Notes: Prompt from JBlaser, I only own my OCs; Bella and Kimmy. Since I refuse to write "Bad Words" I used fillers like: Stinkin, what the what? What the? What in the world? And so on, I hope it's not confusing, and I may have misspelled some words, it was a nightmare trying to upload this and a lot of my editing was lost. Anyways, enjoy!

. . . .

"ALRIGHT CAMPERS; I hope you all enjoyed our midnight hike!" David said, his voice far too cheery for someone who had been up for 30 hours straight.

A groan came from the rest of the camp. "David, it wasn't a 'midnight hike,' we got lost! And the wolves wouldn't let us sleep," Max snapped.

"I still say you should've let me at them; I could be the pack leader by now!" Nikkie whined.

"You probably would've been eaten," Neil said.

"I've trained one before!"

"One! Not a whole pack!" He argued, then turned to max, "and you fell asleep 6 hours ago! David and Gwen had to take turns carrying you!"

"And if you ever speak of it again, you won't be able to talk again," Max threatened.

"Ok, that's enough! Max, quite threatening Neil, Nikkie, drop the wolf thing." Gwen turned to the rest of the campers, "go to sleep, everyone, we'll fix our sleep schedules tomorrow!" She made her way to the counselor's cabin.

"Well, you heard her: get some rest everyone! Food should be ready in the mess hall if you're hungry now, or later. And sweet dreams!" Max groaned at that.

The kids made it to their beds and passed out in minutes. All except Max, who was fully rested from his nap. He laid in his bed, hugging Mr. Hunnynuts, and tried to drift off, but couldn't. The one time, he thought as he wondered what to do. I'm the only one awake, I should plan a prank on David for when he wakes up. He rolled on his side, back to the door, and began to think of ways to toucher the counselor…

Just for a bag to be placed over his head…

He started to flail around, trying to get up but he was powerless against someone with rope as they tied his hands together. "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" He tried to yell, but the bag was thick, and muffled his voice. He could feel himself being picked up and carried out of the tent.

Well, he thought, I guess Campbell finally snapped and is selling me.

He kept struggling and yelling until he was sat in a chair and tied to it, then the bag came off, revealing…

"SASHA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" In front of him stood 5 flower Scouts: Sasha, Tabii, Erin and 2 he didn't recognize.

"Uh, holding you for ransom, obvie!" She said in her annoying voice.

Max just looked at her. "WHAT?"

"You see, cookie sales aren't going well, so, to make up for it, your camp has to buy 500 boxes or never see you again." She explained.

"We left a note," Tabii added.

Max started to laugh, "you think they would pay to get me back?" He wheezed, "Gwen'll probably send you a thank-you note for getting rid of me. Plus," he looked around, "does Ms. Priss even know I'm here? This could get her arrested, you know?"

"Priss got her shipment of wine last night, we're good for three days until she notices you," one of the others explained.

"Yeah? Well, I'm not gonna be here," Max stood up, ropes undone. "Nikki's held me and Neil hostage so many times, this was nothing!" He taunted as he made his way to the door.

"Are you sure you want to leave? Without your precious bear?" Max froze in his tracks, and slowly turned around…

Sure enough, Sasha held Mr. Hunnynuts by the arm, looking bored as always. "It'd be a shame if he, like, got lost. Or ripped…" She threatened.

"YOU GIVE HIM BACK RIGHT NOW!" Max charged at her, only to be stopped by one of the extras who was surprisingly strong.

"That's Bella," Sasha said, "She's, like, crazy strong, and wants that trip to Mexico pretty badly, so don't mess with her." Bella let Max down. "You'll get your bear back, when they pay up," she said with an evil look in her eyes. "Now if he's damaged, that's up to you." She held a knife to its throat.

Max looked at his beloved bear, he could go now, and have Gwen or David or even Nikkie get it back later, but who knows what this psycho would do to him by then. Max sighed, and looked Sasha in the eyes, "What the what do you want me to do." He didn't like her grin one bit…

. . .

Max was now in the Flower Scout Mess Hall, regretting his life choices. "I'm not doing

that." He stated flatly.

"Oh, come on! What, are you, like, embarrassed," Sasha taunted.

"No, no reason to be embarrassed, it's just humiliating and toucher," Max explained.

"Well, I guess the bear doesn't need his arm…"

"Hand me the dress!"

Tabii handed him an aqua green dress, "Here you go."

He held it out, examining it, "I'll wear a dress, but it has to be long sleeved." He demanded.

"You don't get to pick that," Sasha replied.

"Look, I'll where the stupid dress, just make it long sleeved, please." He snapped.

Before Sasha could say another word, Erin said "fine, that's fair enough." And handed him a red dress.

"Thank you." He entered the changing room and came out a minute later. His face was set in a scowl and the dress was too loose, dragging along the floor. "Happy?" He demanded.

