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Betad by Malcolm Tent, Priapus, Beans, Old man of the mountain

The Guild of Gamers: The Tamer

Chapter 13: Conference

Nezu –

Sighing, he rubbed his head. Dealing with the international council was always a pain. The aftermath of Kaito's near-death at the hands of Snorlax was still being felt as several countries fought for him to be removed from U.A. on the argument that they were risking the world's best chance at survival.

America was the main suspect; they wanted him hard. Already, they were proposing ideas for a monster-based military unit, wanting Kaito to capture hundreds of monsters for it. Kaito's declaration that he would only grant monsters to people who he trusted would treat them right and promise that he'd reclaim any he thought were being abused had shot down many of the attempts, despite some desperate people pushing the idea of forcing Kaito to do so.

It was shot down immediately, of course, because it was pointed out that it could push Kaito to become a villain and doom them all.

It was also pointed out that his own decision to make a harem building was questionable, but there was a surprising amount of support for his plan. Simply put, they wanted more Kaitos and hoping that any of his children could inherit his power was enough to cut off the moralising about letting a teenage boy have a harem.

Of course, he suspected that it was only a matter of time until the other countries tried to honeypot him in the hopes of getting their own monster tamer. Japan didn't want that, but personally, Nezu saw no issue with it. Having multiple monster tamers would only help, even if it was a plan that would take over a decade to come into effect.

America was the one to watch. They were getting increasingly desperate. Washington was devastated by a dungeon break, and due to their large size, they did get a lot of Kaiju attacks. Russia was in a similar position, but they liked having Kaito on this side of the world, even if they preferred him to be in Moscow.

He'd had to accept a Russian transfer into Class 1-B, even if Kaito was going to be in 1-A. Gina no doubt had orders to get close to Kaito, and that wasn't mentioning the fact that Russia had secured a place in the international hero team that the council were still arguing over the members of.

Still, it was a small price to pay for Russia helping to ward off America and Europe from trying to take Kaito. Plus, Russia had a good relationship with China and having Russia helping them stopped most of China's worst demands. He could only imagine what backroom dealings were happening across the political world.

Japan loved having Kaito; he was their most valuable asset, and that meant they were willing to do a lot to keep him happy in U.A. It was safe to say that budget would not be a problem for the coming years; as long as they had Kaito, the government was practically throwing money at them. The Yaoyorozu family also donated a considerable amount on the simple request that Momo remain Kaito's tutor and in his class.

He already planned to do both, and he wasn't so proud that he wouldn't let someone bribe him to do something he was going to do anyway.

It also meant that the government basically went, 'Oh, Kaito wants to keep this random child he found? Sure, does he want some more? We know some great orphanages he could raid.' He was exaggerating, of course, but having Eri become a ward of U.A. with Midnight as her official guardian wasn't even a challenge.

Due to the increased funds, his idea for a new class for people with Quirks that were previously seen as too weak was becoming a reality. Kaito's ability to upgrade Quirks gave them a lot of options, and he'd already started to get inquiries from various heroes, both local and from abroad.

Of course, he wasn't foolish enough to make promises on behalf of Kaito. Kaito was a very simple young man, and it didn't take a genius to realise that he'd take offence to people making decisions for him. He planned to set up a system for people to make requests or offers to Kaito directly; giving people access to Kaito, even if it was through an online site, should help calm down the feeding frenzy he was holding off.

The end goal was simply to increase the forces arrayed against the dungeons and Kaijus; every monster and upgraded quirk tilted the odds ever-so-slightly in their favour.

Melissa was doing good work as well, pursuing the avenue of using monster materials to create more powerful support tools. He knew she'd been in contact with her father about the Rage Bands she'd made from Primeape's shackles. The loss of intelligence while using them was concerning, but the increase in strength was undeniable.

It was proof that the materials Kaito could extract from his monsters held powerful qualities. This meant that the Monster Research Association was now working closely with various Support groups. He planned to have the Support department work with monster materials as well.

