The Vollachian Prince and Stargazer

AN: This follows Emilia's point of view for the most part. Subaru's point of view will not be shown and people can only perceive Subaru's RBD, but only when they are actually witnessing the telltale signs. We don't see the failed loops, and people have a misunderstanding of Subaru being Vollachian Royalty and a Stargazer. Because of this, we see only how people actually perceive Subaru as they don't see his failed loops. Also doing Sufferu snuff is not my thing. Subaru is buffed slightly, but in keeping with RE:Zero, those buffs come at a major cost because all power comes with a price in RE:Zero.

Chapter One

Emilia approached the loot house her lesser spirits and the appa seller had told her to look for. [Puck, the lesser spirits say there are 3 people in the building. A giant, the thief, and a strange boy.]

[Nothing you can't handle Lia. I will be on standby in case you need me.] Puck reassured her.

"Alright, let's do this," Emilia spoke aloud before politely knocking on the door.

"Don't open it! W-We'll be killed!" A boy's voice cried out, annoying slightly Emilia as the door was opened by the thief who immediately fell back from her.

"Kill you? I wouldn't do something so terrifying." Emilia reassured them as she entered to recover her insignia before turning to the thief. "I'm glad you're here. This time, you won't get away."

"You never quit, do you?" The thief named Felt tried to move away from Emilia.

"Sorry, but this is something I cannot give up on. If you do as I say, I won't hurt you." Emilia raised her hand and summoned six icicles all around her and pointing at everyone in the loot house. "I have only one demand. Return my insignia. It's very important to me."

Everyone tensed at Emilia's glare as the ice shards floated around her.

"If she were just another magic user, I wouldn't back down but this one's trouble…"

"What's with you Old Man Rom? Admitting defeat before we even fight?" Felt shot back at the giant.

Rom ignored Felt and looked at Emilia.

"Young lady, you're an elf, ain't ya?"

Emilia slowly closed her eyes as if she was annoyed. "Not exactly. I'm only a half-elf."

Felt started to get scared. "A half-elf… and with silver hair… wait, are you… "

Emilia waved with annoyance at the cowering girl. "It's an accidental resemblance! Really, it's bothersome to me."

Felt pointed at the young boy in the room while glaring. "You set me up, didn't you?" she accused.

"Huh? No, I didn't do anything…" The boy raised his hands while glancing between Felt and Emilia.

"After you said you'd return it to its owner, I thought you were suspicious!" Felt shot back.

Emilia looked at the boy with a baffled look. "What do you mean? You two aren't working together?"

The boy looked between Felt and Emilia with a hysteric gaze. He was sweating and panicking, as if looking for something…. Then he smiled and began laughing.

"Hey what are you laughing about?!"

"Come on, isn't that enough? Return her insignia." The boy said to Felt.

He then turned to Emilia and smiled at her. "And you Sat- You, hurry and get out of here. Try not to let anyone steal again."

Perplexed, Emilia stared at the boy with a hand on her hip. "Why are you suddenly being so nice? I don't understand at all."

Felt stomped her foot down and yelled at him as well. "I don't understand you, Either! What's up with you?"

The boy smiled at the two confused girls and looked at Emilia before his expression changed. "Puck! Shield her!"

Emilia's back was covered by an ice-made shield that blocked an oncoming strike from a blade.

Emilia looked back in surprise, 'How did he know about Puck or the attack?'

"That was a bit closer than I expected. You saved us." Puck held up his thumb to the boy in gratitude as he stood on Emilia's shoulder.

The boy smirked. "Nice one Puck. Thank goodness it was before five, while you're still on duty. Thanks!" The boy returned Puck's thumbs up.

[How does this boy know us Puck? We never met him before?]

[Not now Lia, we are in a bad spot.]

Everyone in the room looked at the crouched attacker as she got up.

"A spirit. that's a spirit, right? How wonderful." The attacker giggled as she faced them. "I have never dissected a spirit's stomach before."

"Hey, what do you mean by that Elsa?" Felt asked in confusion.

