*Author's Note*

I originally wanted to write a Jedi SI Avengers fic, but the problems of the MCU are too easy for a Jedi to handle. So things escalated from there over and over. The first chapter can be skipped completely without much of a problem. It is the guideline for character creation in the story. If you do read it, feel free to get some dice, roll a character using the guidelines, and see if a character like yours appears later. The character building took inspiration from Jump Chain fics but has my own personal interpretation.

Chapter 1 Character Creation

The call to adventure comes in many forms, and within the small wooden room in the back of a Tavern, it comes in the form of a cup filled with multicolored six-sided die, a #2 Pencil, and a pile of freshly printed papers that promised more than most could ever dream.

The Tavern itself is not a place that can be found by mortals, and its purveyors would not be classified as mortals themselves. What makes the back room of the Tavern special is that those who enter the Tavern from the room are never seen entering the room itself from the Tavern. The room is special because those who find themselves in the room simply appear within, sitting by the table without knowledge of how they came to be there.

When someone appears in the room, they can ignore the papers on the table in the room, get up, and leave through the door into the Tavern. It was possible, but it had never happened before. The papers had a fascinating, otherworldly glow when one didn't look directly at them, making the stack of sheets naturally grab the occupant's attention and draw them into its contents. There was also the fact that they were always printed in the language the reader was most familiar with.

The Tavern hosts certain elaborate Games that only the Souls of the dead can participate in. Before a Game started, the Tavern would use this room to select between 20 and 100 Players from among the departed souls of various Earths. Each Game was created with strict rules and guidelines, and not just anyone could play. Compatibility was important, but so were adaptability and familiarity. The Tavern's Owners prefer a hands-off approach for most of the Gameplay and they always choose to grab Souls familiar with the concepts they use to make their Games so the Players would be able to figure out how to start without outside assistance or interference.

Once a Soul was identified as compatible, it would be screened and analyzed. If all the required criteria are met, that Soul would appear in physical form, seated by the table in the room. It was then that their eyes would inevitably be drawn to the papers on the table and their next great adventure would begin. The presence of freshly printed papers on the table meant that a new game had been conceived and was about to start. Soon a qualified Soul would appear on the chair and begin to read.

[Welcome to the Reincarnator's Tavern.

You have recently died, and according to our analysis of your Soul Profile, you are eligible for one of the 100 available Player positions for an upcoming Game sponsored and hosted by the Reincarnator's Tavern. The Game is called "Six Classes of Reincarnation."

Six Classes of Reincarnation is a Game that allows Players to live a new life in a new Universe and possess one, two, or up to three Classes, all based on selected fictional literature. Players can train in these Classes and use their acquired strength to perform tasks for the Reincarnator's Tavern that reward the Player with greater opportunities to enjoy their new lives more thoroughly. All tasks are optional and a Player can choose not to train or get stronger and can simply live their new life as they please, though actions performed that are not things a decent human being should do will have consequences and punishments organized by the Tavern.

If you do not choose to play, you may get up and leave now. If you leave without deciding to play, the bar maidens on the other side of the door will escort you out of the Tavern to your respective afterlife.

If you do decide to play, you may continue reading and roll the Dice. The Dice Cup contains three sets of three different colors of six-sided die, and after a roll, the dice of the same color will be added up to obtain three numbers. This roll may be done five times to obtain five sets of three numbers. The Player may choose any of these sets, and these numbers will become the Player's Class Talent Point values. The three Class Talent Point values can be assigned to up to three Classes.

Class Talent Points are used to make a Class easier and more fun to train in. A Class that is assigned with a Class Talent Point value of 3 has as much potential as a Class assigned with a Class Talent Point value of 18, but the latter may reach the peak of its potential faster and with less effort. Differences in talent can be overcome with hard work and imagination, but training a Class with a lower Class Talent Point value is less fun than training a Class with a higher Class Talent Point value. Unless you prefer a harder challenge, it is recommended to assign the highest value of the three Class Talent Point values you roll to your selection of Primary Class.

