A Princess and Her Knight

Chapter 1: Surprise at the Petalburg Gym

Hello guys, this is a sequel to Lady Arcanine's story Time Traveling Princess (made with her permission of course). I really loved that fanfic, though I felt it could have gone on longer after Ash and May reunite when Dialga allows them to be together. I know the plot was about Dialga chasing her but I still felt it could expand. Ah well, I can take that on myself. I'll be taking suggestions from Lady Arcanine most likely for advice and to remain true to the first fic.

Just to be clear, I decided to keep the current Gym Leader in Petalburg related to May, so he would be a descendant of Max. He'll look just like Norman does but have different clothes from May's father who lived centuries ago. It would be the same scenario with the two lookalike queens from Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, Rin and Illene. His name will be Norman the Fifth (or V).

Princess May Maple of Hoenn followed her knight, Sir Ash Ketchum, into the Petalburg Gym. They were back together again. Even though it had only been for a few days it still felt like an eternity, one spent in hurt. She'd been sent back to her own time hundreds of years ago by Dialga, away from her beloved Ash, the man who'd found and rescued her the first time she'd come to the future through way of the Mirage Tower. They'd met and gone on one hell of an adventure, she'd seen things she never imagined possible such as bright cities, people like Ash working with Pokémon (or as she'd originally called them, magical creatures), clothing stores, restaurants with exquisite food, and so much more.

May held Eevee, her newest Pokémon that had been gifted to her by Ash only moments ago. Eevee was small and foxlike, with brown and tan fur, long ears, and lovely dark eyes. On her shoulder was her other Pokémon that she'd caught a few weeks ago, Minun. Both May's Pokémon were girls, and in love with two of Ash's own Pokémon, or at least that was the case for Eevee with Pikachu, and Minun was starting a relationship with Ash's Plusle who currently resided in his Poké Ball.

They stepped inside the Gym and saw two other people. One, a young man somewhere between the age of Ash and May, (nineteen or twenty), with short spiky greenish brown hair in a blue shirt. The other was-

"Dad?" May exclaimed.

The other man was the spitting image of her father, King Norman Maple. Though his clothes consisting of a brown and black jacket and dark pants were obviously modern. It couldn't be him. Her father had lived centuries ago! Had he somehow followed her here? No, he'd accepted her decision to come back to the future to be with Ash.

The man looked at her in surprise. "I'm sorry, did you just call me dad?"

May looked at him in shock before blushing in embarrassment. "Uh… sorry you just look a lot like my dad."

The man looked at her. "Well, you look like Princess May of the ancient Royal family of Hoenn!"

May felt a shiver run down her spine. Never before had anyone made the connection to her so quickly based on appearance. But then, this was her home even if a few centuries passed.

"Uh, you must have her confused with someone else," Ash tried to intervene.

The lookalike of May's father suddenly looked at Ash, and down to the medal around the trainer's neck. The medal marked Ash as a Knight of Ancient Hoenn. It was made at May's request before she returned to the future and gave it to Ash, making him an official knight of her family, who would guard Princess May.

"Hey where'd you get that? That's a seal of knighthood from the ancient Royal family!"

Ash clenched his teeth. "Uh… how do you know that?"

"I think a descendant of said family would recognize a seal of knighthood! Now please answer my questions."

May and Ash both felt their mouths fall open. The Petalburg Gym Leader was May's great great great nephew or something?

"You're… from the Maple family?" May exclaimed.

"Yes, I'm Norman Maple V. I may be a humble Gym leader unlike my ancestors but I take pride in the fact that we were once royalty. Now you better have a good explanation for having a medal that rightfully belongs in a museum."

Realizing they might be in a sticky situation, Ash decided it was probably best to come clean. "I didn't steal it, Sir. This was given to me by May."

He indicated his girlfriend. The princess nodded before stepping forward.

"If you are descended from the Royal family, that means we're kin."

Norman Maple V looked at her, then his eyes widened. "I don't believe it. You're Princess May, aren't you? I recognize you from the portrait of the family I've seen in the museum."

