The woman returned to her condo in Jersey City, New Jersey. The woman had been up all night on her balcony after returning from Spain. The mission was painstakingly treacherous, but she and her newly renowned partner had made it out alive somehow by the skin of their teeth. She was indulging in a bottle of Southern Comfort, and comfort it did bring. She didn't even bother getting another glass, only drinking it straight from the bottle. Sonya watched as the sun finally set and realized how blessed she was to be alive. She wished she could share this moment with her late brother. She felt a pit of anxiety in her stomach and that's when she took another sip. That bottle gave her the warmth she was looking for. Her mind began to wander to what was Leon doing. It's only been a day, she wanted to reach out and give him a call. She was lonely. Her close friend, Renee just gave birth to a little one and she knew she was trying to get used to being a new mom, she and her wife are probably trying to wind down and get some rest.

Sonya realized she had fallen asleep on her balcony chair, she checked the time on her phone 0200 it read. She had gotten a text from Renee.

I love you girl. I hope you're okay. Haven't heard from you in a few days. Meet up for a breakfast date soon?

She was so blessed to have a friend like her. Sonya decided that she will text her in the morning. Sonya headed into her kitchen. She went to get a glass of water, she began to get a searing migraine. Flashes of the horrors that she lived through began to flood her mind, she began to cry. She walked into her bathroom and splashed some water onto her face. The agency made her go to her routine shrink appointments, but they did her no good. No amount of time and explanation can explain what she went through and the aftereffects. Her shrink was a sweet, young girl fresh out of college. She often just listened to Sonya and gave thoughts when she could, but honestly couldn't remotely understand the horrors she's been through. Sonya looked at herself in the mirror long and hard. She needed comfort at this moment and not from a new grad shrink that analyzes her like a textbook when she talks. She found herself just starting to call a certain fellow rookie cop …

"Hello?" "H-Hey Leon. I'm sorry I called so late."

"Are you okay?" Leon asked concerned. "Ugh, honey stop."

Honey? Of course, he had a girlfriend. What the hell was she doing calling him so late at night? Sonya hung up the phone instantaneously. And then turned off her phone. She was rather embarrassed and feeling a bit emotional, so she went right back to her kitchen and began to start on that Southern Comfort again. Walking back to her bathroom, she began to run herself a bath, getting in and downing the bottle.

Leon was surprised to get a phone call from Sonya. He didn't expect it in the least. Her voice was weak and she sounded as if she was crying before. Of course, his cat, Honey, gets in the way of everything and is literally on his chest when waking up to the phone call. "Ugh. Honey stop." He said annoyed as the tabby cat jumped off his chest. Click. The phone line went dead. What the fuck? Is she okay? Leon got up in a hurry, got dressed and grabbed his car keys and gun (never leaves the house without it), and began to head out from Manhattan, New York to Jersey City.

Leon found himself in front of the condominium door that Sonya lived in. He knocked. Once. Twice. Thrice. He began to get nervous, nervous, so he kicked the door down. "Sonya?" He questioned. No answer. Her apartment seemed fine, nothing out of place, and no evidence of a struggle. He continued. He began to walk around, towards her room, and then the bathroom in her room. Sonya had a bottle of pills in her hand and the SOCO next to it… Leon ran to her naked body in a panic to wake her up. He shook her shoulder rigorously. Soya woke up swinging uncontrollably and socked Leon right in The face. He took the blow like a champ.

"Oh my god, Leon I am so sorry."

"It's fine…. Here." Handing her, her robe to put on. He didn't want to look at her naked body… without her permission at least. He then put a hand out for her to get out of the tub. She followed.

"How did you get in?"

"I kicked the door down… duhhh." He said playfully. "And you hit like a grown-ass man"

"Why did you kick my door down?"

"Because your phone just hung up. Tried to call back and it just went to voicemail. I was worried."

"Well I didn't want to call when you had your girlfriend … I didn't want to be rude. Thank you for coming but you should be with her…".

Leon looked at her and smiled, then gave a small laugh. "Girlfriend? That's my cat Honey. You doofus."

"Oh…" was all Sonya said.

"Now, why did you call?"

"I needed you…"

"You needed me?"

"I can't forget and I want to so bad…"

"Me either." Leon agreed. He said this with a sigh.

Sonya walked out back in the kitchen area, along with her bottle of literal comfort and proverbial. She poured herself a glass and offered Leon some. He shook his head no.

"Got any Tequila?" He said with a small boyish smile. Sonya loved his smile. It was genuine.

"Tequila? I have some Patron." Sonya said as she poured him a glass. He took it and downed some of it. "You know I never used to drink?" Sonya said with a half-disappointed smile. "I only picked up this habit recently."

"Me too. I used to only drink socially. Now I do it to numb the pain." Leon took another sip. Sonya held her glass up in agreement, taking another sip.

"Make me forget Leon." Sonya said this with a tear flowing from her eye. She was tired and absolutely exhausted. Leon placed his cup down and reached for the nape of her face. Lifting her face up, he made eye contact with her. Her eyes were a beautiful dark chocolate brown. They were tired. Leon leaned in for a gentle kiss. Sonya appeared surprised at first but leaned back in. The kiss began innocently but then turned into a fiery passion. The kiss deepened as the two opened their mouths. Tongues exploring one another. Leon took his shirt off as Sonya reached for his belt, she unhooked it as he took them off. He was just in his boxers as he reached for her robe, he took it off. Her body was beautiful. He took her all in. She guided him back into her bedroom, the lights off. Only the glow from the moon and city lights glowed on her brown skin accentuating her gorgeous curves. Leon threw her on the bed finally taking his boxers off, he began to kiss her neck, suck her ample nipples, and then lead down to her womanly slit. He stopped there and looked up at her.

"Are you sure you want this?" He asked again, not wanting to take advantage of her vulnerability at the moment.

"Yes, I want you." As she grabbed a handful of his hair and pressed his face against her sweet musk. He began to work his tongue as she began to buck her hips against his mouth. "Fuck…" Sonya groaned as she felt herself getting close to her climax. She pulled away from Leon and grabbed his neck choking him. Leon look shocked at first by her aggression, but he grinned, loving the energy as he kissed her back.

"You like the way you taste?" She nodded. "Me too." He gave a smile. "Now on your fucking knees." Sonya obliged the request as she took his large member into her mouth. She gave light suction as she felt him twitch in her mouth. Leon had soft groans, he pulled out of her mouth and pulled her hair. "On your fucking knees." He commanded and Sonya followed. Leon was in love. He's never seen Sonya so obedient, she isn't ever. He guided himself in front of her entrance as he took what was now his.

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