Finishing the arrangements for the press conference, Kaito's first real interaction with the public (outside of his posts on SHO), he smiled slightly. Classes would be starting soon, and there was much planned for the coming school year.

…The entire female student body would probably be pregnant by the end of the first term, weren't they? Hm, maybe he needed to work on a plan to deal with the likelihood of most female heroes ending up pregnant. Hopefully, their monsters would be able to pick up the slack.

Melissa Shield –

Primeape alerted her to the fact that Kaito was back, hooting excitedly as he looked towards the door before it opened, clearly sensing his master. Primeape was a big tsundere because he never acted happy to see Kaito to his face, but his excitement was obvious.

As the door opened, Primeape immediately tossed a banana peel at his master, hooting mockingly as Kaito dodged it easily.

"Missed you too, you big fucking idiot," Kaito laughed, watching Primeape jump down from his perch and hop towards Kaito. "Have you been good for the girls?"

"He's been a star," Mel praised, watching Primeape look away and kick the ground angrily at being exposed as a sweetheart.

"Ha, kne-" Kaito started, cutting off as Primeape punched him in the stomach. Despite the power behind the punch, Kaito just seemed slightly winded at the blow as he stepped back slightly. Snorting, he grabbed Primeape and rubbed his knuckles on Primeape's head as Shaymin sighed and hopped down from Kaito's shoulders.

After some rough-housing, Kaito pushed Primeape away with a grin.

"So, how'd your research go? Learn anything cool?" Kaito asked, walking up to her. As he walked past Mei, he gave her ass a squeeze, but Mei just gave him a nod and went back to her work. She was loving her Quirk upgrade. Her Structural Analysis had been instrumental in their work, and they'd become fast friends even if Mei could be rather odd at times.

"Plenty!" Melissa agreed excitedly, gesturing for him to look at what she was working on. As he looked over her shoulder, his hand reached forward and made her jump in surprise as he gave her booty a squeeze over her skirt. "O-oh!"

"Oh shit, sorry. Imma be honest, I forgot we aren't fucking," Kaito agreed, making her face burn despite the laugh that escaped her. A unique problem to have when he was dating pretty much every girl he knew. She could almost hear the unspoken 'yet' at the end of his sentence.

"It's quite alright; I can see why you'd forget that," Mel admitted, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. "A-anyway, I wanted to show you this!"

Picking up the belt, Kaito gave it a curious look.

"We've been working hard on this, studying Primeape's fascinating biology. I won't bore you with the science behind it, but I believe this belt should help increase Primeape's strength considerably," Melissa explained, holding the belt that admittedly looked like a wrestling championship belt rather than a piece of support gear.

Primeape hooted curiously, moving over to look at the belt after hearing his name. She'd almost pulled an all-nighter to get the prototype working with some remote help from her father.

"Sweet, my dumbass boy deserves it for saving our asses against Snorlax," Kaito praised, patting her head which made her blush slightly. "Anything special he needs to do?"

"No, I took into account his… unique mind when making it. All he needs to do is wear it," Mel said, not wanting to call the very strong monster an idiot to his face. Kaito snorted, patting Primeape's head and snickering at his confused expression. Her father had made plenty of belts that increased heroes' strength, so it was easy to adapt his creations to suit Primeape's primate biology.

Kaito took the belt, looking it over curiously before he shrugged and unclasped it, reaching down and placing it around Primeape's body.

"You did great, bud; I'm proud of you. Now you can kick even more ass," Kaito praised, rubbing Primeape's head as the monkey stared up at them with starry eyes. "Thanks, Mel," Kaito said, genuine gratitude in his tone as he gave her a small smile, making her blush. "You too, Mei."

"Mhm," Mei mumbled, not looking up from whatever she was working on this time.

