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This fic is not related to "The Prince, The Girl and the Lion" but I did take some elements from it because I quite like those characters.

In this two-shot, twenty years have passed since the events of Prince Caspian. So you may have a reference, here are the ages of the characters (and here they have kids, so we have a lot of characters):

High King Caspian X: 40.

Queen Susan the Gentle: 38.

Crown Princess Helena: 14.

Prince Rillian: 10.

Prince Martin: 10.

King Peter the Magnificent: 39.

Queen Lilliandil the Celestial: 39.

Princess Anna: 11.

Princess Baela: 8.

High Queen Elizabeth the Wise: 37.

King Edmund the Just: 37.

Crown Prince Nikolai: 16

Prince Gavin: 13.

Princess Jade: 9.

Queen Lucy the Valiant: 35.

King Tor of Archenland: 40.

Crown Prince Kaz: 10.

Prince Tumnus: 7.

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If I Could Dream (I Would Still Choose You). - Part I.

She had been the High Queen of Narnia for twenty-three years now, yet she would never get used to people bowing to her upon seeing her. She would give the performance of her lifetime pretending she found it natural, but it would always leave her with the feeling that she was unworthy of such devotion.

As Monarch, she had many responsibilities. One of them was to always be courteous towards her subjects. As of late, she had been waking up nauseous and exhausted but, as she walked down the corridors of Cair Paravel in search of her family, she ignored that queasy feeling and smiled at every single being she walked past.

At last, she walked into the gardens, and found Professor Cornelius sitting by the fountain with his gaze on the top of the trees and his mind clearly elsewhere. The old professor however turned towards Beth with a smile as she set foot on the grass.

"Your Majesty," Cornelius greeted. "How are you in this fine morning?"

"I would be better if you called me Beth but after more than two decades, I know better than to argue." Beth retorted. She clasped her hands in front of her dress as she looked around. "Have you seen my husband or children? I'm having a hard time finding them this morning."

"I haven't seen them, Your Grace." Cornelius replied. He raised slowly with the help of his cane, shaking his head good-naturedly when the High Queen reached for him. "Perhaps your royal husband has gone to the beach with the young Princes and the darling Princess? It is a marvelous day, after all."

"Perhaps," Beth mumbled and, because she felt comfortable in the presence of the professor who had known her since her teenage years when she spent her time running after her brother Tor and their best friend Caspian, she allowed her face to drop into a pout. "And they left me behind to deal with the responsibilities of being a monarch. How sweet of them."

Cornelius laughed as he clasped Beth's hands into his. "Perhaps they meant for you to sleep in, Your Majesty. You could use whatever rest you can get, as you know."

At that, Beth looked up into the Professor's eyes, caught in between smiling and snorting at the concern. And it was in that moment that little feet suddenly resonated behind her.


Beth turned at once, her golden eyes impossibly bright as they caught sight of her youngest child. Princess Jade was nine years old, and already a force to be reckoned with. A perfect mix of her husband and herself, her golden hair fell down her back in curls that bounced joyfully with every step, while her chocolate eyes wrinkled with profound joy as she finally caught sight of her mother.

"My darling," Beth breathed as she rushed towards her daughter. She knelt before the young princess to cover her face in kisses. "I was looking for you. How are you? Have you been with daddy all morning?"

Jade nodded enthusiastically. "I woke up super super early to help daddy. He told us you needed to rest and that we had to be on our best behavior today, so I went with him to the orchards to get a surprise apple basket for you!"

Beth looked up at Cornelius with amusement, who had by then joined them, before turning back towards her daughter. "Well, you are very sweet and I love you very much. Your brothers?"

"I saw Gavin at the training grounds with Glenstorm," Jade informed dutifully. "He seemed angry that he had to use a wooden sword."

Beth laughed at that. She carefully cleared a strand of golden hair away from Jade's little face. "And Nik?"

"Nik was at the library. He seemed worried." Jade bit her lip at that, for she held her older brothers as her personal heroes and therefore, hated when they were sad or concerned. "Is he okay mommy?"

"He is very much okay, my love." Beth sighed, preventing herself from showing her concern to her youngest daughter, who tended to overworry herself…much like her mother. She caressed Jade's little cheek before looking up at Professor Cornelius. "My dear friend, do you mind if the Princess keeps you company until I find my husband? We'll be back to fetch her shortly."

