The Vollachian Prince and Stargazer

AN: Now for the grand shit show. Which canonically Subaru did not start, and Emilia was getting verbally dominated and shut down by the other candidates and embarrassing herself before Bordeaux even opened his mouth. Oh I am using portions of the Web/Light Novels in addition to Anime parts as well as my own writings; you'll know which is which if you read the entire series. The beauty of RE:Zero is all the time fuckery and mass chaos with the Catastrophe, the Gluttonies going around erasing memories, and 400 years of copy errors and archive fires and misfilings gives me lots of leeway.

Chapter Five

Standing up, her spirits lifted by the sweets Prince Subaru gifted her; Emilia took Beatrice's hand as Puck snuck into her hair. "Okay, let's do this Lord Roswaal."

"You're emulating that rude boy's mannerisms and speech in fact. Betty doesn't approve of it I suppose."

"Beako, not now, we need to move to the Royal Audience Hall." Emilia chided her spirit while Roswaal simply looked on with amusement.

Beatrice muttered under her breath about the rude boy as they made their way to the Audience Hall. Entering the Grand Hall with Roswaal and Beatrice, Emilia did not see Prince Subaru anywhere. She was halfway down when the doors opened again to admit the Baroness Barielle and her knight.

"Hah so you had the courage to show up half-wit, mineself looks to be entertained by your mewlings." The Baroness spoke aloud as she pulled her fan from between her breasts.

Emilia promptly gave a hissing Beatrice a squeeze of her hand while the Baroness' knight tiredly asked his liege to not start a fight. "Hello Baroness Barielle, I hope you are alright. I heard the Prince had to save you many times before today."

"Hah, I was never in any danger. The world works to mineself's favor and the Prince I just might favor with the right to worship mineself's perfected body." The last part the Baroness empathized with a blatant upward thrust of her chest.

Beatrice rolled her eyes at that brazen display while the Baroness' knight just shook his head. Emilia herself felt a tightening in her chest as she folded her arms under her own breasts and her face heated.

"Oh you think the Prince would choose to worship you over mineself's divine beauty, this will certainly be entertaining to see." Priscilla tried to bait Emilia further.

"The council of wise men will now enter."

The magic users and the royal knights all lined up and bowed for the many old men walking in lavish robes towards the seating arrangement at the end of the hall.

"Lady Emilia," Roswaal spoke, "The conference is starting so let us go to the front."

Without a word, Emilia went to the front with Roswaal and Beatrice, determined to keep the Prince from that nasty lady. No sooner had she gotten in line with the other 3 Maidens than things started.

"Now, if I may be so forward, I, Marcos, leader of the Imperial Knights, will direct today's proceedings. It all happened about a year ago, when members of the royal family, starting with the king, went into hiding one by one, causing-"

"Listen… I get that you wanna talk up a good show here, but I'm busy, y'know. As we say in Kararagi, Time is money." Lady Anastasia spoke up.

"I agree."

"Crusch-sama, should the head of the Karsten family say such a thing?" Marcos asked.

"It is important to observe formality, but it is also a fact that our time is limited. It would be wise to immediately inform us why we are here. Naturally, I do have a general idea." Lady Crusch spoke with confidence.

The Prime Minister looked at the Duchess, "You already know the purpose of this meeting?"

"Yes, Lord Miklotov. For a drinking party, correct? One day, we will face each other as rivals, but by sharing drinks at the same table, we learn more about one another." Crusch smirked up at the Prime Minister.

"No, that is not correct." The Prime Minister spoke in disappointment, causing everyone to look at the Duchess who in turn looked at her knight.

"Felix, this isn't what you told me." The embarrassed Duchess pointedly put her knight on the spot.

"Oh, come on. All I said was, maybe it'll be a drinking party."

"I see. I jumped to conclusions." Crusch turned from the cat boy and looked up at the council. "Forgive me. Allow me to retract everything I just said."

"Hey, now! Even if she backs down, my opinion ain't gonna change. No need to explain the royal selection now. We already know. Right?" Anastasia spoke as she looked at Emilia and Priscilla.

"I think we should hea-" Emilia tried to say but was cut off by Anastasia.

"Sorry, but I wasn't askin' for your opinion."

Emilia squeezed Beatrice's hand, [Puck calm down, let it go.]

Puck did not reply, but stopped charging his magic and Beatrice silently fumed.

"Hey!" Al raised his voice out loud. "I don't know what's up with the royal selection, so I'd kinda like to hear the rest."

Lord Miklotov looked from Al to the Baroness. "Priscilla-sama, I'm told this man is your knight. Have you explained the selection to him?"