"If the item's original owner is here, we can hardly negotiate. So, I have changed my plans. I shall slaughter everyone here. You failed to see your job through to the end. You talk a big game but you do terrible work. You really are just another slum dweller." Elsa tilted her head as she insulted Felt.

The little blonde glared at the killer with her body shaking in anger. "You bitch…" Felt looked at her side to find a growling scary eyes boy.

"Don't get your kicks from picking on a little kid, you gut-loving sadist! Felt is doing her best to live strong… just because your plan was thrown off, you think it's over and flip tables? Are you a kid? You should value life more. Do you know how much having your belly cut open hurts? Well, I do!" The boy yelled at Elsa.

"What are you talking about?" Elsa asked in confusion.

"I'm in the process of letting the justice and chivalry I never knew I had to denounce all the world's unfairness! And what I consider unfair is you this situation, and…" The boy quickly turned around and smirked at the side for no reason. "Stay tuned folks..."

He looked back at Elsa with a smirk and clapped his hands, confusing Felt and Emilia.

"Done buying time for you, Puck! Get her!" He shouted.

"A brilliant display of awkwardness, which I hope survives through the ages. I better live up to your expectations!" Puck powered up and faced the assassin.

"We haven't introduced ourselves, have we? My name's Puck. Remember my name after you die." Puck shot a bunch of ice shards at the killer as he cheerfully spoke about her death.

Elsa covered herself in her black cloak and let herself be encased with ice.

"Did they get her?" The giant asked.

"Don't trigger that flag old man!" The boy yelled back.

'Trigger a flag?' Emilia and Felt thought on the same wavelength, the mysterious boy that seemed to know them being an ever increasing mystery.

The dust settled to reveal Elsa encased in ice and immobile.

"One should always be prepared." Elsa's voice sounded from beneath the ice as her jacket glowed and destroyed the ice around her. Her cloak disappeared in the process and revealed her smirking form as she ran towards Emilia while licking her lips and holding her blade.

"Don't underestimate a spiritual-arts user." Emilia did a pose with her hand and manifested a shield of thick ice in front of Elsa's attack.

Elsa began cartwheeling away from Emilia while dodging Puck's ice shards as he shot at her from above.

"For a girl, you're well accustomed to battle." Puck said as he was shooting at the cartwheeling killer.

"My, it has been a while since I've been regarded as a simple girl."

Elsa jumped on a table and began swiping her blade against icicles being shot at her by both Puck and Emilia.

"Well, from my perspective, all opponents are basically babies. Still, you're so strong. I almost pity you."

Elsa jumped from corner to corner and all over the walls as she dodged the ice shooting due.

"Being praised by a spirit, I am deeply touched."

As Elsa fought with them, the old giant, the mysterious boy, and the young thief huddled in a corner to take cover from the ice.

"If it turns into a battle of attrition, we should have a chance."

"No, fer a spirit, the real battle is how long they can stay corporeal."

The boy winced. "That's right, it must be almost five…" He looked at the window and found the light of the sun was waning. "Puck! It's almost 5, finish her quickly!"

'Wait how does he know about mine and Puck's contract conditions?' Emilia thought to herself.

Elsa continued to swipe at the ice shards shot at her as she spoke. "Oh, and just when we were having such fun. What a bore."

"That's what sucks about being a ladies' man. The girls just won't let you sleep. But you know, staying up late is bad for your skin, so we should wrap this up!"

Elsa dodged a strike and tried to jump away but she found her foot stuck in some ice that prevented her from moving.

"I wasn't just randomly throwing those around." Puck slowly flew down and sat on a smirking Emilia's shoulder.

"Does this mean I've been had?" Elsa shrugged not at all afraid.

"Goodnight!" Puck shouted as Emilia prepared a powerful magic attack with both hands.

The attack left a trail of oncoming spiky ice shooting swiftly straight at the stationary Elsa. It looked like the end for the lady.

But Elsa managed to free her foot and jump out of the way of the trial attack. "My how lovely. I thought I was going to die." Elsa's barefoot was completely mutilated from the attack, and blood was pooling beneath it. Elsa just looked at Emilia with an excited smirk, completely unaffected by the pain.

