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Remus sat on Sirius Black's bed at Potter manor.

It had been two years since they had graduated Hogwarts but that didn't stop Sirius from staying at the Potters'.

Sirius bounded into the room slamming his door shut in excitement, "It's a boy! He looks just like James!"

Remus grinned as his friend, "Did you get to hold him?"

"Merlin no! Lily wouldn't let me; says: it's unsafe for me to hold a child. She said you could though; if you go and meet baby Harry."

Remus shook his head violently. "I'll bite him!" He cried. Sirius snorted, "You can't actually believe that, Remy!"

"Stop that!" Remus snapped.

Sirius grinned cheekily. "Remy!" He laughed, "Remy! Remy! You know, it sounds weird after you say it over and over again."

Remus put his head in hands and sighed.

"You're only Moony during the full moon." Sirius told Remus plopping down next to him.

Remus fell into Sirius's lap grunting in response.

Sirius chuckled playing with the other man's hair.


"Why are we so early?" Lyra asked, trying to keep up with her father.

"So people don't stare." Was the answer.

Lyra tugged on her trunk as she followed her father onto the train.

"Should we sit at the back?" She asked.

Her father nodded slowly before glancing back at her, "Let me help."

Lyra past her trunk over and started following after her father again.

"This should do."

They entered the last compartment and slid the door shut.

Remus Lupin put their two trunks away and then sat down.

Lyra sat down next to her father and peered out the window.

"Do you think I'll make any friends?" She asked. "Lots." Her father smiled.

They sat there in silence until Remus fell asleep.

The full moon had only been a couple days ago so he was behind on sleep.

Lyra got out a notebook and began writing down different prank ideas. No, not pranks, inventions, that's what she always told her father so he didn't take her notebook away.

Suddenly the compartment opened and Lyra looked up quickly.

"Er-sorry but everywhere else is full." An older boy with black hair and green eyes said awkwardly.

"You can sit here I won't listen to your private conversations." Lyra shrugged and looked back down at her notebook.

The boy entered the compartment with two other older students.

Once the three older students had sat down and put their trunks away the red-headed boy spoke, "Who d'you reckon he is?"

"Professor R. J. Lupin, he's the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor." Lyra stated, not looking up from her book.

"How do you know?" The same boy asked.

"He's my dad." Lyra looked up, her grey eyes wondering over to the only other girl.

"You don't look much like him." Said the older girl.

"I take after my other father with most things." Lyra turned her head to look at the first boy, there was something oddly familiar about him.

"What are your names?" Lyra asked, not looking away from the green-eyed boy.

"Er-" The boy looked uncomfortable.

"I'm Hermione Granger." The girl interrupted.

"And I'm Ron Weasley." The red-headed boy stated.

"Um, I'm Harry." The other boy said. "Harry what?" Lyra asked quickly.

The boy called Harry glanced over at his friends before turning back to Lyra.

"Potter." He muttered.

"Harry James Potter." Lyra said thoughtfully. "Y-yes." Harry nodded glancing over at his friends again.

"Uncle James." Lyra muttered.

"What?" Harry asked rather loudly.

"Shush." Lyra told him.

The compartment door opened and an old witch stood in the doorway, "Anything from the trolley dears?"

"No." Lyra answered still staring at Harry.

The three older students looked rather put out by her getting rid of the trolley lady but didn't say anything.

They sat in silence until around mid afternoon when three boys appeared in the doorway.

"Well look who it is," The one standing in the middle smirked, he had blond hair and a pale complexion which made his grey eyes seem darker than they really were.

"I heard your father finally got his hands on some gold this summer, Weasley," The pale boy said. "Did your mother die of shock?"

Ron stood up while Lyra smirked, "Were you trying to find them? Or did you somehow manage to find them without looking?"

"Who's that?" The boy sneered at her.

"No idea." Harry said, glaring at the boy.

"Who's that?" The blond boy pointed at Remus.

"Our new defence teacher." Said Harry. "What were you saying again, Malfoy?"


"What's his first name?" Lyra interrupted.

"What?" Both Harry and Malfoy turned to her.

"What's his first name?" Lyra repeated.

"Draco." Harry spat.

"Draco Malfoy." Draco stated, looking at her curiously.

"We're second cousins." Lyra stated. She had studied her family tree when she had been bored during a full moon a while ago.

"Who are you?" Draco asked.

"Lyra Lupin."

Draco looked her warily before turning and leaving.

Ron slammed the compartment door shut before sitting down again, "I'm not going to take any rubbish from Malfoy this year," he said angrily, "I mean it. If he makes one more crack about my family, I'm going to get hold of his head and -" Ron made a violent gesture in mid-air.

Lyra snorted and went back to her notebook.

Harry, Ron and Hermione started a whispered conversation while Lyra continued with her book.

Not long later the train started slowing down.

"We can't be there yet." Said Hermione, checking her watch.

Harry stood up and looked out into the corridor.

