AN-part of this chapter is going to be from Albus Dumbledore's point of view, however I'm not going to do a lot of point of views from other people only at key points.

Friday August 1st 1986 10:00 a.m.

Dumbledore pov

I was sitting in my office going through the list of possible new students when one of the silver scales in my office shatters. What most witches and wizards don't realize is that Albus Dumbledore has items that are keeping a close watch on one Harry Potter. Knowing that the scales are for the wards surrounding number 4 privet drive little Whinging Surrey. Albus knows that something must have happened. He immediately drops what he's doing and disapparates to number 4 privet drive. As soon as he gets there he walks up to the door and knocks. After waiting for a minute a walrus looking man opens the door. Dumbledore realizing that this man is Vernon Dursley looks at the man and says " Good evening sir. My name is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. I am here to check on one Harry James Potter. Can I please see him? I fear something has happened to him because the wards that I had around your house have been destroyed."

Vernon looks at Dumbledore and says " there is no one called Harry James Potter here. He ran away yesterday afternoon. I don't know why he ran away. The boy has been nothing but trouble ever since you dropped him off on our doorstep and there's very little in this world that would ever make us take him back. Now I want you off my doorstep by the count of three or I will call the cops. One, two. "

Dumbledore before Vernon could even reach three walks down to number 8 privet drive. As he approaches the door he looks back and sees that Vernon is back in his house. Ensuring that no one's watching he knocks on the door and waits. A minute later Arabella Figg opens the door and upon seeing Dumbledore she ushers him into the sitting room. Once they are both sat comfortably on the chairs Dumbledore asks " Arabella what happened to Harry Potter and where is he? His Uncle Vernon says that he ran away yesterday afternoon. Why didn't you contact me immediately? You were supposed to be here keeping an eye on the boy. Now I find out that he's vanished and we don't know where he is. I am very disappointed in you Arabella."

Mrs fig looks directly at Albus Dumbledore and says "I don't know what you are talking about Albus. I saw him yesterday afternoon when he was walking home from school. He looked a bit distracted but nothing unusual. I thought he was just staying in his house having a quiet night with his family. Even though I know they don't like him. I know I've told you this before Albus but the boy is too thin. He is small for his age as well. But aside from those two facts I didn't see anything out of the ordinary with Harry. Why has something happened to him?"

Dumbledore sighs before saying "Yes Arabella, it appears that Harry Potter ran away yesterday from his aunt and uncle's house. At least that's what I have been told by his uncle Vernon. I don't want to use legilimency on Vernon. Though I do feel that he is not telling me the whole truth I need you to keep an eye out. If Harry Potter comes back contact me by floo immediately. In the meantime I will contact the aurors and the Order and have them all keep an eye out for him." Dumbledore after receiving a nod from Mrs Figg leaves the house via the floo travel back to Hogwarts.

Once he is back at Hogwarts Dumbledore takes a pinch of powder from his fireplace and throws it in the fire and once the flames turn emerald green he puts his head in and calls out Amelia Bones Department of Magical Law Enforcement Ministry of Magic. As soon as the call connects Dumbledore says " Amelia Bones I need to talk to you as soon as possible are you here?"

A moment later Amelia Bones appears in front of the fireplace and says " what is it you need Dumbledore? What is it that you need with me today? I assume this is not a purely social visit because otherwise I Will be very unhappy with you."

Dumbledore looks Amelia in the eyes and says "Amelia it seems that last night Harry Potter ran away from his home. I talked to his guardian and he doesn't know where he is going. I need your help to find him and make sure he is safe."

Amelia looks at Dumbledore and says "Dumbledore, as much as I would like to help you with this case unfortunately I cannot. All I can tell you is that Harry is behind some of the strongest wards I have ever seen including Hogwarts. You won't even be able to find him so I would suggest waiting until he shows up at Hogwarts to talk to him. If he wants to talk to you before then he will write you a letter and talk to you himself. Have a good day."

Dumbledore shocked that Amelia would act this way towards him pulls out of the fireplace and back into his office at Hogwarts. Once Dumbledore is back in his office he sends a patronus charm to professor McGonagall telling her to meet him in his office immediately. Dumbledore sits back down in his chair behind his desk and starts to think about what he can do. He has to find Harry and get him back with his aunt and uncle so he can make him a weak willed pathetic little boy who will do whatever he says. 5 minutes later Dumbledore hears a knock at his office door before professor McGonagall walks in and sits down.