Everyone looked at her in surprise.

"But you're a girl, so I don't find that sort of thing very impressive." Puck cooed as he yawned.

"Puck, can you keep going?" Emilia asked the cat on her shoulder.

"Sorry, I'm really sleepy… I underestimated her a bit… My mana's gone, so I have to disappear."

"I'll take care of things here, so you can rest. Thank you."

"If anything happens to you, I'll act according to my contract. If it comes down to it, call me, even if you have to squeeze me out of my od." Puck whispered to Emilia before disappearing into thin air.

"You're going away?" Elsa pouted. She took a piece of ice and placed her foot sole on it. Her foot let off some steam as it started to stick to the ice healing around it before Elsa tapped the new ice shoe she had made and began walking. "Well, that is very unfortunate." Elsa quickly charged at Emilia.

Emilia manifested a shield and an ice shard and protected herself from the killer as she ran circles around Emilia and swiped at her. With her focus totally on her assailant, Emilia didn't register the others, but hoped they would be able to escape with her distraction. The killer then managed to land a kick on the half-elf that sent her back with the momentum of the blow. Emilia quickly landed on her feet on the bar and jumped out of the way of a spinning Elsa with a blade aimed at her. Emilia slammed against the shelves behind the bar and fell to the ground with all of the objects and collectibles on the shelves falling on top of her. Temporarily losing consciousness.

When she came back to, she saw the killer about to strike the boy and shot ice at her. Emilia got up from the bar and weakly shot more ice at the black widow to cover the boy and the thief. Her lesser spirits heeding her call and coming to help her. This forced the assassin Elsa to come after her again as Emilia threw up another shield.

"Take this!" The boy shouted as he swung at Elsa with a bat, forcing her to confront him. Elsa quickly stabs her blade at the boy's face but he manages to block it narrowly.

"Now! Go, Felt!"

Felt ran towards the door while the boy held Elsa off.

"You think I'll let her go?" Elsa suddenly manifests a small dagger and throws it at Felt.

As the dagger flew towards Felt, the boy kicked a table blocking the path, stopping the dagger's momentum.

After the dagger fell Subaru smirked as he managed to stop Elsa from hurting Felt. "Yeah, I'm awesome! But that hurt the tips of my toes more than I expected-"

Subaru was kicked in the face by Elsa. The boy fell but he smirks at Elsa.

"You let one getaway." He mocked her as he tried to stand with the bat acting as a stick.

"For once, I do feel a tiny bit annoyed."

"Don't forget about me." Emilia quickly shot another shard at Elsa. But the killer blocked it like it was nothing. The fight against Elsa entering another phase, but still she could not use her trump card at this time.

"By now, I have quite tired of that game. Do you think you can still keep me amused?" Elsa mocked Emilia and the strange boy helping her.

"If you've got some hidden power, now would be a good time to use it." The strange boy who seemed to know her and Puck called out.

"I do have a trump card. But if I use it, I'll be the only one left standing." Emilia answered.

"No exploding yourself, please… don't do anything hasty."

"I won't use it. Not when you're still here… Doing your best." Emilia reassured him as she tried to figure out a way from this predicament.

"Just now, I didn't see anything…" The strange boy slowly got up straight on his legs, tossing the bat to the side.

"Huh?" Emilia questioned this strange change of behavior and line of dialogue.

"None of that entire conversation ever happened! I finally remembered why I'm here to begin with. And Isekai Protagonists always get good swords."

Emilia widened her eyes as the strange boy glared determinedly at Elsa and materialized the Yang Sword. 'What is going on here? Why is a Vollachian Prince helping me? And why did he not draw the sword earlier?'

"I'll kill you shitbag!" The Vollachian Prince shouted at Elsa.

"I'll blow you away." Elsa crooned ecstatically.

The Vollachian Prince's eyes lit up with conviction as he aimed his sword at Elsa. "I'll live. I'll get my happy ending and save her after seeing her die multiple times in a seemingly unending living nightmare."