The girls burst out laughing, "yeah we are," one called out. A flash went off.


"No way," Sasha said as she handed him another dress. "Try this one on."

"What? No way!" She held Mr. Hunnynuts up, Max groaned, and entered the room again. He came out with an orange dress with an outer layer of poofy skirts and glitter covering it. He was met with the same reaction.

"I don't get it," Tabii said as he came out with yet another dress, now black with red highlights. "Why is it always loose? Cera and him should be the same size, and they fit her." Each dress had been loose and sagging to the floor.

Kimmy face palmed, "duh, of course!" She walked up behind Max and pulled the dress up in front for the others to see. "He's like my brother, he doesn't have-"

"Oh yeah! Of course, that's it!" Erin interrupted her.

Bella smiled, "Put him in a practice dress, and I can fix that."

Max looked confused, "What's a 'practice dress' and how are you gonna fix it?"

Kimmy handed him a dress, "you'll see."

He came out a minute later in a bright pink dress, angry as a hornet. "Did you have to choose pink?"

"YES!" Was his answer from everyone.

Bella grabbed his hand and led him to a table. "Stand right here." She ran to grab some sewing supplies and climbed on the bench behind him. "How does this look?" She pulled the dress up from behind, making it rise in front.

"Looks good, Bella," Erin replied.

"Great!" She started to layer the extra fabric and started to sew.

"So, what is a 'practice dress' exactly- ow!" A needle poked his back.

"Sorry," Bella apologized.

"It's a dress we can do, like, anything to," Erin explained. "It's a basic base dress, so we can, like, add layers to it, adjust it to fit us better, sew accessories onto it… the list goes on and on."

It took two minutes and a lot of stray needles for Bella to finish fitting the dress for Max. "That should hold, I double stitched it." She explained.

Max stepped away, "finally! Those stupid needles hurt like crazy."

"You better not bleed all over our dress!"

"How can I control it? I can barely even move in this thing!"

"Good! That means it fits!" He started to walk away, only for Sasha to grab his arm, "Where do you think you're going?" She demanded.

"To take this off! It's too tight and we're done with it anyways."

"Oh no we're not!"

After threatening Mr. Hunnynuts a bit more, Max now stood by the table again, the girls sewing different things onto it. He's positive they stabbed him more than necessary and was now going to die from blood loss.

After an hour the dress now had three layers of skirts on the bottom; light pink base, a shorter, darker pink cut with waves over that with a sparkly net covering it all. The top had patches made to look plaid, with bubble gum pink and cotton candy blue colors.

Max hated it.

"I look like a unicorn stinking threw up on me!" He complained.

"Well, we weren't gonna, like, waste the good fabric on you." Sasha said as she pushed him to a chair by some mirrors.

"What now?"

"Make up time!"

"Oh *Beep* NO!" Before he could do anything, his arms were being tied to the chair arms, and Tabii was sitting sideways in his lap. "Tabii? What in the world are you doing?"

"Since you can escape ropes, she's holding you down." Kimmy explained.

"And this is the closest I'll get to Neil holding me." She sighed dreamily, "we should've taken him instead."

The girls began the process of fixing his make-up: concealer, blush, eye shadow, they plucked his eyebrows, curled his eyelashes, gave him a thick layer of mascara, an outrageous pair of falsies, gave him bright red lipstick- the whole 9 yards. Max complained every step of the way. It took another hour. How do girls do this for fun? Why do they do it for fun?

When they finally deemed him acceptable Tabii got off and they turned him towards the mirror. "YOU GET THIS OFF MY STINKING FACE THIS INSTATE!" He screamed.

"But we're not done yet."


They got bowls of water and soaked his hands and feet in them, Mr. Hunnynuts pretty much meant they could do anything to him. After that, they each took a limb and began to file his nails, leaving it rough instead of smooth, and clipped them to the right length. They each chose a different pink shade of nail polish and painted his fingers and toes. Kimmy had left earlier, and now returned with several pairs of sandals.

"Ok, once the paint's dry, try these on." She demanded. He didn't even argue, just tried on the brown pair, too tight, the pink pair was too loose, but the black pair was just right. "Perfect for showing off your new toes."

"Jewelry time!" They led him to a box of earrings and rings, they pulled some out and tried to put it on him, "hey, his ears aren't pierced!"

"No, they aren't. And you are not piercing them?" He slammed his hands over his ears, silently terrified they'd try to do it.

But, surprisingly, they just said "fine, we'll use the clip ons." And boy did those hurt! They just pinched his ears so hard he thought they'd fall off. First a pair of pink diamonds, then unicorns, cats, hoops, dangly ones that made Max's head feel heavy and finally some light pink hearts. "Perfect!" Trying on the rings was much easier… until one with a blue diamond got stuck.