"Of course, Your Majesty." Professor Cornelius smiled calmly before turning to the Princess with a serious expression. "Now, Your Highness, I need your assistance in a mission only a true Princess of Narnia can undertake. Do you think I can count with your wise aid?"

Jade, who quite enjoyed it when the adults talked to her as if she was an adult herself, even when she didn't understand half the words, clapped her hands in delight. Then, she remembered she was a Princess of Narnia, and straightened proudly as she attempted to look grave. "Of course, Professor!"

Beth smiled at them as she straightened. She watched for a second who the young princess skipped after the old dwarf before leaving the gardens and heading straight for the library in search of her oldest son.

As the heir to the Narnian Throne, Prince Nikolai was starting to understand the depths of his responsibilities, responsibilities that seemed to become bigger and heavier the more he got older. Now a sixteen-year-old young man and the oldest of the Princes and Princesses of Narnia, he tended to take himself too seriously, which only resulted in too much stress inflicted on him whenever he gave anything but the very best of his performances.

The day before, Nikolai had been dutifully present in a Council meeting along with his parents and the rest of the Councilmen. And it was in that fateful afternoon that the subject of making alliances with other countries through marriage proposals had been brought up by one of the Telmarine lords, Lord Solano.

Beth had been affronted by the topic, intending on burying it immediately, but Nikolai had - in his honorable desire of helping his country - asked why it was important for him to choose a fitting wife.

The patronizing tone in which Lord Solano had addressed the Crown Prince of Narnia had left Nikolai flushed as crimson as his mother's skirts. His father had then put a swift end to the discussion, declaring that all Princes and Princesses of Narnia would have complete liberty in the choice of a partner and that no further discussion would be tolerated.

After dinner, Beth had talked with Nikolai at length and Nikolai had seemed to be comforted by her reassurance.

Now, he was worried once again.

Maybe, something else had happened.

Once she reached the library, she didn't announce herself. She instead chose to sneak silently past the ajar door, and remained leaning against the wall as she studied her son.

Crown Prince Nikolai had grown tremendously in recent years, so much that now only his uncle Caspian was taller than him. His hair, as raven as his father's, fell down his forehead in a disarray, while his golden eyes were focused on the book he seemed to be reading. Beth, knowing him better than anyone else, could see past the clear performance. His eyes didn't flit across the page, but rather stayed fixed on one point.

Beth sighed. He was still worried. Her poor boy.

She was going to have a serious talk with that idiot of a lord.

"You need a haircut, my dear."

Prince Nikolai looked up at once, his hand subconsciously reaching towards his hair as she uselessly tried to arrange it into some sort of proper hairstyle. "I quite like it, mom."

Beth smiled understandingly as she crossed the room. She sat on the armchair beside him, and reached to comb it herself with her fingers. "I know but spring is coming to its end. Before you know it, summer will be here and you will start training much more often. You don't want the sweat to affect your eyesight during a fight. Once you are an experienced warrior, you may do with your hair as you see fit."

Nikolai rolled his eyes at that, but Beth knew better than to think he was angry. He was stressed, and pretending to be angry was how he hid it. It was much easier for him and, truthfully, she could understand that.

"Has Lord Solano talked to you again?" Beth asked softly, yet with a tone that left no room for deflection.

"No," Nikolai shook his head, his gaze on his mother. Then, he deflated, his gaze lowering to the forgotten book on his lap. "I heard Dad talking with Trumpkin and Trufflehunter. Apparently the Calormen Tisroc has written Uncle Peter."

Beth frowned. That wasn't what she had expected. "What about?"

Nikolai frowned at his book. Then, he made himself even smaller in his seat. "The Tisroc wants to betroth one of the Calormene princesses to me. Apparently I can travel to Tashbaan whenever I desire and have my pick."

Beth felt herself burn with rage but, knowing how stressed her son was already, she wasn't about to add to the angst by cursing the Tisroc, Lord Solano and everyone else who thought it was time for her son to give up his life and freedom. Besides, if Nikolai's father didn't know he had overheard, then he had probably already witnessed their anger at this sort of proposal and that couldn't have been a pretty sight.

So, taking a calming breath, Beth reached to hold his hand in hers. "What do you think about this?"

"I don't like it, especially after hearing how furious Dad was about it." Nikolai replied with a whisper, his eyes grave with concern. Then, as he seemed to remember something, he looked up at his mother with confusion. "He didn't tell you about this?"