"You're most welcome; Primeape saved both our lives after all. As for the other materials you got us. Blue's various slimes can make a powerful adhesive or corrosive. Butterfree's powders have a lot of potential, and Tauros hide is a far tougher leather. This has been a very educational study, and we're only just getting started," Mel said excitedly, making him chuckle.

"Glad you're having fun," Kaito teased.

"I actually made you something, though it isn't nothing special. Given your hatred of shirts, I thought you might appreciate this!" Mel said, going to her storage and opening it up as she pulled out the sleeveless leather vest, the top lined with the very soft Tauros mane. "Like I said, it isn't anything-"

Kaito took it from her hands, looking over the vest she'd made for him with a growing grin. Grabbing his t-shirt, he simply ripped it off as she gasped in surprise, watching him toss the torn remnants aside. Oh my…

"I love it," Kaito said, putting it on. It left his abs on display since he wasn't wearing anything underneath it, but it really suited his wilder reputation and personality. It would provide some protection, but she knew better than to make it cover more, understanding Kaito's preferences. "Man, you make it hard not to claim you as one of my girls, Mel."

She turned bright red at his blunt statement, well aware of what claiming her would mean given how often she'd walked in on him and Mei desecrating their shared space.

She couldn't deny the thought had crossed her mind, eyes lingering on Kaito's muscular chest. Her first crush had been All Might, so it was no surprise she liked her men on the muscular side, and Kaito hit her tastes well.

"At least take me on a date first before you try and claim me," Mel said, making him chuckle. "Besides, don't you have enough lovers?"

"Nah, you can never have enough. I'm a greedy guy, you know?" Kaito laughed, giving her a grin. "But seriously, thanks, Mel. 'ppreciate it."

"You've given me, and the world, a fantastic opportunity; it was the least I could do," Melissa replied. Kaito could be sweet at times; he wasn't one for fancy words, but she knew he meant everything he said.

He went to speak before his phone vibrated, interrupting him as he looked at his message.

"Gotta run, but thanks again. Oi, dickhead, you're coming with me again," Kaito said, making Primeape holler and kick his shin. "You want another monster for a while, or are you set for now?"

"I'm fine, for now. I want to spend some more time looking into the Eevee pair," Mel said, laughing quietly at the way he frowned at the reminder of the mischievous pair. "That said, I do want to look at the Tauros herd you gathered as well when you have the time."

"Heh, then you'll be happy to know I've come up with an idea," Kaito said proudly, making her blink. "I'm gonna make a farm; I've already got a herd of bulls. They get energy by grazing and being looked after makes them grow faster, so if we just set up a farm and some people to look after them, we can get all the Tauros meat and other materials we want. I can set up a permanent portal into their biosphere, so people can come and go as they please. You'll be able to research them as much as you want," Kaito explained, making her rub her chin as she considered his idea.

She could certainly see the benefits, and while she didn't know if Tauros meat did anything special (beyond being extremely tasty if Kaito was to be believed), she could imagine that a lot of people would pay very well to eat a Tauros steak.

Assuming they could stop Kaito from eating it all, her lips twitched at the realisation of why he wanted to do this.

"And maybe a petting zoo, Shaymin gets power from Gratitude and praise, so having a bunch of people stroking her should help her restore her energy," Kaito added, making her laugh at the idea of a monster petting zoo. That said, Tauros fur was extremely soft; she'd been wanting to stroke a Tauros mane since she first felt the materials Kaito had given her.

"I'm sure she'd be very popular," Mel agreed, reaching down and stroking the adorable little thing as it wandered around the lab, sniffing random things. Shaymin let out the cutest squeak, looking up at her with cute forest-green eyes.

Of course, she was also sure that some people would try to kidnap her, but she was sure that Nezu would plan for that. Not that she thought Kaito wouldn't have his own plans to deal with would-be monster-nappers, but she almost pitied anyone dumb enough to hurt one of Kaito's precious monsters because you could truly tell that he cared for them all.

