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Hell's Favorite Angel

Chapter 1: An Abduction

Sam leaned against the bathroom stall, her chocolate brown eyes wide in shock and a little fear. Two pink lines were shown on the pregnancy test. Two simple pink lines appeared before her. She rubbed her stomach as she continued to stare at the pregnancy test. "Oh man, what am I going to do?" she questioned running her fingers through her brown hair. "How am I going to tell Kane? I mean he loves me, but does he even want kids?" she questioned. Kane, the monster on Raw wasn't seen as the kind and loving man Sam knew. He was seven feet tall, 300 pounds of destruction. Enjoying causing pain and suffering to anyone who gets in his way. Yet, outside the ring he was a good and kind man. Still marriage and children, were a whole other story for Hell's Favorite Demon.

Kane wasn't known for having good relationships with women. His first love Torri betrayed him and dating XPAC, Lita, the woman Kane did stalk and basically forced to marry him. All because they had a nightstand and Lita ended up being pregnant with his child. The married couple never got along, Lita did whatever she could to defy him, even stopping him from breaking a wrestler, by the name of Snitsky's neck. That led to Kane being angry with Lita as the two argued, Snitsky, hit Kane in the back with a steel chair, causing him to fall onto Lita. That was the only time Kane showed his concern for her and the baby. Screaming at everyone to help Lita, assuring her that her and the baby will be fine. Sadly, it was not fine Lita lost the baby, and later betrayed Kane by dating Edge.

Sam, as far as she knew was the most loyal girlfriend and wife Kane had. Kane was the one who ended their relationship for people kept targeting her and he pushed her away. It was only by a stroke of luck she returned to wrestling and met Kane after so many years. Even luckier, that they rekindle their relationship and were married. Everything seemed so fine, but now. She once again rubbed her stomach still unsure if Kane would be ready for the role of father.

Would he be happy? Would he throw her away? What if he asked her to get an abortion? Thoughts swirled in her mind as she stood up opening the stall door. A few minutes later Brie Bella, Maria, and Mickie James came inside the bathroom.

"Hey Sam, how are you?" Maria asked in her bubbly tone. Yet Mickie and Brie saw the pregnancy test in Sam's hand.

"Oh my gosh, Sam are you pregnant?" Mickie asked a happy grin on her face.

"Guys please not so loud, yes, I'm pregnant," she said rubbing the back of her head.

"Oh my gosh congratulations, have you told Kane yet?" Brie asked smiling at Sam.

"Um no not yet," Sam said frowning.

"Sam, honey um is there a reason you haven't told him yet?" Mickie asked.

"Guys come on you know why I am nervous to tell Kane," she told them.

"He is scary, but he loves you, I know he'll love the baby," Maria assured her.

"Guys, the last time Kane was going to be a father, it didn't exactly end well for everyone involved," Sam reminded them.

"You are not Lita or Torrie, sweetie, you just tell that big red machine what is going on, and if he can't man up, then I'll have my husband Daniel Bryan beat him up for you," Brie told her offering her a smile.

"Oh, trust me, I have three older brothers who would eagerly take that job. I love Kane, he loves me, yet this kind of thing freaks him out. He was devastated when Lita lost her baby and betraying him. I just need some time to tell him," Sam said calmly.

"Hey girl we are here for you, if you need any advice, money, a place to stay, you let us know," Mickie said firmly.

"Exactly, you are not alone Sam, just be brave and tell him the truth," Brie added.

"I can help with babysitting, I love kids," Maria added with a sincere smile.

"Thanks guys, I appreciate this," Sam said with tears in her eyes. The girls circled her and gave her a huge hug.

"It'll be alright Sam, don't you worry," Mickie said gently.

"Thanks again, just please don't say a word to anyone until I had time to tell Kane," Sam begged them.

"Promise we won't say anything," Bri vowed.

"Mum's the word," Marie added pretending to lock her lips up and toss the key away.

"Yeah, no problem, Sam, congratulations," Mickie said. Sam nodded as she exited the bathroom. She headed back to the small trailer her, and Kane owned when they were on the road.

"Maybe, I could order some nice food, some wine then tell him. No, Kane has always been a whiskey kind of guy, plus alcohol would not be a good idea in this situation. Okay, I can sit him down, say how much I love him, how much he means to me, no it sounds like um breaking up with him. Ugh, okay um hey honey, great job on your match. I have an even bigger celebration; we're going to have a baby. Okay, okay that could work. Ugh just someone shoot me," she groaned. Her eyes widened as she rubbed her stomach. "Oh, I'm sorry sweetie, mommy didn't mean that, she is just having a nervous breakdown, don't mind me," she cooed at her belly.

The door swung open as she immediately hid the pregnancy test under their bed. "You in here Darlin?" asked a familiar voice. Before her stood a seven-foot, average built man, with no hair one odd colored eye and the other grey. He wore a black pair of pants with red stripes and heavy boots. It was her husband Kane, Hell's Favorite Demon.

"Hey babe," Sam said giving him a nervous smile. He eyes her as a frown formed on his face.

"You, okay?" he asked standing before her basically towering over her.

