Monday August 4th 1986 6:00am

Harry pov

I wake up hearing Messi say " Master Harry it's time for you to wake up. Today is the day you start your training and etiquette. Hurry up or you won't be able to let breakfast settle before your exercise." Excitedly I jump out of bed and get dressed in a tank top and shorts. Taking a look at my hair I grab a piece of leather and tie my hair back so it won't get in the way. I slide on my tennis shoes and rush to the dining room. Along the way I tell the house elves I see thank you for all your hard work and for taking care of the house. Upon entering the dining room I see that the table is set up for French toast. I take my seat at the head of the table and start to eat. Fifteen minutes later and my stomach is full. I sit in my seat waiting for the food to settle while reading the history of the family.

After a half hour Messi reappears in front of me and starts to lead me to Arnold. After five minutes of walking, Messi and I arrive at a wing of the manor full of doors with different designs on them. I look in confusion at Messi and ask "Messi what's going on with all the different doors in this wing? I can feel a strange magic at each and every one of the doors. Actually it feels somewhat similar to the door to the basement vault."

Messi smiles at me and answers " Master Harry this hallway/wing is completely sealed in another dimension by ancient magic of space and time. Only those who are the descendants of the family can enter aside from the house elves and familiars. You see each door leads to a different area to train. For example this door on my right with weights and a swirl on it leads to an outdoor training area designed to work on your physical strength and stamina. Meanwhile the door ten down and on the left has a design of a potions vial which leads to a potions lab. Be warned however that time flows differently in the rooms. For every hour of time outside the room equals two hours in the room. The good part is that while your body will build muscle and such you will physically age as if you are not in the room. Once you get to a certain point in your training Arnold will reveal the biggest secret of your family."

I look at Messi, smile and say " Thank you Messi. Will you come in the rooms with me and take care of me while I am in there? I probably won't be out of the rooms for about four years out here. Meaning I will be in various rooms for twenty years. When I return I will physically be age ten however mentally I will be twenty. I am going to train like this so that when I come out I will have all the family spells and techniques mastered so I can protect those I love. Also I would be honored if you joined me in the training. I have a feeling that it will help make your magic stronger. Which in turn will make you stronger. This will allow you to better protect those you care for. This will also help prevent what happened to me and my parents from happening in the future. If My theory is correct I may select ten elves to train as my personal bodyguards and spies."

Messi smiles and hugs me while saying " I would be honored to train with you Master Harry. Give me five minutes to talk to the other elves and I will be right back." Once she finished talking to me she vanished in a pop. Sure enough five minutes later she reappears and says " Everything is taken care of. House elf Jameson will take care of everything while we are gone." I take her hand and together we enter the door with weights and a spiral eager to begin the training.