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Visions and preparations

Thursday July 31st 1980 6:00 p.m. Saint Mungo's.

Lady Lily Rae Potter nee Evans after just giving birth to her son Harry James Potter an hour ago slides into a vision of the future. Her eyes go wide and gray as if she is not there in her body. As she is watching the vision tears start to roll down her eyes. Lord James Charles Potter having seen his wife only go into a vision of the future once before immediately demands that her room get emptied out of all staff so that it's just him and her in the room.

As soon as her eyes return to normal and she sees that the room is empty Lily looks over at James and says "James we can't speak of this to anybody because Mother Magic won't let us. We also cannot write this down to try and prevent it. On October 31st 1981 Voldemort is going to come to our house while we're under the fidelius and kill us. Sirius will show up too late to stop it because we make Peter Pettigrew The secret keeper. Dumbledore will be the one to cast the spell. Dumbledore will send Hagrid to grab our son and take him to my sister Petunia and her husband Vernon. Sirius will try to take care of as he is his sworn godfather but Hagrid will tell him that he is under orders by Dumbledore to take Harry to Petunia. Sirius will fight with them but in the end he will give in. He'll go after Pettigrew to try and avenge us."

Lily after catching her breath continues "Pettigrew will blow up the street causing a gas main to explode killing 13 muggles. He'll cut off his finger to make it look like Sirius Black killed him. He'll then transform into his animagus form of a rat and end up hiding out with the Weasley's. A week after Harry is placed with my sister his godmother and her husband will be attacked by Bellatrix Lestrange and her husband and his brother. They will be tortured into the insanity so they will not be able to take care of Harry. Dumbledore who will know of our Last Will and Testament will have it sealed by order of the Wizengamot. He'll do this because he thinks that Harry will have to destroy Voldemort himself because of a prophecy. However what Dumbledore doesn't realize is that what he heard of the prophecy is not the entire thing."

"The whole prophecy is as follows l. The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches born to those who have thrice defied him born as the seventh month dies…and he'll mark him as his equal but he'll have powers the dark Lord knows not and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live all the other survives the one who has the power to vanquish the dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies. He'll reunite the houses as the keeper for as long as he lives magic will return to the balance. For without the keeper magic will fade and the world will be destroyed. The Keeper will be the Lord of Gryffindor and Slytherin while the ones he is betrothed to will be the heiresses of wit and loyalty though the one with wit will belong in the house of the snake living in the green grass fields of Scotland. While the second one of loyalty shall be the french flower of beauxbatons. Together with princess of legend they will unite the world and return to the time of Arthur Pendragon. The house of Merlin shall be found searching with the house of Lefay. The house of McKinnon will be discovered in the West. The house of Pendragon will be found to the South. The house of Peverell will be restored in the east."

As soon as Lily finishes telling James the full prophecy she cries as she says " Harry is going to become the Lord Gryffindor and Slytherin. I know because I followed my family history and found out that I am the true Lady of Slytherin. The Salazar Slytherin that history knows as a blood purist was a blood adopted son of the Salazar Slytherin who founded Hogwarts. He was a young wizard of 4 who was orphaned because his family died. Salazar could sense great magic from him so he took him and blood adopted him what bestowed upon him the partial ability of the Slytherin family magics including a rudimentary skill and parseltongue. He named the boy Salazar Art Slytherin. However what nobody knew was that Salazar himself had a biological son named Merlin Arthur Salazar. His son married into the Evans family who he grew up with in the village of Godrick's hollow. They ended up having a child who was a squib who ended up marrying others and the power of magic didn't return until me. I know the Potter's are descended from Godric Gryffindor and the Peverell's. I don't know how Harry is going to become the Lord of Peverell since the only way is to unite all the deathly hallows. We know your family has always had one of the deathly hallows but the other two have been lost through the ages their current positions are unknown. Anyways Harry will be beaten and abused by my sister when he is about 6 years old something is going to happen to him. Something so terrible that I cannot tell you suffice to say he will survive but that's about all I can say. James, we need to prepare. I think we should buy up as much of the daily prophet as we can. We should also invest in madam Malkin's, Twilfitt and Tattings and Grunnings Drill Company. We should also buy the deed for number four Privet Drive Little Whinging Surrey. We should also prepare the Potter Castle with lots of house elves for everything from cooking and cleaning to taking care of the yards to teaching him what we cannot. We should also have some portraits of ourselves made so that he can get to know us when he finds the castle. "

James, after getting his tears under control knowing that he only has so much time with his son, asks "hey tiger lily do you think you can handle yourself for a little bit while I go take care of all that? I'm going to get the best elves and everything that I can it should only take me a couple hours. I'll go to Gringotts Bank and have account keeper Ax Killer take care of everything. I have a feeling you're holding back some information, but I have a feeling it's something that I don't need to know. Just let me know if there's anything I can do for you." After receiving a nod James Potter walks out of the room.