He looked at Ash. "You must be the man she was reported to have met in the future and went back to to be with."

Ash nodded. It seemed they wouldn't be able to keep their secret here. Hopefully this would be the only instance of it, who knew what sort of trouble would come their way if everyone found out May was an ancient princess from the past?

"Yes. But I think it would be best to keep this quiet," Ash said.

Norman nodded. "I believe I can trust my assistant Kenny to keep this secret."

The younger man nodded. "Not a problem, Norman."

Norman V smiled. "You know I always wondered about the princess who went to the future and if she would ever meet any distant relatives. Though I don't think you visited this Gym by coincidence."

"Oh, well you see, I'm actually here to challenge you to a battle so I can get my next badge," Ash said.

"I see," Norman said. "Well, in that case I accept your challenge. We can talk more afterwards."

They nodded. Ash and Pikachu turned to May and her two Pokémon. May smiled at him and let Eevee jump out of her arms before hugging Ash.

"Good luck, Sir Ash," she said to her boyfriend.

"Thanks May," Ash said kissing her.

She happily returned the kiss. Pikachu, meanwhile, jumped off of Ash's shoulder and down to Eevee.

The Evolution Pokémon smiled at her new mate.

"I suppose I should wish you luck as well. Love you Pikachu," Eevee said as she licked him on the cheek.

Pikachu's face turned a bright red and he put a paw behind his head. "Thanks Evee."

Minun watched the couples with a little jealousy as she realized she was the only one of the three unable to wish her own special someone luck and love.

"Come on Eevee and Minun, we'll sit down and watch," May said as she took a seat on a nearby bench for spectators.

Minun got off from her trainer's shoulder and sat on one side of May while Eevee jumped up and took the other. Both Pokémon and their trainer watched with anticipation. May was excited to see Ash battle again. Minun and Eevee hadn't seen the last battle but were looking forward to this one. Before them was a stadium like the one at the Lavaridge Gym but made of wood instead of rock. Ash and Norman assumed their positions with Kenny serving as referee.

"The Pokémon battle between Norman V of the Petalburg Gym and Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town will now begin! Each side will use three Pokémon, the battle will continue until all three of one trainer's Pokémon are unable to battle. In addition, only the challenger will be allowed to make substitutions."

Ash and May watched as her distant nephew drew a Poké Ball.

"Alright Ash, I suppose you're wondering what kind of Pokémon we use at the Petalburg Gym," Norman said. "Well, let's just say because something might be normal doesn't mean it can't be extraordinary."

Ash hummed in agreement. "Normal types huh? Alright!"

Normal types were the Pokémon that often resembled ordinary animals like rats, racoons and other things, no fire, electricity or similar elements. They didn't have many weaknesses besides rock, steel, or fighting Pokémon. Unfortunately, Ash didn't have any of those. Ah well, Normal Types weren't really strong against anything either. They at least allowed for a balanced battle that could go either way if properly used.

"Now, Slakoth, I choose you!" Norman said as he threw his first Poké Ball.

A little tan sloth-like Pokémon with brown markings and a big pink nose appeared.

Ash drew his own Poké Ball. "Alright, Plusle I choose you!"

Ash's most recently caught Pokémon, a Plusle appeared. He had the same cream body as Minun, though his ears and tail were both red while she was blue, and his tail was shaped in a plus sign while hers was a minus. He looked around, noticing he was in a Gym Battle. Being a bit insecure, he wasn't sure he'd do well.

"Plusle! Good luck!" Minun called.

Plusle looked over at her, and managed a small smile.

"Thanks, Minun! I'll do my best!" he called back.

"Great!" Minun suddenly let out a shower of sparks to cheer him on.

"Wow, nice Minun!" May said. "I forgot you give off sparks when cheering friends on."

"Mi!" Minun said to her trainer, who couldn't understand her yet, but figured that meant "Yep!"

Ash smiled at the blue cheering Pokémon.

"Just do your best Plusle!" he said as well.

"Plus!" His newest Pokémon said and got ready, facing Slakoth.