Beth smiled at that. Of course her son would worry about everyone else on top of himself. "I still haven't seen your father today. Your sister told me you were here and that you seemed worried. I thought I would come and help."

Nikolai hesitated before rising from his chair. He sat beside Beth on her arm chair and rested his head on her shoulder. "I don't want to think about these things yet, Mom. I know that I'm supposed to but-."

"Nikolai," Beth cut him gently and, knowing better than to interrupt his mother when she called him by his full name, the young prince looked up at his mother with respect and expectation. "You and I know that one day you will have to think about these things but that time has not come yet. You are our heir but that doesn't mean you should give up your childhood."

"You did," Nikolai mumbled and Beth sighed.

"I was fourteen when I became High Queen but it was because we had just won a war. Your uncle Caspian and I became the leaders of this country when this country needed us and because we were the right people for this job. Your father, your uncle and your aunts, they became Kings and Queens when they defeated the White Witch and it was time for the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve to rule. You will become King in time of peace, Nikolai. That means you will have time to make all the important choices in regards to your position. Nobody, and I truly mean nobody, has the right to rush you."

"That doesn't mean I shouldn't worry!" Nikolai argued, shutting up at once when Beth only leveled him with a patient, yet decisive glance.

After a second, Beth rose from her chair, bringing her eldest with her. She smiled tenderly as she cradled her son's face in her hands, and reached up to press three comforting kisses on his temple, just as she did when he was a kid.

"My love, what I care about is that you grow up to become a king who cares and puts her people above everything else. I want you to become a kind, loyal, just leader. I want you to be the kind of man that is loved by his people, not the one that is feared." Beth spoke softly, knowing her son was hanging onto her every word. "You won't have to be ready for a long time. You don't have to be ready when you're crowned, even. Aslan knows I wasn't. What you need to know is that you will never be alone. As heir to the Telmarine Throne, your cousin Helena will be crowned with you. Your siblings and the rest of your cousins will remain here, helping you because they will all have a duty as Princes and Princesses of Narnia."

"But I should consider the Tisroc's proposal." Nikolai grumbled. He pouted petulantly, as if his words were completely straining him. "Calormen is a strong Empire. We would be fools if we didn't consider this proposal."

"I know Lord Solano likes to voice his opinions loud enough for everyone to hear," Beth replied with distaste. "But he is a fool to hurry and to think his opinions matter more than that of the High Queen's, and especially that of the Crown Prince's."

Nikolai pursed his lips in annoyance but the weight on his shoulder seemed to be gone for the moment. "Mom, you are clearly overcoddling me."

Beth laughed before pulling him into a hug. "Dearest, if you meet one of the Calormene Princesses and you fall in love so badly you want to marry them, your father and I will be overjoyed. Other than that, I married for love, not for alliances, and I expect my children to have the same right."

Nikolai sighed, his gaze hesitant even as a smile threatened to overcome his grim expression. "The Tisroc will not care for our refusal. And some of our lords will not appreciate their Crown Prince refusing a powerful alliance."

Beth pulled away from her son to flatten the mess that was his hair. "Your uncle Peter and the others are arriving tonight. We will discuss it as a family and come up with the best way to appease the Tisroc and everyone else who might be against a young man choosing his future for himself. As for the mighty lords, you leave them to me. If they became used to a woman ruling as High Queen, they will have to get used to this."

Nikolai sighed, finally allowing himself a smile. "I suppose you're right. It's nice to know that I'm not alone."

Beth nodded in mock seriousness. "And you never will be, Your Highness."

Nikolai laughed before pulling away from his mother's embrace completely. "You said Jade is in the gardens? Perhaps I'll join her, we can gather a bouquet of lavenders for you."

"You are all definitely spoiling me and it is completely unnecessary yet beautiful." Beth rolled her eyes mockingly. She then pressed a kiss to her son's hand. "Try not to worry, okay? We will solve everything tonight."

"Not tonight though," Nikolai smirked as he walked backwards towards the exit. "You are the star of the night after all, Your Majesty."

Beth laughed at that, exasperated yet humbled, as her son's figure left the room and a much more impressive one filled it.

Beth sobered up at once, her eyes brightening as they slowly studied the man before her.

Oh, how she had missed him.

Her husband, who had leaned against the doorway, smirked. "That one is definitely your son."

Beth crossed her arms, her lips already stretched into a smile. She raised her eyebrows in defiance. "Because of his stubbornness? That's definitely you, my love."

