Allister and Bea walked threw the snow with their Pokemon next to them. They had been trying to find the baby pokemon for about an hour and still needed help finding a trace. Allister had explained what the baby pokemon had said to him and Gengar. He was frightened that the pokemon might have gotten hurt in a battle or jumped into the rangers, which might hurt or frighten it even more without thinking.

All Allister could think of as he stepped over snow, rocks, and ice was how people could be so cruel to this small pokemon. Or what had they done to make this pokemon react to him and his partner in such a way? He even wondered who the pokemon talked about when it spoke of when it said it had to return to its dent to protect its mother's human.

"Allister, calm down the pokemon may have made it to its den by now. Don't be careless about your Movements. We could be attacked at any moment," Bea said as she looked at her brother in concern.

"I know, but... Just thinking about it. What it's been through I. I want to know who would do such a thing to any pokemon, much less a baby," Allister said as he walked closer to his sister. "Thinking about what happened to Ash's Gengar..."

"I understand, Allister, but remember we are here to help the pokemon get somewhere safe where no one could hurt them like that ever again... And think that it looked like a rare pokemon, so it might be an endangered species that requires it to be put under government protection." Bea added as she hugged her brother as they walked.

Gengar and Pangoro just nodded in agreement. Gengar made him a promise to look out for the baby pokemon and its mother because it also came from abusive trainers. He had escaped because Allister saw the abuse after his old trainer lost a match against Bea, seeing that Allister instantly called the authorities and reported the trainer and had his pokemon taken from him. Gengar himself was not trusting of strange people, but the way the baby pokemon reacted, it seemed like it was never shown a hand of kindness in its entire life, or if it had, it was ostracized for it. The baby pokemon looked terrified of humans in general, excluding the trainer that most likely caught its mother, meaning that the trainer was the only one that ever treated the pokemon with kindness and everyone else ostracized it along with its trainer.

Allister had seen the signs just as much as Gengar had. After all, he was the one that helped Gengar trust again and make friends and make sure that he wasn't too insecure about the world around him. Allister was also aware that if this pokemon was reacting like this to seeing people and being so frightened that it could hardly control its illusion without it being angry, he had to wonder how the older and bigger pokemon were. Were they abused as severely as the baby, or were they angry because they felt the piece they knew now would be taken from them?

Allister had a lot on his mind as they walked. They walked in silence for a couple more miles until Gengar stopped. He had frozen entirely in his place as if something had hit him out of nowhere.

"Gengar, are you alright," Allistar asked, getting Bea's attention on the pokemon.

'I can feel somthing'Gengar said as he turned to face north. 'It feels wrong... Like something Bad, Like intense malice.'

"Do you feel the baby pokemon's malice?" Allister asked while translating for Bea.

'No. Much more intense than that. I believe it would be the mother, but that's not the only thing I'm feeling.' Gengar said as he stared intensely threw the falling snow.

"What else do you feel," Allister asked.

'The mother seems to be releasing a stench of fear and anger. It seems to be calling for help from all around with its aura.' Gengar said as he suddenly felt a sharp snap from the direction that the baby went in. 'And someone responded to it... And is headed to aid the mother.'

"That means that someone battled the mother and won," Bea said as she looked in that direction after Allister translated.

'I believe we should check on the mother... She seems to be in pain.' Gengar said as he started to flout in that direction.

"Allister makes sure to stay close. We don't know if there are any pokemon nearby that might attack," Bea said as Allister ran ahead to catch up with Gengar. Allister slowed down only to be picked up by Pangoro. He looked up at the pokemon, who just nodded at him. Allister nodded and continued to look down where Gengar was walking.

Line Break

Zoroark was struggling. She had been surprised when that fire-flying type came from out of nowhere and attacked with a fire punch, sending her to the ground and making her lose her balance. The human with the Fire type had ordered the other humans to be around her when she wasn't paying attention and when her focus was on leaving strong humans. She wasn't paying attention that they got an electric pokemon to use a web move to get her feet sticky and get Her Paralyzed. Even then, she still tried to focus on the most potent human that kept switching his pokemon, and even then, she still had fallen into a trap where a rope now surrounded her body and intense fighting and dark type pokemon. They all held her down as they placed chains on her paws and waist.

