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Chapter II. "Here's To The Adventures of Our Life."

"I do not think that Calormen's proposal is so irrational, Your Grace. Calormen is a great empire, one with far more resources than the ones we have. It would be foolish to dismiss such a generous proposal without at least a proper discussion."

"Calormen has thrice tried to conquer Narnia and has been thrice defeated! Why would we surrender to an Empire that has not yet learned how to overcome its own elements? With the desert between us, we have the perfect excuse to refuse any sort of alliance with Calormen."

"Surrender? The arrangement of the marriage of the Crown Prince is very different to the surrender of an entire Nation, I should say! Narnia will still have its autonomy once Prince Nikolai ascends the throne of Cair Paravel, even if he is husband to a Calormene Princess!"

"I would rather sell myself to the Calormenes than to have one of them be my Queen only because it is their will."

"Not all Calormenes are like Prince Rabadash."

"Agreed, but Calormenes never do anything without a reason."

"And that means we shouldn't trust them?"

"Of course we shouldn't trust them! The Calormenes will have no one's priorities but their own in mind."

"What power can a Queen even have?"

King Peter the Magnificent, who had been partially listening to that particular exchange as he gazed out the window, turned with a severe expression at such a rude comment. "I will advise you not to make such an stupid remark when Narnia is currently as prosper as it is because of the four Queens that rule it. As brother to three of them, and husband to the latter, I take such implication with the utmost offense. Enough."

At once, the lords and ladies around the negotiation table quietened. All except for one.

"Your Majesty, I understand that your royal family has had a… loaded history with Calormen," Lord Triane began slowly. "But to refuse such a powerful country is to put Narnia and its people at risk."

Lord Pippen snorted. "To accept such a proposal is to put ourselves at the risk of complete control by the Calormene Empire."

Lord Triane smirked at that, his posture once again relaxed on his seat. "According to his lordship, Calormen would never be able to hurt us as long as the desert stands between us."

Lord Pippen straightened as he remained standing, his gaze grave. "Yes. And that would change if we brought one of them to live amongst us."

"My lords, I have presented this issue brought to me by the representatives of the Tisroc with only the objective of pointing out all possible courses of action." Peter declared as he left his place by the window to go back to the table with the rest.

Peter couldn't help but glance around as he walked, almost as if he was seeing the place for the first time and for some reason, it felt like he was. The room, which used to hold the meetings of Miraz and his comrades, now was a place in which Narnians and old Telmarines - now Narnians to the eyes of all - sat down and continuously created progress for their country.

The room still maintained its silver and cream tones, that much hadn't changed. They had thought about chasing the design, of course, in their desire to erase any association to those who had lived and ruled before them.

Lucy and Beth had been the ones to raise an important truth. The Telmarines would stay in Narnia, for the first time as part of their people. All six of them - the Pevensie, Caspian and Beth - had been chosen to rule over both Narnians and Telmarines in the hopes of uniting both folks.

They hadn't been chosen to rule to erase an important part of their home's history. They were chosen so they could add history.

And so, the Narnian coat of arms hung behind the chair that was once the throne of Miraz and his predecessors. The seats surrounding the room, once belonging to the Telmarine lords, still stood in their old places, now unused by King Peter.

The grand, rectangular table that stood by the middle of the room had been his idea. After all, King Peter was there to rule, yes, but most of all he was there to protect and promote the interests of the High King and High Queen.

Besides, he felt closer to his people when sitting at the same eye-level.

Taking the silence as an opening, Peter took his place around the table and leveled each and everyone of his companions with an authoritative glance before sitting down. "The truth is that we cannot make a decision without the three people this matter pertains to the most. Without Crown Prince Nikolai, King Edmund and High Queen Elizabeth present, there is no decision to be made."

"I understand Your Majesty, but you could still have a formal recommendation for when you address the topic with Their Majesties and His Royal Highness." Lord Triane argued in an anxious manner. He gave up his calm façade, choosing instead to lean forward to eye his King almost in a pleading manner. "My King, having Calormen as an ally would mean getting access to resources that would put us at the forefront of the international layout. We would gain much economic independence and power, Your Grace. That much is indisputable."