Emilia stared at him, eyes wide. Was he a Stargazer as well as a Prince? Is that why he seemed familiar with her?

"Seems you have a bit too much energy." Elsa mocked as she swiftly charged at the smiling Vollachian Prince.

"You black widow!" The Vollachian Prince began trading strikes and blows with Elsa, blocking her strikes.

"Well, there's no doubt you'll be the first caught in my web." Elsa was about to strike him but an ice shard fired by Emilia ruined her aim.

"Nice cover!" The Vollachian Prince praised Emilia.

Emilia wanted to fire more at Elsa, but she was afraid of hitting her new ally by mistake.

Elsa begins cutting and slashing the Vollachian Prince's hands and face, wounding him and making him bleed and forcing him to give ground.

Suddenly… a loud voice echoed. "That's enough."

Everyone looked around to find the source of the voice.

Suddenly, something fell through the ceiling of the loot house filling the room with dust.

Elsa was faced by the source of the interruption.

A red-haired knight slowly emerged from the fog and commanded the air around him to clear the area making his coat rustle in the air. "It looks like that was a close call, I'm glad I made it in time. Now…"

"You're… " Elsa asked in glee.

"Shall we put an end to this?" Reinhard smiled at Elsa as he interrupted her.


"That's right Prince Subaru. We meet again. Sorry, I'm late." Reinhard observed the woman before him as he answered Prince Subaru. He had the Yang Sword after all, so he was definitely Vollachian Royalty.

'Prince Subaru? I was right, he is a Vollachian Prince. Of course he drew the Yang Sword so that was a given.' Emilia thought to herself as she rushed to heal the giant.

"Black hair, black clothes, and a blade unique to the northern provinces. There is no mistaking those characteristics. You are the Bowel Hunter." Reinhard pronounced upon Elsa.

"What kind of evil nickname is that?" Prince Subaru asked.

"It was derived from her unique killing style. Her name is known, even in the capital, as that of a dangerous individual. Reinhard explained.

"Yes, a knight among knights, born to a line of master swordsmen, correct? How remarkable, having all my opponents be so much fun." Elsa squealed in delight.

"There many things I'd like to ask you. I insist that you surrender." Reinhard requested of Elsa.

"You expect such a starving predator to resist such a choice, juicy prey?"

Reinhard just chuckles a bit and looks back at Prince Subaru, "Prince Subaru, stand back a bit. If you stand next to her that would be appreciated." Reinhard points at Emilia as she was healing the Rom's wound.

Prince Subaru smirks and nods. "That woman is like a monster so don't lower your guard. I had quite a few vivid living nightmares just to figure out her fighting style and last long enough for you to arrive."

"As luck would have it..." Reinhard looks Elsa in the eye. "Hunting monsters happens to be my specialty."

Emilia noticed Prince Subaru kneel next to her, resting on the Yang Sword as Rom breathe in pain.

"Old Man Rom is still alive?"

"He isn't out of the woods yet. I have to heal him now Prince Subaru." Emilia replied

Prince Subaru looks at her in surprise. "You really want to? He's part of the gang that stole your insignia."

Emilia starts working on the healing spell. "That's why I need him to recover, so he'll repay the favor by giving me information."

Prince Subaru stares as Emilia speaks softly. "He wouldn't lie to someone who has saved his life. This is as much for my own sake."

"I would rather not use violence on a woman." Reinhard kicks his foot on the floor emitting a shock wave around him breaking the wood he was standing on and killing Elsa's momentum, forcing her to stand before him unguarded. Reinhard swiftly kicked her in the side making her roll a few feet away.

"Just as the rumors say… No, you're even better." Elsa joyously squealed.

"I'm not sure I'll meet your expectations." Reinhard sadly informed her.

"Aren't you going to use that sword at your hip? I would love to experience its legendary sharpness." Elsa reveled in her bloodlust.

"This sword can only be drawn when needed. The fact that it hasn't left its sheath means that this is not one of those times." Reinhard calmly answered.

"I do believe I have been underestimated." Elsa pouted.