Edmund rolled his eyes playfully as he left his place leaned up against the doorway in order to approach his wife. The Just King was as lean and strong as ever, but the years had been slowly yet surely turning his hair gray. Wrinkles had started showing around the corner of his eyes, a sure sign of how much joy and laughter his life had given him, but his chocolate orbs remained as lively and bright as ever.

To Beth, he was the most handsome man to walk this world.

"I remember a young Princess who used to walk down the corridors of the Telmarine Castle, fearful of her responsibilities as Queen." Edmund sneaked his arms around his wife's waist. He smiled when Beth snorted. "And she grew to become the best High Queen in Narnian history."

"I became Queen when I was fourteen. I had every right to be scared." Beth replied. She slowly ran her hands across his chest and down his arms before sneaking them around his waist. "Our son will be plenty prepared by the time he ascends the throne."

"He cares about his people deeply. You taught him well," Edmund softly argued. He smiled when Beth looked down. "And I would say becoming the leader of a country is a daunting prospect regardless of the age."

Beth sighed, her posture deflating as she looked up towards her loving husband. "I just want him to enjoy his youth. He's just turned into a young man. I want him to enjoy his freedom, his friends and his free time before he fully becomes the heir to the Narnian Throne. I want no one else to impart stupid ideas about what parts of his personal life he should give up for his country. He will be a perfectly good High King without having to do any of that."

"I know, my love." Edmund placed a soft kiss on her forehead before placing a warm, tender hand on her flat stomach. "And he will. He is just getting used to the new responsibilities that come with being a young adult, especially one that is the Crown Prince of Narnia. He just wants to make the best impression that he can and it will take him a while to understand that there are some people worth impressing and some that are not worth even the time of the day. And, if I do say so myself, I think we have shown all of our kids that their lives are meant to be enjoyed."

Beth placed a hand on the one he held on her stomach before looking up at her husband with a bright, starry-eyed look. "You have taught them as well as I have, darling. And we will continue teaching them everything we know."

Edmund shook his head as he snorted. "Twenty years we've been married, and I still don't know how I got so lucky."

"Flattery will get you everywhere, King Edmund." Beth laughed before wrapping her arms around his neck, her body pressed against his comfortably. "But in all honesty, I could argue I was the lucky one in this equation. And to think this is just the beginning, my love. We have truly created the happiest life we could have possibly had."

"Happy anniversary, my Queen." Edmund whispered, smiling when Beth titled up her head, brushing her lips softly and lovingly against his.

"Here's to our eternity, my love." Beth gasped softly as Edmund closed the space between them, capturing her lips with his. Her arms tightened around his neck, the two of them caught in a tight embrace as they proved that regardless of the time passed, love could be as strong and everlasting as its beginnings.

And then, someone cleared his throat behind them.

Edmund pulled himself a millimeter away from Beth, his voice dropping into a growl. "I will actually murder somebody."

"Behave," Beth whispered in return, laughing when Edmund pulled away from her entirely to glare at the ceiling. Looking behind him, she smiled at Trufflehunter, who seemed very interested in the tiles beneath his paws. "Good morning, my friend. How are you?"

"I'm quite alright, Beth, thank you." After many years of insistence, they had managed to get the old badger to call them by their given names when alone. "General Adrien has just joined us from his morning patrols so the Council is ready for you when you are."

"Thank you, my dear friend. We'll be there in a few minutes," Beth smiled kindly. She looked at Edmund, who was holding her, before focusing again on the badger. "Would you mind asking Prince Nikolai to join us? I think he would really like the opportunity to listen."

"At once," Trufflehunter replied and was gone after bowing his head. He made the point to close the door behind him, for which the royal couple was more than grateful.

"I don't know who was more mortified" Beth began softly as she once again wrapped her arms around Edmund's neck. She leaned up to press languid, lazy kisses against the side of his neck and smiled when Edmund sighed in pleasure. "Him or you."

"I was not mortified, wife. I was frustrated." Edmund titled up her chin with two fingers in order to capture her lips into an overwhelming kiss. After a long moment, he leaned back slightly to whisper against her lips. "I can't believe we have a whole day filled with responsibilities before I can get you alone."

Beth smirked mischievously. "I will say that was a daunting prospect. That's why I asked Adrien to take over for us today. After the Council meeting, we are free to enjoy our anniversary until the others get home tonight."

Edmund leaned back in shock, his lips slowly stretching into a huge smile. "Are you actually serious right now?"