Zoroark was now panicking. Was this the end? Would her pup find the den and tell the others of the Intruders? Was her pup alright? After they had scenceD the humans close by, she ordered him to go home, but knowing him, he would have wanted to stay and help.

"Finally caught it," one of the red humans said as he sighed. " I thought this battle would never end."

"Hurry up and get your Urshifu to help us get the pokemon in the cage before it lets loose." another human snapped. Zoroark growled at both humans as they got closer to their pokemon. The pokemon themselves glared and roared back at her, but she snapped her teeth at them, showing that she wasn't scared even though she was; the pokemon went to grab her and place her into a cage they had brought with them.

"Make sure that it doesn't hurt itself, and make sure that you watch your backs around here. I'm going to go ahead to the cave and offer my support," the man that had been the one she battled stated, Zoroark just roared again, telling them to back away from her as the man jumped on his flying fire type and flew toward the cave. She fought them, but one of the ropes caught her leg, making her lose balance, and the other pokemon tackled her to the ground. Again she roared, but what got her attention was the roar of her old friend being injured and the snow slowly starting to disperse. Zoroark growled, howled, and snapped her teeth, trying to get away but was roughly thrown into the cage. She snapped and threw her body at the cage walls, hitting them with all the force she could muster after a tough battle, but she couldn't get out.

From inside the cave, she could tell that the pokemon that belonged to the trainers were mocking her by how they stood next to their trainers and smugly stared at her.

"Stop, please, you're going to hurt yourself," a child's voice yelled as the people around them stopped what they were doing. Everyone turned to face the boy, trying to see who he was talking to, and found him talking to the Zoroark. The Zoroark just turned to him and continued to bang her body around in the cage, trying to get out "please, you have to stop. You will hurt yourself if you continue." the boy spoke as he approached.

"Gym leader Allister please keep your distance. This pokemon has attacked many and sent many to the medical wing just set into place." one of the red humans spoke as she stopped the child.

"Let him pass," a young woman said as she came from behind the boy with a ghost and fighting dark-type pokemon. "He can understand that pokemon."

"But miss Bea, sir Allister is you and this pokemon-" the person in red started.

"I understand your concern, but he is a gym leader that is perfectly capable of handling himself in this and any situation," the woman now known as Miss Bea spoke.

'I see that the ones with the most respect here are what you call gym leaders,' the spirit inside of Zoroark spoke. 'I'm sure that it's like the position of Worden from back home... Must mean that this boy will be the one to end my life.'

"You're wrong. I would never do such a thing." the boy now known as Sir Allister spoke up. "I am here to help you and your den mates get somewhere safe."

Zoroark growled, snapped her teeth at him, and bumped the cage again, making Gengar get closer to the boy.

'Calm yourself; Allister wishes to help you. He speaks the truth. I swear it.'

'You are like the rest of the trainers. Zoroark snapped, not hearing what he said.

'Your child said the same thing. What have humans done to harm you, female' the Gengar asked.

'What would you care? You're on their side, like the rest of you. A Traitor to your kind,' she snapped at him.

"What have we done? We can try to fix this, but please explain to me what humans have done to harm you. I wish to help." Sir Allister jumped in

'Your human understands us,' the female pokemon asked, confused that a child could comprehend their speech.

'He can only understand us ghost-type pokemon. But it would be best if you answered him before anything became worse. The humans seem to think you and your den mates are a danger to the humans that have never caused anyone harm.'

'I will not answer to you or your human, for you do not deserve my respect.' she snapped at him 'you all lost that respect when I was a pup when you and your human hunted my mother and her mother before for their skins.'

"But that wasn't us. I swear it," Sir Allister jumped in again, trying to catch up with what she was revealing.

'Lies all humans work together and trade skins and stories of your conquests, ' she stated as she lay on the ground glaring up at him and Miss Bea.

"What is it saying," miss Bea asked Sir Allister placing her hand on his shoulder.

"She doesn't trust us because people skinned her family for their skins," Sir Allister spoke as he looked at her with pity threw his mask.

'You look at me as though you understand my pain,' she spoke silently.

"I do understand your pain... My family was also taken from me." Allister said as he petted Gengars head, "and so has Gengar, so we both understand that kind of pain." Zoroark looked at him with piercing yellow eyes before she snapped at him.