Peter remained sitting, but his voice grew lower as his gaze turned icy cold. More than anything, it was the poorly hidden devotion towards the Calormenes that made him want to reach for the sword he faithfully wrapped around his waist every morning. "Tell me, Lord Triane, am I supposed to surrender my nephew's happiness, safety and freedom so that you can be a powerful man? Is that what I am to understand of this, my lord?"

"Of course not, My King! I-."

"Queen Liliandil the Celestial of Narnia."

At the announcement of the herald appointed by the door, the lords and ladies of Narnia rose from their seats at once, bowing their heads as the Queen herself walked through the doors and straight towards her husband.

Many rumors had been shared when the now Queen first arrived in Narnia, rumors that hadn't ceased now that it had been many years since she became Queen and was considered as Narnian as any in the Royal Family.

Some wondered whether she was truly the daughter of a star. Others pondered about her age, that is, if she even associated her life to the passing of time. Some, instead, chose to compare her beauty to that of the other Queens of Narnia.

Because apparently, all a woman could be proud of was her beauty.

The truth of the matter was that Liliandil had begun her second life the moment she traveled to Narnia to visit with the friends she had made by the edge of the world and had in turn fallen in love with the King she had yet to meet.

For Peter, Liliandil was the most divine creature to ever walk this world and he thanked his brothers and sisters each and every day for embarking on that journey all those years ago.

For Liliandil, Peter was not only the man that gave her a home. He was also the man that gave her a family. It was so intense the love they shared, that she would always be bound to him.

As such, if anyone asked her, Liliandil would say she was as old as Peter was. There was no use in entertaining the subject any more than that, when her life was as joyful and beautiful because of him. Her life was complete, because of him.

"My Queen," Peter greeted in a reverent manner as he rose from his chair. He walked towards the chair to his right and dragged it away from the table enough so she could sit. "Please, join us."

Liliandil subtly squeezed her husband's hand as she stood just before her seat. Perfectly aware that everyone was short of gawking at her, she turned her gaze at Peter as she gestured towards the piece of paper that was resting on the center of the long table. "That one?"

At Peter's nod, Liliandil reached for it with gentle, elegant fingers. She unrolled the parchment and read calmly, her face not betraying a single expression.

After a few minutes, she lowered the paper. "Do our brother and sister know? And our nephew?'

"I sent an eagle to Cair Paravel as soon as I received this letter. It should have arrived by now."

Liliandil nodded calmly before lowering the parchment towards the table. She then clasped her hands before her frame and turned towards the expectant lords and ladies. "Friends, all opinions expressed today have been taken into account by the Crown. With this proposal, our goal is to protect the integrity and wellbeing of our noble country, but also to safeguard the happiness and future of our Crown Prince. As such, a discussion without the opinions of the Crown Prince, the High Queen and the Just King is futile."

"Your Majesty," Lord Triane smiled with infuriating condescension. "Your heart must surely be the kindest of them all but a man as…young as our Crown Prince cannot surely be trusted to make wise decisions for our beautiful Nation."

"My dear Lord Triane. I know better than to think you are accusing your future High King of being obtuse or ignorant of his role." Liliandil replied. Her voice was still as soothing as the waves that danced into the shore of her previous home by the edge of the world. Still, Lord Triane gulped nervously. "As you know, speaking against your future leader counts as the most heinous of treasons, and as such is punished severely."

Lord Triane bowed his head immediately, trying his best to ignore the blush adorning his cheeks. "Of course, my Queen."

Liliandil nodded. Besides her, Peter struggled to contain a victorious smirk as he interlocked his arms behind his back and nodded at their companions. "Good. Now, I believe it's time to call an end to this meeting. Thank you for your time."

As the usual racket ensued with the departure of the lords and ladies of Narnia, Peter once again sat and released a tiresome sigh as he rested an outstretched hand on the mahogany table. "As always, your timing is perfect, my love. That meeting would have lasted for endless hours without your blissful entrance."

Liliandil laughed, her grave posture long forgotten. She interlocked her hand with his on the table and smiled softly as a blush spread across her cheeks. "You flatter me, darling. Besides, they know perfectly that we are leaving for Cair Paravel after lunch."

