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Chapter 2

(It was Sunday, Coop Burtonburger was at the park, he had his head down and he was listening to Get Out of My Head. He looked up to see a couple holding hands while looking at each other. Coop looked away and thought)

Coop: I can't believe last night. It was Fiona's plan and I can't believe I fell for it. I wish I never followed her plan.

(Coop paused the song, took off the headphones and looked around for somewhere else to go when he spotted a girl coming towards him. She had long Dark Brown Copper Bangs hairstyle, Creole Iris eye color, porcelain skin color, magenta boat neck, black straight pants, liner pink socks, and Blue Derby shoes. Coop started blushing and the girl came to him. The girl's name is Anastasia)

Anastasia: Hello. What's your name?

Coop: Coop. What about you?

Anastasia: I'm Anastasia. I'm the daughter of one of Bootsville's bests managers. Only child to my dad's side but 2 older sisters and a younger brother at my stepmother's side. You seem attractive.

Coop: Thanks. I just been through a bad breakup with my girlfriend yesterday.

Anastasia: I'm sorry. Like I said, you seem attractive.

Coop: I kinda not interested in being in a relationship with a girl right now.

(Anastasia pulled out $100 and looked at Coop with an amorous face)

Anastasia: If you date me, I'll pay you $100 for each time we hang out. My parents are billionaires.

(Coop had dollar signs on his eyes, Coop nodded)

Anastasia: Okay. Also, you have to do as I say.

Coop: What do you mean?

Anastasia: You have two opinions. Either you do as I say or I'll do away with your family and friends.

(Coop didn't understand what she meant to 'do away with your family and friends'. Then, he suddenly realized what she meant)

Coop: Okay! Please don't demolish my family.

Anastasia: Okay. So do we agree?

(Coop sadly nodded. The two Shaked hands and Anastasia looked at Coop)

Anastasia: Okay babe. Let's go to a family restaurant for our date.

Coop: Okay.

(Anastasia grabbed Coop's hand and they went out to a family restaurant)

(With Fiona, who was complaining to Dennis about the breakup)


Dennis: I understand how you feel.

(The two noticed Coop with Anastasia)

Coop: Anastasia? Can I help you with anything?

Anastasia: Maybe we can go to a movie theater and watch The Princess Bride?

Coop: Oh okay.

(With Dennis, who saw the whole thing)


Fiona: Anastasia?

Dennis: She's my ex.