"Slakoth! Scratch attack!" Norman said.

"Dodge and use Quick Attack!" Ash commanded in response.

Slakoth moved quickly, at least for a Slakoth. Still, Plusle was quicker. It dodged the scratch attack and moved in, ramming Slakoth who stumbled.

Slakoth stood still, its ability Truant kicking in. It couldn't attack continuously. It had to wait a few seconds before it could make a move again. But that left Ash an opening.

"Thunder Wave!" he ordered.

"Plusle!" Plusle sent a wave of electricity out at Slakoth.

"Dodge it!" Norman said.

Slakoth only moved a teeny bit, but enough to dodge the attack that would have paralyzed it and slowed it down even more.

"What?" Ash exclaimed.

"Now, dig!" Norman ordered.

Slakoth dug through the door and vanished into the floor. Ash gritted his teeth while May and her two Pokémon grew uneasy. Dig was a ground type move and would be super effective against Plusle, an electric type.

"Oh, come on, Plusle!" Minun whispered putting her paws on her heart.

Plusle's ears twitched, and he heard her voice.

"Stay focused Plusle!" Ash said. "Listen for when Slakoth is coming then use Quick Attack to dodge!"

Plusle wanted to look over at Minun but resisted that temptation. Slakoth could strike any time and he had to keep his guard up. He listened to what Ash said, then…


The red cheering Pokémon moved with Quick Attack as Slakoth appeared, narrowly missing him.

"Now, Thunder Wave! Rapid Fire!" Ash ordered.


Plusle let out a series of three thunderwaves. Slakoth managed to dodge the first two, but the third caught it and it yelped in pain. The attack hadn't done any damage, but it did paralyze the Pokemon and slow it down even more. Now it might be even less able to attack then was typical for its kind.

"Spark!" Ash continued.

Plusle lit up in yellow electricity and charged, hitting Slakoth with a jolt.

"Cut Attack!" Norman commanded.

Slakoth raised his claws and swiped at Plusle, hitting the cheering Pokemon and doing some moderate damage.

"Plusle!" Ash cried in concern.

"Mi!" Minun screamed.

Plusle slowly got up, hurt but still able to keep going. Slakoth meanwhile, simply lay still again.

"Spark, again!" Ash said.

Plusle sparked his cheeks once more and suddenly he began to glow, electricity sparkling off of him. It looked similar to Spark but not quite.

"That's… Charge I think!" Ash exclaimed.

"Pika!" Pikachu agreed.

Ash smirked, now Plusle's electric attacks would be stronger.

"Alright Plusle use Spark!" Ash said.

Plusle charged in.

"Slakoth use Façade!" Norman countered.

Ash grit his teeth, Façade was a move that doubled its power if the user was afflicted with a condition such as burn, poison, or paralysis. It was known to do major damage even without that. If Plusle was hit with that move it would be over.

Slakoth made a slow charge to meet Plusle who came in with a bright Spark. Ash watched in worry. But then Slakoth stopped, electricity appearing around him. The paralysis had immobilized him, just in time too! Plusle hit Slakoth again, this time with an even more powerful Spark. It sent the Slacker Pokémon flying and swirls appeared in Slakoth's eyes.

"Slakoth is unable to battle, Plusle is the winner!" Kenny raised his flag toward Ash.

"Yay! Way to go, Plusle!" Minun cheered letting off more sparks.

"Great job, Sir Ash!" May called.

"Eevee! Eevee!" Eevee raised her paws as well in encouragement.

Plusle sighed a bit, having taken some damage from the earlier Cut attack. Ash smiled at his second electric Pokémon.

"Good job Plusle. Take a little rest," he said as he recalled him. "Alright Pikachu!"

"You got it!" Pikachu said running out.

"I love you, Pikachu!" Eevee called.

"I love you too!" Pikachu looked over to her with a smile and blew her a kiss.

She blushed as Ash, May and Minun looked at her with a smile.

"Alright!" Norman said as he brought out a second Poké Ball. "Vigoroth, go!"