'Then tell me, human, what do you wish to do with my den mates once they are in your care." she asked.

'We want to ensure you are all placed in a safe location where no human will ever bother you again. We have heard that one of your den mates attacked a group of people and a boy not too long ago, and we figured that by placing you in a place where none of you would be bothered, you would be happier."

'And how do you know we aren't happy where we stand now.'

"Because if you were, you wouldn't be going to such extents to cover your tracks." Zoroark suddenly jumped up and banged at the cage wall where Allister was standing with a snarl.

"Allister, tell me what's happening," Miss Bea spoke as she pulled him back.

"She is angry because of what I said," Allister spoke as he hugged her and looked at the raging pokemon in the cage.

'We don't do this for us. We do this to protect her from you humans and your treacherous ways of betraying those who have helped you and placed their lives in favor of getting just a grain of respect from the rest of the pack of humans.' she snapped as she continued to snap at the cage and tried to break it. 'We do this for her because the other humans would never help her even though she risked her life to get you Answers.' she snapped.

"We just-"

'Your all the same." she snapped as she continued to bang against the cage. She howled in anger as the pokemon and the humans in red went to make sure the pen didn't break.

Allister backed away as he heard the Zoroark repeat the same thing repeatedly. He watched as sleeping darts were shot into the cage, but nothing seemed to calm it down as it raged on, denting the pen even more. Gengar stood in front of him. A Malice leaked from inraged pokemon.

"Allister, what happened? Explain to me what happened," Bea asked as Allister felt the wave of fear and anger from the pokemon's spiritual core.

Line Break here

The woman limped back to the entrance of the little hut and sat down in the grass, looking out where the pokemon rested. She coughed a couple of times and was completely calm as an overgrown Riolu approached her and rubbed its head on her hand. Leon and Pierd just stared from the cave entrance, wondering what they should do. They didn't want to alert the pokemon that they were there, but they didn't want anything to happen to the girl, considering how violent the pokemon were shown to be.

"Piers, we can go around the cave behind those trees to get to the woman," Leon said as he pointed out a hidden path that had trees covering it. Piers just nodded and followed Leon to the trail, and they started to make their way quietly threw the cave. As they walked, they could hear the pokemon yawn and tiny cries of relaxation, but they could also hear the woman coughing badly. She looked ready to collapse every time she talked or walked. They both worry about her health since she looks very unhealthy and her clothes seem old and ragged compared to the standard Galar style. They both thought that maybe she got kidnapped by the pokemon and had been brought sick, but she looked calm around them.

"This way," Leon said as he walked closer to where the hut was. They walked for a couple more steps before they heard something from behind them. They both turned and found a large brown pokemon sniffing the ground. Their eyes widened as they turned to look at each other and then back at the pokemon that growled at the bottom before following their trail. They started to walk faster and tried to make as little noise as possible. They made their way around to the hut hiding behind it as the pokemon got closer and ensured that the woman didn't see them.

Just as the pokemon was about to turn to look at them, Leon's pokemon Dragapult came out from its Pokeball because it felt Leon's anxiety. It cried, getting all the pokemon's attention along with the woman, who turned to look at the new pokemon, not noticing the men hiding behind some rocks and brush. The brown pokemon growled and charged at the new pokemon, only to be stopped by the woman.

"Ursaluna... Stop, don't hurt it," she coughed as she cried out to stop the charging pokemon. Leons Dragapalt was injured from its earlier battle that it looked almost ready to fall to the ground if it was lightly pushed, but it wanted to keep its trainer safe, knowing that Charizard needed a break after their last battle.

Urasluna stopped and turned to the girl just before it was about to make any contact with the new pokemon and nodded its head before glaring at the intruder and letting out a growl. The woman came closer and saw the pokemon's injuries.

"Oh dear, what happened to you," she asked as she approached slowly, trying not to frighten the new pokemon. Around her, other pokemon appeared, ensuring that the new pokemon didn't hurt or attack her. The pokemon looked back to where Leon was hiding with Piers, but they just looked at him, frightened Leon, having his Pokeball ready to call him back if necessary. They all froze as the woman got closer before placing her hand near the new pokemon, allowing it to sniff her hand.

