Wands and Claws: A Harry Potter/X-Men Crossover Fanfiction

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Plot: Adopted from JustBored21: After being abandoned by their family, Harry and Laura Potter were turned into lab rats with the aim of turning them into weapons. Fortunately, they were spared this fate by a certain fierce individual. Looking for Saviours? Well, X Marks the Spot!

Author's Note: So, as it says in the AN and the Disclaimer, this idea was originally posted and the brainchild of a friend, JustBored21, who sadly decided to scrap the idea and offer it to others. Of course, they're still writing so many other amazing adventures, but…I digress. The point is that, with their approval and permissions, I've claimed the idea and now, I'm dusting it off, editing a few titbits here and there and, as the French say, voila! Here we have this brand-new rehash of a friend's amazing adventure, with twists, turns and surprises abound for one and all.

So, enjoy.

And, to my dear friend, keep up the good work.

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Key Pairing: Eventual Harry/Jean;

Other Pairings: Logan/Ororo; Erik/Raven; Others TBD

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Chapter 1: Stryke Three, You're Out!

"Fucking hell! It's Wolverine!"

Unfortunately, only one single, solitary guard was able to scream out the identity of the source of alarms, red, flashing lights and all-out chaos that resonated through the base, right before three claws were driven straight through his chest, sending him crashing down onto the floor.

Moments later, the next two guards, who, like most grunts, opted to shoot first and ask questions later, began firing several rounds at the intruder, only to share a similar fate to the previous man as they too were taken down by the six metal claws that pierced each of their bodies, which divided up between the two men, with one set of three on one of their attacker's hands and the second set of three on his other hand.

As the two men hit the ground, the attacker/intruder, Wolverine, hummed and grunted before he sheathed his claws with a single flick of his wrists.


Perhaps a bit of backstory is required here.

You see, as many knew him to be called, Wolverine was actually just the code name/mutant alias/nickname of the very angry man who was walking down the hallway, leaving dead bodies, mangled machines and blood in his wake. On other days, when he didn't go by Wolverine, he was instead called Logan.

In fact, once upon a time, long before his life's negative points had robbed him of some of his memories, he was even known as James 'Logan' Howlett, though, right now, the only bit of that he knew himself was Logan, and he'd gotten used to it.

Physically, he was a sight to behold: he was a muscular, six-foot-tall man whom, at the moment where this story starts, was wearing black combat boots, with a heavily-torn, bullet-hole-riddled black leather suit, with golden-yellowish highlights, which covered all of his body apart from his arms, which were bare to the elements, revealing his mostly-hairy skin. His outfit also seemed to cover every inch of his body, as well as his legs while, mostly thanks to an earlier explosion as he'd entered the base, his arms were, as previously-noted, now exposed to the elements and the assaults from the base's militia of soldiers. To complete this look, he had black gloves with holes around the knuckles and a small utility belt with a gold X on the belt buckle. He also had a short, somewhat-scraggly-looking black beard with short black hair and two tuffs standing up straight on either side that could have almost been described as horns on his head.

His teeth were visible as he growled, his canine teeth sharper and slightly longer than a regular person's teeth, which only emphasised the wild air about him and made him a force to be reckoned with.

On the inside, however, Logan was entirely something else: as many knew, Wolverine's skeleton was also different from a regular human's, given how his skeleton was covered in an indestructible, unbreakable and very powerful metal known as Adamantium, which Logan had once endured being fused to his skeleton.

Had anyone ever dared to ask him about it, even with his fractured memories, Logan would gladly admit that it was, without a doubt, the single, most painful experience of his life, primarily because of how he had to stay awake during the operation seeing as he was unable to be put to sleep using drugs, since his healing factor prevented him from staying asleep for long.

The second big difference between Wolverine's skeleton and a regular skeleton was the fact that his own skeleton also had six, equally-strong and equally-versatile, if not nigh-unbreakable, not to mention retractable long claws: he had three located in each hand, which were housed beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms.

Whenever Wolverine wished, they would exit out from in-between his knuckles with a snikt-snikt sound that always meant trouble for his enemies, and instilled fear in so many of them. And then, with his claws unsheathed, the man usually vanished and the animal came out to play, as the claws wound up being used however the hell Wolverine wanted them to be used.

Thanks to the few memories he had managed to regain, thanks to the expert aid of his friends in the X-Men, primarily Professor Charles Xavier, Logan did know that his now-metal claws used to be bone claws before the adamantium was fitted to him.

Now, they were simply six sharp blades that would come out from his hands at will.

And, with them, Logan would become the very thing he often warned others about himself, especially anyone young or vulnerable…

"I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice…"


As another soldier fell to his claws, Wolverine turned right at a T-junction corridor, where he saw a trio of soldiers, one of whom seemed to be hurriedly demanding for a door behind them to be opened.

Sensing he had found what it was that Chuck had sent him – and him alone, much to the relief of the other mutants he worked and lived with – to find and report back about, Logan crouched low, snarling like the animal he was named for before he rushed towards the now-terrified men.