Slakoth's evolved form appeared. A white and red monkey Pokémon with big claws. Pikachu stood ready.

"Begin!" Kenny said.

"Vigoroth, use Sword Dance!" Norman ordered.

Vigoroth began waving its claws through the air in a dance motion. May and her Pokémon shuddered with fear at the display.

"Ooh, that's scary," the princess said.



Both of her Pokémon agreed as they clung to her legs.

Ash smiled. "Turning up your offense, huh? Well, two can play at that game! Pikachu Thunder!"

"You got it!" Pikachu said sparking his cheeks.

A powerful Thunder attack flew at Vigoroth who roared in pain but stood his ground.

"Façade!" Norman ordered.

Vigoroth expeled large drops of water from its body that hit Pikachu who cried out in pain.


"Pikachu!" Ash called.

"Eevee!" Eevee also called in concern at how much damage her mate had taken.

"Pika!" Pikachu got up and looked at Eevee. "Don't worry, I'm okay."

The three girls sighed in relief. But this round was not over yet.

"Pikachu, Iron Tail!" Ash called.

"Vigoroth, Slash!" Norman likewise ordered.

The two Pokémon charged at each other. Pikachu leapt and spun in the air, his tail glowing and turning metallic as it prepared its steel type attack. Vigoroth's claws also glowed and extended. The two Pokémon locked attacks, but Vigoroth's overpowered Pikachu's, sending the Electric type to the floor.

"Pika!" Pikachu struggled to get up.

Eevee watched with growing worry. Noticing this, May patted her head. "Don't worry Eevee. Pikachu will be alright even if he loses. They won't do anything so dangerous that they'll kill each other."

"Eevee," Eevee said. "I hope so."

"Come on, Sir Ash! Pikachu! You can do it!" May said raising her arms.

"Minun! Mi!"

"Eevee! Eevee!"

All the girls cheered at once and caused the Trainer and his Pokémon to look over at them. Ash and Pikachu both smiled.

"Yeah, you're right! We can do this, Pikachu!" Ash said.

"Yeah!" Pikachu agreed.

"Alright! Thunder!"

Pikachu let another Thunder.


Vigoroth dodged.

"Slash again!"



Pikachu's Thunderbolt hit Vigoroth. But not quite quick enough as the Slash attack hit Pikachu at the same time. Both of them were thrown back and fainted.

"Both Pikachu and Vigoroth are unable to battle! This round is a draw!" Kenny said.

Ash walked over and picked up Pikachu in his arms. At the same time, Eevee made her way over to check on her mate, quickly followed by May.

"You did great, Pikachu," Ash said to his partner. "There's just one more. Plusle and Tailow, Corphish, or Treecko can handle it."

"Eevee?" Eevee asked. "Are you alright, Pikachu?"

"Pika." Pikachu replied with a weak smile saying, "I'll be fine after some rest and a Pokémon Center."

"You did really good Pikachu!" May said as she took the Electric type in her arms like she had last time he'd been taken down in a Gym Battle. She carried him back to the bench and set him on her lap while Eevee nuzzled him.

"Pika." He nuzzled her back reassuringly. "I'm fine, Eevee. Really."

"Eevee." She nodded.

Ash took a certain Poké Ball out again. "Plusle, I choose you!"

The red cheering Pokémon reappeared on the stadium.

"Plusle!" he said.

Minun smiled at him. Now Norman got out his final Pokémon.

"Slaking, come on out!"

A large brown ape Pokémon appeared and pounded his chest. Seeing the size difference between the two, May and Minun both worried about Plusle who took a step back in fright. Plusle had managed to keep his cool so far, but his confidence was shattered as he saw the large Pokémon in front of him.

"Mi! Minun!" Minun called, letting off more sparks. "Don't give up Plusle! Just do your best!"

"Plusle!" He agreed in appreciation then formed a determined expression.