Of the three Class Talent Point values obtained during the roll, there is a special rule. If two of the numbers rolled are nine or less, they can be combined, sacrificing one potential Class for a higher Class Talent Point value. Example: If among the five chances to roll you obtained a [16, 10, 11] and a [15, 9, 9], the latter could be used, and instead of having three Classes with assigned value points of 15, 9, and 9, you could have two Classes with assigned value points of 18 and 15. This is recommended unless there is a specific concept you have in mind that requires three Classes to achieve.

Although you must fully assign all three Class Talent Point values to different Classes, you are not required to train in three or even two Classes. A Player who trains a single Class for twenty years may be stronger than a Player who ineffectively trains two Classes for ten years apiece. Not all Class builds are suitable for Multiclass training unless done creatively.

Class training starts in the world the Class originates from. Players may start the Game in either the Starting World or the world their Primary Class originates from. If the Player wishes to train in multiple Classes, it is possible to Transfer from one world to another. Players may only start training in a Class's power system after going to the world that Class originates from. So if a Player starts in the Starting World, they cannot train in any Class until they have first transferred to the world their Primary Class originates from. For Players who intend on Multi-Classing, you must train your chosen Primary Class first and your chosen Secondary Class next. Before starting the Game, you must choose which Class will be your Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Classes.

Besides the fact that choosing your Primary and Secondary Class determines the order in which you unlock your Classes during gameplay, your chosen Primary Class will receive an additional +2 Class Talent Points and your Secondary Class will receive an additional +1 Class Talent Point.

During Character Creation, Class Talent Points may be used to acquire three things; Class Talent, Items, and Easy Masteries.

The higher the Class Talent, the faster the Class can be trained. Talents that one can only be born within a Class can also be purchased. Talent does not determine potential, only training speed. Regardless of a Player's decision to Multiclass, every Player must purchase one Class Talent per Class they assign Class Talent Points to.

Items purchased will exist as Projections indistinguishable from the real thing. An Item's Projection can be disabled and re-enabled in its original state 24 hours later, so if an item is lost, damaged, stolen, or broken, then disabling and re-enabling the item's Projection will allow the item's recovery.

Easy Mastery is a basic set of instructions on how to use a skill obtainable in the Class's origin world and grants the ability to train the skill 8x faster than normal. Some Easy Masteries require proficiency in one or more foundational skills before it is possible to start learning them, even if purchased. Some skills that require a level of proficiency in a foundational skill will have different requirements for the level of foundational proficiency. A simple skill with a requirement can be learned once the foundational proficiency has risen to a general level. A highly complex skill with a requirement may not be learnable until the foundational proficiency is close to the level of mastery. Some skills and techniques only used by a single character in the Class's origin literature may not be available for purchase, especially if no Humans have ever used said skills or techniques.

All Class power systems have been created to match the canon usage as much as possible. The direct translation of Class power systems is impossible since a majority of power systems are simply Plot Armor for interesting characters, and 100% translating that into realism is not possible. There may be discrepancies between the canon usage of a Class power system and the realistic interpretation we have created for the power system to be used and trained by Players, but it should be barely noticeable if noticed at all.

After a large amount of trial and error, we have determined that of the available Classes, many are not compatible with each other. When the game starts, Players will be given a body that is compatible with the Class Talents they have acquired using their Class Talent Points.

The results of the research into multiclassing have produced two Body Types available for Players to choose from. The first Body Type is perfectly compatible with the first three Classes. The second Body Type is perfectly compatible with the remaining three Classes. Players may only select either the first Body Type or the second. We apologize for the inconvenience, but many volunteers died long, excruciating deaths; went completely bat-shit crazy; or outright exploded during our testing of combining certain classes. We ask that you honor their sacrifice in the name of gaming and not complain about why certain things cannot be done.

All one hundred Players will exist in the same Universe and all worlds share the same timeline. It is possible for Players to Transfer from one world to another and Players who share Classes can access the same Class origin world for training. All Players can transfer to the Starting World as well. Main Events will only take place in the Starting World, but the first Main Event will not take place until the players are over twenty years old.

The Starting World for Six Classes of Reincarnation is: Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Players will be born in the year 1980 and age at a normal rate regardless of whether or not they spend their time in the MCU.

Please note that after Character Creation, all Metaknowledge for Marvel and the literature the Six Classes originate from will be sealed during the Gameplay to prevent Players from all doing the same thing. Upper management is tired of watching every Player try to steal the Infinity Stones, try to send warnings to Stark or Fury, and try to steal opportunities like Captain Marvel's power acquisition, Hulk's power acquisition, and Spider-Man's power acquisition.