"Well, if it's not cutting off circulation, I guess it's fine," Erin reasoned. And they stopped trying the rings on after that, Kimmy gave him a purple heart bracelet with blue diamond highlights. "Let's move on to the hair."


They ignored him as they sprayed dry shampoo and conditioner into his fluffy black hair, making it soft and smooth. Then they began to brush, "Hey! Stop it! OW! Watch it! You're gonna pay for this- OW!" They had to retie him to the chair after only 2 minutes.

Soon his hair was in a nice braid in the back, and they heated up a hair straightener for the sides. "YOU KEEP THAT AWAY FROM ME!" They ignored him as they proceeded to straighten the curly mess, he stopped squirming after getting burnt twice.

They put hair clips with pink and blue flowers in his hair, and the hair band holding the braid had a pink heart on it. "Awe, he looks so pretty," Kimmy teased.

"I will murder all of you for this," Max deadpanned.

"We'll murder the bear before that," Sasha threatened.

"I hate you girls."

"We know."

"Um, Sasha, a word?" The girls huddled away from their prisoner. "It's been three hours, what if they really don't pay for him?" Tabii asked.

"They will, just give them time."

"Ok, well we did all we could to him, what now? Do we just leave him tied up? Redo his makeup?" Kimmy asked.

Bella smirked, "he could do the obstacle course." She recommended.

The others smiled, then Erin pointed out that if he fell in the mud, all their work would be wasted. "So, we put him on the Sissy Course, with foam underneath and not mud." They all agreed.

Max was untied and led to the course, "what are we doing here?"

"Welcome to the Sissy Obstacle Course!" Tabii said.

"Why's it called 'Sissy?'" He asked.

"Because if you fall you land in soft foam, not mud." Kimmy explained.

"And why can't I do the mud one?"

"Because when you fall, we don't want our work to be undone."

"Ok." The course was a long, thin plank about 5 feet over a foam pit. It had stairs in the middle, a slick ramp at the end, and big foam swinging obstacles to knock you off. "Let's get this over with."

He made it past the first obstacle before falling in. "What the?" He tried three times and barely got past the second one. "Are you kidding me? This is impossible!" He complained.

"Oh yeah?" The girls placed a book on their heads and began; to Max's surprise, they made it all the way to the end on the first try. "How about now?"

Max was dumbfounded, then said "give me a book!" It took 3 tries, but he did it. "There, now are we done?

"Not until you do it in heels!" It took Max 20-minutes and a lot of falling just to learn to walk in the death traps called heels, but he finally did it. He looked Sasha in the eyes, "I am not stinking doing that course in heels! Do you stinkin hear me?"

"Oh, I, like, see how it is; You're, like, scared of falling." Sasha smirked.

"No, I'm, like, not!" He argued as he grabbed his book and began. It took 13 tries. But he did it, barely. "Happy? Can I go now?"

"Yes, and no; You don't leave until we get our money."


They led him to Sasha's cabin and sat him on the bed. "Ok, next activity-"

"I'm a prisoner, you don't have to torcher me."

"Picture poses!" Tabii said, ignoring him.

"Well, at least that's easy," Max lived to regret those words.

Tabii stood in the middle of the room, stuck one leg out to make a triangle, put one hand on the leg and the other on her hype. "Your turn."

Max rolled his eyes, but got up and copied the pose, only to fall to the floor, "What the what? Why is that so hard?"

"By sticking out your leg, it messes with your balance." Kimmy explained, "plus you're wearing heels."

"Stupid heels." He tried again and again… to the same results. It took him 5 tries until the girls deemed it good enough.

Next, he had to sit in the middle of the bed, one leg in the triangle pose, the other stretched out. That only took 2 tries. They practiced 3 more poses before Max snapped "can we stinkin move on, please!"

The girls shared an evil look, then Bella said "ok."

"Thank stinking tastic!"

"Flirting now!"

"OH *BEEP* NO!" He tried to run, but Tabii tackled him.

"Relax, we're not really flirting with you, just, like, practicing on you." Bella explained.

"But why? Now when you do it to Neil or the others, I'll know."

"Exactly! Boys never take a hint, and now when someone's flirting with one, you can tell him!"

"If you want us to know, you should make it obvious!" Max argued.

The girls froze, and Sasha asked, "what do you mean?"

Max sighed, "try it on me."

"Ok," Tabii released him, Sasha walked up to him, she batted her eyes and smiled. "Hey handsome, have you, like, been looking for someone-"

"What the what was that?" Max interrupted.

"You didn't let me finish!"

"You didn't need to: If I was in a mall and you just walked up and asked me that, I'd say 'yeah, Neil's wearing a yellow shirt, have you seen him?' or 'no, are you ok?'" He explained, "that just sounds creepy."