"You poor thing, someone did a number on you, didn't they" she coughed out as the new pokemon sniffed her hand and allowed her to pet him. "If you let me, I can get some healing herbs on you before any cuts get infected." she smiled as she limped a little to get something from her bag. As she did, the new pokemon looked at her questioningly as she returned with some plants. It took a couple of minutes before all the cuts were gone, and the bruising slowly disappeared. Exited, the pokemon floated back to its trainer, showing off its now healed form and the new energy that came with it.

The girl looked confused but let out a gasp making all the pokemon with her turn in her direction. As she collapsed to the ground in a coughing fit, she looked over at the two people that came out from behind the rocks and brush. The pokemon instantly turned to face them and got ready to attack, only to stop as they saw the girl lift her hand in a stopping motion. The men just looked at her with worried glances and tried to approach her to check if she was alright, only to have the pokemon stand in their way. They Blocked them from walking closer.

"Please, we just want to help," Leon said with pleading eyes. He understood from their body language that they were protecting her and wanted them not to get close to her. From behind, they found the baby pokemon from the video along with a white and red pokemon along with the large Riolu around her, asking in their way if she was alright, but all she could do was cough. "I can help her. Just allow me to help her" the pokemon still refused to move until the voice of the girl cut threw their growls.

The girl shook her head before getting up but fell to her knees before getting far. The pokemon around her growled but didn't attack; they just blocked their way.

"Why do you think they aren't attacking," Leon asked Piers as he watched the pokemon. "It's a change from what we had to throw with the pokemon outside.

"What-" the woman started as she coughed "what did you do to them," she said as she gasped for air; Piers tried to get closer to help her, but the pokemon continued to block his path.

"We didn't do anything bad we just wanted to make sure that the pokemon were safe." Piers said

"The pokemon have attacked people and pokemon for the last couple of months, and we wanted to know why and how we could help them get to a better place where they wouldn't be bothered," Leon started "are you their trainer? Did you order them to attack people"

The woman stayed silent before shaking her head, and another coughing fit hit her. Leon and Piers looked at her, worried and wanting to help her, but they could hardly move toward her with the pokemon blocking them. The brown pokemon tracking their scent stood on its hind legs as it let out a roar, only to be stopped by the woman who called for it.

"Calm down, please. We don't want to hurt them," she said sickly. The pokemon turned to her before turning back to the men, who were just as confused.

"Miss, we want to understand what's going on. The wild area is covered in snow because of one of the pokemon protecting this cave, and people have been injured for coming too close. We want to make sure everyone is safe, including you and your pokemon," Leon spoke, letting the pokemon go around them. "We can understand now that your pokemon was just keeping you safe, but they have put many other people and pokemon in danger of losing their lives," Leon said as he took a step. He watched as the girl flinched lightly as he took that step.

The pokemon around him let out a growl at his movement but didn't move to attack him or Piers. But they were mainly focusing on the girl and her reactions. Leon and Piers also watched her reactions and noticed that she wasn't bothered by the intimidating pokemon that was taller than her by mounds, but she was more afraid of the two men who were there to make sure she was alright,

Leon took a few steps forward and stopped just a few feet away from her, only blocked by the baby pokemon. But from where he stood, he could see her more clearly than before.

She had white hair that was a little bit past her shoulder with pale skin that had small and big scars covering her. the clothes that she was wearing were very Old fashioned. Effortless fabric that was all white, and she also had on a mask that looked like the pokemon Leon had battled before they made it to the cave (just in case you wanted to know, she has the Festival top -white lily, snow trousers- white lily, Split toe boot- white lily with the baneful fox mask with ultramarine contacts In-game with tied back hair) but what got Leon's attention was the fact that he could read out a name from the corner of one of the girl's neck. He paused for a second, making Piers break with him,

"What's wrong," Piers asked, concerned. The girl looked more nervous than before because of his sudden stop. She looked at him in fear as he started moving again. But with a more relaxed expression.

"Raihan," Leon spoke as he got down on his knee and looked at the girl. The baby looked at him confused and looked at the girl for reassurance, but the girl looked even more spooked before her hand flew towards her neck, blocking Leon and Piers from reading what it said. "Milo... Gordie... Leon... Adam... and Melli..." Leon said. The girl gasped and looked at him with pleading eyes.

"What are you doing, Leon," Piers asked. Confused.

