Chapter 5: Heartfelt Chat

Kane followed Daniel to Sam's room, a doctor was standing in the doorway. "Mr. Jacobs, I presume?" the doctor asked looking at Kane.

"That is me," Kane told him, yet just wanting to push past the man to see Sam. "How is my wife? Is our baby, okay?" he asked. Sam was pregnant and since she got abducted who knows what that lunatic did to her. His rage boiling over, when he got his hands on the person who took Sam, he would show this person the true meaning of hell on earth.

"Your wife is doing fine, she was a bit weak from lack of food, yet she has been eating just fine, the fetus is healthy, no problems that we could find. My recommendation is she get some rest and if any signs of abdomen pain or fever arise have her come back here immediately. From all the tests she is a bit tired but very much healthy," the doctor assured him.

Kane smiled at the news, Sam was okay, their baby was okay. A huge weight lifted off his chest as a small happy chuckle escaped his lips. "I am so happy to hear that, may I see her now?" he asked.

"Of course, but please nothing too stressful, we would like to keep her here for the night, to see how she is. If everything is fine, she can be released tomorrow," the doctor told him.

"Okay, thank you," Kane said as the doctor stepped aside, allowing him to enter the room.

Sam was laying on a hospital bed, a plate of that appeared to contain food was now empty, as she appeared to be resting. Kane slowly walked up unable to believe his eyes. Fearing the second he touched his wife's arm she would disappear. Her eyes opened looking right at him, that warm smile on her face. "Hey," she said gently.

"Hey," he said back taking a seat next to her. His hand reaching for her stroking her cheek as his fingers ran through her hair. Her eyes closed as she nestled into his hand, her smile still on her face. "How are you feeling?" Kane asked her.

"I am tired, a little sore but I'll be alright," Sam told him. "Hey Daniel, thanks for coming to see me," she said her attention turning towards Daniel.

"Hey Sam, glad you are okay, um hey I am going to the cafeteria you want anything?" Daniel asked.

"A chocolate bar sounds great," she told him.

"One chocolate bar coming up," Daniel said as he left the room, giving Kane and Sam some alone time.

Kane leaned over to Sam kissing her forehead, sniffing her hair. The scent of honey suckles, and cinnamon entered his nostrils as he stroked her hair. Sam was real, this wasn't a dream. "Miss you too big guy," Sam chuckled.

"I was so scared," he admitted. "I thought I lost you," he whispered, his voice breaking.

"Yeah, it was pretty scary for me too," Sam admitted.

"Sam, I don't want to stress you out, but I have to know, did the person who took you, did they try to do anything to you?" he asked. His anger returning, he didn't want Sam to have to remember this. The doctors said she was fine, but just the thought of some person touching or hurting Sam, made him see red.

Sam looked down, her face a bit paler. "He tried to make me believe he was you, he stroked my hair, fed me a fry, and tried to kiss me. Yet, I knew he wasn't you, so I managed to get away before he could do anything," Sam explained. A tear fell from her face. Kane wanted to kick himself, this wasn't the time nor place to ask such dumb questions, he felt like a true monster now.

"Shhh, it's okay Darlin, please don't cry, I'm sorry, I am so sorry," Kane said wrapping his arms around her. "I should have stopped him, don't you worry, that creep is never coming near you again," he vowed kissing her forehead.

"It's okay, babe, I know you are just concerned," Sam said resting on his chest. "I don't even know who this guy was, he was wearing an old wrestling gear of yours, but I never saw his actual face," Sam added.

"Don't think about him anymore, you are safe now, and I will protect you," Kane assured her.

"I really need to thank Dean and Roman for saving me. If I didn't find them in that parking lot, who knows what would have happened," Sam said gently, a grateful smile on her face.

Kane went silent, his mind still not a hundred percent sure Dean and Roman weren't entirely behind this whole thing. Still, he upset Sam once today, he wasn't going to do that again. He was even trying to not ask about the baby, the doctors said not to stress her out. Once she was better, they would talk about their child. Till then he just wanted to hold her in his arms. Her warm body pressed against his, as he heard her steady breathing. Looking down Sam was fast asleep, all that she had been through wore her out.

Daniel came back as Kane motioned for him to stay silent. Then as carefully as he could, Kane laid Sam on her bed, pulling the covers up to her chin. Kissing her lips as she peacefully slept. Placing the chocolate bar on the table for her to eat later. Once Kane was sure, she was comfortable excited the room, with Daniel.

"Well, she seems okay now, let's head to the hotel to get some rest," Daniel said.

"I can't leave her," Kane argued.

"Kane, are you sure?" Daniel asked.