"It's an upsetting judgment for me, as well. Therefore," Reinhard picked up a sword from the ground. "I shall take you on with this instead. Do you object?"

"No, it is wonderful. Wonderful! Do entertain me please!" Elsa smirks manically and charges.

Reinhard simply activates his power and the sword glows. He blocked the strike and made Elsa drop the blade from her grasp.

Catching the tip of the blade with his two fingers, Reinhard looked at Elsa.

"If you've lost your weapon, I strongly suggest you surrender." Reinhard threw the blade and made it stab into a pillar.

Elsa looked annoyed and threw the broken handle of her weapon behind her as she charged hands empty.

"She's got a second one, Reinhard!" Prince Subaru shouted from the side.

Suddenly, Elsa pulled a second blade from behind her back and swiped at Reinhard. She would have almost cut his stomach had he not been fast enough to step back.

Elsa kept her eyes on Reinhard but spoke towards Prince Subaru. "I'm impressed you knew."

"Well, I've personally experienced it… You killed me in quite a few of my realistic living nightmares with that trick." Prince Subaru spoke up, confirming again that he was likely a Stargazer.

"But I don't have a mere two fangs, would you mind if we start again?" Elsa spoke again.

"If I divest you of all your weapons will you be satisfied?" Reinhard asked.

"If I lose my fangs, I'll use my claws. If I lose my claws, I'll use my bones. And if I lose my bones, I'll use my life." Elsa began jumping all over the loot house at demonic speeds that turned her into nothing but a blur. "This is how a Bowel Hunter fights."

Reinhard manages to block various speedy attacks with ease.

"Surely Reinhard won't fail to land the decisive blow, will he?" Prince Subaru questioned.

"Because I'm using my spiritual arts, he cannot fight at full strength." Emilia answered

"What do those have to do with each other? I saw nothing like this in my nightmares." Prince Subaru was confused.

"If he was truly intent on fighting all the mana in the atmosphere would turn away from me. I'm almost done healing him. When I give the signal, let him know." Emilia responded as she pondered what he said. 'Stargazing is like being immersed in nightmares? Poor Prince Subaru. They must have been horrific.'

Prince Subaru looks down to find Rom's wound fully closing up.

"Now he's all right. Go ahead." Emilia gave the all clear.

Prince Subaru quickly turned to Reinhard. "I don't really get it, but do your thing, Reinhard!"

Reinhard nods and activates his blessings, soaking up all the mana in the air around him.

"Oh, what will you show me?" Elsa asked as she watched the mana being sucked into his sword.

"The Swordplay of the Astrea family." Reinhard readies sword.

Elsa smiles and prepares two blades in both hands. "The Bowel Hunter, Elsa Granhiert."

"Reinhard Van Astrea, of the line of master swordsmen."

The two faced off as Reinhard's sword glows so bright it blinded everyone around him.

Reinhard raised his glowing sword and struck Elsa with a blow so strong it made the entire loot house explode.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Prince Subaru looks at Reinhard in shock as the entire Loot house was blown to bits. "Hunting monsters is your specialty, my ass! You're a monster yourself!"

"Even I'm a bit hurt by a comment like that, Prince Subaru." The Sword Saint looks at the Sword in his hand as it vaporizes into dust from the sheer power it used in the strike. "I'm sorry I asked too much of you. Rest well now."

Prince Subaru stood up and looked around, using the Yang Sword as a crutch. "There isn't a shadow left, let alone a body… this is all that's left after just one sword swing?"

"It's over now?" Emilia questioned as she stood up and tried to walk but stumbled and almost fell as she held her head in her hand.

Prince Subaru caught her immediately, letting the Yang Sword dissipate. "Yea, somehow or other. Literally."

Emilia notices something and steps back from him. "Why are you staring at me? That's quite rude."

"It's just, you still have your arms and legs, even your head…" Prince Subaru trailed off.

"Of course, I do. Don't say such scary things." Emilia admonished him. 'Just what did he see in his nightmarish visions?"

"Yeah, you're right. It's obvious huh? I still have my arms, too. And there's no knife in my back or a gaping hole in my gut." Prince Subaru looked over himself.