Ash considered his options. Slaking was the final evolutionary stage after Slakoth and Vigoroth. That meant it was the most powerful. At least like Slakoth it couldn't attack more than once every ten or so seconds. But it probably had that Façade attack too. He couldn't take the chance with Thunderwave, which would make that attack do even more damage. He gotten lucky last time. That left Charge, Spark, Helping Hand, and Quick Attack from Plusle's moves. Helping hand wouldn't do any good since they didn't have any allies in this battle that could help attack. And Spark would come with the risk of paralyzing. Normally that would be a good thing for Ash but he had to try and avoid that if possible. Even just a regular power fFçade would probably be enough to take down Plusle in one hit.

"Begin!" Kenny said.

Ash made up his mind. "Plusle use a bunch of Quick Attacks!"


Moving so fast he became a blur, the cream and red Pokémon hit the large Slaking over and over again. Being a big Pokémon, Slaking relied on brute strength to defeat its opponents. Plusle had the speed to avoid him, but even so his attacks didn't do much damage. It would take many of them to bring Slaking down. After four Quick Attacks, Slaking was knocked off its feet, but it hadn't taken much damage at all. Its thick body provided a strong defense that Plusle couldn't seem to break with Quick Attack.

Ash gritted his teeth again. This might cause paralysis, but Quick Attack isn't enough.

"Plusle Charge!"

Plusle charged his electricity with his new move, his body glowing.

"Use your Mega Punch Slaking!" Norman ordered.

Slaking charged, not matching Plusle's speed, but coming in with heavy steps as it raised its fist.

"Dodge and use Spark!" Ash ordered.

Plusle dodged the powerful punch and hit Slaking with Spark. That did some good damage. Slaking stood there, its Truant preventing another move.

"Charge again!" Ash said.

He needed to make sure Plusle's attacks were powered to the max if they were going to win. Plusle charged himself up again.

"Hyper Beam!"

That caught Ash offguard. Hyperbeam was one of the most powerful attacks there was. Before he could order Plusle to dodge the attack shot from Slaking's mouth in the shape of an orange beam. It hit Plusle with immense power. Minun yelled out in concern. Smoke appeared for a moment, when it cleared, Plusle was shown with swirls in his eyes as he lay on his back.

"Plusle is unable to battle. Slaking is the winner!" Kenny announced. "You are both down to one Pokémon!"

Ash recalled Plusle and looked at his Poké Ball. "You did a good job Plusle," he said with a smile.

Minun wished they would have brought Plusle over here. Ah well, she'd encourage him when he was let out and she saw him next time. She watched with May and the others, Ash had only one Pokémon left.

Ash thought for a moment then made a choice.

"Treecko, it's all up to you!" he said throwing his third Poké Ball.

The green gecko Pokémon appeared.

"Treecko!" it announced.

This was it. The final battle for this Gym Battle.

Slaking breathed hard, still tired from the Hyper Beam and the damage it received from Plusle.

"Begin!" Kenny called.

"Bullet Seed!" Ash commanded.

Many green projectiles shot from Treecko's mouth and hit Slaking, adding a little more to the damage. But it still wasn't enough to bring the big Pokémon down. Not even close.

"Mega Punch!" Norman ordered.

Slaking charged with its fist raised.

"Dodge and use Pound!" Ash ordered.

The small nimble Treecko easily dodged the bigger, stronger, and slower Slaking's punch then pounded its face with its tail.

"Good, I can dodge. Just need to keep that up and avoid the attacks, then I'll be good," Ash said aloud.

Norman chuckled. "You really think it would be that easy?"

That caused everyone to worry about what he had in store next.

"Slaking. Rest!"

Slaking lay on its side, holding its head as it went to sleep for a moment. The damage done, all that hard work by Plusle and just now Treecko, healed.

"No!" Ash lamented, realizing how hard it would be now.

Slaking would just rest and recover every time. He needed something more powerful. But Treecko's attacks, Pound, Quick Attack, Bullet Seed, were all low-level offense. The situation had become desperate. He couldn't give up though.

"Treecko use all your attacks! Don't stop!" Ash ordered.

Treecko immediately began doing so, firing Bullet Seeds, running in with Quick Attacks, and Pounding with its tail. But they hardly did anything. Over and over again the attacks came, until finally Slaking woke up.