"And finally... Ruby. Is that your name" Leon asked. The girl gasped before her eyes started to tear up.

"No... That's impossible," the girl whispered as she looked at him, shocked "you... You are not supposed to exist... I'm not... I'm not supposed to... I I'm not supposed to have anyone left" she whispered to herself as she went into another coughing fit. Leon instantly went to her side to make sure she was OK. Piers looked at them in shock as the baby pokemon readied their attacks but stopped when the Dragapult got in front of them and said something to them, making them stop. They all froze as they watched Leon comfort his missing soulmate. Who cried and coughed as she clung to Leon's jacket. Leon just placed her on his lap as she did so, making sure she stopped to take some breaths. She clung to him as if he could disappear, and from the corner of Leon's eye, he saw that her ankle was hurt; there was another name with the word brother following.

"Piers, her ankle" Piers looked over and found what Leon was talking about and saw his name was written on her skin. He was shocked and instantly went to her side as well.

They stayed like that for a couple more minutes as she sobbed and coughed. It was so bad that Leon noticed that she started to cough up blood. He looked at her worried and instantly covered her mouth and cleaned her up, making sure that no blood covered her. the pokemon that belonged to her were by their sides, trying to push them away from her, but they refused. After a while, she settled down. Her sobs turned to sniffles, and her coughs steadied down to some.

"Are you alright, love" Leon asked as he rubbed her back. She just nodded and cuddled up to him more. She closed her eyes and looked over at Piers.

"Who are you," she asked softly.

"I'm your Soulbrother. Piers," he whispered as he grabbed her hand. She smiled as more tears built up in her eyes.

"I never thought I would meet you... Brother," she smiled. Her pokemon looked at her worried but calmed when she turned to them. "It's alright," she said. The pokemon gave her a confused glance but looked more relaxed than before, showing that they listened to her, and they slowly started to walk closer to lay around the humans.

"Love, we must get you some medical attention and out of this cave," Leon said as he held her hand. She shook her head as she buried her head into his chest "please, we have to. You look too pale, and the pokemon outside is causing a mess, and we need to calm them." he whispered.

She was about to say something, but the sound of voices and footsteps stopped her from speaking. She looked over to where the entrance to the cavern was in a panicked gaze before she looked over at her soulmate and soul brother with a worried expression. She was about to get up, but Leon held her close as the pokemon around them growled.

"It's alright. They are with us. They are here to ensure we are alright and that any of your pokemon didn't attack us."

"I'm sorry..." she said as she hugged him tighter. "I didn't know my pokemon have been causing trouble," she said as she clung to him.

"It's alright." Piers said, "we can stop them before anyone can get hurt." he spoke with a kind smile. The woman nodded, and Leon started picking her up, but the slender pokemon stopped him by taking the basket closer to her. Leon paused and watched as the slender pokemon took his mate from his arms and placed her in the basket, where he saw some blankets and pillows along with a small bag.

"Sneasler please follow...ummm."

"I'm Leon," Leon spoke and flashed her a smile as she gave a small one back at him.

"Leon..." she whispered. Sneasler nodded its head as she looked at the man waiting for him to start moving as. It covered the basket with its lid. Leon took the message and nodded before turning to Piers.

Line Break.

Raihan and the rangers were tired of waiting. They had been waiting for close to an hour for Leon and Piers to reappear from the back of the cave, but they still needed to receive a report or a message that they were OK. Raihan was worried the pokemon that had attacked had been unable to settle down and were thrashing and clawing at the ground where they were tied or in cages. They were making everyone anxious, wondering what could be back there, making Leon and Piers take so long.

After a while, Raihan and a couple of rangers decided they would be going just in case anything happened to them and started to gather their things to move.

"Don't come any closer," they heard Leon yell out from deeper in the cave "we are fine. Just keep your distance for now."

"Leon, what's going on? You've been in there for an hour," Raihan yelled back with a worried tone.

"Yeah, we are fine... We will be out in a bit. " Hold on, love," Leon yelled as they all heard shuffling from deeper in the cave. Then they listened to a pokemon voice from the shelter and many more.