Kaito –

"You enjoyed looking around, Eri?" I ask, ruffling her hair as she beams up at me. Nemuri took her on a tour of the school, and she seems to like it here so far. Nemuri gives me a wave; Arbok coiled around her body with its head lazily on her shoulder. She seems to struggle a little with Arbok's considerable size, but she's not a pro hero for nothing and manages it as she scratches Arbok's chin.

"Yup! It's so big. Am I really going to go here?" Eri asks cutely, making me nod.

"Course. I don't wanna send you to some other school so you can stay with us; Momo said she'd help with your studies anyway and she's super smart," I explain, making Eri nod rapidly, a beaming smile on her face.

Behind her, two dozen Ratattas follow her, led by the fearsome Ratticate she's sitting on. It's too small for a teen to use it as a mount, but Eri can manage it fine.

I wasn't letting her go anywhere alone, so I sent the pack to watch her back while she explored.

She hops off Raticate's back, stroking its head as it chitters. It stands upright, looking around for threats to Eri before it settles back down and brushes against her leg.

"Am I gonna learn how to be a hero like you?" Eri asks, making me nod.

"Well, you're gonna learn how to kick ass. Whether you wanna be a hero or not is gonna be up to you when you grow up," I explain, picking her up and placing her on my shoulders.

"I'm gonna be a hero, like you and Momo and Miss Midnight," Eri swears, making me chuckle as she steadies my hair. The swarm follow behind us as I walk towards Nezu's office.

"Oh yeah? Well, you're part of my tribe, so you're gonna be a badass one," I promise, getting a giggle from her.

"That's a naughty word; Miss Midnight says I shouldn't use language like that just because you do," Eri points out, making me scoff and give the quietly observing Nemuri a smirk.

"Meh, Nemuri has a way fouler mouth than me. You should hear some of the things I've heard her say," I laugh, watching Nemuri turn bright red. She knows exactly what I'm talking about.

"Kaito! Eri, don't listen to this barbarian. Some words are only for adults, and he's barely one," Nemuri scolds, making me snort.

Bickering as we make our way through the school, I reach Nezu's office and let myself in without knocking. I'm basically here as often as he is at this point.

"Ah, thank you for coming, Kaito. Eri, it's lovely to see you again, have you enjoyed your exploration?" Nezu asks, making Eri nod shyly. She's not great with people who aren't me or my girls. "The hoard of giant rats can wait outside."

Raticate gives him an angry hiss, but he simply raises an eyebrow.

"So, what's up, lil dude?" I ask.

"I simply wanted to make sure you were ready for today's press conference. The reporters have been handpicked to ensure that no rabble-rousers have snuck their way in, so it should be a fairly painless process. I understand you find this part dull, and usually, no student would have to deal with this kind of thing so soon, but PR is a powerful tool. Public reception of you has been very positive so far, and it will make many things far easier if we can keep it that way," Nezu explains.

"Meh, I can handle some nosy reporters," I say with a shrug which makes Eri bounce slightly, causing her to giggle as I take her off my shoulders. Passing her Shaymin, she sits on the floor and pets the happy Shaymin. "Anything I need to keep my mouth shut about?"

"No. I considered it for a number of matters, but the truth will come out regardless and you are not exactly a master of deception or public speaking. This is only a short conference; answer whatever questions you feel like answering, and don't hesitate to pass if you don't feel like answering certain ones," Nezu explains, making me nod easily.

"Then I'm pretty much ready as I'm ever gonna be," I say. Public speaking is never going to be my speciality, and I'm not even gonna pretend otherwise. Actions speak louder than words.

Nemuri Kayama (Midnight) –

The reporters were almost rabid when it came time for the conference. This was the first time Kaito was truly going to be in the public eye after all, and it could make any of their careers if they did this well.