"You talk as if you've experienced those things before." Emilia pointed out, wondering if his descriptions of his Stargazing were so horrible that he even felt such pain.

"There was a time when I did in my nightmares till I found the path to save everyone." Prince Subaru replied before turning towards the standing swordsmen. "Oh, yeah, Reinhard… I haven't thanked you yet. You saved my ass! Back in the alley too. I guess you heard my heart's cries for help, friend."

Reinhard appeared to be really happy, "If I did do that, I'd certainly be proud… Friend."

Reinhard looks at Felt as she entered through a broken wall. "She was desperately running around the streets, and asked for my help."

"That's…" Emilia glared at the girl but Prince Subaru waved her off.

"Now, hang on… if she hadn't brought Reinhard, we'd have been destroyed. Just look at this face and spare me the ice statue punishment?" Prince Subaru pleaded with his hands for her.

Emilia looked away with a pout. "I wouldn't do something so violent! And what does your face have to do with anything?"

"Prince Subaru!" Reinhard quickly called out for his friend as Elsa emerged from a bunch of debris.

Emilia was pushed to the side by Prince Subaru who re-summoned the Yang Sword aimed at Elsa's face, forcing her to hold back and slash at the air.

"The Vollachian got in my way again!" Elsa growled as she glared at Prince Subaru.

"That's enough, Elsa!" Reinhard ran in front of Emilia.

Elsa threw her blade at him but his divine protection from projectiles caused it to miss. Everyone stared as the killer smirked with blood running over her ragged face.

"Soon enough, I'll disembowel everyone here." Elsa jumped and landed on a broken pillar. "Till then, take good care of your bowels." With that, The Bowel Hunter climbed the wall and disappeared into the night.

Reinhard ran to Emilia's side in a hurry. "Are you unhurt?"

"Whether I'm unhurt doesn't matter! More importantly," She pushed Reinhard out of the way and walked to the beaten Prince Subaru's side as he let the Yang Sword go. "Are you all right? That was far too reckless Prince Subaru!"

"Oh, it was no problem. I sure took the long road, but I finally reached this point after countless dead end nightmares." Prince Subaru answered.

'Definitely a Stargazer. It fits.' Emilia thought to herself, 'And I feel energized, it started after he kept me from falling. Even Puck is getting some of this new energy."

Prince Subaru quickly pointed at the sky and did a strange pose. "My name is Natsuki Subaru! And I just saved your life from a heinous villain! Are we okay on that?"

"Okay?" Emilia questioned.

"It means are we clear on that? So… Okay." Prince Subaru answered

"O-Okay…" Emilia agreed, still unfamiliar with the word.

"I, your rescuer, saved your life. And you are the heroine I saved! So, wouldn't that mean you should repay me in kind? Wouldn't it?"

"All right, I get it Prince Subaru. Only if it's within my power of course." Emilia glared at Prince Subaru thinking that he will take advantage for some gold or something really gross.

"In that case, I have only one request!"

Emilia steeled herself and glared at Prince Subaru. She was ready.

"My request is…"

Emilia stared at him with anticipation, gulping.

"Tell me your name."

Emilia giggled under the moonlight, "An easy price to pay. It's Emilia. I have no family name, so it's just Emilia. Thank you for saving me Prince Subaru."

"Jeez… talk about unequal compensation" Prince Subaru took Emilia's hand and shook it. "Eh?"

All present and conscious slowly turned or looked down at Prince Subaru's belly, where his clothing was cut.

"Uh-oh. I should have seen this coming." Prince Subaru moans just as his guts burst open and blood spilled everywhere as he fell down fainting.

"Prince Subaru?!" Emilia worriedly knelt by his side as he gave her one last glance and a smile before losing consciousness.

Emilia gazed at her savior as she finished healing him a few minutes later; vague memory like feelings came over her that she could not place filled her mind. Though she had never met him, Emilia felt as if she and Prince Subaru had met somewhere before but she couldn't think of when.