As Wolverine reached the closest one, he shoved the claws from his left hand into the man's stomach, just as the other soldiers raised their guns.

Without pausing for breath, much less to release the first victim from his claws, Wolverine pushed the soldier into the other two, then quickly rushed in and finished them all off quickly with a flurry of slashes and impaling attacks, managing to fell all three before any of them could get a shot in.

Once he was satisfied that these men were no longer threats, Logan walked past them as he knew he had finally reached his intended destination.

A big metal door was in his way, barring entry to the room beyond, but, to be frank, something like that was hardly going to stop the Wolverine.

Smirking to himself, as he often did when he found such a low-level obstacle, Logan jammed his claws into the door before, with two loud, scraping, almost bone-jarring, teeth-rattlingly loud screeches and tearing sounds, it took him only a few seconds to cut a big, X-Shaped hole through the door.

As the pieces of what was left of the door fell to the ground, granting him entrance, Wolverine walked into the room beyond, where he saw a lot of big machines on both sides of the room: on his immediate left, however, Logan found his attention drawn there first as he saw two big containment tanks. They were circular in shape, and held up vertically, although they also seemed to be part of the wall as they'd been fitted in place perfectly.

Both tanks were filled with water and, to the shock of the wild man, the biggest thing he noticed about them was the fact that there appeared to be a person inside each tank.

No…not just a person…

Children! – If the size of them was any indication.

Seeing the two cubs floating in pseudo-suspended animation, Wolverine couldn't help but growl at the fact that somebody was doing this to kids!

Despite his feral nature, there were also quite a lot of things he hated in life…

And hurting children was one of them, if not the tippet-top of that list, thanks to how many of the Young Mutants at the school sometimes looked up to him, Chuck, the Furball and even Storm for guidance and reassurance.

As he stared at the sight with disbelief and rage, Logan's nostrils quivered suddenly, prompting him to turn his back on the sickening sight, once again extending his claws as he faced the threat he'd just nosed.

Standing opposite Wolverine, in front of a multiple computer screens, was a tall, stone-grey-haired man with a sinister, if not sickening look of self-satisfaction on his face, which seemed to be well-hidden behind a pair of opaque-lensed glasses. He was dressed in a military-style uniform while, just seeing him, Logan felt his claws strain, as though he wanted them to fly out of his knuckles there and then and skewer the sick man like a human kebab, and not just because of the biggest reason for Logan's hatred for the man in uniform.

"Hello, Captain." The man said in a calm voice, earning another scowl from Logan at the flicker of memory that nickname brought back to him, even as the man turned to look at Wolverine.

"Stryker!" Wolverine growled, all the hatred in the world combined not even coming close to how much loathing and raw fury laced that one word, as Logan gestured behind him with a jerk of his head. "Who…who are they? What did you do to them?!"

"Ah, you mean the children, do you, old friend?" asked Stryker, a note of apparent contentment in his voice before he nodded as he looked towards the two tanks behind his greatest accomplishment and failure. "Well, since you asked, I admit: I didn't do much…not yet anyway."

"Let them go, Stryker! Now!" Wolverine roared, the rage at the kids' plights fuelling his fury.

In case it wasn't already obvious, Wolverine had very little patience when it came to Colonel William Stryker: not only was the man a cold-hearted. Greater-Good-worshipping, steadfast American-minded mutant hater, but he was also the one responsible for the torturous operation that fused the adamantium to Wolverine's skeleton in the first place.

If that wasn't enough reason, then add in the fact that, when he realised the Wolverine – or Weapon X, as Logan had been known under Stryker's so-called aid and guidance – wasn't going to play ball, he wanted to wipe Logan's memory and, in the fallout, make him into an emotionless weapon that could be used whenever and however Stryker wanted.


And now, as Logan waited for Stryker to see reason, before Logan had to make him, he not only saw that history seemed to be repeating itself.

He also understood why Charles had insisted that Logan tackle this alone.

If he was asked later, Charles could deny having told Logan anything – and, with his telepathy, he could even make people believe him – while any soldiers, or even Stryker, whom Logan took out achieving the goal was fruit of the poisoned tree and not something Charles needed to know about.

Wolverine might have even said that Charles saw this as being for the Greater Good, if it wasn't for the sick feeling that those words gave him when he thought about them.


"I think not." Stryker replied, breaking Logan's train of thought, before reaching behind him and pressing a button.

A couple of seconds later, a group of at least thirty soldiers entered the room, each one armed to the teeth and all intent on taking out the supposedly-unbeatable Wolverine.

"You see," Stryker continued, not even fazed by the sight of his men, as he pressed another button and several machines on both sides of the room rose up on metal legs, revealing several different types of guns that were now aimed at Wolverine, who growled darkly as Stryker continued, "I have big plans for these children, Captain: but, don't be afraid, my old friend. Who knows? Maybe you'll even join them…it'd be oddly-appropriate."

"What do you mean?" asked Wolverine, but Stryker didn't give him an answer; instead, he gestured for the men to take aim before he left the room.

