January 19 2023

The Foreigner from a Distant World


Intense Passions

Over the past few weeks, the temperature has dropped in Inazuma. Autumn is coming, a season that failed to make an appearance in the last five years. The Cataclysm not only ruined the land, men and nation alike but also the weather. Now, the men are hastily preparing for the snow to provide their families with ample food and firewood.

Hachiman's home overlooks the sea and one can noticeably feel the chill here unlike in Inazuma City. Right now, he is busy bathing Fuyumi with warm water in a small basin in the bathroom. The infant splashes the water and laughs all while trying to grab at her father figure's hand to instinctively bite and suckle on them. The baby's wet nurse, a youthful woman named Touka, also works in the Tenryou Commission as a servant and she has her daughter look after the baby while Hachiman is at work. Even though his right arm is in a sling and he is balancing on his right foot, Hachiman can still do this at least. He was recruited by the Shuumatsuban by the Yashiro Commissioner himself after all.

He picks her up and quickly dries her. His floating Shikigami assists its master in clothing the baby in a new set of clothes. Hachiman exits the room with Shiki's help and goes to the dining area to see Enri and Ritsu waiting for him. The younger Tengu gets up to get Fuyumi from the room and returns a moment later.

"Hehe! You're so warm and small and cute Fuyumi-chan!" She exclaims and nuzzles her face on the baby's neck, causing giggles and squeals from the Kitsune.

"Captain, be careful." Enri helps him sit down and sets aside his crutches.

"Thanks. Have any messages arrived for me?"

She dutifully presents a stack of papers that were hidden behind her. Hachiman is unfazed by the amount and starts going through several of them. He was promoted to Vice-Commissioner two months ago while he is still recovering and also does essays and reading at night since he resumed his education in the shogunate military academy. Enri and Ritsu were temporarily employed by the Tenryou Commission as military instructors with the latter being overjoyed to occasionally see her two idols and talk to them face-to-face.

His promotion caused ire, jealousy and controversy among his fellow officials but not from the shogunate military. They honoured him greatly and felt proud of him as one of their brothers-in-arms.

Their days were peaceful since coming to Inazuma City and they lived like siblings in a shared house. And although Hachiman misses his company in the field who are securing the forests around , he understands why his superiors held him back because of his physical condition as well as other reasons.

"Hm? What's this?" He says out loud after putting down his tea.

Enri turns to him since Ritsu is busy feeding Fuyumi with rice porridge. Hachiman rarely says things out loud while reading a document and the news is either grim or extraordinary. "What is it, Captain?"

"A foreign delegation is coming and I think there are some missing files. Why did this get sent to me? Isn't stuff like this managed by the Yashiro Commission?" She leans over and confirms his words. As for Hachiman, he pushes away thoughts about the physical contact but secretly admits to himself that she smells quite nice.

"You are right. I'll have someone look this over."

The Tengu pair quickly finish eating and escort Hachiman to the Commissioner's office before going to the shogunate training area. Unless something were to come up, the three of them would later meet again in the evening and thus their day will start again in the morn. Sometimes, Ritsu shares sake with them. Ever since that night Hachiman limits himself to half a drinking cup. Enri acts normally but gets reminded of a certain memory that makes her pink and flustered. When that happens, she retreats to her room leaving Ritsu and Hachiman talking long into the night.

"Captaaaaaaaaaaain! You're alive!" A huge young man exclaims while sobbing on Hachiman's good foot. He is still clad in thick samurai armour with an equally large naginata strapped to his back. He was completely bald but had a blood-red band around his forehead with the symbol of his clan. "The boys kept saying that you must be dead since it's been four months since you left us so I rushed here to see for myself!"

"What? I've been sending you letters. It's you who hasn't replied to me." Hachiman says completely dumbfounded. He shares a look with Enri and Ritsu who both appear similarly puzzled. The three of them were taking a break under a tree still within the Commission grounds when they saw the large Oni rush at them from the gate. The Tengu duo immediately drew their swords to protect Hachiman but lowered them when they saw who it was.

"In any case, stand up Vice-Captain Arataki. Let's head inside the Captain's place." Enri says and the Oni does so after getting up and wiping tears off his face.