Though sealed, Metaknowledge will grant Players gut feelings about whether or not to perform certain actions, such as trusting certain individuals or performing tasks they innately know will not end well.

The main purpose of Metaknowledge is to know how to create your Character using Class Talent Points. After Character Creation ends and the Game begins, Metaknowledge will only get in the way. When you start in either your Primary Class's origin world or the MCU, it will be as if you have never read or heard about Marvel Comics and have never read or watched any of the fictional pieces that the six classes originate from. Keep this in mind during Character Creation.

The two Body Types available for Players are the Energy Body Type and the Adaptive Body Type. The Energy Body Type grants access to the Warrior Class, the Wizard Class, and the Ninja Class. The Adaptive Body Type grants access to the Hunter Class, the Pirate Class, and the Jedi Class.

The Warrior Class, also known as Ki Warrior, originates from the Dragon World of the Dragonball series. Through intense physical training, Energy Bodies with Warrior Class Talent can convert their body's physical energy into Ki. Ki strengthens all physical stats be it strength, speed, or endurance, and can be used for Ki Attacks and special techniques. Warriors are potentially the most powerful physical class, but the constant requirement of intense training means holding a day job is difficult without being creative.

The Wizard Class originates from the Wizarding World of the Harry Potter series. Through practice and study, Energy Bodies with Wizard Class Talent can convert mental energy into magic energy. Magic energy can be used to perform spells and strengthen the mind of the Witch or Wizard that trains to use it. Though the Class grants no physical enhancements, Wizards can gain the ability to teleport, turn invisible, and kill with a single spell those with weaker mental energy than themselves which means the Wizard Class is a heavy hitter, though fragile. Wizards require years of training and education to properly use their abilities, but once mastered, they are incredibly versatile both in and out of combat.

The Ninja Class originates from the Ninja Continent of the Chakra World of the Naruto series. Energy Bodies with Ninja Class Talent are built with Chakra coils and a Chakra network that can actively and passively convert a combination of physical and mental energy into Chakra to be used or stored in the body. Regardless of the Class Talent chosen, a Ninja's Chakra capacity can be increased with intense training. The Ninja is a jack-of-all-trades Class, physically weaker than a Warrior and less versatile than a Wizard, but unpredictable with a massive degree of customization available. Properly channeling chakra through a body while using intense visualization of the body performing an action can increase speed and strength during that action, but not as much as a Warrior's Ki, and Chakra alone does not increase endurance, (chakra alone doesn't make you bulletproof). A Ninja's jutsus are not as quick to use as a Wizard's spells, though the area of effect can be much higher and they are more suited for the battlefield. The Ninja Class requires both dedication and creativity to make the most of it. Ineffective training will only create cannon fodder, while intensive and intelligent training can create a monster.

The Hunter Class originates from the Hunter World of the Hunter X Hunter series. Adaptive Bodies with the Hunter Class Talent are built capable of producing Aura and possess Aura Nodes the Aura can be used through. The Hunter power system called Nen is the art of using Aura. Advanced applications of Nen allow a Hunter to express themselves through their Aura in specific, individualized ways called Hatsus. Although there is a limit to the number of Nen expressions, Hatsus, a Hunter can develop at once, the variability and flexibility of potential Hatsus are only limited by the Hunter's willpower and dedication to training. However, Hatsu training requires knowing the self, which requires a large amount of both life experience and meditation.

The Pirate Class originates from the Sea Ring World of the One Piece series. Though called the Pirate Class, one can train in it without becoming a Pirate. A Player can just as easily become a Bounty Hunter, a Marine, or a Merchant, but the Class is referred to as Pirate for simplicity's sake. Adaptive Bodies with the Pirate Class Talent are built with flesh, mind, and spirit capable of being enhanced through willpower using a power system called Haki. Willpower is difficult to train without pushing yourself beyond the limit and experiencing near-death situations or holding yourself to the highest standard. Only Players with Pirate Class Talent can eat a Devil Fruit, and Players can use Class Talent Points to acquire one without needing to find it in the Sea Ring World, though stronger Devil Fruits are harder to acquire using this method.