"They know. That doesn't mean they care." Peter pressed a kiss on his wife's knuckles before reaching for the parchment that lay forgotten between them. He read the bold proposal again with disdain. "This concerns me more than I care to admit. I do not care for what we would gain from an alliance with Calormen but I do care about what they could do should we refuse."

"You know Edmund and Beth will never agree to this." Liliandil reminded him softly. "They are entirely against arranging a marriage for any of their kids, as are we. If this…arrangement had been extended towards Anna or Baela, we would have rejected it immediately."

"Of course." Peter agreed in a heartbeat. He sighed, his eyes on the paper. "I know for a fact every single member of our family is against such a proposal. I worry about Nik, though. If something happens, he will believe he is to blame. If we go to war, I fear he won't be able to forgive himself."

Liliandil didn't have an answer to that. If Crown Princess Helena felt closest to her aunt Beth because of the duties they would both share, Crown Prince Nikolai felt closest to his uncle Peter because of the weight they both carried.

Peter had once been High King of Narnia. Before that, he had been the oldest of his siblings and trusted with the responsibility of taking care of everything.

Nikolai was the oldest of the new generation of Royals. He was the future High King and already in age to court. As such, all eyes were on him if Narnia was to think about finding allies through a less feeble way than through commerce treaties.

Once upon a time, Peter had been in that exact same position.

"If we go to war, his entire family will remind him it's not because of him, but because Calormen was too stubborn to take no for an answer." Liliandil's voice was as soft as the caress of the breeze that seeped through the open window, and as warm as a hug. "We all had the freedom to choose who to spend our lives with. He, and all the others, deserve the same thing. Nothing else matters."

Peter smiled at his wife before looking around. He never thought the old Telmarine Castle would become his home. But then, after he married Liliandil and his siblings and himself started building their own families, Peter was presented with this weird reality:

He wasn't needed as much as he was.

Edmund and Susan, they were the legendary Monarchs of Old who were also spouses to the current High Queen and High King. As such, the foursome had created a stable dynamic that was able to rule from the seats of Cair Paravel effortlessly.

Lucy, as it turns out, was the one whose marriage also meant a political alliance for the Narnian Court.

Of course, that couldn't be farther from the truth for Lucy and her family. When she met Beth's brother, Crown Prince Tor of Archenland, she didn't bother about making an alliance between Archenland and Narnia. She just cared about spending her life with the man she fell in love with.

And now, Lucy was now Queen of both Narnia and Archenland, perfectly happy leading the people she had for a long time considered to be her friends.

For a while, Peter was admittedly concerned, for it seemed all of his siblings had found their purpose. Except for him. But, before he could dwell on it for too long, a solution arose.

When the Royal Family rebuilt Cair Paravel and claimed it as their home, many Telmarine families spread across the entire continent were left on their own devices, for Cair Paravel wasn't as easy to reach as the old castle was.

And so, Peter and his family moved to the Old Telmarine Castle. By giving their people an authority they could present their issues to, Peter was once again useful to his country. With their move, the Magnificent King and the Celestial Queen were the final piece in the creation of a united, present royal family who had successfully led Narnia into the second Golden Age.

And now, that duty weighed on him. His nephew mattered more than anything else to him but, the opinions of the court meant something as well.

After all, part of their duty was to make their people happy, even if it only was by giving them the space to voice their opinions.

"This had to arrive today, of all days." Peter finally scoffed. He once again turned towards his wife, and smiled when Liliandil merely kissed his hand. "I did not want to be the one to ruin Ed's and Beth's anniversary."

"You didn't. If anything, they will be grateful to you for taking care of them. Nik as well." Liliandil replied. After a moment of content silence, the tall blonde woman stood and stretched a hand in Peter's direction. "Now come. You need to see something."

Peter sighed but stood anyways, his hand subconsciously seeking the comfort only his wife's touch could provide. "Must I see it now? There's much to do if we are to leave-."

"Peter, who am I?"

Peter sighed again, this time in surrender. "Lil, not now."

"I asked you a question, my love."

Peter couldn't help but to laugh. "You are my wife and the love of my life."

Liliandil smiled. "And that means?"