"Nah, I've said it before, but Endeavor didn't do shit wrong," Kaito said with a wave of his hand, scoffing. It was inevitable that this would come up; the Teostra fight was still in the spotlight, and a lot of people still thought he should be punished for his mistakes. "I mean, what should he have done? That was Teostra's first appearance; nobody knew it grew stronger in hot environments or healed from flames, and he couldn't notice because the fucker wasn't taking damage in the first place. Even if he knew, what was he supposed to do? Run away and let the beast burn his city down? Yeah, he accidentally helped Teostra, but he also kept the very pissed-off and dangerous Kaiju occupied until help could arrive. It was a shit match-up and a lose-lose situation for him. If he made any mistakes, it was having so many people with similar abilities as his sidekicks, with so many fire-quirks in one place they were kinda fucked against something that was completely immune to fire."

Kaito didn't even try to hide his colourful language, but very few people seemed to care that Kaito had a bit of a foul mouth.

Kaito wasn't wrong; this was hardly the first time they'd been caught off guard by a strange ability that a Kaiju had.

"It was your Quirk that discovered Teostra's ability. Do you plan to attend future Kaiju fights?" one asked, making Kaito nod immediately.

"As many as I can get to, even if I don't take part in the fighting myself, I can unleash my monsters and study the Kaiju for weaknesses," Kaito said immediately. "Don't get me wrong, I know it's dangerous, and I understand why people don't want me to risk myself, but information is power; you gotta know your enemies if you want to have any chance of stopping them. People keep calling me the Symbol of Victory, and I'm not gonna live up to that title sitting on my hands back at school. I sure as fuck haven't earnt it yet, but I will."

"You don't think you deserve the title, even after your instrumental part in the lowest death Kaiju fight in history and your victory against Snorlax?"

"I spent most of the Teostra fight on search and rescue; the other heroes were the ones actually throwing down with Teostra. Primeape and Blue did great work, and it was Shaymin who resurrected so many people. My info would have been worthless if there weren't people there to act on it," Kaito shrugged. "I'll feel like I deserve that title when I take down one of the fuckers myself or tame one."

"You truly think that's possible?"

"I'm sure it is; I just need to get more practice with my taming. That's the end goal anyway, the best way to make sure they don't come back for another round. Snorlax proved I was right. Kaiju are just monsters with way too much energy going wild, and I can tame them," Kaito said confidently.

Several more questions passed, many aimed at Kaito's various monsters. These ones were decided before the conference started to give the public a chance to see the monsters for themselves and hopefully cause less trouble when Kaito started going out more with them.

He showed off Blue and Shaymin, explaining that Shaymin blew through all her energy, saving Kaito and Yu from Snorlax. The fact that the idiots who lied about clearing that dungeon had set Shaymin back even further definitely caused a stir; she almost pitied the lying bastards.

"Can Shaymin bring back the heroes who have lost their lives fighting the Kaiju?" someone asked, making Kaito pause.

"Kinda. She can use Healing Wish, which takes all her energy in exchange for the healing pulse she used at the Teostra fight, and it could probably bring back the dead as long as they haven't been dead for too long. It takes her a long time to build up her energy, though she gets more from gratitude, so if she does that, then she won't be able to use that power at Kaiju fights. Alternatively, I can use Healing Wish myself through our bond, but it knocks me out and has a long cooldown, especially bringing back people who've been dead for a long-ass time," Kaito admitted, making her wince slightly. Kaito was a little too honest sometimes, and that was one power he might have been better keeping secret.

Kaito casually admitting he could bring back the dead caused a frenzy of shouts, but Kaito wasn't fazed.

"How will you decide who to bring back?"

The room went quiet, Kaito just shrugging.

"Same way that I'm deciding who gets a monster or quirk upgrade," Kaito said easily. "I'll decide on a case-by-case thing; there's not exactly a science to this thing. Or I'll just make Nezu decide instead, one of the two."

His vague and entirely unhelpful answer didn't exactly satisfy the reporters, but they couldn't get a clearer answer from him when he himself was saying that he didn't know how he'd decide. 'I'll decide by instinct' wasn't exactly a clear answer, even if it was very honest.