The Jedi Class originates from the Sky River Galaxy Cluster of the Star Wars series. Like the Pirate Class, the Jedi Class does not require the Player to become a Jedi. Those with the Jedi Class can just as easily become bounty hunters, Sith, or whatever else they choose to be, but will be referred to as Jedi for simplicity's sake. A Player with Jedi Class Talent will possess a Midichlorian count high enough to interact with the Force and train in using it. Though Midichlorians will exist in other worlds, the Midichlorian count outside of the Sky River Galaxy Cluster will be artificially suppressed so other beings in other worlds will not become Force-sensitive. A high Midichlorian count grants the Player access to the Force. Our approximation of the Force is a multi-layered collective living consciousness that Jedi can access, which enhances the mind and grants Jedi psionic abilities. As the Force is a vast collective consciousness, the stronger the connection a Jedi makes with the Force, the more the Force can affect their mind. Accessing the Force haphazardly will cause a change in personality as the intentions one has when accessing the Force will resonate with the minds within and echo back multiple times stronger. Jedi require years of focused meditation to strengthen their connection to the Force or actions that strengthen willpower.

The three Classes from the Energy Body Type are factually stronger and easier to train in than the three classes from the Adaptive Body Type. This is balanced by the fact that different Classes from the Adaptive Body Type have similar training styles, allowing Players to effectively train some of them together. It is also a fact that the Classes from the Energy Body Type stack their strengths together poorly compared to the Classes from the Adaptive Body Type which stack their strengths seamlessly. If you only intend on training for a single Class, it is recommended to choose from the Energy Body Type unless you have a special build in mind.]

[To start Character Creation, go over the list of what Class Talent Points can be used on, then choose from among the five sets of three numbers you rolled and pick a set of values from them to be your Class Talent Point values. Each of the three numbers can be assigned to one Class unless two of the numbers are nine or less, in which case they can be combined and both be assigned to the same Class. You must also choose which Class is your Primary Class and which is your Secondary to determine not only the order you will unlock your Classes, but which Classes will get the +2 and +1 Class Talent Points.

As long as you are strong enough, it is possible to acquire additional Items and Easy Masteries later. There are three general recommendations for building a strong Character. The Instant Master Build is where you pick a single high-level ability or skill and acquire it along with its prerequisites. Learning its foundational requirements quickly will allow you to access and master the high-level ability or skill quickly. The Foundational Build is where you acquire a few foundation levels of Instant Mastery Proficiencies and use your time while Playing to become a Jack-of-All-Trades that can pick something to specialize in later. The last recommendation is the No Foundation build where you acquire high-level Easy Masteries and then take your time in-game learning and mastering the required foundational skills at standard learning speed to eventually use the high-level Easy Masteries. This is the most difficult build, but in the late game, grants the most strength.

**Remember: Not all Easy Masteries that require a foundational proficiency require the same level of foundational proficiency**

Available Classes

Warrior Class

[Cost] [Talent]

[3] [Average Ki Talent (Yajirobe)]

[6] [High Ki Talent (Yamcha)]

[12] [Genius Ki Talent (Krillin)]

[Item Store]

[Cost] [Item]

[2] [Bansho Fan]

[6] [Dragon Radar]

[2] [Flying Nimbus]

[3] [Laser Sword]

[2] [Magic Carpet]

[1] [Panties]

[1] [Porno Mags]

[3] [Power Pole]

[2] [Weighted Adjustable Training Clothes]

*Warning: Capsules cannot be stored inside other Capsules.*

[2] [Capsule #1: Capsule House]

[1] [Capsule #9: Motorcycle]

[2] [Capsule #67: Jetbike]

[2] [Capsule #101 Storage Capsule]

[1] [Capsule #315 Hoverboard]

[3] [Capsule #576: Airplane]

[1] [Capsule #2031: Refrigerator]

[Free] [Great Saiyaman Watch]

[Easy Mastery]

[Cost] [Skill]

[3] [Ki Proficiency (Passive)]

[1] [Afterimage Technique]

[2] [Flying Technique (Requires Ki Proficiency)]

[1] [Kamehameha (Requires Ki Proficiency)]

[1] [Solar Flare (Requires Ki Proficiency)]

[2] [Destructo Disc (Requires Ki Proficiency)]

[1] [Thundershock Surprise (Requires Ki Proficiency)]

[3] [Spirit Control Proficiency (Passive) (Requires Ki Proficiency)]

[3] [Instant Transmission (Requires Spirit Control Proficiency)]

[3] [Gigantification (Requires Spirit Control Proficiency)]

Wizard Class

[Cost] [Talent]

[3] [Average Wizard Talent (Crabb and Goyle)]

[6] [High Wizard Talent (Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy)]

[12] [Prodigy Wizard Talent (Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Tom Riddle Jr.)]