Peter laughed again, this time in a less troubled manner. He kissed her wife's temple, still thankful of the fact that she was just high enough that he could do so effortlessly. "It means you're always right."

"Good boy," Liliandil exclaimed before laughing, the sound lifting any remaining shadows from Peter's soul. She reached up to kiss him sweetly before tugging his sleeve as they walked out of the room. "Now come."

As they strolled through the stone corridors of the castle that had become their home, the King and Queen of Narnia smiled at those they passed, doing their best to ignore the awe with which they were greeted.

The truth was that if King Peter had been impressive during his adulthood back in the Golden Age, he was even more so the second time around. Having grown to be as intimidating as he once was with his golden hair, his beard and his blue eyes that spoke of a wisdom rarely held by people his own age, his exploits during the Narnian revolution and after had made him even more legendary.

Queen Liliandil had changed with the years, almost in response to how her husband had. Her hair was as long as it was when she first came to Narnia but had turned more golden than the almost white it was before, almost as if the sun had lent some of its color to the daughter of Ramandu. She held herself with more poise now, having been a monarch for more than ten years. Her lilac eyes were slightly wrinkled around the edges, but were as lively and kind as ever.

In truth, they were legendary when apart. When together, they were a force to be reckoned with.

At last, Peter found himself dragged into their private quarters. He turned towards his wife with a frown. "My love, why are we here?"

Liliandil turned to him, exasperated by his impatience, but then smiled when they found themselves at their destiny. She winked at her husband as she pressed a finger to his lips. "Hush now. I need to show you something."

Peter nodded, not being able to refrain himself from pressing a kiss to her finger. Smiling when Liliandil blushed at his antics, he turned towards the door Liliandil was slowly opening.

With the years, Peter and Liliandil had claimed many rooms in that castle, spreading their private quarters as much as they desired. Besides their bedroom, they each held a study. Their daughters had a room each, and the joint library was a place in which they could unwind after a tiresome day.

Apart from that, there was a room they had claimed, yet never given a clear purpose. With time, Peter and Liliandil had begun using it as sort of a storage for the things that didn't seem to have a place elsewhere.

However, it seemed their daughters had found a purpose for it as well.

"Come Anna!"

"Wait Baela, you forgot your coat!"

"It's summer, Anna, we don't have to wear coats!"

"It was winter when Papa came to Narnia! We have to wear coats, Baela!"

"What is this?" Peter whispered with a laugh as he watched how their daughters put on winter coats, laughing merrily as they did.

"They are pretending they enter that old wardrobe and find a whole new world, just like you did when you came to Narnia with your siblings." Liliandil wrapped her arms around his waist, smiling when Peter looked down at him with tears in his eyes. "See? You cannot bring unhappiness to this family. That is impossible. What you bring is wonder, excitement and the magic that comes with believing everything is possible. Your daughters, they learned that from you. I learned that from you as well."

"I-," Peter began, laughing when no other words followed. "I seem to be at a loss for words."

Liliandil kissed him softly, carding her fingers through his hair as she pulled away slightly. "Everything will be okay. Nik is not alone, and neither are you."

"I love you," Peter could only whisper. He kissed her longingly before pressing a kiss to her forehead and hugging her tightly. "I love you so much and I love our family. I cannot believe I get to be this lucky."

Liliandil laughed in bliss at that. She pressed her lips to his chest before pressing her cheek against it as she returned the hug. She thanked the stars silently for the strong heartbeat that echoed against her ear. "Not as much as we love you, darling."

And after that, they stood there in content silence, watching their daughters replicate the magical moment that had embarked them into the adventure that was their life.


"How long until we get there?"

"Not long now."

"You said that an hour ago."

King Tor of Archenland chuckled. "It was hardly an hour ago."

Prince Tumnus scowled. "It felt like an hour."

Next to the young prince, Crown Prince Kaz snorted. "It feels like an hour since you started whining."

"Shut up, stupid."

"You shut up-."

"Boys," Queen Lucy of Archenland and Narnia intervened, effectively silencing both her children and husband. "What did I say about name calling?"

"Yesterday, Dad said Lord Grover is stupid."

Lucy turned towards her husband, who had paled considerably. "I said no such thing."

"You did too! He wanted to increase our subjects' taxes and you said he was stupid for that!" Kaz replied, insistent to be believed.