"Whether I have or not, you men will still ramble on about it, yes? Continue Marcos."

"Then…The reason we've gathered you who are qualified to be the dragon's priestess is because a new prophecy has been engraved in the dragon stone. It says to gather five candidates to rule, but there was no description of how to select the next one."

"Five?" Anastasia asked.

"Yes five, due to security precautions the fifth could not be revealed till now. But now the Astrea Family presents the Fifth Candidate." Marcos announced as the door was opened.

Turning around, Emilia gasped in surprise as Prince Subaru walked in flanked by Sir Reinhard and Lord Heinkel, 4 Yin Lesser Spirits, 4 Yang Lesser Spirits, and a Quasi Fire Spirit circled above Subaru's head. Unbidden, Emilia's 9 contracted Water Spirits circled above her head as did Julius' Spirits. Coming to a halt in front of the throne, Subaru with his right palm holding the Royal Insignia facing the council raised said palm up above his head. The black glow was different from the other Candidates' glow which corresponded to their primary magic element. Clenching his fist, Prince Subaru summoned the Yang Sword and with perfect synchronicity with Heinkel and Reinhard who drew their own swords, saluted the Royal Seal with the Holy Sword Astrea, Yang Sword, and Dragonsword Reid. The latter being a profound shock as it never occurred before in recorded history that such a proud sword would let itself be used in such a salute.

"Prince Subaru?" Emilia whispered in awed amazement as the trio sheathed their swords.

[Offer him your hand Lia] Puck instructed her.

Holding out her hand, Emilia smiled at the Prince who turned to acknowledge her.

"Ah, Princess Emilia of Elior Forest, good to see you are in good health." Subaru greeted her as he gently kissed her hand as both their lesser spirits intermingled in greeting. Their child like glee being heard to both Emilia and Subaru.

"All thanks to your diligent efforts at breaking up the assassin cells that have tried to kill me." Emilia thanked him.

"I am glad you remain safe." Subaru closed out before smiling at Beatrice. "Nice to see you again Beako. A smile wouldn't hurt your face."

"Hmmpf." Beatrice turned her head.

[Now Lia, don't get jealous, he has to greet the other maidens in the same manner.]

[Puck, I know that, don't embarrass me.]

Subaru went next to Anastasia who blushed slightly at Subaru's courtesy and Emilia could have sworn Anastasia's scarf seemed to have moved a bit.

Crusch opted for a handshake and went for a test of grip with it while being polite.

Priscilla blatantly thrusted her chest up and briefly flirted with the Prince.

"Prince Subaru if you are done with the pleasantries, please take your spot," Marcos called out.

With that they all lined up and faced the Knights and Magi who saluted them in respect.

"With all due respect, I wish to address the Prince if I may." Baron Wilhelm van Astrea and head of the Trias Family spoke up.

"Certainly old friend," Lord Miklotov assented.

The Sword Demon then turned to Prince Subaru, "First let me thank you for saving my Lady from the hired assassins and even finding a way to capture the little girl whose entire body was made poisonous without harming her. If not for your Stargazing I would have had no choice but to cut her down."

"That was a very difficult capture; I went through 100 nightmares in succession to safely capture Aurea. Thanks to Felix's work we have a way to detoxify her body and it is my hope we can return such a sweet child back to society where she will have playmates and not handlers who make her an instrument of murder." Subaru answered with a flash of pain and anger visible in his eyes before dissipating.

'The nightmares are taking a toll on him.' Emilia thought to herself.

"Your Chivalry is unexpected, but not unwelcomed from a Prince of Vollachia. But without knowing of your claim to the Vollachian Throne and the lack of any known heirs much less whether the Emperor even has bedded a maiden, we have no assessment as to whether accepting your claim might not lead to war with the Empire." Wilhelm stated.

"Well I never claimed to be a Prince; you said it, not me, I always refer to myself as just Subaru Natsuki. As for the Vollachian Throne, let Vollachia decide. If they find me a legal claimant and offer me the Throne, I will take it and merge the crowns if given the throne here. If not, no skin off of my nose, they'll get what they want and can't complain if it blows up in their faces." Subaru deftly answered Wilhelm.

"Well said, I have no further questions." Wilhelm stepped back.

"My pardons, but if I may, I wish to ask a question of Lady Emilia," Sir Julius spoke.

"Certainly Sir Julius." Emilia replied.

"That is the Great Spirit of Yin is she not?"

"Betty's name is Beatrice; you children are far too worshipping of us noble spirits in fact. It is tiring I suppose. At least the rude shady boy trying to court Betty's contractor's hand doesn't engage in such nonsense I suppose." Beatrice answered to mutterings amongst the Magi and a slight blush of Emilia's cheeks at the last part.

