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Lyra was standing in the middle of the Slytherin common room with the rest of the first years waiting for Professor Snape to begin talking.

Snape stood there looking at each of them for a few moments before moving on to the next child as if sizing them up.

"I am your head of house, Professor Snape. I expect you all to behave and..." He glared at Lyra, "not cause any unwanted mayhem or chaos."

Lyra smiled sweetly at him, there obviously wouldn't be any unwanted mayhem but there would, however, be mayhem that would be greatly appreciated and very much wanted.

Snape sneered at her before turning and leaving.

Lyra poked her tongue out at his retreating back, pretended to gag and, finally, made a rather rude gesture in his direction. She then turned to her two new friends and grinned, "That ended nicely."

Ana and Astra both raised an eyebrow at her before laughing.

"Bed?" Lyra suggested. Both girls nodded and they headed in the direction of their new dorm.

It was just the three of them in their dorm so they didn't have to share with anyone else.

The three girls got ready for bed and then chose their beds. Lyra chose the bed in the middle. While Ana was on her left and Astra was on her right.

As soon as Lyra had drawn the curtains closed she fell back onto her bed and smiled up at the roof of her four poster. She had already made two friends and it wasn't even the first day.

Lyra woke up early the next morning and found Ana already awake.

"Morning." Ana smiled over at her, running a brush through her own black hair.

Lyra nodded over at her, sliding out of bed and searching through her trunk for her uniform.

Once both Ana and Lyra were dressed and ready they took up the task of waking Astra up.

It took a pillow in the face to wake Astra up.

As they entered the Great Hall for breakfast they headed for the Slytherin table which Lyra realised was next to the Gryffindor one.

Just as they past Draco Malfoy they heard the name 'Potter'.

Lyra turned around wondering what Harry was doing.

"Potter! The Dementors are coming, Potter! Wooooo!" Pansy Parkinson a third-year Slytherin laughed loudly.

"Don't be so mean!" Lyra snapped.

"Oh, yes. I heard you fainted as well, Lupin." Pansy smirked.

"You know what dementors do, Parkinson. Oh wait, maybe you don't, you don't look all that smart after all." Lyra frowned at the older girl.

"Stuff it, Lupin." Malfoy snapped.

Lyra snorted and sat down in an empty seat as far away from Malfoy as physically possible. Ana and Asstra sat down next to her seconds later.

"Your time tables." A prefect handed all three girls their time tables.

Lyra grinned. "We've got Defence first." She told her two friends.

Lyra and the other Slytherin first years entered the DADA classroom to find the Ravenclaws already there.

"Good, you're all here now. I've got something good today. It's a practical lesson so you won't need any books." He smiled over at the Ravenclaws who had all taken out their books and quills. Now, if you'd follow me."

Everyone stood up and followed Professor Lupin out of the class.

As they were walking he was talking, "Today we'll be dealing with something that you usually wouldn't learn about until maybe your third or fourth year but we have one in the school and I thought it would be something if not fun rather interesting to start off with."

To everyone's surprise they entered the staff room and headed over to a shaking wardrobe.

"In there is a boggart. Does anyone know what that is?"

No one answered so Lyra raised her hand.

"Lyra?" Remus nodded in her direction.

"It's a shapeshifter. It can take the shape of whatever it thinks will frighten us most. The boggart sitting in the darkness within has not yet assumed a form. He does not yet know what will frighten the person on the other side of the door. When Professor Lupin opens the door the boggart will immediately take the form of whatever each of us most fears." Lyra gave the textbook answer.

"Correct. 5 points to Slytherin" Remus smiled.

Many of the Ravenclaws looked rather put out.

"However, we have an advantage, does anyone know what this is now that Lyra has explained what a boggart is?"

A Ravenclaw boy raised his hand.

"Mr Smith?"

"Our advantage is that, as there are so many of us, when the boggart comes out it won't know which of our fears to shift into."

"Precisely. 5 points to Ravenclaw." Remus smiled at the boy. "Now, the charm that repels a boggart is quite simple yet the thing that really finishes a boggart off is laughter. What you need to do is force it to assume a shape that you find amusing. We will practice the charm first without wands. After me, riddikulus!"

"Riddikulus!" The class repeated.

"Good. But that was just the easy part as the word alone is not enough. I need a volunteer, is anyone willing to face the boggart first?"

A few hands were raised tentatively.

"Mr Smith. Come up to the front here." Remus beckoned the boy forward.

The boy walked slowly forward before coming to a stop in front of the professor.

"Now, what would you say is the thing you fear the most?"

Smith looked rather apprehensive but spoke. "M-my brother." He said in a quiet voice.

"I want you to think of something hilarious he might be doing or saying or wearing ect. Can you do that?" Remus asked kindly.

Smith nodded.

"When the boggart comes out I want you to form an image of that amusing scene in your mind, point your wand at the boggart and cry 'Riddikulus'. If you are successful then the boggart will most likely turn its attention to each of us in turn." Remu turned to the rest of the class. "I would like you all to think of what frightens you the most and imagine how you might force it to look comical."

The clas fell silent and Lyra crunched up her face a she tried to think...

What did she fear the most?

Dementors? No, there were far more frightening things then just fear itself. Or was there? There had to be, she was sure of it.

She couldn't figure out what scared her, so as Remus asked, "Everyone ready?" She decided to wing it.

"We're going to back away so Mr Smith can get a clear shot. When he's done I'll call the next person forward."

Everyone back away and Smith was left alone with the wardrobe, looking pale but confident.

"On the count of three," Remus pointed his wand at the wardrobe handle, "One - two - three - now!"

The wardrobe burst open. A second year Lyra recognised from breakfast exited the wardrobe glaring down at the younger boy.

"Riddikulus!" Smith all but screamed, thrusting his wand up at his 'brother'.

Smith's 'brother' sneezed and Smith giggled slightly. The boggart sneezed again before turning into a blob of mucus.

Everyone laughed.

"Anderson forward!" Remus called.

A red-headed girl walked forward and the boggart turned into a clown resembling the one from the movie 'It'.

"Riddikulus!" Anderson cried, balloons appeared on the top of the clowns head and the clown was lifted into the air crying out in fright.

Everyone burst into laughter and the boggart looked around looking slightly confused.


Ana stepped forward.

The boggart turned into a small black skull, a snake protruding from its mouth.

"Riddikulus!" Ana cried. The mark turned into a long gummy worm.

More and more people stepped forward, fear after fear turned into something funny.

A crowd of people


A masked figure pointing a wand

A family member dead

On and on until finally


Lyra stepped forward interested on finding out what her worst fear would be.

The boggart paused slightly as if thinking, before taking the form of a tall man with black hair and gray eyes.

Lyra stared at him frozen.

He stepped forward and she stepped back.

She frantically pointed her wand at him before crying, "Riddikulus!" Panic-stricken she didn't have time to think of anything funny so the only thing she could think of was, 'kill him'.

She looked down at the dead man on the floor, blood pouring from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Remus stepped forward turning the boggart into the moon and then a white balloon.

"That's enough for today." He stated.

The class left silently without complaint.

Lyra stood horror struck, still staring at the place Sirius Black had been moments ago.