Arataki Daitarou serves as Hachiman's Vice-Captain and temporarily leads the unit while Hachiman is recovering. An Oni quick to laughter and a friend of all, he is also a highly skilled warrior and vision user. Hachiman was intimidated by the Oni when they first met but the two became fast friends and their camaraderie cemented as they fought together in the field. Whenever Hachiman rushes to where the battle is the bloodiest, an act which he regularly does to stem his temper and rent his frustration, Enri and Ritsu are there at his side while Arataki stays back and takes command of the troops.

They learn from him that things are relatively stable in Chinju Forest with the other Yokai helping clear it from monsters. He also met Ioroi, Lord of the Bake-Danuki and the two exchanged snacks that they had on hand. An expression of discomfort appears on the Oni's face and they ask him about it.

"Lord Ioroi, he asked me the whereabouts of the Kitsune Saiguu."




A very sensitive topic yet most of Inazuma already know the answer. Even Hachiman knows what happened here in Inazuma during the Cataclysm from what everyone that he knows, especially Commissioner Horimoto, and his Masters Kamuna Harunosuke and Iwakura Doukei, have told him.

"... And what did you tell him?" Hachiman asks and is the first one to break the silence.

Vice-Captain Arataki sighs. He and Hachiman may be of the same age but the Oni looks like he has aged an aeon despite being a Yokai.

"I told him that I don't know. Then he asked me if I know if she was doing well to which I replied no."

Ritsu grimaces, "He just keeps adding salt to his wounds huh…"

The Oni agrees and continues. "Yeah. He says that he wishes her well and would love to play again with the other Yokai like the good old days…"

"Speaking of Kitsune, I wonder where Yae is. I haven't seen nor received a letter from her since coming back to Inazuma City." Hachiman thinks to himself as an afterthought.

He says nothing when Enri wipes the corner of her right eye. The mood around the table was so heavy and gloomy that one can cut the air with a knife. The silence is interrupted when the four hear a squeaky and high-pitched sound before a knock can be heard from the door.

They see a pale teenage girl with long silver hair peek from the corner. Her eyes were a deep shade of purple. She is also taller than the average female Inazuman resident of her age and she always sticks out in a crowd because of her foreign features. Hachiman's Anaemia may be gone but he still has a noticeably pale complexion which one may attribute to unhealthiness. But this girl looks as if she was fashioned from ice and snow itself in the glaciers far to the north.

"Vice-Commissioner? Is this a bad time?" Yuria, the daughter of Fuyumi's wet nurse and also serves as her caretaker asks while eyeing the Oni with curiosity. The bundle of joy in her arms yawns cutely before taking a fistful of the girl's hair and taking it inside her mouth.

"No, dear no. We're just talking about work. Give her to me first…" Hachiman stretches his good arm forward to receive the baby who also does the same. It was a heartwarming moment as he tickled the baby and peppered her chubby little cheeks with kisses. Fuyumi laughs and squeals loudly as her furry white tail wags with delight.

Arataki, unable to bear it any longer finally speaks out.

"Captain! Is that your little girl?! She's adorable!" The Oni exclaims and leans forward to take a closer look.

"You can say that…" Hachiman replies mischievously while glancing at Enri and Ritsu. The former rolls her eyes while the latter smiles slyly. Vice-Captain Arataki adopts a thinking expression while studying the babe.

"Hm, so you had a kid with a Kitsune huh… That's rare. Kitsune rarely mingle with humans."

Hachiman's ears perked at the words. "And why is that?"

"Hmph. Out of all the Yokai, the Kitsune are the proudest and act high and mighty. Females love spinning human men around their fingers while the males are busy mastering their magical arts. They may act nice around you but they talk SHIT when you turn your back! Never trust a Kitsune, Captain! THAT'S why I'm so surprised to see you have a kid with one!" Arataki rants passionately and finishes by pointing an accusing finger at Hachiman.

Beside him, Ritsu starts snickering behind her hand. "Fufufufu. Sounds like someone got rejected by a sorceress back at camp…"

Arataki turns to her, his face flush and the muscles on his huge arms tensing up. The Anemo Vision strapped to the left side of his chest glows in response to his emotions.

