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I do hope that you enjoy the story, it took way too much brainpower to write despite the less than perfect ending. I might return and add some more chapters should the desire arise in me again to shower Kakashi with love.

Very rarely did he indulge himself in spending more than an hour in a bar, even rare was him drinking more than a few cups of sake. For some reason today had felt like one of those rare days where the want of joining his fellow jonin had simply popped up.

By now Gai was drunk off his ass after several bottles of sake, blabbering drunken nonsense about the spirit of youth, and Asuma had managed to empty almost two packs of cigarettes.

Kakashi shook himself as he downed the last of the sake in his glass, chuckling as he watched Asuma trying to drag drunken Gai out of the bar. He almost felt like he should help, but knowing Gai that would only end in some stupid competition. The money was left on the table as he lazily made his way out behind his drunken comrades, Gai spouting more nonsense about the beauty of youth.

"I'll manage to get the green beast home," Asuma mumbled around his cigarette, glancing behind at the white-haired jōnin who simply looked too amused by their friend's antics. "You go enjoy your night, Kakashi."

Kakashi tilted his head in response before the two disappeared into a cloud of smoke, leaving him standing in crowded streets. Somehow it still felt lonely despite the wave of colourfully dressed people flittering by.

Good thing he was used to it by now, he mused to himself.

Shoving his hands into his pockets Kakashi started his trek home, figuring walking could burn off the alcohol still left in his system. At least it was a good excuse to drag it out before once again returning to his empty home. He halted his steps when something caught his ear.

He stilled in the middle of the street.

A slight giggle.

Tinkling laughter.

It sounded familiar, and his eye sought out the owner of the noise. Raking over the faceless people, his fingers flexing in his pockets. It took longer than he would like to admit to finding the owner of the voice, and yet suddenly time stood still as he found himself staring at the object of his desire — of his obsession.

Kagome Higurashi was the last person Kakashi expected to see out and about at this hour, the woman was almost always been out on missions — an attempt of showing that her clan was useful for more than just their intricate ways of healing.

Kakashi swallowed, pushing down his petty jealousy of whoever had managed to gain her laughter, eye roaming over the people she was standing by. He had to remind himself to breathe, fingers flexing once more in his pockets. Kagome was a beautiful woman, small and dainty despite her strength. The same urge that always came up whenever he found himself near the raven-haired woman bubbled forth, the urge to simply carry her home. Or tangle his fingers in her silky locks and tilt her head back, to simply steal the kisses he so longed for. Or see how her pretty blue eyes would look clouded with lust underneath him, perhaps even on top —.

He shook his head to rid himself of the sinful thoughts, forcing his laid-back nonchalant attitude as his long legs carried him towards his fixation. One thing was for damn sure, the Higurashi heiress was drunk. She was swaying, blue eyes wide and hazy from whatever alcohol she had ingested.

Another thing was sure, and that was Kakashi under no circumstance would allow the woman to go home alone in her condition.

"Ah, Kashi!" Kagome chirped, a silly grin spreading on her face and making her blue eyes twinkle. "What are you, hic, doing here?"

"Getting lost on the path of life." The old saying easily slipped past his lips, one eye glaring at the man standing a bit too close to the woman. Satisfaction crept forth as the man simply hold up his hands before leaving with a scowl. "Is there a particular reason you're out here alone? Drunk?"

The stern tone caused Kagome to fidget, heat bubbling in her stomach and bringing back dirty thoughts she would only ever indulge in at night. "But I'm not alone! - hic - You're here now, Kashi."

She stepped closer, long black hair swaying at the movement, and she winded her long slender arms around his middle. Resting her chin against his chest, she peered up at him with wide glistening eyes and her mouth parted at the tight look on his face.

"Haven't you," she hiccupped, with a soft giggle and pink-tinged cheeks. "missed me? Cause I, hic, missed you"

Kakashi raised his brows at the drunken confession, staring down at the pretty wriggling thing in his arms. He had to remind himself that she was drunk and that whatever she slipped forth was just because of the alcohol, not desire for him.

Kagome frowned at the lack of response; the handsome male seemingly lost in thought. Standing on her toes she leaned closer, brushing her lips against the mask-covered jaw. "Kakashi."

The purring sent a shiver down his spine, and he had to swallow, hands coming to steady the affectionate woman — resisting the urge to stake a public claim by pressing her closer.

Flexing his fingers against her, Kakashi reminded himself once again that she was half drunk and probably wasn't aware of what she was doing or saying. Not that he was doing much better, he was almost certain he was drunk off of the scent of her skin and the sake from earlier. He needed to walk away before he did something stupid. He needed to leave, yet couldn't leave her alone in this state.

"Kaaaashi." She whined, pressing herself closer to his solid body. "Pay attention to me—," brushing her lips against his jaw again and sliding her leg around one of his. "— pleaseeee."

A low groan bubbled forth as she practically moaned against him, tightening his grip on her hips to keep her from pressing closer. Too many people were staring at them, and he had to admit that the way she was practically trying to straddle him wasn't exactly something to be done in the streets.

"Come on, you little vixen," Kakashi mumbled, untangling himself from her wanton grasp to slide one arm around her small waist and guide her down the streets. "It's time to go home."