After McGonagall sat down Dumbledore looked at her and says " McGonagall I need you to alert the Order that Harry Potter has run away from his aunt and uncle's house. It is imperative that we find him at all costs. If the death eaters find him before we do he'll be killed. It is also important to note that unless Harry is with his aunt and uncle he will be in danger from Voldemort and his death eaters at all times especially when he returns. I don't know where Harry has gone. However I have already talked to Amelia Bones and she said that she cannot help in this case. All she could say was that Harry was behind the strongest wards she has ever seen even amongst Hogwarts. I've never run across a building in Europe that has ever had wards stronger than Hogwarts so I think she was lying though I don't know why. I talked to Arabella and she says that she just saw him yesterday and that he seemed to be small for his age and too skinny but otherwise fine. I don't know why he disappeared but for his safety we must find him. All I know is that he is still alive." After receiving a nod from McGonagall Dumbledore dismisses her and goes back to what he was doing before Harry's disappearance.

Friday August 1st 10:00 a.m.

Harry pov

Henry wakes up to a start from a horrible memory of his uncle beating him again. Harry takes a couple seconds to get his breathing under control before he says "Messi, can you come here please."

Harry hears a loud pop and then he sees Messi pop into his room. Right after she pops into the room he hears her say "what can Messi, do for you today Master Harry?" Harry looks at her and says "Messi, I would like some peanut butter and toast for breakfast and then I would like to start learning everything I can about the wizarding world and magic. I would also like to learn about any traditions about the Potter and Evan's family. Do you think you can do that for me?"

Messi nods and pops away to get Harry's breakfast for him. Messi pops back into his room 5 minutes later with his stack of toast and a jug of orange juice and a glass. She bows to Harry and says "Master Harry, the ghost of your ancestor Mr Arnold John Potter who resides in this house will meet you at 11:00 a.m. to start teaching you about potions, magical history and the traditions of the Potter family. He will also teach you about charms, transfiguration and pretty much everything you will need to survive in the wizarding world."

Harry bows to Messi and says "thank you Messi. I appreciate everything you have done for me. I hope you have a good day and if there's anything you need please let me know. By the way, can you make sure that we have a full stock of all potion ingredients? Finally, once my lessons are done with Arnold for the day, do you mind taking me to my mother and father's photo that they say they had hung up in the house somewhere?"

Messi nods and then pops away. Once Messi pops away Harry eats then showers. Once that was done he goes to his training with Arnold. As soon as Harry walks into the room for his training he sees a 5'5 silvery ghost that looks like he was very athletic in his days. Harry bows and says "Sir Arnold, I thank you for being my teacher in pretty much everything I need to know about the magical world and our family history. Before we begin I just have one question does our family have any traditions that must be kept or any traditions for marriage betrothals anything like that that I should know about?"

Arnold Potter bow's back and responds " Yes Harry, our family does have plenty of traditions that should be followed and have to be followed. For example every Potter family member must have a wand handmade with the magical essence of their familiar and a bit of their blood added to the wand. It's a tradition for our family for three reasons. Reason number one it makes the wand more powerful. Reason number two it ensures that only you can use your wand. Finally it makes it to where all you got to do is think of the wand if it's not in your hand and it'll appear in your hand. So say you lose your wand in battle to where it's no longer in your hand. All you have to do is think about your mom and it'll disappear and reappear in your hand. For betrothal traditions there are several different ones but the one that's been used most often nowadays is that the ring that is to be presented to the betrothed has to have a bit of the Potter's blood put into it so that if anything happens to the betrothed the ring will activate a blood protection depending on which one it is that is needed. There are others but I will tell you later for now let's start your potions training just know that I am very picky on my potions. I will train you to be perfect at potions. Even the slightest mistake and I will have a house elf vanish the potion and have you start over. However for every potion that you get correct I will move you on to a more advanced potion and advanced techniques. Once you have a certain amount of techniques mastered I will allow you to experiment and try and make a new potion. Every Potter has been able to create a new potion. Your father's was a pranking potion that ended up turning fellow students hairs a different color. Our family has also created skelegro and sleek easy hair potion." Thus began Harry's training at potter Manor.