"Shut it! That never happened! That wench is spreading false rumours to stain my name!" While the two go back and forth, Hachiman thinks about his friend's words in silent contemplation after giving Fuyumi to Arataki. The Oni raises her before lightly throwing her up in the air as the baby laughs and squeals with delight while biting on her fist. He does it several times and uses his Anemo vision to make her float around just like Hachiman's paper Shikigami. The baby floats over his head and grabs onto the Oni's horns much to their amusement.

Enri instinctively squeezes Hachiman's hand from under the table in a tense fashion upon seeing it but Hachiman wordlessly shakes his head, indicating that it is fine.

Surprisingly, this huge Oni is great with children.

Every night without fail, Hachiman practices his calligraphy in his room before taking his nightly bath, as well as writing in his diary the day's events. The fingers on his left hand are still healing but at least they can manage to play his wind instrument which he does so in the afternoons with little Ako. A tall bookshelf is on the other side of the room and is filled with books. They contain all of his memories from Earth and everything he knows which he wrote down with extreme detail - but they are still incomplete and will take several more bookshelves to hold all of his foreign knowledge. Hachiman is not afraid of his death: a small part of him is curious if he will in fact return to his homeworld should that happen. What he is most afraid of is losing all of his memories from his previous life.

"I wonder what Tess is doing right now… I never even got to attend my mother's birthday…"

Amid the silence, he hears footsteps in the living room beyond the hallway and recognizes them immediately. Enri slides open the door after knocking and enters the room. She is wearing her Yukata which she only decided to wear without her armoured plates a short time after that night. Enri reasoned that since she is living the civilian life, she might as well dress the part. Hachiman is secretly pleased with her decision. While does in fact possess beautiful features, her lifestyle as a shogunate soldier prevented her from taking care of her looks.

Hachiman ignores how her clothes hug her body and reveal her figure but still gave them a glance which did not come unnoticed by the Tengu. She manages to prevent smirking with satisfaction. She only wears them this way at home and sometimes does provocative little acts like loosening the area around her bosom and leaning down to pick something in front of him which she deliberately dropped, knowing full well that he will sneak a peek. In truth, the two had grown closer over the past four months and they can feel a tension in the air when it's just the two of them - like teenagers who have a crush on each other. Perhaps nearing the point where a single push is all it needs to start something. She often sits close and gives him fleeting touches which causes Hachiman to feel nervous and bothered. His inexperienced and clumsy responses to her signals never fail to make her laugh.

"A-Ah… Enri…"

"Good Evening Captain."

"Good Evening. Are Fuyumi and Ritsu asleep?"

The Tengu nods and goes over beside him, her eyes observing the calligraphy with interest. "Fuyumi is, but that Arataki…he brought fire wine from a Snezhnayan merchant at Ritsu's insistence. I told them that it was too strong but they ignored me and now they're out cold. They didn't even manage to finish half the cup."

Hachiman places his fingers on his temples. "Ugh. I'll talk to him tomorrow. He's always been such a showoff. Remember that time he dragged a Geo Lawachurl's headless corpse back to camp with one hand and its severed head in the other, bragging how he decapitated it in one blow by utilizing his Anemo vision to fire air blades?"

"Hehehe. Yes, and you were horrified and immediately ordered Ritsu to burn the corpse to ashes. And that time when he lost a bet on a card game and he got so mad that he disappeared for a night and returned in the morning after clearing a nearby domain by himself that was filled with Abyssal beasts." She replies with a small laugh.

"How was work today?" Hachiman asks as she sits beside him.

"Nothing new. The recruits are nearly ready once they've done mastering the bow and arrow."

Enri scoots closer to him, knowing the full effect of her touch. Her pleasant scent fills his nose and makes him feel self-conscious as she slowly takes his arm closer to her body. Hachiman blushes when he feels his elbow press against her soft chest.

"Enri? Are you drunk…? What's gotten into you?" Hachiman asks the Tengu who replies with a small wry grin.

"Hey Captain~..." She whispers tenderly to his ear. "A hostel in Tenryou recently opened which has private open-air baths available. Care to join me? It's only been a few minutes after sundown - the skies above are still crimson." Her words make his heart beat faster and his head go dizzy.

Hachiman is not dense. He immediately understood the true meaning behind her words. He can sometimes overhear his fellow soldiers talking about such things when he was at the front. Even so, this is the first time that a woman has made such bold advances on him.

"N-No need… Shiki helps me clean myself remember?" He replies with a shaky voice which sounded conflicting with itself.