"Oi, feeling the love there Beako," Prince Subaru cheekily replied with a thumbs up.

"Hmmpf," Beatrice shot back as she crossed her arms and turned her head in contempt while the Magi and knights looked at each other at how the Prince acted so familiarly with a Great Spirit.

"Are you all quite finished?" Lord Miklotov asked as he reclined back in his seat. Seeing no response he spoke again. "Then, royal selection candidates, please come forth. Priscilla Barielle-sama and her attendant, Al."

"Very well. It would be cruel to cut short the remaining time of an old man whose days are numbered. You can thank mineself for mine generosity," Priscilla added a few words that were not necessary, but she continued to puff out her ample breasts in a more dignified manner.

[What a Harlot, she is doing that deliberately.]

[Puck, be nice.] Emilia scolded her father.

"The selection is pointless. I am the one suited to rule this nation! All you people need to do is bow to me and grovel at mine feet! Except for you Prince Subaru!" Priscilla then turned towards the Prince.

"Uh, I guess I should be flattered you aren't telling me to be your slave." Subaru quipped.

"I have decided to be generous and will offer you the chance to worship mineself's divine body. It is an offer mineself has never before permitted any of my unworthy late husbands to partake of." Priscilla smiled while deliberately dipping her chest in front of the Prince.

Emilia's face flushed red, her elvish hearing picked up Crusch muttering harlot under her breath, and Anastasia rolled her eyes in disgust.

[I am not letting that harlot near Subaru.] Emilia stated to her father as she puffed her chest up.

"I feel a whole of subtext there that gives me food for thought Princess Priscilla." Subaru politely replied.

"Duke Astrea, I don't know whether to pity your liege or congratulate him on attracting the attention of the bloody bride," Lord Miklotov wryly noted.

"I'm wondering that myself, but it makes sense the Holy Dragon would choose four maidens capable of being a suitable queen-consort for our chosen King. In this I see nothing more than Volcanica ensuring a smooth continuation of the new Royal Subaru Dynasty." Heinkel van Astrea noted to the council as a whole while the Magi and Knights whispered amongst each other.

"Well let's not get ahead of ourselves. We still need to hear from the other Dragon Maidens and the Prince himself. Duchess Karstein with backing of your Knight Felix Argyle, please give your own statement." Lord Miklotov moved things on.

"I think I know what each of you wants from me as I ascend the throne. The Karsteins are heavyweights in the royal family, and have been responsible for a large percentage of the country's affairs. Therefore, if I were to take the throne, the administration of politics and the country would be unaffected. So we can be assured of a wave free succession to the throne," Crusch started off.

There were nods from the gathered Magi and Knights.

"I'm sorry Sirs, but I can't make that promise to you," The statement that Crusch would throw away the overwhelming advantage she had been given caused a moment of silence in the throne room - a few seconds of pause, and then a tremor from the Magi and Knights.

"Please explain." Lord Miklotov pressed.

Crusch adopted a firm look, "Should I become the new ruler, I will make the dragon forget the covenant it demanded. The dragon's empire of Lugnica belongs not to the dragon, but to us. No more should we be at the mercy of an incompetent dragon that did not deign to save our beloved Royal Family and lets the 3 Great Mabeasts run amok killing millions over the centuries. What has this dragon actually done for us except remove a fellow dragon that tried to usurp him? It is time we take our own destiny into our own hands."

There was a shocked silence from the crowd, a confused look from Subaru, a neutral look from Wilhelm, and then.

"What a silly petulant child you are to want to break the Covenant in fact. Betty has heard everything now I suppose." Beatrice called out Crusch.

"Excuse me girl. What do you know?" Crusch growled at Beatrice as Emilia placed a hand on her shoulder and gave an imploring squeeze.

"Betty was there with Mother, Nee-chan, and Bubby when Farsale and his 4 Concubines made the pact with Volcanica in fact. Betty definitely knows more than you do about the pact which was never meant to handle internal problems; merely prevent foreign wars and provide Heart Blood from Volcanica's predecessor to restore the lands ravaged by that thing that took over Satella's body in fact."

Everyone but Subaru flinched at the mention of the witch.

"Lady Crusch," Lord Miklotov called out gently, "I mourn for Fourier as much as you do. Please don't go down this path. The Librarian Beatrice of the Forbidden Library has much wisdom to give us. Focus on the tangible benefits you have done this country and your path will be revealed."

Crusch started to say something, but held back and yielded the floor.

"Alright, Lady Anastasia Hoshin of the Hoshin Company and her Knight Julius Juukulius, is next." Lord Miklotov announced.