Nezu forced them to move on, despite Kaito dropping the 'yeah, I can bring people back from the dead' on them.

"Do you truly have a harem?"

Ah, well, this was bound to come up eventually.

"Yeah, obviously?" Kaito replied, giving the reporter a look like he was talking to a particularly dumb child.

"Don't you think it's improper for someone your age to have so many lovers, especially given that at least two of them are far older, including one professor?"

Oi, who the fuck was that old shrew calling old?

"Who gives a fuck?" Kaito helpfully replied, making the older woman gasp. "The world's being overrun by monsters, and you're too busy worrying about who is fucking who? If I'm old enough to fight hordes of monsters and villains, I'm old enough to get laid."

Something told her that the old woman wouldn't be writing a positive piece given how offended she looked, but nobody dared argue with Kaito's blunt words.

"Is it true that you have both empowered and granted monsters to all the members of your harem?"

This one came from a younger woman, a slight smirk on her lips as she gave Kaito a once-over.

"I take care of my girls and my friends," Kaito replied simply, making Midnight smile at him slightly. "I'm only giving monsters to people I trust will take care of them properly, and I trust my girls."

More than a few reporters were looking at the giant purple cobra just coiled up at her feet, but she just gave them a sultry smirk. She was far from ashamed of her relationship with Kaito. Honestly, just the fact that she had a monster had done wonders for her popularity (and she was already a fairly popular hero anyway).

That wasn't even mentioning how useful Arbok was on patrols; her partner had rapidly become indispensable. Of course, some criminals just gave up when faced with a huge snake that was looking at them like it was its next meal.

The conference continued, but Kaito could hold his own. The reporters just weren't used to someone being as blunt as Kaito was, and it seemed to have put them off-kilter. Hearing Kaito say he was happy here at U.A. and didn't plan to move countries made her smile.

Very soon, the new school year would be starting, and she suspected it was going to be the most interesting one she'd experienced yet.

Bonus Scene — SHO

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Topic: Tamer's First Press Conference

In: Boards ► Heroes

Bagrat (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)

Posted On Aug 13th 2048:

Title says it all. U.A arranged for Tamer (the Symbol of Victory's official hero name) to take part in a press conference yesterday.


So, several key points. Kaito believes that Endeavour didn't do anything wrong. Kaito confirms that both Shaymin and he can bring back the dead, but it has a cost for both of them. Kaito explained that he gets powers from his bond with his monsters and that people he grants monsters to can also get powers through bonding with a monster (his healing power comes from Shaymin). Kaito confirms he doesn't want to leave U.A. and that he has a harem. He also showed off each of his current monsters.

There's more, but it was a fairly long interview that I'd recommend watching when you have the time.

One thing I found curious. Kaito doesn't believe he deserves his new title. I suppose it is worth considering that it is a lot of pressure for a teenage boy.

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RockHard (Hero In Training)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

He didn't sound nervous; just said he didn't feel like he'd earned it yet. I respect that, bro has his pride and doesn't want a title for something anyone else did (even his monsters). He said he was going to earn it, that's determination not nerves

My boi Primeape is looking good with that belt, cool that they're making support gear for monsters now.

StarSpangledSpanner (Pro Sidekick)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Are we just going to gloss over 'yeah, I can bring back the dead'

There are so many heroes who could change the tide if they were brought back!

White Fairy (Veteran Member)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

I'm more interested in the fact that he can get powers from bonding with different monsters if they're strong enough. If he gives out strong monsters, he's essentially giving the person a second quirk as well.

I wonder if Midnight got a new power from Arbok?

HereandGone (Resident Monster Expert)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Unlikely. Kaito claimed in a later blog that 'Tamer's Might' works on B-rank monsters or higher; Arbok is a C-rank. It does mean that if Arbok evolves again, she'll almost certainly get a new power.