Beth shrugged in a nonchalant manner. "Of course I am. I should think it's one of the perks of being married for twenty years. We have gained the right to be so in love that we can sneak away like we did while we courted."

Edmund laughed, crossing his arms as he studied his wife appreciatively. Beth had her arms behind her back, her posture straight and playfully. Her face was slightly longer and thinner, but her golden eyes were as warm and loving as when they met in that clearing in the woods. Her lips were slightly swollen and curved into a playful smile. Her hair was shorter than in her teenage years, reaching down to her shoulders and with one or two silver hairs spotted amongst her blonde mane.

He would never be able to understand how such a divine creature had taken an interest in him, but thank Aslan she had.

"We are getting far away from here, though." Edmund finally replied. He once again grabbed his wife by the waist, lifting her slightly so they could be at the same eye-level. "I don't want anyone getting you away from me."

Beth laughed joyfully, slowly drowning her hands in Edmund's hair. She kissed his cheek lovingly before brushing her lips against his. "Not a chance of that happening, my love. You need to bring me the apples you gathered this morning, though."

"How did you know?"

"My daughter tells me everything, Edmund. Obviously."

Edmund sighed, completely defeated. He leaned down towards Beth. "Of course she does."

And with every kiss they shared, they proved themselves that the love they shared was as intense as in their teenage years, only more stable, for a life together had turned them into the perfect team.


It was a miracle, every time he woke up before anyone else. During the first years of their marriage, it was a privilege to get to study his sleeping wife to his heart's content. Now that they had children and a fully formed family, it was a blessing to wake up to a peaceful day, before his family filled it with joy, laughter and loving chaos.

Caspian slowly turned his head, for a moment staring with unblinking eyes at his wife. Although she had been talking about cutting it under claims that it bothered her, Susan's hair had only grown in recent years, so it ran down the entire length of her back in gentle, beautiful waves. Once entirely black, now reddish highlights could be glimpsed under the right angle, a sure sign of how much time she spent under the sun. Her face turned towards him, her eyes were peacefully shut, her lips slightly opened as she breathed light puffs of air in and out. Her arms were crossed under her head, her posture relaxed and content.

For the last fortnight, his family had been staying in a small castle that went back to the days of his great-grandfather. Almost forgotten, Caspian had been sure to renovate that castle and it was now a place far enough for his family to relax without being bothered, yet close enough to Cair Paravel that they wouldn't be too far away in case problems arose during their vacations.

As it almost had no maids or other subjects living there, Caspian, Susan and their children had been able to spend the last two weeks as if they were a normal family. The mornings had been spent at the beach, and the afternoons were spent reading, sleeping or peacefully playing in the gardens. The nights were spent in front of the fire as Caspian and Susan told stories to their more than enthusiastic crowd. And when they went to bed, Caspian and Susan did so pressed to one another, for their love had only grown stronger since the days of their courtship.

Caspian couldn't help but smile. They had been married for eighteen years almost, and he was sure he would never get used to waking up next to her. He had come to accept that, of course. As long as he continued to do so, he didn't care about being so pleasantly surprised.

"You're staring."

Caspian once again focused on his wife, noticing how her eyes remained closed, but a smile was slowly spreading her lips. He turned fully towards her, putting one arm under his face to prop himself up. "You don't seem to mind, my Queen."

"My beautiful, amazing husband who I love very much is looking at me as if I was the only girl in the world. Of course I don't mind." Susan replied sleepily, sighing when Caspian wrapped an arm around her waist. She snuggled into him immediately. "I was just merely pointing out the facts."

"You're the only girl in the world to me, Su." Caspian whispered, laughing softly when Susan snorted. "You have been ever since I met you in that clearing."

"And I was disheveled from sleeping on the ground, scowling at my brother and in a horrible mood." Susan opened her blue eyes slowly, smiling when Caspian kissed her forehead. She patted his cheek playfully. "You poor boy."

Caspian growled, leaning down to kiss the side of her neck. "Indeed. Poor me."

Susan sighed again, her eyes closing again with pleasure as she carved her hands into his hair. "I know what you're doing."

"Do you now?"

"Yes, and it's a terrible idea." Susan argued softly, immediately tightening her hold on him. She exposed her neck in a better manner. "We don't have much time."

Caspian carried on his ministrations, smiling against her skin when he felt her hands traveling down his back. "I don't think we need much time."