"If you're expecting me to have a strong personality like the previous two, I'm afraid I would be a little overwhelmed. I don't like to be too self-centered, so my main selling point is my individuality." Anastasia claps her hands twice, shaking everyone's consciousness and smiles calmly so that everyone can see her bright smile.

Looking at these reactions with satisfaction, Anastasia nodded once. "Well, then, I, Anastasia Hoshin, would like to speak with you. I'm a stranger, so bear with me if I don't know what I'm talking about, okay?" She again clapped her hands together and tilted her head faintly to show off her charm.

"You are from Kararagi correct?" Lord Miklotov asked.

"Indeed, I was born in the slums, but through hard work, I crawled out of them and run the International Success that is the Hoshin Company and amassed my own private army. I intend to run this country like I run a business. In this way I will bring jobs and prosperity to the country. Being a greedy gal, I like to see my assets bloom."

Yielding the floor, Anastasia signaled she was done.

Emilia braced herself.

"Now for Lady Emilia, accompanied by her sponsor, Lord Roswaal and the Librarian of the Forbidden Library, Beatrice," Lord Miklotov announced.

"Seeing all these knights here, I feeeel quite out of plaaace." Roswaal quipped with a smile.

Stepping forward, Emilia faced the council, "As ruler I have one wish, for everyone to be equal."

Stepping back, Emilia yielded the floor while the Magi and Knights whispered amongst each other. Quite a few were angry. The Council raised eyebrows, but said nothing.

[Puck calm down.]

[Lia as a father can't ignore all those slanders.]

[Puck let it go, it will be ok.]

[You adopted his strange word.]

Emilia didn't reply further as she felt Puck power down as she took Beatrice's hand.

"Alright, and now for Prince Subaru of Vollachia backed by the might of the Astrea Family, and who has made safe the city for all of us to attend."

Prince Subaru stepped forward and faced the Council and pulled his weird pose. "I am Subaru Natsuki, single, surrounded by beautiful ladies, and in the thick of it fighting assassins. I trust you are all well?"

There were genuine chuckles throughout the room from those who came to know the Prince and even helped in his suppression campaign.

"Quite well Prince Subaru, your tireless campaign to root out the assassin guild and that slave ring has gone far in cleaning up this city of rift raft." Lord Miklotov replied.

The Prince turned serious, "Policy wise, aside from continuing to stamp out the evil assassins guild that uses children to commit atrocities I have several clear goals to accomplish."

There was a deliberate pause before the Prince continued.

"Now no offense to Emilia-tan, but her plan lacked quite a bit of content, and platitudes don't constitute a policy."

Emilia pouted at Prince Subaru who held his hands up in placation while the Magi, Council, and Knights nodded.

"That being said, I have seen the racism and classism holding this nation back and will implement reforms. One is a written constitution laying out more clearly the rights of citizens and ending extrajudicial killings of commoners by nobles. I would also be phasing out the Knights over a period of 10 years to build a professional military consisting of a core force of professional volunteers paid for directly by the Crown. Knights will be converted to Officers using a standardized rank structure of 10 grades with clear rank insignias: Lieutenant, Vice-Captain, Captain, Major, Vice-Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Marshal, and Grand Marshal, the last being the head of the military."

The reaction was mixed from the knights and magi.

Prince Subaru continued, "A conscripted reservist force will back this up and consist of conscripts who do 2 years full time service in the Crown Army before they transfer back to the control of Local Lords unless they sign a contract to serve in the Crown Army for another 4 years. Once back in control of local lords, they then do 1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year of refresher training and sticks to civilian work except when called up by the local lords for Local Emergencies or called up by the Crown for National Emergencies. In this way we have a ready pool of manpower to call upon separate from Lords own private guards."

There were nods from the knights and magi on this. Anastasia, Crusch and Priscilla were listening with interest.

"A separate police force will enforce actual laws, imprison criminals, and investigate crimes. This will consist of the Crown Inspectors who oversee all law enforcement agencies, serve as a central repository for all information on criminal groups and disburses that information back down the chain to solve crimes, have cross jurisdiction, ensures the integrity of the mail service I will implement, ensures the integrity of the Royal Currency, and have the authority to arrest and detain Lords. Below the Crown Inspectors will be Local Settlement Guards who enforce settlement ordinances and fight fires, and the Royal Rangers who patrol the Highways and Wildernesses, collect criminals from smaller settlements to transport them to larger settlements with courts to prosecute them, escort treasury officials in their official duties, and serve as an extra set of eyes on the Frontiers." The Prince added.