"I'm not leaving her," Kane hissed.

"Okay, okay well let's just go back and grab you and Sam some clothes. Sam would appreciate it," Daniel told him.

"Yeah okay, let's do that," Kane said as they exited the hospital.


At the local police station, the man who stole Sam sat in a jail cell. His blood boiled over losing Sam so easily, but he always had an ace up of his sleeve. The door opened revealing a short yet very pale man, with a thin mustache, gazing at the man behind the bars. "So sorry officer, it was part of the show, my son here just went overboard, I'll happily pay the fine, I am so sorry," the short man told the cop.

"Look, I know how you wrestlers get but can you tell your corporate people to not stage such elaborate stunts. That young woman was terrified, I thought for sure it was all real," the cop snapped at the man.

"I know sir, I am so sorry, we thought the young women knew about the stunt sadly, no one told her. I take full responsibility now may I please take my son home, we all had a long day," the pale man said.

"Well, you paid the fine and you showed it was all a stunt so fine, but this better not happen again," the cop barked.

"Of course, thank you sir, thank you," the pale man said gratefully.

The cop opened the cell releasing the man, as he got up to face the pale man. "Come along now son, we have to go," the pale man said. He nodded and followed him outside towards a black car. Once they were in the car, the pale man slapped the guy. "You idiot, I practically handed you the tools you needed to kidnap that woman, and you lose her within a few hours. I didn't even have time to stroke the darkness inside Kane!" the pale man yelled.

"I'm sorry Paul, my wildcat is tougher than she looked. So, beautiful though, I need to get her back," the man said eyes gleaming, remembering the touch of Sam's hair wrapped around his fingers. How he longed to kiss those lips of hers.

"Well, it will be harder now, Kane won't let her out of his sight. So, we need to strike as soon as possible. You get your girlfriend and I get my monster back. Everyone wins, luckily for you, I have tools to get Sam from Kane, but we must hurry," Paul Bearer said starting up the car.

"If it means I get my wildcat again, I will be happy, now what is the plan?" the man asked looking at Paul.

"My plan was to kidnap her from the hospital, yet since I had to use my silver tongue and other resources to bail you out of jail, we must be more careful. Kane right now thinks his wife is safe, but his anger and paranoid mind must be going rapid. All, I must do is gain his trust enough to point his anger and personal investigation on who I wish it to be. While he is busy playing detective, Sam will be alone giving you time to take her to a more secure location. And this time don't lose her!" Paul snapped.

"Trust me once I have my wildcat again, I will never lose her," the mystery man assured. The car started up as the two drove away into the night to hatch their heinous plan.

The next day

Sam awoke to see her husband asleep on a chair. She smiled, hearing him snore softly. Rubbing her stomach she headed to the bathroom, cleaning herself up as she looked herself over. "Okay Sam today is the day you tell Kane. It'll be fine, just be honest and straightforward," she told herself. Just as she was about to open the door, she heard Kane's voice.

"SAM! SAM!" he cried. She opened the door seeing Kane fully awake, looking around all crazy for her. Upon hearing the door his head snapped in her direction, a relieved smile on his face. He walked up to her wrapping his arms around her. "Don't scare me like that," he said.

"I'm sorry babe, I was just cleaning myself up, didn't mean to scare you," Sam admitted. Man, me getting kidnapped really did a number on him, she thought. Frowning a bit, wondering if now was the time to tell him, her big news.

"Ah Mrs. Jacobs you are awake, how are you feeling?" the doctor asked. Unaware of the shouts that had just occurred.

"Hungry, but other then that I am doing just fine," Sam assured him.

"Well, let's just do a quick check up and if all is well, you can head on home," the doctor assured. She nodded as the doctor checked her heartbeat, her blood pressure, and everything else. Kane just sat in the chair watching breathing to himself to calm down.

When he awoke to see Sam not in her bed, yeah, he panicked. The unknown attacker was never identified so in Kane's mind, Sam was still in danger. "Alright, everything looks good, I'll grab your dismissal papers and you two can be on your way," the doctor said getting up.

"That is great," Sam said relieved to hear that she was okay. Once the doctor left Sam rummaged through her bag grabbing some clean clothes, her toothbrush and toothpaste, with her deodorant.

"Want me to help you get dressed?" Kane asked a sly smirk on his face.

"I think I can manage," Sam told him with her own sly smirk.

"Oh, I don't know, doc said not to stress you out. That bra your holding looks troublesome, maybe I should help you out with it," Kane said walking over to her. His hand snaking around her waist.

