He, of course, was not the only one. His other soulmates were also made fun of for the very same reason. And they found each other for that rarity before Leon became champion.

" I promise you that there will be no issues concerning our bond. Please refrain from insinuating that our bond will cause problems." Leon snapped back. It happened almost every year where Rose would try to find anything to blame the soulmate for, anything that could go wrong, even though it was never really their fault.

" I am sorry for interrupting... I know we're about to end the meeting, but there is something I have to say..." Milo started to say as he redirected everyone's attention to himself

"what's up, babe," Raihan said, telling his soulmate he was listening.

" well... I didn't bring it up earlier because I thought you all knew this, but... For the last couple of months and there have been some incidents in the wild area that cause concern, " Milo spoke again.

" and what sort of incidents are we talking about, gym leader Milo," Rose's assistant asked as she got ready to take notes on her laptop.

" a couple of months ago, I got reports from some of the staff from my farm that they kept hearing a Pokemon crying out from the south side of the wild area, and whenever it did, Pokemon in the area would get very scared and skittish." Milo started to explain " my Farmers went to investigate but found nothing out of the ordinary until they got further east where the Pokemon cry was the loudest, but once they entered the giant seat area, the cries stopped. They said It felt odd being there like they were being watched, but there was no Pokemon or trainer around for miles."

" what do you mean there weren't any Pokemon around? Were they hiding from something," Melanie asked her son's soulmate looking as confused as everyone else.

"No," Kabu interrupted, getting the intention on him, " I have heard about this as well. The Pokemon in the area vanished a couple of months ago. Over that time, I have heard that a new Pokemon moved in that is very violent against other Pokemon and trainers."

" yeah, I heard of that too, and also about the boy who got sent to the hospital in critical condition after an incident with this new Pokemon," Nessa inserted herself once she remembered hearing about those rumors " apparently, it was so bad of an attack that the boy is not allowed to leave the hospital without help and his Pokemon are so traumatized by the experience that they refuse to battle anymore."

Everyone in the room looked shocked, and Gordie instantly moved his hand to rest over Milos to assure himself that his soul mate was safe. Mine just grabbed his hand and gave it a small squid telling him he was fine.

" Not exactly, that was just a rumor that was started so that trainers would avoid that area, "Milo stated, " but the boy did have to spend two weeks in the hospital for his and his Pokemon injuries."

"hmm, this does sound concerning, but how has this not made any headlines or reached my desk" chairman Rose spoke as he looked over at all the gym leaders from the south of Galar.

" Well, I did report it to one of your workers when they first started happening, but it was pushed aside for the Johto and Sinnoh Champion's arrival," Milo added, leaving the part where he was discriminated against for his bonds to his soul mates out.

Rose looked over at his assistant, who shook her head, saying that she had never heard of such a thing. She instantly got on her laptop to see what could have happened to the information. Rose, on the other hand, turned his attention back to the gym leaders and started to make a plan to rewrite the plant and the paths that trainers should take.

After a while of discussing the future plans for the upcoming League challenge, Rose's assistant spoke up to explain that the person that did not pass on the information had been dealt with, meaning that they had gotten fired and that she was setting up a team to deal with the problems that come with the new Pokemon and the Pokemon itself.

" but what's going to happen to the Pokemon once it's caught," Milo asks, concerned for the Pokemon's safety.

" Well, seeing as a Pokemon has attacked a person, it will be kept as either a trainer Pokemon to a high official, kept in a Pokemon Sanctuary, or be put down if it is too violent or uncooperative," the Chairman's assistant stated with a cold expression. Milo looked at her in shock and then looked at the table sadly and let go of Gordie's hand.

Gordy immediately noticed and looked at his soulmate, who was heartbroken. He just gave him a worried glance and then elbowed Raihan, who was right next to him, who instantly took notice of Milo's sad mood.

" I can take it in as a member of my team if possible, "Raihan introduced the idea. Everyone looked over at him, confused, before slightly agreeing.

"Love, are you sure... think about it, what if it's as violent as they-"

"hell yeah, I'm sure. Why are you too scared? I will train it to overtake you as champion."Raihan said playfully, teasing his mate with a smirk on his face. Leon gave him a confused look, wondering what he was up to, but Raihan just gestured to Milo, who still looked heartbroken.

"that should be fine, but that is still to be determined," Rose stated as he finished the meeting to deal with this issue and the more to come. He dismissed the gym leaders and champions to prepare for their upcoming plans.

Everyone left, and the only ones in the room were the four soulmates. 3 of the four surrounded the most upset trying to comfort him and find out what was wrong.

Not wanting to talk about it, Milo told them he was fine and that he would see them after he was done preparing his Gym. he left with three soulmates looking at him worriedly as he walked out.

"do you think he will be ok," Gordie asked his other mates.

"you know how he is about Pokemon. probably can't get it out of his head that Rose is planning on putting it down if it is too much to handle." Raihan said as he cuddled up his mates.

"Don't worry, ill try to talk Rose out of that," Leon said as he kissed both men on the cheek before making his way to the door. "I have to go... I love you all" he smiled back at them. They smiled back and went their separate ways to their own Gyms.

That same night as the meeting back in the wild area around the Giants Seat section. A large pokemon with white and red fur lay in front of a cave entrance. The Pokemon just lay there unmoving for several hours. It was covered in snow. However, it was still intimidating as it looked over the snow field. The Pokemon looked around its surroundings, not seeing anything out of the ordinary, same as always trees covered in snow and Ice, the lake covered in thick Ice and snow, and not another pokemon in sight. It shook its head, getting rid of some of the snow that became too heavy, and perked up its ears. It growled and snarled as it stood, hearing something in the distance. Getting up, it sniffed the air trying to get a good scent of who was approaching; it relaxed once it caught a scent before turning in the direction where the intruder was coming from.

A pokemon with white fur and brown antlers sauntered across the trees and high snow, carrying a basket with telekinesis. The Pokemon calmly walked toward the cave and the other red and white Pokemon. As it walked closer and closer, they both made eye contact before the deer-like Pokemon gave the nod with its oversized head before heading inside the cave with the red and white Pokemon following after it.

As both Pokemon walked deeper into the cave, they made it a couple of minutes before they ran into a tiny pokemon playing with an old-looking ball. Both Pokemon nodded their heads before they continued forward. The little Pokemon paid them no mind as it played and threw the ball into the shadows. The tiny thing happily barked into the darkness as the ball bounced back. Two glowing black eyes appeared in the shadows as the small thing played. Once the two white Pokemon passed, the Pokemon with black eyes growled and let out a roar-sounding bark. The bark echoed threw the cave and outside for miles. Seconds later, the snowstorm outside the cave intensified as it hailed.

Outside not a single pokemon could be seen for miles as the snow and hail fell to the ground. The only thing anyone could see that somewhat resembled a pokemon was a silhouette under the lake and Ice that strangely flouted close to the cave entrance with bright yellow eyes that glowed for what seemed a moment before it disappeared more profoundly into the lake.