Tor laughed nervously, perfectly aware of his wife's glare. "He forgets where he leaves his glasses every day but this, this he remembers."

"No more name calling, and that's for the three of you." Lucy declared, her voice severe as she glared at her children and husband. "I will not have a bunch of rude heathens for a family."

"I apologize, my love."

"Yes, sorry Mama."

"What is a heathen?"

"Tumnus," Tor warned, partly desperate for the topic to be forgotten.

"Sorry Mama," Tumnus echoed his brother before nervously turning towards his father. "How long until we get there?"

"Dear Aslan," Kaz breathed in exasperation while their parents laughed.

Lucy turned towards her youngest, a reply already ready on her lips but then, a tall structure by the distance distracted her.

"Look, sweetheart." Lucy grabbed Tumnus by the waist and placed him easily on her lap before pointing out the window. "There it is."

Kaz, who in turn sat beside his father to get a better look, smiled in awe, as if he was seeing it for the first time. The castle, standing proudly amongst a sea of fluffy clouds and behind the immensity of the Narnian forest, seemed as if it would never stop being completely magical for the small family. "Cair Paravel."

Above their heads, Tor turned towards his wife and raised her hand to press a kiss to her knuckles.

"Welcome home, my love." Tor whispered with a smile.

Lucy cooked her head at that, touched by his sincerity.

In truth, Cair Paravel was her home in a way Anvard would never be. It was there when she first became Queen. It was the first home she had. It was where she and her siblings were happy for the first time.

But Anvard was her home in a way Cair Paravel would never be. It was in Anvard where she made her home, instead of just being welcomed to it. It was there where she built her family. It was in Anvard where she and Tor fell in love with each other every single day.

And so, she reached forward and kissed him lovingly, laughing when their sons moved away from them in repulsion.

"You are my home," she whispered, smiling when Tor rested his forehead against hers.

"I will let Uncle Edmund know of this. This cannot be healthy for a young man such as myself." Kaz declared, fighting back his smile. Although he was merely a decade old, the Crown Prince of Archenland was decidedly the prankster of the Narnian Princes and Princesses and as such, Edmund was the favorite of his uncles.

Tumnus, who loved to follow his older brother's lead, nodded vehemently. "Yes! We will tell him!"

Tor laughed, his gaze always on his wife. "Do you still think this is home?"

Lucy raised an eyebrow before turning towards her sons. "You tell your Uncle Edmund. I'll tell your Aunt Beth about your behavior."

Kaz and Tumnus looked at each other with wide eyes before each of them shot a winning smile in their parents' direction. They stood and hugged them both before sitting properly and looking out the window without a word, as if their aunt could see them right then and there.

Lucy turned towards Tor and rested her head on his shoulder, smiling when her husband wrapped a strong arm around her shoulders.

"This is definitely home. The most perfect home I could have had."


"Mommy, do you want another apple?"

Beth grabbed the fruit offered by her daughter before pressing a kiss to the top of her head. "Thank you, beautiful."

Mother and daughter were on their own on the blanket they had spread out for the picnic. During lunch, Beth and Edmund had mentioned their plans for the afternoon and so, the picnic had turned into a family affair.

After careful deliberation, the family had decided to go to the beach, and it had turned out to be a wonderful idea. They weren't on their own, but the families that were also there were trusted, and polite enough that they wouldn't dare to disrupt the family.

Jade looked at the water, where her father and brothers were playing, before turning towards her mother. "When is Auntie Su arriving?"

Beth silently placed her daughter before her. She carded her fingers through her daughter's thin, beautiful curls as she began combing it. "She is getting here in a few hours. All of them are."

Jade turned towards her mother with excitement. "All of them?"

Beth nodded. "Yes, my darling, and they are all excited to see you. We are having a huge dinner tonight to celebrate."

"I'm super excited," Jade announced with a toothful smile before she sobered and turned towards her mom again, ignoring the fact that the older woman was trying to braid her hair. "And Aslan?"

Beth's smile grew understanding. Aslan was as magical to her children as He was to her. If he came, the gathering would truly be complete. "I don't know, sweetheart. I hope so, but He's not a tame lion, as you know. If he can come, he will be here."