Lily meanwhile sees a healer come in and asks "excuse me, Miss can I please get some parchment and some envelopes?"

Once Lily has the parchment and ink she writes a letter to her son. She knows she will be long dead by the time her son finally gets the letter but it's the only way to help her son. She writes four letters one to be delivered to him on his 11th birthday, one on his 13th, one on his 14th and finally one to be delivered 2 days after his fourth year ends at privet drive. Once she has all the letters written she puts a preservation spell on them and after dripping some wax on and sealing it with her lady Potter ring so that only Harry can open them. When she has all the letters written and ready to go she calls Messi her messenger house elf.

As soon as the house elf appears she immediately curtsies deeply and asks in an excited squeaky voice "hello mistress, what can Messi do for mistress Lily today?"

Lily cast a privacy charm around her bed before saying " yes Messi, I have a messages I need you to deliver at a specific time to my son throughout his life. No matter how badly he asks, commands, begs or anything you must not give them to him until the appropriate time. This is very important. The first one the one with the number one on it, is to be delivered to him on his 11th birthday. The second one is to be delivered on his 13th. The third is to be delivered on his 14th birthday and the final one is to be delivered to him while he's at his aunt and uncle's house in privet drive 2 days after his 4th year ends at Hogwarts. There will be others to deliver later but those will be from his father. If you do what I say we might be able to save my son. Do you understand?"

Messi with tears in her eyes takes the letters from mistress Lily and says " yes mistress Lily it shall be done I won't ensure it myself." Messi takes them letters and immediately elf apparates away.

2 hours later

James returns and upon seeing his wife and son goes over and hugs Lily. She looks at her husband and says "James, look I know you know about the prophecy now I need you to write letters to your son to try and help him throughout his years. I've already written the ones that I needed to and gave them to Messi with directions to give them to him at very specific times. I believe you need to do the same but I also think these letters should be kept away from me okay." James, hearing what she says nods and goes to write his own letters altogether; he wrote five of them. Once he is done and has the letters numbered and sealed with the Lord ring of Potter he calls Messi. He looks at Messi and says " Messi, these are the letters I wrote for my son, the first is to be delivered to him when he shows up at Potter Castle. The second one is to be delivered on his 11th birthday. The third is to be delivered on Christmas of his 11th birthday. The 4th is to be delivered on his 14th birthday. The fifth and final one is to be delivered on his 15th birthday. Messi, thank you for all you've done for me and Lily and myself. We are forbidding you from repeating what I'm about to tell you to anybody else. This is going to most likely be the last order we will ever give you. Mistress Lily and I are going to die on October 31st 1981. We are going to die protecting our son from the dark lord known as Lord Voldemort. Our son has an incredible destiny ahead of him. However he is going to need help. That is why these letters that we handed you are so important. I know we cared for you as if you were our family just like all the other house elves. However when we die we are going to need you to round up all the elves from the other houses here in Britain that serve the house of Potter and get them to Potter Castle. That includes all the house elves that are good at potions and everything else. Once everyone is there you are too take command and be head elf. Mistress Lily and I have just acquired about 15 new elves. You are to show them what to do, how to take care of the Potter family, and teach them everything you can about the house of Potter. You have been our most loyal house elf. For that we thank you just know that Harry should show up at Potter Castle on or around his 6th birthday. When he does please take care of him. We are entrusting you with our most prized possession. Goodbye." He sees Lily come over as he finishes talking and together they give Messi a hug.

Friday August 1st 1980 11:00 a.m. saint mungo's

James is sitting by Lily when they see account keeper Ax Killer walk in with Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. James and Lily knowing that this has to do with making their will look at each other and not. Everything is going just as they thought it was going to. All that is left is to wait and let things play out like they are going to.