Duncan & Kimberly just eyed there uncle singing that annoying yet catchy song while there younger sister just sang along. Duncen just smiling nervously as Kimberly was getting annoyed by the second.

And then came the part they both hated..

"-Biking ,Horseback, Training that will save you from a heart attack, Scuba diving,
Miming, Keeping up with rhyming, Football, Limbo, Science, Stunting, Pre-Calc,
Spaceships, Treasure hunting, Bomb defusal, no refusal-

him listing the various activities of camp cambell, which was pretty long, did not help that there where out with him at the oakdale park, slowy getting Surrounded by people.

'Oh crap...' Thought Duncan.

'is it me or the song is more longer?' went Kimberly.

As the song went on & on, it eventually came to a end.

"-and Knives and chess and dance and weights and CAMP CAMP!"

The crowd then went into cheers as some just laughed. granted seems like non of there friends where in the crowded, though there folks where. who had been in the area as jack was back from a plumbing job as Annie was giving a ticket to a near by car.

"whao! That is my brother!" Jack yelled in excitement, claping as David just bowed at the prise." new those together guitar lessons would pay off."

"uncle Daviey! That was fun! Can we sing it again?!" Said jing as she clapped. much to the horror of both older herris Children.

"ok dookie! If you Insist." Grinning widely, the Camp Counselor raised his Instrument. Duncan & Kimberly where about to shake there heads but all stop when.


Pushing from the crowd, a familiar boy to Duncan and Kimberly got to there spot. he was Snarling at the man. the boy was none others then wolf's younger half brother max. who was this cool (kinda) with Duncan giving he grow up with his older bro along with most of the herris family,but was cold to others.

David gasp at his appearance. "Max!" He drop his guitar as he went to hug him. but the boy just moved out the way and stick out his leg with David just falling.

All where surprise at the action, max just smirk at his handy work.


Ya,this was after i finshed seeing Duncanville on HULU some Months before,this came out given David has somewhat the same hair color of jack, so,this was born.

But ya, another thought of this idea is that max lives in Oakdale with wolf being his older half brother as His father is the his wolf's mother third husband and she got Custody of him but his mother is still shitty as wolf was the one who full on raised him. With also getting along with the Harris family. kinda has a soft stop for jing as he would play with her sometimes while surprisingly scolding her not to say swears which is kinda ironic giving his fowl month.

Also, this take place after some time after the last episode of dunkenville and after the second season of Camp camp where all the campers had gone home as it's the current school year with David visting jack and his family as David is Jack's younger brother.