"Leon," Raihan called again, but they all got silent as they heard footsteps, and Leon appeared from the shadows. He smiled and ran to his mate, and instantly hugged him. "Leon, what happened? Are you OK" Leon just smiled and nodded his head before turning around

"It's OK, nothing will happen to anyone of you," he heard Piers call from further back. They watched as he slowly appeared, holding onto a little bag in his hands. They looked in the direction that Piers was looking at and gasped as a slender pokemon appeared with a smug expression on its face as it walked closer to the dark-type gym leader. Raihan and a couple of rangers reached for their pokeballs or ordered their pokemon to attack, but Leon stopped them.

"Hold on; she is with us," Leon yelled, making everyone turn to him. "We have to deal with everything that is going on outside, so I can't explain everything now but trust me that this pokemon, along with the pokemon behind it, will not harm anyone," Leon yelled. All the rangers hesitated but slowly lowered their pokemon and their guard as Raihan nodded, trusting his mate would explain everything to them later.

Leon nodded to his mate in thanks before speaking to the pokemon.

"I will lead you both to where the pokemon are, and then we can get you to a hospital wherE they will make sure you are alright" the pokemon just nodded its head before looking behind it and shaking, making more Pokemon Appear. They were all primarily large pokemon that seemed very intimidating. Along with them were a couple of baby pokemon and the baby in the video walking in the middle of the group. The pokemon looked at them with mistrust as they walked past them, being led by the two humans that their human seemed to trust almost instantly.

Raihan just watched as the pokemon walked. They looked intimidating as they glared at everyone, including him, ensuring they kept their distance. He wondered how Leon had gotten the pokemon to trust him enough to follow him, and he also asked what Leon was planning to stop the rampages that were going on outside and near the cave entrance.

"Leon," Raihan yelled as he followed. He was just about to run to his mate but was stopped when a rock type placed ax-like arms in front of him, blocking him from stepping closer.

"Kleavor." a woman's voice called. Raihan and the rangers looked around, confused, searching for whoever spoke. The pokemon that blocked Raihan from walking looked forward to where Leon and Piers were for a second before it retracted its arms, allowing Raihan to walk to his mate.

"It's fine; please calm down." Leon laughed nervously before turning to Raihan. "What is it" he smiled.

"What's going to happen now," Raihan asked, confused as to how calm his mate was along with Piers.

"I'll explain everything later, but right now, we have to put a stop to this before anyone gets hurt" Leon smiled as he placed an arm around him "it's all going to be OK, love," he said before placing a kiss on his cheek. "Come on; it's a little bit further ahead," Leon said as he led Raihan to the front where the slender pokemon was and started walking.

They walked until they reached the area where the rangers struggled to contain the captured pokemon from earlier. The pokemon looked inraged as they clawed and stomped on the ground, trying to get up but couldn't because of the ropes and pokemon holding them down along with them—gym leaders and rangers.

"Calm down," the female voice called again "everything will be alright," she called. The pokemon looked over in their direction and paused all their Movements. They all looked over to the slender pokemon as it approached the humans. They relaxed their bodies as they saw that the other pokemon came from behind the slender one and the humans. "Please return Samurott, Goodra, Braviary, Lucario." the voice called before the pokemon were gone in a flash of light into the slender pokemon's back. Raihan looked over and found a woven basket that he thought was once a part of the pokemon but only realized now that it wasn't.

"You can release the pokemon from their bounds," Leon spoke as he nodded to the rangers. The rangers gave him concerned looks before looking over to the rest of the gym leaders. They all gave Leon confused glances before allowing their pokemon to get off the pokemon and remove the ropes. Silently the pokemon rose to their full heights staring at Leon and the rest of the people behind him before letting out growls and roars, worrying him off.

"They are fine... They are here to help." the voice said, coming from the slender pokemon's back. The pokemon let out growls before allowing the slender pokemon to pass forward.

"What going on," Gordie asked as Leon smiled at his other mates as he followed after the slender pokemon.

"I'm not sure... He went to the back of the cave where the rest of the pokemon were and came out with them and told us he had everything handled." Raihan spoke.

"Do you think something happened," Milo asked as he watched the pokemon pass by. He looked at them, but only the baby pokemon got his attention. "And who is in that pokemon basket?"

Raihan shook his head before following his reckless mate leading everyone out of the cave. Leaders behind the gym could hear the rangers call Rose and inform him of what was happening. One could only hope that Leon knew what he was doing before he got in trouble with Rose and the rest of the Galar government.