Emilia noticed how the Prince had everyone's attention now. The Magi and Knights were fully mulling his words; the council was in deep thought as well. Roswaal… Well was Roswaal, she never could figure out what he was thinking most of the time.

"Out of interest of saving time the entire proposed Constitution and my proposed reforms has been written out by my wonderful staff in sufficient copies waiting outside and you councilmen have also received copies. But I will go over some more of the highlights and you can read the full proposals at your leisure and talk to me about any portions you don't understand later and make suggestions and criticisms." Prince Subaru added

There was murmuring amongst the Knights and Magi. Emilia and her fellow Dragon Maidens were flatfooted at the depth of the Prince's preparations.

[Uh Puck, why didn't we think of that?]

Puck didn't answer.

Prince Subaru continued. "Being a believer in Education, I intend to introduce a compulsorily public education system into the nation paid by the taxes collected in this nation. All children aged 6 to 15 will receive a standardized education in reading, writing, mathematics, and civic duty to the Kingdom. At 15 they will gravitate to their chosen professions and begin their apprenticeships with a firm grounding in the basics which will make them more productive workers and the nation wealthier. This is the best investment we as a nation can make and in 20 years I want to say I have to travel the width of the country before I can find a single citizen who can't write their own name."

"Alec Hoshin said the same thing. Betty and Mother laughed in his face when he went down a single street in Banan and found 20 citizens who were proud of not knowing a single letter in fact." Beatrice sneered at Prince Subaru despite Emilia's firm hand squeeze.

The Hall erupted in laughter, out of the corner of her eye, Emilia noticed Anastasia take an interest in Beatrice.

"Beako that was a critical hit, you don't have to be so mean." Prince Subaru whined.

"Betty will be mean as she wants with a shameless boy like you, I suppose."

"Beako, please, let the Prince finish," Emilia chided the Tsundere.


The interruption done, Prince Subaru continued. "My last of my highlights, is to start a massive infrastructure program of building paved highways between cities and towns, that will employ tens of thousands of people, vastly improve trade, make military responses faster and easier to coordinate, make greater economic development possible. It will also be the basis upon which I will build upon to create a mass transit system using the accumulated magical knowledge of this nation to create high speed trains that move along regular routes to swiftly deliver people and goods to anywhere in the country, in just a matter of days. On top of that, I seek to invest substantial research fund to the Mages Guild into creating artificial birds big enough to carry people and goods to anywhere in the nation within hours. And to cap it all off, the creation of a mass communication metia network that will allow the most common citizen to make a mirror call from a portable communication mirror to another one regardless of distance so long as they know the right metia number to call."

"My Prince, those are quite bold goals to aspire to. The sheer number of Magi needed is more than we currently have." The head of the Mages Guild spoke.

"Betty concurs with the boy, Mother, Farsale-sama, Flugel-sama, and Hoshin-sama spent many hours discussing the things you mentioned, I suppose. Satella's fall and the chaos that came with it meant much of it got shelved. Flugel-sama wasn't able to give Hoshin-sama the last of his ciphers for his Katakana style of writing in fact." Beatrice spoke as she pulled a book with unknown glyphs on it.

The Prince grinned, "Beako, I am well versed in Katakana and that book title says Cipher of Flugel, give to whoever can read this."

"What!" Beatrice and Anastasia spoke out at the same time.

Emilia was lost at this point.

"Katakana is quite a pain to learn, but, nihongo ha, nihon no neitibu kara kuru tetteiteki na setchi nashi de bugaisha ga rikai su ru no ha muzukashii hyougenryoku yutaka na gengo desu."

The rest of the words were gibberish to Emilia, but Beatrice and Anastasia were taken aback, and Roswaal was smiling wide for some reason.

"You really can decipher the writings of Hoshin." Anastasia spoke in shock before recovering.

"I'm sorry but I am lost here, what is the relevance…"

"Silence boy," Beatrice cut off the Prime Minister with a wave of her hand before walking to Subaru and handing him her book, "In accordance with Mother's wishes this book is yours I suppose."

"Thanks Beako." Subaru replied as he accepted it and Anastasia stared intently at Subaru causing Emilia to glare back at her and instinctively puff up her chest.

With her usual, "Hmmpf," Beatrice came back to Emilia's side.

Turning back to the council, Subaru concluded his statement, "As I was saying, combining mass education with mass infrastructure spending will create the ground work for my vision of new golden age for Lugnica."

Stepping back, Subaru yielded the floor.

"Alright then, now that we have heard from the candidates, do any of my esteemed councilmembers wish to say anything?" Miklotov asked.