Jade frowned. "But you never sent Him an invitation. You sent one to Uncle Pete and Aunt Lil and you sent one to Aunt Lu and Uncle Tor, but you never sent one to Aslan. How can He know?"

"I will tell you a secret. One that I learned as I grew older." Beth replied softly, giving up on her daughter's hair when the little girl climbed onto her lap and stared up at her with adoration. Instead, she enveloped her little frame with her arms and kissed the top of her hair. "Aslan always knows when I need Him. He can't always come, because he has many responsibilities, but he knows when I need Him and want Him here. Just as I always know when you need me and want me around."

"But I always need you, Mommy."

Beth couldn't help but laugh as she squeezed her daughter, her smile widening when Jade squealed in response. "I love you so much, my darling Princess."

Having been too wrapped up in their conversation, they failed to notice that Edmund and the boys had left the water.

They did however notice when the boys ran up to them drenched in water, spilling drops all over them.

"Aaaah!" Jade screamed, flinching as the cool water reached her skin. She leapt from her mother's lap and ran around her, hiding behind her back. Only her eyes were noticeable, her chocolate orbs glaring at her brothers from behind her human shield. "I hate you!"

"We do not hate," Beth admonished gently before smiling up at her boys. "How was the water?"

Gavin looked at her with wide eyes. "Did we get water on you, Mum?"

Beth rolled her eyes. "You did but I'm not going to melt. Don't worry, my love."

"The water was great, Mum." Nikolai added as he ruffled his brother's hair. He then picked an apple and threw a tower around her mother's shoulders. "Here. Don't catch a cold, please."

"What did I say about getting water on the girls?" Edmund exclaimed as he joined them. He grabbed a towel and ruffled his sons' hair with it before wrapping it around his bare chest. He kissed Jade's forehead before sitting beside Beth. "Are you okay, darlings?"

Having had enough, Beth stood and gestured to Jade to join her.

"Perhaps we should engage in a little warfare by the water." Beth announced, her arms crossed before her chest as she faced her husband and children with the authority of the High Queen of Narnia. "It's time Jade and I show you that girls are much better than boys at everything."

"Yes!" Jade joined in enthusiastically. "And we will win because boys suck!"

"You suck!" Gavin interjected before he could stop himself. He widened his eyes comically when both his parents turned towards him. "Sorry. I want to play, though."

"So do I," Nikolai agreed. He smirked at his sister before turning towards his mum. "We will have to be careful though, of course."

Beth snorted, completely unimpressed. She couldn't wait for the day they stopped coddling her. Still, it was sweet of them, especially of her kids and so, she didn't have the heart to say anything against it.

"I don't know," Edmund began. He glanced nervously at his wife before standing. "I mean, what if you girls get a cold?"

As Nikolai and Gavin laughed, Beth smiled graciously and winked at her daughter before walking towards her husband.

"You don't need to worry about that, my love." Beth began in a normal voice. As she stood before her husband, she leaned forward to whisper in his ear. "With you running around without a shirt, I don't see how I could possibly get cold."

"What did you say to him?" Nikolai asked as Beth went back towards her daughter, leaving a furiously flustered Edmund behind.

"Is he okay?" Gavin asked before frowning at Edmund. "Are you okay?"

"Father, get a grip!" Nikolai interjected seriously, his eyes wide with panic. "We need you if we are going to win!"

Edmund opened and closed his mouth a few times before groaning and covering his face with his hands. He blindly turned towards Beth. "You are evil."

Beth smiled sufficiently. "I know."

"Your Majesties!"

The family of five turned towards the new voice, discovering it to be a young faun who was running towards them.

"Is everything alright, friend?" Beth asked, playfulness long forgotten.

"Your Majesties," the faun greeted breathlessly once he reached them. He then turned towards Nikolai, Gavin and Jade. "Your Royal Highnesses. I was instructed to let you know your visitors have arrived."

"Which ones?" Edmund asked in turn, already kneeling down to gather the remains of their picnic.

"The King and Queen of Archenland with the young Princes."

"Auntie Lucy!" Jade screamed in delight before sprinting towards Cair Paravel, her chubby feet paddling across the beach, lifting small waves of sand with every step.