[Item Store]

[Cost] [Item]

[3] [Perfectly Matched Wand]

[1] [Firebolt Broomstick]

[1] [Mokeskin Pouch with Undetectable Extension Charm (contents are ejected if disabled)]

[2] [Newt Scamander's suitcase. (Animals are not included. Can be remodeled once.

Contents ejected if disabled)]

[1] [Playwitch Magazine]

(Teaches Wand Magic Curriculum)

[1] [Hogwarts Textbooks years 1~2]

[2] [Hogwarts Textbooks years 3~5]

[2] [Hogwarts Textbooks years 6~7]

(Teaches Gesture Magic Curriculum)

[3] [Uagadou Textbooks (Written in Swahili)]

[Easy Mastery]

[Cost] [Skill]

[1] [Occlumency (Passive)]

[2] [Charms Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Transfiguration Proficiency (Passive)]

[1] [Potions Proficiency (Passive)]

[1] [Herbology Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Animagus (Nonmagical animal of your choice) (Requires Transfiguration Proficiency)]

[2] [Metamorphmagus (Requires Transfiguration Proficiency) (Passive)]

[2] [Apparition (Requires Transfiguration Proficiency)]

[4] [Killing Curse* (Requires Charms Proficiency)]

[1] [Summoning Charm* (Requires Charms Proficiency)]

[1] [Repairing Charm*]

[1] [Stupefying Charm*]

[1] [Expelling Charm*]

[2] [Doubling Charm*]

[1] [Enlargement Charm*]

[1] [Unlocking Charm*]

[1] [Water Summoning Charm*]

[1] [Human Revealing Charm*]

[2] [Exploding Charm* (Requires Charms Proficiency)]

[4] [Undetectable Extension Charm* (Requires Charms Proficiency)]

[2] [Disillusionment Charm* (Requires Charms Proficiency)]

[2] [Switching Spell* (Requires Transfiguration Proficiency)]

[2] [Human Transfiguration (Requires Transfiguration Proficiency)]

[1] [Healing Charm* (Requires Charms Proficiency)]

[2] [Vanishing Charm*]

[3] [Mind Viewing Charm* (Requires Charms Proficiency and Occlumency)]

[2] [Shield Charm* (Requires Charms Proficiency)]

[1] [Snake Summoning Charm* (Requires Charms Proficiency)]

[1] [Levitation Charm*]

[2] [Blasting Curse* (Requires Charms Proficiency)]

[4] [Fiendfyre* (Requires Charms Proficiency)]

[1] [Body-bind Curse*]

[2] [Reduction Curse* (Requires Charms Proficiency)]

**Note: A '*' next to the spell denotes a Wand Spell.

Wand Spells require a Wand to perform until a high level of the spell's Proficiency is attained.**

Ninja Class

[Cost] [Talent]

[3] [C-Rank Chakra Capacity Potential (Low Chunin to High Chunin)]

[6] [A-Rank Chakra Capacity Potential (High Jounin to Low Kage)]

[12] [SS-Rank Chakra Capacity Potential (Peak Kage and Akatsuki)]

*May only select one Dōjutsu Bloodline*

**Outside Ninja World, A Dōjutsu will not cause eyes to change in appearance**

[4] [Uchiha- Sharingan. Progresses fully with usage, Mangekyō will not cause Blindness]

[2] [Hyūga- Byakugan]

*Pick as many other Bloodlines as you like*

[1] [Yuki Bloodline- Ice]

[3] [Senju Bloodline- Wood]

[2] [Uzumaki Bloodline- Sealing Attribute Chakra and Chakra Chains]

[2] [Kaguya Bloodline- Dead Bone Pulse]