"We have a male candidate, and our nation follows male primogeniture. And we all heard the Great Spirits words that Farsale had four concubines with which to make the pact. I say we recognize Prince Subaru's claim and recognize the 4 Dragon Maidens as his legal concubines. Even the Dragonsword Reid found the Prince worthy, not even Farsale rendered a salute with the Dragonsword Reid alongside him," Councilman Erenko spoke.

"Wait just a moment, you just said there was no specific instructions other than five candidates were to be found. I should have my chance to prove myself worthy of the throne." Crusch angrily spoke out.

"Mineself is also outraged that my divine self be referred to as a concubine. The throne is mine, the Prince will be the lucky one allowed to worship fully my divine self," Priscilla raged.

"Is being a legal concubine that bad? We lost already; the consolation prize isn't that bad a deal." Anastasia put in her two coppers, not at all upset with this outcome as it served her agenda anyway.

Emilia kept silent.

"Oi, I am not so low as to force these Ladies and I request you apologize to them. I will as a courtesy give each Dragon Maiden a chance to win my heart, but they will be a full legal wife and Queen. Concubinage has a bad reputation where I come from." Subaru spoke out.

"Surely you don't intend to make that filthy half-devil whore our queen!" Bordeaux Zellgef shouted back at Subaru.

In an instant, a trio of swords were drawn by the Subaru Camp, shocking everyone. "That was way out of line you bastard. Emilia is a Dragon Maiden, you will show her proper respect or it will be a duel for her honor." Subaru called out Bordeaux with a look of absolute fury on his face.

Emilia for her part had both hands on Beatrice who was hissing mad and trying to calm down Puck.

"As my liege's champion, I highly suggest you choose your words carefully. The Dragonsword Reid has never before recognized a King worthy of being drawn in support of. So even it recognizes this as a serious matter of honor." Reinhard van Astrea spoke in a firm neutral tone devoid of cheer that caused the Councilman to shrink back.

The temperature of the room dropped a few degrees as Puck having enough came out. "First off, thank you Subaru for defending my daughter. But in this matter, it is best if you leave this to me her father."

"As you wish Puck," Subaru relinquished the Yang Sword and the Astreas sheathed their own swords.

[Puck, please, I don't want a blood bath here.] Emilia pleaded with Puck.

[This can't be allowed to stand.]

"Hello foolish boy, my name is Puck. Mine explaining how you know the will of Volcanica when I was there at the making of the Fire Stones? In fact, I was there when Satella was born and helped raise her alongside Volcanica and Mother. Those were good days till that thing took over Satella. Volcanica was crushed by the catastrophe that followed. In 455 years of life I must say I have never met a more ignorant child than you, so please tell me where you get off calling my lovely daughter a harlot?"

"Bordeaux apologize at once to the Great Spirit of Fire and Beast of the End." Lord Miklotov commanded.

"Forgive me; allow me to retract my words." Bordeaux spoke.

"We're far past retraction boy; I think you're best off retiring. We both know you aren't going to be allowed to keep your position anyway, I already realize Prince Subaru has won." Puck growled.

Bordeaux fled the hall.

Turning to Subaru, Puck motioned for Emilia to come forward. Heeding her father, Emilia came up and let Puck rest in the palm of her left hand while she held Beatrice in her right hand.

[Puck, what are you doing?] Emilia questioned.

[One of the most difficult things a father has to do.]

"Prince Subaru, my little sister mentioned the four concubines. That is because legally the Dragon Maidens were not allowed to marry in order to properly hold the role of Dragon Priestesses which precluded them from simultaneously holding the position of Queen. Much of the exact details of the ritual got lost over the centuries by these children as was much of the original purpose. We entered this contest under the assumption there would be five maidens found. When the council revealed the actual prophecy I knew I had been had and things were direr than I thought. It was only when I saw the Dragonsword Reid drawn that I knew you were the real deal. Reid Astrea didn't even draw it against Satella and had to use chopsticks of all things to fight her. Your Authority is so strong that even the Dragonsword Reid bends to it." Puck winked at Subaru while the Astreas were fascinated at this tidbit of information about their ancestor.

No one, not even Puck's siblings realized what Puck actually meant by the use of the word Authority in the context he used it. Roswaal had a partial clue, but made the wrong assumption. Roswaal's teacher would be disappointed in him.

"Ok, but you lost me here Puck," Subaru answered as Puck floated out of Emilia's hand and grabbed her thumb.

"As a father this is difficult to me. But this is my duty in accordance with one of the many contract provisions my Mother gave me as contingencies. As recognized king I grant my daughter's hand to you as a concubine and to be your Dragon Priestess, Prince Subaru. Emilia you will respect your father's wishes in this." Puck intoned with solemnity.