The train came to a sudden stop and Harry fell back onto the seat as the door banged shut. All the lamps went out and they were plunged into total darkness.

"What's going on?" Said Ron's voice.

"Ouch!" Hermione gasped, "Ron, that was my foot!"

"There's something moving out there." Ron whispered, "I think people are coming aboard…"

The compartment door opened and someone fell on top on Lyra.

"Sorry! D'you know what's going on? Ouch! Sorry-"

"Hello Neville," Harry said and Lyra felt Neville get off her.

"Harry? Is that you? What's happening?"

"No idea! Sit down-"

"I'm going to go ask the driver what's going on." Lyra felt Hermione pass her, heard the door slide open again and then a thud and two loud squeals of pain.

"Who's that?"

"Who's that?"



"What are you doing?"

"I was looking for Ro-"

"Come in and sit down-"

"Not here!" Came Harry's voice, "I'm here!"

"Ouch!" Cried the boy called Neville.

"Bloody hell! Don't sit on me!" Lyra cried.


"He sat on me!"

"Quiet, Lyra!"

Lyra could be heard muttering a string of curse words as she rubbed her thigh.

A wand tip ignited and Remus appeared.

"Stay where you are." He ordered, "All of you." He got to his feet slowly, glancing at Lyra.

The door slid open slowly and standing in the doorway was, to Lyra's horror, a dementor.

The dementor let out a long rattling breath as if it was trying to suck something more than just air from its surroundings. An intense cold swept over them all. Lyra's breath caught in her chest. The cold went deeper than her skin. It was inside her chest; it was inside her heart...

"Shit!" Lyra cried before falling out of the seat and hitting the ground.

"Lyra, wake up."

Lyra sat up slowly glancing over at the body on the floor.

Her father handed her a piece off chocolate and she took it.

Remus helped her up and she sat down on the seat again.

She realised that the lights were back on and the train was moving again.

There was a red headed girl sitting next to her and she smiled at Lyra.

A boy who she assumed to be Neville was sitting across from her looking over at the body on the floor.

Lyra looked over to see that Harry was the person on the ground and Ron and Hermione were on kneeling on the ground next to him.

Harry opened his eyes slowly.

"Harry! Harry! Are you alright?" Hermione was slapping his face.

"Don't slap him." Lyra snapped.

"W-what?" Harry looked around, confused.

Ron and Hermione helped him up onto the seat.

"Are you okay?" Ron asked nervously. "Yeah." Harry answered. "What happened? Where's that-that thing? Who screamed?"

"No one screamed." Said Ron, looking even more nervous.

"But I heard screaming-"


Everyone jumped.

Remus was breaking an enormous slab of chocolate into pieces. "Here," He said to Harry, handing him a piece, "Eat it. It'll help." Harry took the chocolate but didn't eat it, instead he asked, "What was that thing?"

"A Dementor," Remus answered, handing out chocolate to everyone else and giving Lyra a second piece. "One of the Dementors from Azkaban."

Lyra fiddled uncomfortably.

Her father crumpled up the empty chocolate wrapper and put it into his pocket. "Eat." He repeated, "It'll help. I need to speak with the driver, I'll be back in a bit." He left the compartment.

Lyra couldn't be bothered going with him she was too exhausted to even stand up.

"Are you sure you're okay, Harry?" Hermione asked, watching Harry nervously.

"I don't get it…. what happened?" Harry asked.


Lyra stood in the Great Hall looking around nervously as names were called until finally, "Lupin, Lyra!"

Lyra walked forwards nervously. She sat down on the stool and the hat was then dropped onto her head, covering her eyes.

"Another Lupin." A small voice spoke into her ear. "Where to put you though?" 'Why are you asking me? You're the one meant to be sorting us.' Lyra thought to herself. She heard the hat chuckle and jumped, 'Could the hat read her mind?' "I can see inside your head." The hate spoke. 'You already said that. I didn't know it meant you could mind read.' Lyra huffed. 'Just hurry up and sort me.' She thought. "And what if I don't?" The hat asked. 'Then I'll do whatever it takes to hunt you down (not that it'll be hard) and when I find you, I'll rip you to shreds.' Lyra thought savagely. "Feisty one, aren't we? Better be SLYTHERIN!"

Lyra took the hat off and placed it back on the stool. She then walked over to the cheering table and sat down in-between two other first year girls.

"Hello." The girl on her left smiled at her. "Hi," Lyra smiled back.

"Lyra, isn't it?" The other girl on her right asked. "Yeah." Lyra nodded. "I'm Astra Avery." "And I'm Ana, Ana Dolohov." The girl on her left beamed. Lyra smiled back, "It's nice to meet you."

Lyra glanced over at her father; he was sitting at the teachers' table talking to Severus Snape; he sometimes brewed Wolfsbane potions for Remus and she'd had the 'pleasure' of meeting him a few times. She caught her father's eye and smiled, he grinned at her and gave her a thumbs up. She grinned back before turning away to continue talking with Ana and Astra.