[Item Store]

[Cost] [Item]

[3] [Clan Scrolls. Scrolls with Jutsus from your chosen bloodline(s)]

[1] [Chakra Blade]

[3] [Madara's Gunbai]

[2] [7 Swords' Twinsword]

[2] [7 Swords' Thunder Swords]

[3] [Sword of Kusanagi]

[3] [Sword of the Thunder God]

[3] [Might Guy's Adjustable Weight Set (Can be combined into a weapon)]

[1] [Icha Icha Paradise]

[Easy Mastery]

[Cost] [Skill]

[3] [Perfect Chakra Control (Passive)]

[2] [Fire Nature Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Water Nature Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Earth Nature Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Lightning Nature Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Wind Nature Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Seal Proficiency (Passive)]

[4] [Nature Energy Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Genjutsu Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Taijutsu Proficiency (Passive)]

[1] [Iryōjutsu Proficiency (Requires Perfect Chakra Control) (Passive)]

[1] [Bukijutsu Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Afterimage Clone]

[3] [Shadow Clone Jutsu]

[2] [Gentle Fist (Requires Byakugan and Taijutsu Proficiency)]

[1] [Strong Fist (Requires Taijutsu Proficiency)]

[2] [Eight Gates (Requires Strong Fist)]

[2] [Shadow Clone Shuriken (Requires Bukijutsu Proficiency)]

[2] [Infinite Darkness (Requires Genjutsu Proficiency)]

[1] [Interrogation (Requires Genjutsu Proficiency)]

[2] [Temple of Nirvana (Requires Genjutsu Proficiency)]

[2] [Enhanced Strength (Requires Perfect Chakra Control)

[1] [Healing Technique (Requires Iryōjutsu Proficiency)

[3] [Flying Thunder God (Requires Seal Proficiency)]

[2] [Mud Clone (Requires Earth Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [Added-Weight Rock Technique (Requires Earth Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [Light-Weight Rock Technique (Requires Earth Nature Proficiency)]

[1] [Earth-Style Wall (Requires Earth Nature Proficiency)]

[1] [Stone Fist (Requires Earth Nature Proficiency)]

[1] [Hiding Mole (Requires Earth Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [Dragon Fire Technique (Requires Fire Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [Fire Dragon Bullet (Requires Fire Nature Proficiency)]

[3] [Great Fire Annihilation (Requires Fire Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [Great Fireball (Requires Fire Nature Proficiency)]

[1] [Phoenix Flower (Requires Fire Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [Lightning Clone (Requires Lightning Nature Proficiency)]

[3] [Kirin (Requires Lightning Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [False Darkness (Requires Lightning Nature Proficiency)]

[3] [Lightning Release Chakra Mode (Requires Lightning Nature and Taijutsu Proficiency)]

[2] [Water Clone (Requires Water Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [Water Prison (Requires Water Nature Proficiency)]

[3] [Exploding Water Shock Wave (Requires Water Nature Proficiency)]

[3] [Great Shark Bullet Technique (Requires Water Nature Proficiency)]

[1] [Hiding in Water (Requires Water Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [Water Dragon Bullet (Requires Water Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [Great Breakthrough (Requires Wind Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [Vacuum Sphere (Requires Wind Nature Proficiency)]

[2] [Vacuum Blade (Requires Wind Nature Proficiency and Bukijutsu Proficiency)]

Hunter Class

[Cost] [Talent]

[3] [1 in 1,000 Nen Talent (Gido, Sadaso, and Riehlvelt.)

[6] [1 in 100,000 Nen Talent (Zushi and Leorio)]

[12] [1 in 10,000,000 Nen Talent (Gon, Killua, and Kurapika)]

[1] [Choose your own Nen Category except for Special, but it changes your personality.]

[2] [Choose your own Nen Category except for Special without changing personality.]

[3] [Become a Specialist Nen Category User.]

