Hello guys. This is another story of Kid vs Kat. This will have some angst, drama and more. Anyways, Enjoy.

(It was a windy Saturday morning. Coop was playing soccer outside of his house when Fiona popped up suddenly out of nowhere)

Fiona: Hey Coop.

(Coop looked to see Fiona)

Coop: Hey Fiona. What's up?

Fiona: My auntie Munson is going out with her friends to a garden gnome assembly. You wanna hide garden gnomes with me?

Coop: I would love to but I have a soccer practice in 2 days and I wouldn't want to ruin the game.

Fiona: Come on Coop. Lets hide the gnomes and I'll tell Mrs. Munson that some aliens have stolen and abducted them.

Coop: Okay. When we finish, I'll get back with my practice. Okay.

Fiona: Okay. Let's go.

(Coop jumped above the fence and went to hide the garden gnomes when Fiona looked at him)

Fiona: Let's hide them in your garage.

Coop: Wait? What? You can't be serious.

Fiona: Don't be stupid. Let's just do it.

Coop: Okay.

(Coop and Fiona went to hide the garden gnomes to hide them inside of Coop's garage. When they finished, Fiona looked at Coop)

Fiona: Thanks for helping me.

Coop: Yeah. I gotta get back practicing.

Fiona: Okay.

(Fiona jumped above the fence and Coop continued practicing)

(After an hour, Coop was in his room playing video games when he heard his dad's voice)

Burt: COOP!

(Coop headed downstairs to see his dad with Old Lady Munson)

Burt: We found a bunch of garden gnomes broken in our shed. Explain what happened?

Coop: I was practicing soccer for a soccer practice in 2 days when Fiona popped out of nowhere and asked me to if I want to hide her auntie Munson garden gnomes to our shed. We did.

Old Lady Munson: Don't you blame it on my niece Burtonburger! I know you hide my garden gnomes to blame it on my niece!

Coop: But-

Old Lady Munson: Don't you card blame my niece for your mishaps!

(Old Lady Munson walked out, Burt looked at his son)

Burt: You're grounded for two weeks.

Coop: What!? Why!?

Burt: For stealing Old Lady... I mean... Mrs. Munson garden gnomes. You will have no video games and no TV for the rest of the time you're grounded. Go to your room.

Coop: Jeez!

(Coop headed to his room while complaining quietly. When he was in his room, Coop escaped from the window and saw Fiona getting her auntie Munson garden gnomes, Coop came up to her)

Coop: Fiona! You got me into trouble!

Fiona: What happened?

Coop: I got grounded for two weeks for stealing Old Lady Munson garden gnomes! This is all of your fault!

Fiona: Quit hogging the fun! I'm sorry but I just wanted to do this!

Coop: You're crazy!

(Fiona dropped the garden gnomes and kicked Coop on the knee)

Fiona: Step out of it! We're done!

Coop: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I'm just upset!

Fiona: We're breaking up! I'm breaking up with you!

Coop: What!?

Fiona: See you later, Burtonburger!

(Fiona picked up the garden gnomes and walked away)

Coop: Wait!

(Coop ran inside and headed to his room and cried. He couldn't believe that he said those things, he wished he said no but he was just needed to do it. He won't have a girlfriend anymore. What will he do?)

To Be Continued...