She kept giggling in his arm, pressing her face against the side of his chest and he had to tell himself to breathe else he ended up simply rutting her on the street. He just couldn't help but feel how well she fitted against him, small enough to easily tower behind her — or over her. Too lost in the feeling of her body shaped against his, he nearly forgot one important detail of his plan.

He had no clue where she lived. Well fuck.

Well, he had a general clue of which part of the village, but no idea what building or house might belong to the drunk giggling woman in the crook of his arm.

The streets became less crowded, less lively and with less lightning. The dilemma of what to do about Kagome had caused him to simply walk her along with no set destination in mind, stopping on the empty streets he turned to the raven-haired kunoichi. Shaking his head, he turned to look down at Kagome, opening his mouth to speak.

"Yo, where do—" Kakashi's breath was stolen, soft lips meshed with his own, and he froze as Kagome continued her assault. Her mouth was plump against his, her tongue prodded and pushed against the fabric of his mask. Groaning softly behind the fabric, he didn't think twice before tugging it down and slanting his lips against hers once more.

Tangling a hand in her hair he gripped it tightly, forcing her head back to his hungry mouth. She tasted sweet from the alcohol, her body soft and compliant against his ambush. It was only the lack of air that forced him to part from her, salvia connected them as he leaned back.

Half-lidded eyes stared at the lower part of his face now visible to her. "P—pretty," Kagome muttered, pressing her hands against his chest. Her pink tongue came out to wet her lips, and Kakashi couldn't help but follow it, never once noticing the hand that crept down his chest.

"—!" He inhaled sharply, her hand was grasping him through his pants, and he rasped out her name. "Kagome!"

"Mhmm, won't you take, hic, me home, handsome?" She mumbled, squeezing him through the fabric again she looked downright sinful with the way she was staring at him. "I can be, hic, on top if that's what you like."

Whatever little control he might have had disappeared as she purred against him, straddling one of his legs. He could feel the warmth growing between her legs, and her fingers were suddenly everywhere.

Growling low in his throat he tugged her closer, shutting her up effectively by covering her warm mouth with his own. Tongues tangling and breaths mingling as her hand crept into his pants, fingers seeking out his burning flesh.

He savoured her breaths, her taste, her scent — everything. Too lost in her soft moaning. Too lost in her. His Kagome.

Kakashi forced himself to part from her, tugging her fingers out from his pants and ignoring the disappointed pout on her face. Fixing the mask to once more cover his face, he swept her up in his arms. A giggle was his only response, her arms draping over his broad shoulders, and a whisper of kisses reached his jaw.

Her teeth danced over his neck as he gathered his balance and he ached to be one with her. This little giggling vixen in his arms — about time she became his.

It was no more than a whisper, and they vanished with a blur from the darkened streets.

Kagome could feel her heart fluttering inside her chest as she laid there catching her breath. Her love for him was burning her from the inside out. Her fingers flittered across his skin, wanting desperately to burn the sight, the feeling of him into her brain. Kagome stared up at him with lidded eyes and prayed that whatever had occurred this night would not be a distant dream in the morning — surely, she would die of heartbreak to be apart from him.

Removing himself from her slick heat felt like torture, he never wanted to be parted from her ever again and going back to his lonely existence with only missions as his life, was simply out of the question.

He tasted heaven in the feeling of Kagome, and he would give her whatever she wished for.

Kagome reached out to him as he settled next to her, desperate to keep him close as fatigue crept into her bones. Kakashi cradled her close, his arms tightening around his woman.

"Rest, koi." He pressed a kiss to her temple, rubbing his fingers on the soft flesh of her belly. "You'll need it for the plans I have in store for you." His tone was soft and dark with promises.

The next morning, Kagome groggily managed to force her eyes to open. Everything was aching to the point of pain. Her lower regions felt like pure jelly as she tried to move, images flashing behind her eyes, and suddenly she stilled.

Sunlight was pouring into a sparsely decorated room, and Kagome could feel her mouth go dry.

This was not her bedroom.

Someone was stirring behind and, suddenly she could feel two very muscular arms tighten around her. Heart beating rapidly in her chest, she gathered the courage to glance behind her shoulder and found herself staring into the uncovered sleeping face of Kakashi.

Last night had not just been one of her promiscuous dreams, she had thrown herself at the usual secluded male. A red flush crept in when she took in the prominent finger marks that littered her skin.

Kagome turned to Kakashi, unable to help the desire to soak in his features. She swallowed, running a finger across his jawline, and she couldn't help the love that swept through her chest — he was even more handsome than her dreams could ever compete with.

"Keep going, koi." A sleepy mumble broke through her thoughts, blue eyes snapping up to stare into dark eyes, and she tugged her hand against her chest. "Don't be shy now. You weren't last night."

Her blush darkened and she tried to sputter out a response. "I am so sorry. I don't know what cr—" Her rambles were cut off by the press of his lips against hers, and her toes curled at the rush of heat.

This time it was soft and slow, taking their time to explore each other in ways they had not previously dreamed of. Kagome had never felt more content as she lay there with her face pressed against his chest, sated and happy in his arms.

Kakashi pressed her close, more than happy to spend his days with her and ignoring the outside world — he was done being alone.