[Lia, do not inform him of Elior Forest yet, it is not the time. Instead speak of how important your contracts and promises are as a Spirit Arts User and your wish to end the prejudices in society.] Puck added in a tone that did not invite Emilia to reply. Emilia knew not to question this tone.

"Emilia-tan you can walk away. I will not force you if you don't want to." Subaru informed Emilia.

Emilia smiled and filtered out the arguments of Crusch and Priscilla with the Prime Minister as she took the Prince's Hand, "It's alright Prince Subaru. If this is the will of my father, then this is the path I must take to uphold my contracts as a Spirit Arts User. Promises are important to us Spirit Arts Users and must be kept. I have no right to disagree with my Father's command."

"Really?" Prince Subaru asked.

"I joined the Selection because of my wish to end the prejudices against Elves and Demihumans. I did so knowing I had no chance to win, but if I made the case to other candidates, my wish might be granted." Emilia informed the Prince.

"I see, in that case how I can I say no to a beauty such as yourself," Prince Subaru smiled.

Emilia blushed and turned her head, "You don't have to flatter me…"

"I meant every word Emilia-tan. You are beautiful." Prince Subaru smiled at her and leaned his face closer.

"Hope I ah not interruptin' yah, but a gal knows when ta fold 'em, Prince Subaru." Anastasia announced her presence while Duchess Karstein and Baroness Barielle got even more heated with the council in arguing against selecting Subaru.

Emilia stepped back with a heated face, embarrassed that she almost kissed Subaru in public and gotten pregnant in front of everyone. Puck raised her better than that!

"Ana-chan, as I said to Emilia-tan, you don't…"

"Yeah, yeah, I heard yah, but a sweet gal like me has certa'n goals which canna be met unless I become yah's concubine. Besides, yah can translate the works of ta Great Hoshin himself. I accumulated quite a few of ta man's works, but cou'nah find ah person who can translate the Katakana as yah called it. That and being yah concubine means I can talk to the lil missy there about Hoshin." Anastasia gushed out in her thick Kararagi accent.

"As if Betty will talk about that gross individual to a silly girl like you, I suppose. Between him and Reid, Betty can't decide who was more perverted to Mother, in fact." Beatrice shot back while crossing her arms across her chest.

"Ah a tough customer arn' yah lil missy. Well I guess I will just keep wha I learn from translat'g the texts of theee Great Hoshin to myself then."

"Absolutely not, those writings contain information Flugel-sama wanted kept stored in Mother's Library till the world was ready for them, in fact. You will not keep that information from Betty, I suppose."

"Then let's make a deal."

"Ahem, I think we got sidetracked here, Beako, Ana-chan." Prince Subaru interrupted bringing Beatrice's, Emilia's, and Anastasia's attention back to him. "If you are ok with being a concubine, I will accept you if it means securing the throne. Though is that all your reasons? Do you not also need this Dragon Blood to repair a broken part that someone very dear to you can't fully fix."

Anastasia was taken aback by that, and Emilia could have sworn her scarf moved a bit. Just what was it about that statement that startled Anastasia so?

Anastasia recovered and smiled, "Your Stargazing is very powerful. I would have been defenseless if I had been your enemy."

"It was more a vivid series of nightmares I don't want a repeat of," Prince Subaru replied, a flash of intense pain appeared in his eyes before dissipating. "Figuring out what that brother-sister-pair of twins could do averted disaster that night. I look forward to working with Julius again in the future, as a fellow Spirit Arts User we had good synergy going in apprehending those twins without harming them."

The sound of the doors opening drew all their attention as the Baroness and Duchess stormed out, their Knights with them.

"Well, the Duchess and Baroness have declined the honors available to them and stated they are returning to their lands. I see the Prince has come to a mutual arrangement with the two remaining Dragon Maidens, is that correct Prince Subaru?" Lord Miklotov asked.

"Yes Prime Minister, we have come to an agreement." Prince Subaru answered.

"Very well, if there is no objections, should this council recognize the claim of Prince Subaru and grant him a 3 year regency as Prince Regent in which to prep for becoming the King and his two chosen concubines can prepare for the ritual to seal the pact?" Lord Miklotov asked his fellow council members.

"I have no objections, the Dragon's will is clear in this." Councilman Erenko spoke first.

"I concur; the Prince has vision, is already taking the war to the hidden enemies that have long eluded sunlight, and upholds a fine Chivalric Image. I will gladly call him King." Councilman Alistair spoke.

"Here, here," The other Councilmen agreed.

Turning to the Knights, Prime Minister Miklotov addressed them, "Do you acknowledge the Prince?"