Enri pulls back and Hachiman gazes deep into her eyes. Pink dusted her cheeks which says that she mustered up the courage to make such an aggressive move. Her lips were glossy and Hachiman wondered how soft they would feel.

"Captain, I can feel your eyes on me whenever you think I'm not paying attention. I sense desire in you. You want me, don't you?"

Hachiman looks to the side, feeling more ashamed than embarrassed. "Tch, so I got caught huh…"

The Tengu giggles at his expression, something that even her sister Ritsu seldom hears from her. "Hehehe. It's fine, you are a man after all. And you can say that I was showing myself off to you, hehehe."

Hachiman rubs his cheek on hers and finds out that she is warm to the touch. The pheromones that she is giving off make Hachiman's body unconsciously react in turn. Her body is hot and steamy and is in dire need of release which she wants him to satisfy. There is a hunger in her eyes that makes him gulp from the intensity of it.



"That thing Ritsu said some time ago about you bringing and reading dirty books…is it true?"

"Ahaha. Well, I got curious since I overheard it from some women in the library… And I decided to give them a try, and, well…" She sheepishly replies and trails off. "They were... pretty good."

Hachiman jokingly feigns shock in his voice, "Uwah, so you're a closet perv…"

She pouts cutely which Hachiman finds quite adorable and he almost gave in to the desire to embrace and rub her head right there. "I have some desires too you know..." Enri takes his left hand and places it over her bosom as a bold display of what she means.

"I can sense your growing lust, Captain. Your heart is beating so fast that I can hear it. You desire me, as a man would seek pleasure that only his woman can provide~." Enri whispers hotly and licks his earlobe. Hachiman gently gropes her soft breast and takes in her aroused scent which clouds his mind and fills him with thoughts of her naked and vulnerable body laying bare before him.

"I've been holding back, Captain. Truly, but I've reached my limit. I am no longer satisfied with doing it by myself. I feel like I'm going insane and I'm sure you feel it as well. If this goes on any further, I feel like I'm close to committing a crime upon you." Enri admits with shaky and steamy breaths as Hachiman nods in understanding.

Her breath hitches when he leans and kisses her neck while kneading her breasts. Hachiman can feel her aroused pink buds under her clothes make their presence known to him. He gently pushes her down and positions his knee directly below her groin and he can feel a distinct heat coming from them. She holds him in place and was about to take off her garments when she stops herself with every ounce of willpower left in her even though she wanted him to take her right there.

"N-Not here… We might be heard by the others…" She reasons with hot and heavy breaths.

"I-I'm sorry, I'm at my limit too. You're just too lewd and cute that it got to my head…" Hachiman apologizes after kissing her cheek which instantly made the Tengu turn pink. Enri is not used to compliments of this nature and calling her cute turns her into a blushing and stuttering mess.

"T-T-T-Then we b-better h-h-hurry-!" She quickly gets up and fixes her clothes and hair. She helps him up and gives him his walking cane as the two tiptoe out of his private quarters and make a beeline for the exit that leads outside. There were still several people out and the retreating light from the setting sun is supplemented by fiery torches that give off an orange glow as they walked within the shadows.

"Eep!" Enri yelped when she felt him squeeze and pinch her bottom. She lightly slaps his hand away while suppressing a giddy and embarrassed smile and failing to do so. Hachiman grins cheekily and does so again, much to her annoyance.

"C-Captain-! We might be seen!" She whispers.

"I know. I was just teasing you. Hehehe…" Hachiman replies and laughs. He continues teasing and whispering sweet nothings to her until her face is pink and steaming from his words. After a short while, they arrive in front of the new hostel which Hachiman honestly finds quite impressive. They rent a pleasant suite for the night and pause in front of the door, the realization and reminder of what they're here to do dawning upon them once again.



Enri moves first and opens the door for them. Her face was pink and sweaty and her palms were heavy and shaky as she did so. Her thighs were fidgeting with each other and to say that she is sexually excited and aroused is an understatement. To his eyes, it looks as if she might snap and ravage him at any moment. And to Hachiman, he feels the same way.

"C-Come inside, C-Captain. W-We have a long night ahead of us…"

Poor Miko, she's about to be NTR'd while she's away…

Or is she…?