"Lia, this Vollachian Prince has high spirit affinity and contract potential. I felt our bond massively strengthen. I can now do 24/7 guard duty. But still let me sleep now and again. Staying up late is bad for my skin." Puck announced as he came out in awe.

"You felt it too Puck? Something tells me Prince Subaru is very special. So you think he might be from Vollachia? Or even possibly a Stargazer? It might explain his relief at seeing us and how he somehow knew about us." Emilia asked her spirit father.

"Hmm, I wouldn't rule it out Lia; he certainly looks to be from a royal family and he summoned the Yang Sword. That sword doesn't come out just for anyone."

"Great Spirit-sama, the prince seemed to have been looking for you and Lady Emilia. He said he had something to give back to you and even asked me to warn you from coming here." Reinhard spoke up as he came to them.

"We don't recall meeting him, yet he was familiar with us and said several things and acted in several ways that showed he was familiar with how things would go or would have gone. He has to be a Stargazer. Reinhard I want to bring him along with us to find out the truth. Besides, he needs more specialized care from Beatrice-sama." Emilia answered before going towards Felt.

As she and Puck went forward to Felt and the old giant, Reinhard gazed over the prince and the potential diplomatic problems of a Royal Prince of Vollachia being caught up in an assassination attempt. He was too old to be a son of Vincent, perhaps a cousin or half-sibling who just barely escaped the Emperor Selection War due to age and not being seen as a threat? His clothes were to his eyes master tailored. The stitching was quite uniform, and he hated to admit it, even his divine protection would not give him such uniformity of stitches.

An, "Oops," drew Reinhard's attention and he saw Emilia's insignia fly towards him, but as he tried to catch it, it slipped his grasp and fell towards the prince's open hand.

"Reinhard?" Emilia inquired as she saw the Sword Saint go stiff for a moment.

"I'm sorry Lady Emilia, but I can't let you take Prince Subaru. I will summon Felix to treat him." Reinhard answered her as he picked up her insignia, and handed it to Puck to hand to Emilia.

"So he is a Vollachian Royal?" Puck spoke, stroking his chin with his free paw while placing the insignia in Emilia's hand prompting her to secure it immediately in her pocket.

"I must research more Great Spirit-sama. I will be in contact." Reinhard answered as he picked up Prince Subaru.

"Please do so, I owe him my life." Emilia answered.

Reinhard nodded in assent to Emilia before departing, taking a moment to receive a bag from Felt of Prince Subaru's personal things, and to stare at the moon before moving on quickly.

"Well Lia, not much more we can do here my daughter. Let us link back up with Ram."

"Yes, you're right Puck." Emilia answered as she turned to the sound of approaching footsteps and saw Ram approach her.

"Emilia-sama, are you alright? Great Spirit-sama?" Seeing Puck out this late startled Ram for a moment.

"Yes, I'm fine thanks to Prince Subaru. I wish the protection of the spirits upon him and to meet him again." Emilia spoke sadly at how Prince Subaru risked everything to save her a silver-haired half-elf with amethyst eyes. When she looked into those deep black eyes, she saw immense pain and immense joy in equal amounts as he asked for her name. Then there was the look of sheer joy in his eyes as he saw her laugh, as if he was the one that had been saved, that would stay with Emilia forever.

"Ah is that a look of love for a boy other than your dear father Emilia?" Puck teased her.

Blushing to the tips of her ears, Emilia turned to her father, "Puck, that is enough, I owe him my life. If he was a Stargazer as I suspect, he had no reason to risk his life personally."

"A Stargazer assisted you? Is that boy from Vollachia? Lord Roswaal will want to know about this." Ram spoke up, "The carriage awaits us. We should depart immediately Emilia-sama."

"Yep, Lia, we should do what Ram-san says. Besides staying up all night is bad for your skin. So off you go, I am going to take a rest myself."

"Yes father, I will see you in the morning." Emilia spoke to her father who immediately faked dying as he faded away.

"Out of my way! Nyah!" Felix Argyle shouted as he rushed through the Astrea Manor's halls as several servants still were up.