[Item Store]

[Cost] [Item]

[2] [Zoldyck Family Adjustable Training Weight Set]

[2] [Zoldyck Family Training Manual]

[2] [GI Card #019 Poltergeist Pillow]

[1] [GI Card #021 X-Ray Goggles]

[3] [GI Card #025 Risky Dice]

[2] [GI Card #051 Miniature Dragon]

[4] [GI Card #073 Night Jade]

[3] [GI Card #080 Levitation Stone]

[4] [GI Card #084 Paladin's Necklace]

[2] [GI Card #090 Memory Helmet]

[Easy Mastery]

[Cost] [Skill]

[3] [Aura Awakening and Ten Proficiency]

[1] [Zetsu and In Proficiency (Requires Ten Proficiency)]

[1] [Ren and Gyō Proficiency (Requires Ten Proficiency)]

[1] [En Proficiency (Requires Ten and Ren Proficiency)]

[1] [Shū Proficiency (Requires Ten Proficiency)]

[1] [Kō Proficiency (Requires Ten, Zetsu, Ren, and Gyō Proficiency]

[1] [Ken and Ryū Proficiency (Requires Kō Proficiency)]

[2] [Enhancer Proficiency (Requires Ren and Shū Proficiency)]

[2] [Emitter Proficiency (Requires Ren and Shū Proficiency)]

[2] [Transformation Proficiency (Requires Ren and Shū Proficiency)]

[2] [Manipulation Proficiency (Requires Ren and Shū Proficiency)]

[2] [Conjuration Proficiency (Requires Ren and Shū Proficiency)]

Pirate Class

[Cost] [Talent]

[3] [Basic Talent for Armament and Observation Haki (Vice Admiral)]

[6] [Genius Talent for Armament and Observation Haki (Admiral)]

[12] [Prodigy Talent for Armament, Observation, and Conqueror's Haki (Emperor)]

Item Store

[Cost] [Item]

[3] [Devil Fruit Trial Pass (DFs of different strengths require different Trials to obtain.

It's first come, first serve. Allows one Attempt every three months until a Fruit is acquired.)

Passing the Fruit's Trial grants the Fruit's effect. You don't have to eat it.]

[2] [Axe Dial]

[1] [Flame Dial]

[1] [Flash Dial]

[2] [Impact Dial]

[3] [Reject Dial]

[1] [Water Dial]

[2] [Ace (Roger's Cutlass)]

[3] [Yoru (Mihawk's Big Black Blade)]

[2] [Raiu (Shiryu's Katana)]

[2] [Durandal (Cavendish's Rapier)]

[2] [Shigure (Tashigi's Katana)]

[2] [Nanashaku Jitte (Smoker's Seastone Jitte)]

[2] [Seastone Spear]

[1] [Seastone Cuffs]

[Easy Mastery]

[Cost] [Skill]

[2] [Observation Haki Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Armament Haki Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Detect Strength, Emotion, and Intent (Requires Observation Haki Proficiency)]

[2] [Brief Future Sight (Requires Observation Haki Proficiency)]

[1] [Armament Emission (Requires Armament Haki Proficiency)]

[2] [Armament External Detonation (Requires Armament Emission)]

[4] [Rokushiki]

[3] [Hasshoken]

[3] [Fishman Karate]

Jedi Class

[Cost] [Talent]

[3] [Midichlorian Count of ~9,000 (Average Jedi/Sith)]

[6] [Midichlorian Count of ~14,000 (Count Dooku/Ahsoka Tano)]

[12] [Midichlorian Count of ~19,000 (Yoda/Darth Sidious/Naga Sadow/Galen Marek)]

[1] [Can use Light Side without personality changing]

[2] [Can use Dark Side without personality changing]

Item Store

[Cost] [Item]

[4] [Lightsaber]

[2] [Lightsaber Customization Kit (used to change the Lightsaber into other forms)]

[2] [Vibrosword]

[2] [Blaster Pistols]

[3] [Blaster Rifles]

[4] [Sniper Rifles]

[4] [Blaster Cannons]

[3] [Echani Energy Shield]

[2] [Mandalorian Melee Shield]

[5] [Mandalorian Jetpack]

[1] [Jedi Knight Holocron]

[2] [Jedi Master Holocron]

[3] [Ancient Jedi Master Holocron]

[2] [Sith Holocron]

[3] [Sith Lord Holocron]

[4] [Je'daii Holocron]

[4] [Ancient Sith Holocron]

[4] [Revan's Holocron]

[2] [HK47's Head]

[Easy Mastery]

[Cost] [Skill]

[2] [Control Proficiency (Passive)]