"HMM!" She huffed and stomped away.

Kimmy walked up to him, "do you play soccer? Cause you're a keeper!"

"Better, but what if they're into the other football?" Max smirked.

"If you were a Netflix show, I'd watch you for hours," Erin tried.


"Well, you try it!" Sasha demanded.

"Gladly," he walked up to Sasha, "you got a band-aid? Cause I scraped my knee falling for you."


"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"


"Are you from Nashville? Cause you're the only 10 I see."

She gave him a look, "seriously?"

"Oh, if someone else said that to you, you'd have a new boyfriend before he realized how horrible you really are." Max replied.

Sasha got red in the face, clearly angry, then said, in a calm voice: "Where did I put that bear?"

"YOU LEAVE MR. HUNNYNUTS ALONE!" He lunged for her, but Bella held him back.

"I got it," Tabii said, holding the beloved bear out of reach. "We'll forgive you, Max, if you tell me how to get Neil to like me." The rest of the girls smirked, knowing there was no way that was going to happen.

"I don't know what to tell you, other than be smart around him." Max answered honestly.

"WHAT THE WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?" The deranged girl held a knife to the bear's neck.

"Ok, what I mean is Neil doesn't care about looks, he cares about how smart you are. So, when you're around him, say smart things."

"Like what?"

"I don't know! Learn some fun facts: Explain how photosynthesis works. How a circuit board works, how to do magic tricks with logic, he hates magic. Say the earth is round, just anything smart!" Max explained.

"Wait, but the earth is flat!" Bella stated.

Everyone froze and looked at her, then Max said "if you do ever get Neil, you don't have to worry about Bella stealing him from you."


"Ok, thanks Max," Tabii handed him the bear.

"TABII! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" By the time Sasha finished the sentence, Max was halfway to the Mess Hall, getting his stuff.

. . .

"Well campers, I hope you all enjoyed your nap!" David said.

"It wasn't a nap, it was sleeping all day," Neil pointed out. Within a couple hours, darkness would be upon the camp once again.

"Well, I hope the wolves come back tonight!" Nikki said, "I want to be pack leader!"

Everyone just kind of stared at her, then Gwen said "Today and tomorrow are dedicated to getting back on a regular sleep schedule. So… I don't know: Exercise now so you'll be tired by nighttime or something, I don't really know."

David looked at the group and did a head count. "Has anyone seen Max?"

"I thought he was still sleeping," Neil replied.

Gwen and David shared a look, "for 13 hours straight?"

"Maybe he was faking sleeping during the hike? I wouldn't put it past him." Gwen reasoned, though worry was in her voice.

"I hope he's not getting sick. I'll go check on him-"

"What's that?" Nurf cut him off.

From the entrance of the clearing came a figure dressed head to toe in pink, slowly trudging toward the group. "I don't know, but I'll get rid of it." Nikki volunteered, dropping to all fours and running at it.


"NIKKI, DOWN, IT'S ME!" Max's voice cut across the clearing.


Sure enough, they reached the group and Max was in a dress, face caked in make-up, high heels replaced his shoes, and jewelry completed the look. In his hands were his pants, hoodie, shirt and shoes. And Mr. Hunnynuts. "I, like, don't want to, like, talk about it."

"Makeover plus saying 'like'" Nikki gasped, "you've been with the Flower Scouts! You trader!"

"Yeah," Max turned to David, "were you, like, gonna pay the ransom or leave me with those jerks?"

David looked confused; "Ransom?"

"Yeah, like, the Flower Scouts kidnapped me and, like, left a ransom for you to get me back." Max explained.

The counselor's shared a look, Gwent then said "Max, we never got a ransom note."

"We never got one, and we just woke up like 10 minutes ago," David explained.

"But, like, it was for like 300 boxes of cookies!" Just as he said it, the camp platypus walked up and threw-up a soggy, pink paper. "Well, that explains that. I'm going to bed." As he walked back with his posture perfect, the rest of the camp, save David, began to laugh.

. . .

It took 2 showers and a lot of makeup wipes to get all the makeup off. Neil had to cut him out of the dress, and Max swears it would've been easier to cut his finger off than have Gwen try to get that stupid ring off.

For days Nurf asked him for makeup advice and his opinion on which of Preston's play dresses were prettier, and even longer to stop saying like every other sentence. He was going to make those girls pay, and he got his chance a week later when they kidnapped Neil.

Between Nikki and Max, they made sure those girls knew exactly what hit them.

. . . .

I hope you enjoyed, disclaimer: I hate having my makeup and hair done, and I don't like to wear dresses, so I just tourchered Max best I could, and my sister had to help me with the makeup scene a little bit. I hope you have a great day! (Also, I don't plan to continue this story, just saying).