"Mega Punch!"

Slaking got up as Treecko prepared to launch another Quick Attack. A shiver ran down Ash's spine.

"No don't!"

Too late. Treecko charged and was caught by Slaking's Mega Punch. It hit the wall and slid down, struggling to get back up.

"Treecko, are you okay?" Ash asked.


Ash sighed. Maybe it would be best to surrender. Train and come back another day once his Pokémon were stronger. Or maybe use Corphish instead. He didn't want Treecko to get hurt when it was clear they could not win. On the bench, May and the others watched in worry, as they looked at Ash and saw the defeat in his eyes.

Treecko saw it too, and he hated that look. If only he could get stronger, strong enough to defeat that Slaking and earn his trainer a badge. Then suddenly, he began to glow. Green for instant, then pure white which his entire body shined in.

"Whoa. What's happening?" May asked as she hadn't seen this phenomenon before.

"Treecko is evolving!" Ash exclaimed.

Treecko grew, a long leaf sprouting from its head as its arms, legs, and torso also increased in size. Then the glow faded and a new Pokémon stood there. It was taller, with long leaves on its wrists, heads, and back.

"Treecko evolved into Grovyle!" Ash exclaimed.

"Well, looks like you got lucky," Norman said. "But will it be enough to take on Slaking?"

"Well, we'll see!" Ash said as he pulled out his Pokedex.

Grovyle, the Wood Gecko Pokemon. Grovyle is well known for its dexterity in treetops, as it is often seen jumping from branch to branch. Even the fastest of Pokémon cannot catch a Grovyle in wooded areas.

Checking Grovyle's moves, Ash saw a new one. Also, looking at Grovyle, he saw a green glow around the grass type's body.

"What is that?" May asked. "Is that something that happens to Pokémon after they evolve?"

"No, that's Overgrow. A Grass Pokémon ability that increases their power when they've exerted themselves a lot," Ash said.

"Looks like you might have a chance after all," Norman said. "Let's end this!"

Ash nodded then decided to try his new move.

"Alright Grovyle, use Leaf Blade!"

Grovyle charged, the new grass blades that had formed on its wrists grew and lit up green.

"Use Mega Punch!" Norman ordered.

"Dodge it!" Ash said.

Grovyle dodged the attack and landed its own. It did some good damage to Slaking who stood still once again.

"Once more!" Ash ordered.

Grovyle landed another Leaf Blade. One more would do it! May and the others smiled in anticipation.

Norman grit his teeth this time. Both he and Ash had to end this in the next attack.

"Mega Punch!"

"Leaf Blade!"

The two Pokémon charged at one another. This was it. The defining moment. They collided, their attacks hitting. Both Pokémon stood there for a moment. It was unclear who would go down. Grovyle fell to its knees, and it looked over at Ash. But Grovyle pulled itself back up, then Slaking fell to the floor.

"Slaking is unable to battle! The victory goes to Ash of Pallet Town!" Kenny declared.

"Yeah!" Ash said. "Great job, Grovyle!"

"Wahoo!" May cheered raising her hands in triumph.

"Ash did it," Pikachu said.

"Yeah, he sure did," Eevee said. "I'm glad to see him doing so well. He was a real wreck after she had to leave. I'm proud of you, Pikachu."

She kissed him, and he kissed back while Minun did a final shower of sparks for the victory celebration. May meanwhile, ran to her boyfriend and knight. Throwing her arms around him.

"You did great Sir Ash!" she said with a bright smile. "I'm glad I came back in time to see this battle."

"I'm glad too May," Ash said.

And the two of them kissed passionately.

Okay. This concludes this chapter. I'll do my best to go back to two chapters per week. But it will have to be on Saturday and Sunday from now on since Wednesdays are usually busy. Did my best to follow Lady Arcanine's version which had the Pokemon having dialogue that they could understand each other or in the case of Ash and Pikachu know each other well enough for Ash to understand him. Get the badge next time in about two weeks or so.