"Um yeah, I'm fine," she said wrapping her arms around him.

"Sam, honey, sweetie, darlin, you wouldn't be lying to me now, would you?" Kane asked with that certain grin as he raised an eyebrow.

"What makes you say that?" Sam asked trying to hide her concern.

"You haven't been feeling well the past few weeks. Barely eating, I know your not sleeping very well, so that makes me concerned," Kane said holding her tightly. "Is their something you need to tell me?" he asked again, his voice getting a bit sharper.

"Yes, I do need to tell you something, but let's wait till after your match with Seth Rollins. You're going to be champion Kane, just focus on the match, and I promise to tell you everything," Sam assured him. He looked at her and she worried he would push her to talk. Instead, his warm smile appeared, and he nodded his head.

"Okay, after my match we'll talk," Kane told her. "No one has been threatening you, have they?" he asked his tone getting sharper as his hands formed fists. "If someone is giving you a hard time, I will be more then happy to talk to them about it," he said his demonic grin on his face.

"Kane, match with Seth Rollins now, talk later, deal," Sam said folding her arms.

"Alright deal, now how about a little kiss for good luck," Kane told her. Sam blushed as she felt his arms wrap around her, his lips touching her as her heart began to beat.

"Do you want me out there to cheer you on?" Sam asked him.

"I would love that," he told her wrapping an arm around her waist. They walked out of the trailer, unknown to the couple a pair of soulless eyes were watching them in the dark.

"Soon Kane, your happiness will be snuffed out," the voice said slinking back into the shadows.

Seth Rollins stood in the ring waiting for his opponent, yet he looked very pale. Suddenly explosions of fire erupted out of the arena as eerie music filled the stadium. "Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Sam, the challenger Kane," Lillian Garcia called out. Soon heading towards the ring as Kane entered to face Seth, while Sam joined King and J.R.

"Good evening, Sam, here let me get that chair for you," King said helping Sam to her seat.

"Oh, thanks King, how you boys doing?" she asked.

"Well, looks like a hell of a match, what are your thoughts on your husband fighting Seth Rollins?" J.R asked.

"Kane is a tough opponent as long as he stays on Seth Rollins, you two are looking at the new World Heavy Weight Champion," Sam said proudly.

"Well Sam, let's see what will happen," King told her. The bell rang as Seth Rollins, lunged at Kane yet the Big Red Machine dodged the attack, as he began throwing punches at Seth.

"Ooh a hard right and left to the face of Seth Rollins," J.R commented.

"Seth needs to be careful, or Kane will knock his head off," King stated. Sam just watched as she rubbed her stomach, dreading telling Kane her secret. The match continued as Seth was hit with a close line from Kane, he stumbled as Kane rushed him, only for Seth to just barely dodge. Making Kane hit the ring post having him yell out in pain.

"Kane," Sam whispered under her breath. Seth with a cocky grin, as he raced to the rope climbing on top of the post. Waiting for Kane to get up as he did a suicide dive. Yet, Kane caught him in midair, Seth's eyes widened in fear as he struggled to get Kane, to release him. Unfortunately, Kane had a vice like grip as he choked slammed Seth straight to hell. Covered him as the referee counted, one, two, three. DING DING

The bell rang as Sam leaped up with joy a big a smile on her face. "Here's your winner and new WWE Champion, Kane!" Lillian announced. Kane grabbed the belt as Sam met him in the ring. He grinned at her as he kissed her hard on the lips as his flames erupted and creepy music filled the arena.

"What a night Hell's Favorite Demon has won the title!" exclaimed J.R.

"I still can't believe it and I have a feeling Seth Rollins won't forget it," King said. The crowd cheered and applauded as a new champion was crowned.

Suddenly the lights dimmed, and everything went silent. When the lights came on, a man wearing Kane's old wrestling gear stood in the ring. Kane looked confused as well as shocked yet before he could react the imposter attacked him with a chair. Bashing him as Kane tried fighting back yet trying to protect Sam. Sam got out of the ring as she began looking under the ring for anything to help her husband. The imposter swung the chair as Kane tried to defend himself, the chair becoming more and more dented. Sam grabbed a bat as she crawled into the ring.

She swung it at the Imposter back, hitting him again and again having him fall to his knees. "Who the hell are you?" she demanded. The imposter didn't respond as he blew some dust at her. Her head began to swim as her eyesight became blurry. She fell to her knees collapsing onto the mat, landing on her side.

"SAM!" Kane yelled eyes now deadly as he got up prepared to choke slam the man, yet the imposter grabbed the title Kane held, and knocked him over the head with it. Kane stumbled as the Imposter choke slammed him, forcing him to fall onto the arena floor. The Big Red Machine knocked out as the Imposter eyed the unconscious Sam.

"Oh no, who is this guy?" demanded J.R.

"I don't know but he seems to have eyed Sam," King said looking worried.

"Leave her alone you son of a bitch," J.R yelled. "Somebody, get security get someone!" he yelled. The Imposter rolled out of the ring and scooped up Sam, then running away with her in his arms. Fire erupting as similar creepy music began to play as the Imposter took off with Sam, as Kane laid there unconscious.

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