"I can manage, but maybe later you can help me shower. There are some places I just can't seem to reach," Sam said winking at him. Kane smirked at her, picturing water dripping down her naked body. Part of him became very happy imagining such things.

"Promise?" he asked.

"Promise," she assured.

The two exchanged a quick kiss as Sam went to change into some fresh clothes. Soon the two were in Kane's truck driving down the road. "I don't know about you, but I am starving," Sam told him.

"Yeah, let's get some food, there's a village inn coming up, sound good?" he asked.

"Sounds perfect," she replied. He nodded and pulled up to the village inn parking lot. Once they were seated Sam looked over the menu, her body craved coffee, but could she have coffee. She hadn't developed morning sickness or anything at the moment. The only sign she had was her period was late, so she was maybe a few weeks pregnant, but she heard caffeine was bad for the baby. Still her body craved the stuff, maybe one cup wouldn't hurt. If she got sick, she would know not to drink it again.

"Welcome to village inn, how may I help you two?" asked a pretty, young waitress.

"I'll have the Country Star Omelet with coffee, and do you have any hazelnut creamer?" Sam asked.

"Yes, we do ma'am and you sir?" the woman asked addressing Kane.

"I'll have the same, but add a milk to my order," he told her.

"Yes sir, we'll be making your order soon," the waitress said then left to get their order made.

"Since when do you drink milk in the morning?" Sam asked looking confused. Kane, as far as she knew always drank black coffee when it came to breakfast, the occasional orange juice but never milk.

"Sam, the milk is for you not me. Milk is healthy for you right now," Kane told her.

"What do you mean, healthy for me right now?" she asked, looking concerned. Did he know she was pregnant? Who told him, was it the doctor? One of the girls she confided in. Stay calm, Sam, stay calm.

"You remember before my match with Seth, you mentioned needing to talk to me about something? Well, I later found out what you needed to talk to me about," he told her.

"So, you know?" Sam asked trying to remain calm.

"That you are pregnant, yes, I know," Kane answered.

"Who told you?" Sam asked wondering who she needed to yell at. She wanted to tell Kane, not have someone else tell him.

"No one, I found the test on the floor, under the bed," he explained.

"Oh, well, this isn't how I wanted you to find out," Sam said calming down a little, yet she waited to see his full reaction. He looked calm but Sam wasn't sure.

"Sam, Darlin, were you really afraid to tell me?" Kane asked her. She looked away, trying not to cry again.

"Yes," she said avoiding his gaze. Kane bit his lip, hearing this broke his black heart. He placed a hand over hers, as he gazed at her.

"Sam, please look at me," he said gently. She closed her eyes to hide the tears yet, they fell anyways. A frown formed on his face, as he used his thumb to wipe her tears away. "Darlin, please look at me," he said again. Scared eyes met his as seeing Sam like this created more cracks in his heart. "I promise to be a good father to our child, please don't cry. I love you and I will love our son or daughter," he told her.

The tears faded slightly, as a look of relief washed over Sam's face. "You, you want me to keep the baby?" she asked.

"Of course, what made you think I wouldn't?" he questioned.

"Well, we never discussed kids, whenever you saw a baby or see me play with my nieces or nephews, you seemed to get paler. Hearing about what happened the last time you were going to be a dad, I figured you wouldn't want kids. I was scared you would ask me to abort it," Sam admitted.

Hearing this Kane, just wanted to yell. Did he really make Sam feel that scared to tell him? "Sam, I…I know I am not the easiest guy to love. Yes, losing my first kid it killed me. Having Lita say she was happy to have lost the baby, it killed me even more. Yet, you are not Lita, our relationship is honestly the healthiest relationship I ever had. Not going to lie being a dad does scare me, but I would never ever ask you to abort any child of ours. We will love and raise this baby together, please don't be scared, I am so sorry if I ever made you feel this way," Kane whispered wiping some fresh tears away.

"So, you are okay with this?" Sam asked looking more relieved than before.

"I am more than okay; I am excited and so happy right now. You and our child mean the world to me, I will never let anyone, or anything hurt you two," Kane vowed. "I love you Darlin, and I am not going anywhere," he assured her. Sam smiled again and kissed his lips. Relief washing over her, hearing that everything would be okay.

"Here is your food, enjoy," said the waitress, unaware of the emotional chat that had just taken place.

"Thank you, ma'am," Sam said as she looked at her husband. She took the cup of milk and drank it as Kane sipped his coffee, as they enjoyed their breakfast together as a family.

To be continued….

Author's Note: Seems Kane and Sam finally addressed their baby, everything seems fine, however the mystery man is free and working with Paul Bearer. What are they up to? Find out in the next chapter and please review.