The unsheathing of swords to render a perfect salute was their answer.

The Magi bowed without needing to be asked.

"Then it is settled, Prince Regent Subaru, you are granted the right to sit the Throne and bear the royal crest, but you will not be crowned yet and the Royal Vault will not be opened yet to you till the Covenant with the Dragon is renewed. You may sit the throne, but your concubines must remain where they are for now." Lord Miklotov announced while standing, prompting the other Councilmen to rise as well.

"I understand," Subaru replied as he moved up the steps and sat in the Throne. Once seated, the knights saluted him and the Magi bow. Emilia and Anastasia curtsied. The Councilmen put their fists over their hearts.

"Well, given the dangers still in the capital, the security precautions will remain in place for my Royal Concubines. No public pictures are to be put up of them. The protection of the Royal Concubines Emilia and Anastasia takes priority over mine. The use of doubles of the same height, build, and same clothing will continue." The Prince took a pause to drink from a water skin.

"In addition, the details revealed here are not to be publically known. The public will be told I have been named as the Regent, but no details are to be given on the Royal Concubines, and no pictures of my likeness given as well. Till the Assassin Cult is eliminated, these orders will remain in effect. That said I want the room cleared of all but the Council, Court Mage, Head of the Mages Guild, Captain of the Guard, and Sword Saint, to discuss sensitive information that took me many nightmares to piece together."

With that, Heinkel and Julius approached Emilia and Anastasia. "Lady Emilia, Beatrice-sama, in keeping with my Liege's orders I will be your knight and escort."


Roswaal Mathers stood with the remaining folks in the throne room and waited for the Prince Regent to speak. His scheming would turn on this meeting and his next step was to arrange for the Prince Regent to go to the Sanctuary of Kremaldy.

"Ok, we are clear now. Puck want to come out now?"

"Certainly Subaru, I must say I am surprise you knew I could read Katakana. But you have Stargazing Power and I can confirm the Court Mage has a most dirty game afoot."

Roswaal had little time to process that before he was forced onto his knees by the Sword Saint and his Teacher's book pulled from his secret pocket.

"Roswaal A Mathers. I went through 1,200 2-month long nightmares in which I got to see the full extent of your damn plotting. From your perspective it lasted only a few seconds, but for me it was a full 2 centuries in succession. That book alone is enough to condemn you. But killing you will just mean you take over your sweet niece Annerose. Hence why I have Puck here. But also, come in Elsa."

Roswaal's jaw fell open as he went completely speechless as the assassin he hired entered from a side door and knelt before the Prince Regent without saying a word.

"I have had to work fast and on the fly to pull this off without tipping you off. But I must say your plot to use the White Rabbit and disturb the rest of Puck's and Beatrice's Mother for your sick delusions will not stand. I will defeat the damnable cult you are loosely affiliated with and have hatched multiple plans to isolate and destroy them piecemeal. But before that you plotted the death of Emilia-tan in a convoluted manner to seize me. Where it went awry was me summoning the Yang Sword. But it matters not. Puck as an aggrieved father, I leave this to you."

"Thank you Subaru. Your love for my daughter truly equals my own. But as for you Roswaal, remember what I said about my vengeance for betraying me will be swift."

Roswaal didn't even have time to scream as blackness overtook him.

Looking over the ice statue he created, Puck chuckled, "Well this foolish child and failed student of my mother won't be bothering any young maidens anymore." Puck clapped his paws and the statue dissipated into nothingness alongside Roswaal's soul.

"From this day forth, the head of the Mages Guild will also be the Court Mage. So congratulations Warren Escobar on your promotion." Subaru spoke.

"Thank you Prince Regent."

"Now we need to prep for the coming attack of Capella, Sin Archbishop of Lust, and the White Rabbit upon this Capital in 2 months. My nightmares gave me an extensive ideal of this city's weak points. Puck and Beatrice can handle the Rabbit. They were there when Daphne the Witch of Gluttony created them to solve world hunger, but thought it hypocritical that we would expect them to not fight back. I and Reinhard will handle Capella, we just need to secure the Life Sword to destroy her soul. The regular knights are to handle the assassins that will be coming. And we will under the guise of Civil Defense Reforms be designating shelters for civilians to clear them off the streets."

Everyone noticed the tired look in the Prince Regent's face, but also his resolve and anger.

AN: Prince Regent Subaru now holds command. Everyone still thinks he is a Stargazer. And his planning will drastically change the nature of the series. So if it wasn't abundantly clear yet, this is a full blown AU. Subaru is going deep into his authority usage, it isn't Greed level, but it is heavy usage but he doesn't have Echidna whispering into his ear.