At that, Caspian knew better than to continue. He leaned away to level his wife with an unimpressed glance. "I'm putting some of my best work here and my wife is not appreciating it. I'm hurt."

Susan couldn't help but laugh at that. She turned them around in order to straddle her husband. As she climbed onto his lap, she wrapped her arms around his neck and smirked in victory. "I'm sorry, my love. Can you ever forgive me?"

Caspian smiled at his wife's antics, his head shaking slowly as he wrapped his arms around her waist to keep her secure. His pupils were blown as he followed every movement of hers. "There's nothing to forgive, my Queen."

Susan leaned forward, brushing her lips against his. Caspian tightened the hold around her waist, ready to follow her lead.

And then, someone knocked at their door.

"We are on vacation," Caspian growled. He leaned his head against his bedrest. "I should be able to spend the morning with my wife without anyone coming to bother us."

Susan laughed. She left the comforts of his lap, and giggled when Caspian actually whimpered in return. "When you have a family that freedom kind of goes out the window, my love."

Caspian looked at her with a frown, noticing how she was making herself comfortable on their bed. "Am I actually supposed to go look at who it is?"

Susan raised her eyebrows. "Who spent all afternoon yesterday making sure our bags were ready while you went to the beach with the kids? Of course you are, my love."

Caspian sighed, getting out of bed as his wife laughed evilly, if he said so himself. "The things I do for love."

As he opened the door, the same blue eyes that had been looking at him in bed narrowed. "It took you long enough, Father."

Caspian couldn't help but smile at that. His daughter was similar to his wife in more ways than one. "Good morning to you too, dear Helena. How are you?"

Helena scoffed. "I'm sorry but I got woken up by Rilian crying because Martin stole his stuffed dragon. I'm dangerously close to throwing their toys into the sea if they don't keep it down."

Caspian sighed. "That would probably not help with the crying, sweetheart."

Helena scoffed as she crossed her arms. "As if. Aunts Beth and Lucy are probably going to shower them with gifts once we get back home. Aunt Lily too."

"Speaking of your aunts and uncles, I received word from Beth. She has a surprise for you once we get to Cair Paravel." Caspian said, smiling when Helena's eyes brightened. As heir to the Telmarine Throne, Helena and her Aunt Beth had an understanding the young girl didn't quite have with the rest of her aunts, especially because Beth was the one she saw most often as they lived in the same castle. "But you need to be patient with your brothers. They are probably sad we're leaving after breakfast."

Helena sighed. "Fine but I refuse to like it."

Caspian laughed, engulfing his daughter in a big hug. "That's my girl. Now, give us fifteen minutes and we will join you for breakfast. Perhaps we could even take it to the gardens and have ourselves a picnic."

Finally, Helena smiled in delight. "I love that idea, Dad. Thanks for listening. I love you."

"I love you too, sweetheart." Caspian kissed her forehead and slowly closed the door as his daughter left with a twirl. He sighed as he felt a slender pair of arms snaking around his waist. "That one is so similar to you, it is uncanny."

"You're a great dad, my love." Susan whispered, smiling up at her husband when he turned in her arms. "I'm so happy I got to stay in Narnia. The life we built, it is the best possible life I could have had."

Caspian captured her lips with his, not being able to respond with words as this overwhelming intensity filled his heart to the brim. He wondered whether he would live the rest of his life holding the same amount of passion and adoration he held for his wife.

The prospect filled him with tremendous joy.

"I'm so happy we got to build our family, my love. Eighteen years are not nearly enough." Caspian finally replied, closing his eyes as Susan caressed his face with her slender fingers.

"Thankfully, we have an eternity ahead of us." Susan whispered in return before her voice turned playful. "Starting with the twelve minutes you promised our daughter."

Caspian opened his eyes at once. "Fifteen."

Susan hummed thoughtfully. "I'm pretty sure there minutes have passed."

Caspian rolled his eyes before lifting Susan up by the waist, making it comfortable for her to wrap her legs around his waist. "And I'm fairly certain our children are currently bickering over what to take for our picnic. They won't care if we spend a few extra minutes in bed."

"Only a few extra," Susan voiced in complete disbelief.

"Fifteen, fifty, what is even the difference?" Caspian replied, laughing as Susan threw her head back in laughter. He left his wife carefully on the bed. "One second."

Susan smiled at his husband's antics as she leaned back on her shoulders. "Where are you going?"

Caspian locked the door. "Making sure we won't be further disturbed."