Title: Jimmy's T-shirt

Summary: NCIS S20 E5 – Why was Jessica wearing Jimmy's T-shirt? Takes place after the Spa weekend.

Jessica Knight was sound asleep snuggled up to her boyfriend, Jimmy Palmer. Yes, she and Jimmy decided at the beginning to avoid labels and to try to keep their relationship from work, but it really was true. Their relationship was much more than just successful; they were in love.

Victoria was at her grandmother's house that night as she really was supportive of Jessica and Jimmy getting to know each other with as little interference as possible. Victoria also really liked Jessica and hoped her dad would find love again. It might have been different if her mother was still alive, but she was not. She had a great dad.

Around three am, Jessica heard her phone ring. Nice and warm and very comfortable, she was hoping it was a dream. Jimmy was a light sleeper and reacted quicker than Jess. He kissed her on top of the head and rubbed her bare back. "Jess. Jessica." He said while trying to wake her up.

"Humpf." She mumbled. "What is it?"

"Your phone."

Jessica groaned and lifted her head. Looking at the clock she said "It's 3 in the morning. Who could be calling at this hour?"

Jimmy was closer to the nightstand and handed Jess her phone, half expecting his to ring too.

"Hello" Jess managed to mumble out.

"Get over to the Director's house right away! Shots have been fired!" It was Parker.

Now wide awake Jessica sat up in bed with a start and looked down at Jimmy. "Director Vance may have been shot. I've got to get over to his place right away."

Jimmy sat up with her sharing her concern. "I hope he's okay."

Jessica threw back the covers giving a chill to their skin from the cool air. Jessica rushed over to her drawer in Jimmy's dresser, pulling on clean underwear. Seeing the T-shirt Jimmy "gave" her when she first slept over at his place, Jess pulled it on over her head before slipping into her black pants. Jess was too asleep to consider what anyone they worked with would say or if they would even pay attention to what she was wearing. Jimmy looked at her and asked "Are you going to be warm enough in just a T-shirt?" Jessica looked at him and shrugged.

Jess pulled on her socks and shoes before heading to the bathroom. Jimmy got up and pulled on his terry cloth robe. "I'll see if I can find something for you that's a little warmer," said Jimmy to her back as she walked away. Jimmy went to his closet and found a plaid fleece shirt before going to make Jess some instant coffee. "I left you a warmer shirt on the bed if you would like it" Jimmy called out to her. "Thanks Jimmy," came her reply. When Jess arrived in the kitchen a couple of minutes later wearing the plaid shirt over the Medical Examiner Convention T-shirt, Jimmy handed her the coffee just the way she liked it. "Not an Elvis Presso," Jimmy said as he handed it to her with a smile, "But it will have to do on such short notice." Jessica chuckled and thanked Jimmy with a kiss. "I'll keep you posted. I'm hoping there is no body for you to examine."

Jimmy walked Jessica to the door and kissed her goodbye. "Be safe."

"Always," Jessica replied as she headed out the door.