"Jade, don't run on your own!" Beth called, sighing when the young Princess paid her no mind. She then turned towards her oldest. "Nik?"

Nikolai sighed before nodding in reluctance. "Fine."

With that, Nikolai was gone as well, Gavin hot on his heels. The young faun departed too after bowing his farewell.

"You better be in control of yourself by the time we meet our brother and sister." Beth chuckled when Edmund merely glared at her. "I'm sorry, my love, but it is hilarious you think I need to be sheltered all the time."

"I'm pretty sure the boys will agree with me once we tell them."

"And I'm certain the girls will agree with me."

Edmund rolled his eyes as he wrapped an arm around her waist. "How do you propose we settle this matter, then?"

Beth hummed before turning towards her husband, who looked even more enchanting with his sun kissed features. "War?"

Edmund nodded his agreement as they resumed their walk, his arms once again around her waist. "We always loved some drama."

By the time they reached the courtyard, the family reunion was well into development.

"Look who finally made it!" Tor exclaimed, his deep voice booming across the courtyard. "Took you guys long enough!"

"Jade said you had to walk slowly, is everything alright?" Lucy asked as she enveloped her sister in law and best friend in a tight hug.

Beth rolled her eyes as she returned the hug. "Of course I am. Your brother's just being overdramatic."

"What else is new?" Lucy scoffed as she slapped her brother across the back of his head. "You're taking good care of her then?"

"Nice to see you too, sister." Edmund rubbed his head as he glared at Lucy. He then walked towards Tor, who was laughing at the exchange. "I'm certain she still manages to keep you on your toes."

"And making me the happiest man in the world in the process," Tor replied without missing a beat. He clasped a hand on his brother-in-law's shoulder before pulling him into a hug. "It's good to see you, brother."

"Seriously," Lucy whispered as she turned back towards Beth. "You are not sick, are you? Only you would be sick on your anniversary!"

"That's probably true," Beth agreed with a laugh. "But I'm perfectly fine, I promise."

Lucy cocked an eyebrow in confusion. "Then what-?"

But Beth's attention had already diverted. She shushed Lucy before pointing towards the carriage that still stood on the courtyard. "Lu, look at them."

While the adults greeted each other, the children did so as well. They stood in a makeshift circle, all of them talking at the same time as they caught up with what they had been up to since they had last been together.

And still, there was a certain structure, such as there was with the dynamics of their parents. Gavin and Kaz stood together, heads close together as they exchanged stories only meant for each other. Tumnus and Jade stood together as well, though they sometimes chose to dance around the others when they got too bored from standing stiffly for so long. Nikolai stood between both duos and, while he didn't speak much, when he did so he received the respectful silence of the remaining four, being the leader he was for them all.

"I haven't seen anything so sweet in my life," Lucy whispered.

Beth nodded, her eyes growing misty. "It is truly a sight."

At that moment, Edmund and Tor joined them, followed by the children.

Jade and Gavin went straight for Tor, who picked them up effortlessly, much to their delight. Nikolai approached Lucy, who immediately hugged him, jokingly aghast at how tall he had grown since the last time they saw each other. Kaz went for his uncle Edmund, the two pranksters finally reuniting.

And Tumnus, he walked towards Beth with a huge smile. "Hi Auntie Beth."

"Sweetheart," Beth replied as she crouched down to hug her youngest nephew. "I have missed you so much!"

"I missed you too!" Tumnus replied as he fruitlessly tried to wrap his chubby hands around her neck. After a moment, he stepped away to frown at his aunt in concern. "Mommy said I was well behaved, right?"

"Of course she did," Beth began slowly, her eyebrow raised in confusion as she slowly looked up at the younger woman standing beside her. "Is there a reason why she wouldn't?"

Lucy smirked at her son, who shook his head vehemently. "Of course not, Auntie!"

And with that, he ran away, much to the amusement of her mother and aunt.

"Do I even want to know?" Beth asked as she and Lucy interlocked their arms. They began to slowly stroll towards the castle, the others still chatting by the courtyard.

"You already know, sister." Lucy replied with a chuckle. "We ladies have to make sure the boys in our lives know we are in charge."