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Late in the night in the headmaster's room on top of the tower, there are four individuals in a heated argument about the Vital festival and about Amber's life. Ozpin sits on his chair and here the bicker between Jame and Qrow.

"You Fucking dumb ass of the general I have ever seen Jame! what o you thinking when bringing the whole Atlast army to Beacon besides making the negative feeling go off the roof! nobody and I means nobody like a foreigner army station in their kingdom." Qrow screams to the general face.

"It's the best way to find the culprit that attacks amber the faster this finishes the better for us let my robot storm Mountain Glenn and finish this one and for all." Jame answered back without a hint of hesitation.

Qrow glared at Jame "Let me say again, Are you a dumbass if these many men are moving around the Fang will know your plant long before you can even lift your pinky."

"The specialist will go first and mark the target then the AK-200 drop in and conner the Fang." Jame answered again but now with a frown on his face.

"What you do is send the Fang a VIP hosted to negotiate their thing. The fang already has paladin mech and now you want to send them more valuable things to them how can you still be a general with that brainless head of you?" Qrow said with a sarcastic tone that make Jame irritate.

while Glynda tries her best to stop them to continue the discussion about the fate of Remnant but before she can fully stop the two a portal appear in the middle of the room and everyone here only know one person can do this and is ready themself for what every about to come out of the portal.

But what came out is not what the four expect to come out and not expect the one came out not Raven.

The person came out wearing a white doctor's coat looking around with a flask in his hand and really drunk scream.

"Fuck yeah it works! Oum, I can't believe it Raven this not hallucinating from the lack of sleep right?"

"No, You actually open a portal without using my semblance. Now, where is the king Tuna as payment for helping you? I have grandchildren to spoil."

Raven wearing a lab coat politely answer him without looking over the portal and focusing on the tablet. This is even more shocking to the member of the room that the Raven are polite than the shock of someone just opening a portal to the headmaster office. before they can say something.

The person entered the room laughing out loud and said back "Of course, The fish is in the freezer room the code is JNPR if you don't know, Close the portal and check everything to make sure there is no anomaly happening because we bend space and time. Said hello to Yang and Blake for me ok?"

"Of course, But if you did not go back to the lab within a week I just open the portal to you and drag you back their still a lot of paperwork to fill in until this technology can be shown to the public and yes I will give them your greeting have fun while you can goodbye." And just like that, the portal closed everyone was still confused. But there is some info that made Opzin and Glynda concerned. firstly the name of the JNPR is the name of a first-year team. meaning this person knows one of the team members and judges the blonde hair and the pumpkin Pete T-shirt save to assume that he knows Jaune or at least related to the Arc family. Secondly, somehow Yang is involved in this mess and this makes Qrow worry for his niece.

Right now all they can do is wait and observe this person until they can figure out his identity or at least know why he is here. The man looked at Ozpin with a smirk put his hand out and said.

"You owe me 50 Lien Ozma, One heck of a deal if I was you have access to a portal that let you go everywhere in Remnant. I still have no idea why I accept this project maybe I was too drunk to think straight. But a deal is a deal…" The man continues to ramble about how he did it or how hard it is to make it stable.

Now Jame, Glynda, and Qrow look at Ozpin with questioning eyes because from the rambling they know that this is one of Ozpin's projects to create a portal like Raven semblance. It is a really good one with this they can respond to any Grimm attack. Then something clicks in their head and realize that this man knows the headmaster of beacon true name. Now the situation is more confusing than when he opened the portal. Opzin cough to get the man attention and get him to stop talking. The mystery man look and him to show that he listens to him. Opzin braced himself ask.

"May I know your identity or what is your purpose to come here? If my memory is correct I have not requested anything like this project you are talking about."

The man tills his head aside and signals Ozpin to stop talking for a bit. pull out a syringe and stab it into his arm then start talking.

"What do you mean identity I used to be your student it may be seven years since I graduate but you're basically an immortal so you must have a pretty good memory Ozma." The man shakes his head.

Glynda check the school data and said "there is no one fit you are you sure you study at Beacon?" The man look at Glynda with a deadpan tone.

"I'm pretty sure headmistress Glynda you kick my ass every time we spar."

This time Qrow calls out " Headmistress daquf when did Glynda become headmistress?"

"When Opzin resign after defeat Salem?" The man said this as if it were an obvious thing.

This time Ironwood jump in and points the pistol at him " What do you mean Salem defeat? How can you kill someone with immortality? and stop this at once I hear enough of your rambling surrender yourself now. " Qrow and Glynda try to stop him and Ozpin is still in a hysteric state. The man raised his hand in surrender

"Oke this weird what in the Oum name is happening right now. Unless …." He looks at Ozma and asks" Hey old man what is the nearest Vytal festival that is about to have or has ended?"

Ozpin calm himself a bit and said" The 40th Vytal festival is about to be held in Value this year. Why you ask?" The man did not even look back at Opzin but looked out the window and stare at the broken moon. The room is silent for a bit until the man looks at all the people in the room and
"There are two possibilities either I just time travel or drop into another timeline that is take place slower than my timeline."

"And how you gonna prove that ?" Qrow and Ironwood said and the same time.

"Well, there is one way." The man holds his hand out a ball of fire and processes to throw it out the window the fireball flies up to the sky and explodes with a loud bang that pretty sure everyone in Beacon will awake for that.

Everyone is still confused about what the man just do but the man just said: "I do not remember this event happening so that means I just world travel to another Remnant cool. That means I can change the shit out of this world without consequence " Then laughing like a madman.

"And how can we trust you Mr.?" the man stop his laugh and said, "It's Jaune, Jaune Arc I believe that I am the team leader of JNPR still?"

Opzin nods " Yes Mr. Arc and how can we trust you even if we can confirm you are Jaune Arc how can we trust that you are on our side?"

After a minute of silence started walking towards the elevator and Jaune said "if this timeline is the same as mine but only slower then I can show you something. Because action speaks louder than words so come along."

thought they were wary of Jaune still decide to follow whatever he want to show them. while the elevator descends everyone is in an awkward silence only Jaune look into his scroll and smile at it until everyone notices the elevator go over the ground floor and they realize they go down to the vault.

With this, he already proves that he works for them or something similar then when the door opens he moves around like this is his home and goes straight to the pod where Amber is kept alive.

Before anyone can stop him he just opens the pod holds Amber shoulder and start glowing.

Everyone gasped in shock when the black mark on her started to disappear and the monitor show that her health is improve.

After 10 minutes are so he releases his hand grabs something in his pocket that looks like a candy bar breaks it in half and waves it in front Amber nose.

Just like that Amber woke up with a gasp and was held back by Jaune. Everyone now believes that he is on their side for now. Amber look around and ask

"What happen the last thing I remember is being held by two strangers and the third one trying to take my maiden power?"

Jaune took off his coat and give it to Amber to cover her body and said with a warm tone

"It ok Amber you're safe now don't need to worry about that I gonna take care of it ok. This is an Arc promise and an Arc never good back on his word."

As Amber took the coast and begin to lower herself to sit on the floor Jaune hold her up and somehow created a chair from a small metallic cube a size of a sugar cube. Then created five more chairs so everyone can sit down.

"You have shown us that we can trust you. So now what do you mean about defeating Salem in your timeline?" Ozpin sits and asking Jaune. The response he gives is a chuckle and took out a flask drank it and said

"It's a long story so ready yourself because none of your gonna sleep tonight."