"Sir Felix, in here. Prince Subaru has been stabilized by Lady Emilia, but she lacks the skill for organ damage." Carol Fauzen spoke.

"Thank you Carol-san myoh." Felix gratefully answered as he entered the room to see a boy lying on the best guest bed in the house and move quickly to start healing him. "Meow? Is he from Vollachia?"

"Reinhard is investigating that possibility as he fills out his report. He doubts he is Vincent's son, but thinks he might be a cousin or half-sibling who was too young to join the Selection and was ignored as a non-threat. He also suspects he may be a Stargazer. He knew of the threat to Lady Emilia despite not meeting her. But he is the 5th candidate, and Reinhard asks you keep this secret for now." Carol filled Felix in.

"Reinhard mynows I will keep confidentiality. But what was the threat to Lady Emilia nyah?"

"The Bowel Hunter. The young prince here threw himself between the Bowel Hunter and Lady Emilia with the Yang Sword till Reinhard could assist."

"Nyah! Hopefully Reinhard isn't beating himself up over it."

Carol sighed as two maids came in with a basin of hot water and a fresh set of pajamas. "This is Reinhard we are talking about Felix-sama. Please talk to him before you leave."

"Sure thing Carol-san."

For the next few minutes, Felix repaired the organ damage that would kill Lord Subaru in 2 days if not fixed. Once done, he announced the completion, "I fixed the organ damage. He will live nyow. I will nyow fulfill your request and see Rein nyow."

"Thank you Sir Felix. We will care for the young lord from here. Girls I want our future king washed and dressed for bed. Anna repair his clothing when you are done." Carol wasted no time thanking Felix and then ordering the maids to work.

Exiting the room, Felix headed to the main office of the Astrea Family; there he found Grim Fauzen, Heinkel and Reinhard van Astrea and even Julius. "Prince Subaru is all healed nyow. But he is too old to be a son of Vincent, unless he was fathering a child at age 7, and I don't think he might be a cousin or half-sibling, the only confirmed survivor is Baroness Priscilla Barielle." Felix added his observation.

"One of the Divine Generals, Olbart has a means to de-age people. Is it possible to age someone prematurely?" Julius spoke.

"Mynoh, I have no clue how Olbart's technique works mynow," Felix answered in the negative.

Heinkel took a sip of his wine, "Leaving his origins aside, explain how two Royal Candidates were nearly murdered Reinhard? Especially one of whom is a Vollachian Royal Prince who somehow entered our country without our knowledge?"

Reinhard lowered his head in shame. "I got slothful. I met Prince Subaru in a side alley as he was about to be mugged. He initially asked for my help with a matter, then changed his mind and asked me to relay a message to a silver haired girl that was very beautiful and followed by a talking cat that he would recover her insignia and return it to her so not to go to the loot house as it was dangerous. He didn't seem to realize who I was and I didn't realize he meant Lady Emilia and her great spirit. By the time I did he was already in a losing fight trying to protect Lady Emilia with the Yang Sword. Then when I thought I killed Elsa, he placed himself right between the Bowel Hunter and Lady Emilia who was out of mana to shield herself. He took the blow meant for her. Lady Emilia suspects he might be a Stargazer, they never met before to her knowledge but he knew of her and her great spirit."

"The people at the loot house, where are they? They are material witnesses to this puzzle." Heinkel asked as Grim refilled his glass.

"I left them at the Loot House in order to quickly bring Prince Subaru here for better treatment than what Lady Emilia could give." Reinhard answered.

"Go find them, get their statements. Sir Felix and Julius can you accompany him?"

"Nyah, sure mynow, working with Rein is always a pleasure mynow."

"And mine as well. We need to redeem ourselves for the slothfulness that endangered 2 Royal Candidates." Julius spoke up.

"Thank you Felix and Julius for being good friends." Reinhard smiled as he got up and followed them out into the hall.

"In any nyah event, we should give Prince Subaru a week to settle in, and then announce him to the Council mynoh." Ferris stated.

"Reasonable, the Selection must move ahead quickly. But still, his connection to Vollachia must be fully investigated." Julius agreed.