[2] [Sense Proficiency (Requires Control Proficiency) (Passive)]

[2] [Alter Proficiency (Requires Sense Proficiency) (Passive)]

[1] [Healing Proficiency (Requires Control Proficiency) (Passive)]

[1] [Form I: Shii-Cho (Requires Control Proficiency)]

[1] [Form II: Makashi (Requires Shii-Cho and Sense Proficiency)]

[1] [Form III: Soresu (Requires Shii-Cho and Precognition Proficiency)]

[1] [Form IV: Ataru (Requires Soresu and Force Valor Proficiency)]

[1] [Form V: Shien/Djem So (Requires Makashi, Soresu, and Enhance Attribute)]

[1] [Form VI: Niman (Requires Shien/Djem So and Telekinesis Proficiency)]

[2] [Telekinesis (Requires Alter Proficiency)]

[1] [Self-Healing (Requires Healing Proficiency)]

[1] -[Heal Other (Requires Self-Healing and Alter Proficiency)]

[4] -[Sever Force (Requires Self-Healing and Alter Proficiency)]

[1] [Force Valor (Requires Control Proficiency)]

[1] [Enhance Attribute (Requires Control Proficiency)]

[1] [Force Stealth (Requires Control Proficiency)]

[2] [Tutaminis (Requires Control Proficiency)]

[2] -[Electric Judgment (Requires Tutaminis and Alter Proficiency)]

[2] -[Force Drain (Requires Tutaminis and Alter Proficiency)]

[2] -[Droid Disable (Requires Tutaminis and Alter Proficiency)]

[2] [Psychometry (Requires Sense Proficiency)]

[2] [Clairvoyance (Requires Sense Proficiency)]

[1] [Telepathy (Requires Sense Proficiency)]

[1] -[Comprehend Speech (Requires Telepathy)]

[3] -[Drain Knowledge (Requires Telepathy and Alter Proficiency)]

[1] [Precognition (Requires Sense Proficiency)]

[2] -[Battle Precognition (Requires Precognition)]

[2] -[Shatterpoint (Requires Precognition)]

[2] -[Dark Transfer (Requires Shatterpoint, Healing, and Alter Proficiency)]

[2] [Force Weapon (Requires Alter Proficiency)]

[2] -[Force Alchemy (Requires Force Weapon)]

[2] -[Midichlorian Manipulation (Requires Healing and Force Alchemy Proficiency)]

Remember, it is possible to gain additional Easy Masteries and Items, so no need to fret if you cannot get everything you want now. The stronger your Character, the easier it will be to gain additional Easy Masteries later.

Of course, all Players are more than welcome to learn the skills from scratch rather than learn through Easy Mastery.

*Special Offer*

During this round of Six Classes of Reincarnation, we are offering a Special Bundle for Players who obtain an 18 using a single roll or a combination of two rolls of 9. If the 18 is assigned to your Primary Class, granting it an additional +2 Class Talent Points, the Player may forgo using their 20 Points to selectively purchase Talents, Items, and Easy Masteries for that Class and instead purchase our New 20 Talent Bundle!

The 20 Talent Bundle for each Class includes the Highest level of Talent that the world allows.

Warrior Talent: Master Roshi

Wizard Talent: Merlin

Ninja Talent: Hashirama, Madara, and Naruto

Hunter Talent: Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou

Pirate Talent: Joyboy and Luffy

Jedi Talent: Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker

The 20 Talent Bundle also includes specific Items and Easy Masteries with a total value greater than 10 Talent Points along with Instant Masteries and special abilities that cannot be purchased with Talent Points or during Gameplay.

What's the Catch? There are a few of them, but the main one is that the Items and Easy Masteries granted with the Bundle will not be chosen by the Player but by us.

The final sheet below this page is your Character Creation Page. If you decide to become a Player, then start rolling the Dice, pick up that pencil, and start creating your Character. Once you have a completed Character Sheet or if you decide you do not want to play, you can open the door and come out to meet us. (People who think they can get away with cheating us will be punished.) We'll help you create a backstory for your Character and determine how your Game will start so that you can get the best training you can as early as possible or just have fun and enjoy your new life.

We welcome you to the Reincarnator's Tavern and we hope you enjoy your stay and your play.]