I suspect that it is Mt. Lady who got a new quirk given that she got both Munchlax (a former pseudo-Kaiju) and Slakoth which has since evolved into a Vigoroth if you follow his blog.

I'm very curious about what he said about material extraction; being able to safely and harmlessly extract powerful materials from monsters to use in support gear is an interesting aspect of his power. It explains some rumours I've heard going around the MRA.

ShieldMaiden (Resident Monster Expert)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

I can confirm that. I've been very busy researching the materials he extracted from his monsters (except Shaymin because it consumes energy and Shaymin needs every drop). We're already working on a very effective capture tool using the sticky slime from Blue, as well as some other fascinating things

GreatGrapes (Hero In Training)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Are you sleeping with him as well? He gave you those weird fox-dog things, right?

ShieldMaiden (Resident Monster Expert)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Kaito gave me two Eevees, yes. They're adorable little troublemakers who constantly bug me for attention. But, they do let me decorate them so I can deal with their mischief.


That said, no, I am not sleeping with him. We're friends and working together on researching monsters, but just because someone has a monster doesn't mean they are dating him (not that it would be any of your business).

PinkandProud (Hero In Training)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Ignore Grapes; he's been raging about Kaito's harem for days

I don't know who bitches more, him or LordMurderExplosion

LordMurderExplosion (Hero In Training) (Banned)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

[Comment Deleted By Moderator]

UnseenBeauty (Hero In Training)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

So, the monsters get a weaker version of their trainer's quirk (is that the right term? Master just doesn't sound right), and the trainer gets power from the monster?

I can see why so many people are lining up to get a monster.


Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

it's not just people, entire countries are borderline begging to try and get access to Kaito

StarSpangledSpanner (Pro Sidekick)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Because Japan is hoarding him and has put him in danger multiple times!

ChocolateBun (Pro Hero)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Nah, you're forgetting something

Kaito wants to explore the dungeons and go to Kaiju fights, he doesn't want to get put in some gilded cage like a lot of people are arguing or lose any semblance of a normal life if he went with the anti-dungeon squad plan that America keeps pushing

I met him, briefly, and I can tell he's not the kinda guy to just sit around or stay out of trouble

MIGHTiest_Fan (Pro Hero Encyclopedia) (Hero In Training)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Aren't you lined up to join the new hero squad people keep talking about?

ChocolateBun (Pro Hero)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Eh, maybe. I'm not big on teams, but they've offered me the Japan spot on the international team. I'm still deciding whether I want in on it.

Burnin (Pro Sidekick)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Told you fuckers that Endeavour wasn't in the wrong; maybe now you'll actually listen. Bunch of keyboard warriors, convinced they know best when they've never been in a fight in their lives.


Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

So, am I imagining things, or did we just find out that joining Kaito's harem is the most reliable way of getting a monster and a quirk upgrade? I volunteer as tribute to test this theory!

RibbitRibbit (Hero In Training)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

He said he takes care of his girls but I hope he understands that a lot of people are going to try and get into his bed (including people with bad intentions)

VerdantThorn (Hero In Training)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

I have to admit, I'm a little put off by the idea of one of my future peers being such a lustful boy, but his powers are a gift from the heavens themselves


Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Did you hear the rumours that UA has literally built a harem building for his women and future kids?

Answer Key

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

There's no way that's actually true

That said, I get the logic. Kaito's Quirk is the silver bullet we've needed, but if he dies, then we're shit out of luck. Having him go forth and multiply is a very good idea because, hopefully, at least some of his kids will share his Quirk. Having all our eggs in one basket is always a bad idea, so I'd say Kaito should imitate the many fanfics and get to work spreading his seed.

StarSpangledSpanner (Pro Sidekick)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

Again, he can bring back the dead and you guys are more focused on his harem?


Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

You've been around long enough to know the score, damn right we are

GreatGrapes (Hero In Training)

Replied On Aug 13th 2048:

It should have been me, damnit, not him!

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