I am another of Joachim's latest projects. I was born alone, upon the Proto Merkabah.

I share the same torment as my sisters. We've never seen the sun. We only wish to have a glance at what it's like beyond these walls.

Who would blame us for our curiosity? Why would anyone chastise us, for merely wanting to step outdoors?

It's a simple wish. But yet, it cannot be granted. Papa doesn't have the time for us anymore. For he's abandoned us.

But now, I'm the only one that's left here. All of my other sisters have disappeared. Never again have I laid my eyes upon them.

Papa says that they've gone off to perform their duties. But what tasks require their prolonged absence?

Why haven't they come back? Does Papa think... that I do not miss them? Maybe, just maybe he thinks that I'm not ready for the world yet.

The world down below is still ravaged with war. Perhaps right now isn't the best time to see everyone, to meet "her".