"All right…you want to shoot me?" Wolverine said, his voice now edged by a familiar animalistic note of warning as he glared at all of the soldiers and the robots. "Well? Go on! Shoot me!"

The bullets began flying…

And so too did The Wolverine…


The soldiers and the robots had appeared in thirty seconds.

Taking them out took no less than twenty!

As the last robot fell to the ground with a crackling flurry of sparks, Wolverine panted as he looked around at his feral-minded handiwork: the room was now covered in blood, dead bodies and broken robots. That being said, Logan wasn't exactly unaffected by the mass onslaught, all of which might as well have bounced off of his adamantium skeleton, even when it pierced his flesh. As a result, the upper half of his suit was now small enough that, like he'd done with his sleeves earlier, he simply decided to rip the remaining bits off as it served little purpose other than distracting him and slowing him down.

Mercifully, his lower half was thankfully mostly all right, even though there were a few cuts and holes scattered around, although they didn't bother Wolverine all that much, thanks to his healing factor: the soldiers could put bullets in him all day but they'd never get anywhere. He'd simply just heal back from whatever damage they caused.

As he tossed the last scraps of his suit aside, Wolverine looked up when he heard the sound of clapping, which was the indicator that Stryker had returned into the room. "Impressive Wolverine; you're as vicious as always."

"You want to see vicious?" Wolverine growled, edging his way back towards the tanks, as though hinting that if Stryker wanted to continue his sick-minded games, he'd have to get through Wolverine first.

"Not really," Stryker said in a dry voice. "But if you are so insistent on violence then I hope you won't mind if I tag someone else in."

Wolverine didn't need his enhanced senses to guess that the next threat was going to be more-real, even as another person walked in. This man was roughly the same size as Wolverine, though a little taller in height and slightly wider at the shoulders. He was dressed in black, leather trousers and a grey belt along with black boots, a black shirt and a black leather coat. His hair and beard were short and black like Logan's but unlike Logan he didn't have any of his hair standing up, but rather, his was borderline-buzzcut in its style. His canine teeth were even sharper and bigger than Wolverine's, however, but he also didn't have regular hand and feet nails.

Instead of nails he had retractable talon-like claws that can cut through a great many things, including, but not limited to human bone and even diamonds: his name, as Logan knew all too well, was Victor Creed but he was also known by another name. "Sabretooth!"

"Yes Logan," Stryker smirked, again moving back to his runaway point as he asked, "What better way to fight a beast than with another beast? Mr Creed, you know your job?"

"I do." Sabretooth smirked, though Logan's eyes narrowed when, instead of the usual mocking, predatory manner with which he often greeted the metal-clawed mutant, instead, Creed was more-focused on something else for once.

"Excellent, in that case, bring me Wolverine." Stryker ordered, apparently unaware of Victor's mindset as he pointed to Wolverine, who still got ready for a fight if his old friend-turned-enemy was going to give him one.

He also had to admit that Stryker's plan was a simple one.

Sabretooth and Wolverine were pretty much evenly matched, but now Wolverine had not only spent the last few minutes fighting through all of his men but also his robots, he was slightly worn down and if Sabretooth quickly took advantage and attack then he'd be far more likely to succeed.

Stryker looked at Sabretooth and frowned when he saw the man hadn't started attacking Wolverine yet.

"Mr Creed, attack!" Stryker commanded.

"You sure?"

"Yes! Do your job you little freak!" snapped Stryker, earning a rueful shrug from Creed.

"Okay…you're the boss, Colonel…" Sabretooth nodded before, to Wolverine's surprise, he suddenly turned toward Stryker, where he shoved all ten of his talon-like claws into Stryker's body.

"What?!" Stryker gasped, horror, disbelief and even fear in his eyes, as waves of disbelieving pain and shock overcame him. "W…why?!"

"It's simple, really, William: I'm not your weapon or your pet!" Sabretooth growled, before he jabbed a thumb at the tanks behind Wolverine.

"And I draw the line at kids."

'Who knew?' thought Logan, even as Sabretooth slashed his hand back towards Stryker, now using his talons to cut Stryker's throat.

With his dying breath apparently cursing the two ferals before him, Stryker dropped to the floor, blood pouring out of him as life left his body.


Wolverine blinked just as Stryker left the land of the living, permanently.

"Shut it," Sabretooth said in an annoyed voice. "and help me get the kids out of here."

"You kill whoever you want to, but now you chose to grow a conscience?" Wolverine asked, though to his credit he retracted his claws, as did Sabretooth, as he walked towards the containers and began trying to unlock and free the children.

"Like I said, I don't harm kids." Sabretooth growled, pulling hard on the clasp on one of the tanks as he growled out. "Now shut up or you're next."

"If you say so, although that won't end well for you…also, you might want to try this," Wolverine smirked before he pressed a button next to the container he was working on, causing the water inside to drain out from inside the container, allowing Logan to take a look at the kid inside.

She looked about five years old - though Logan would later discover she was actually six, nearly seven, in fact - which only fuelled Logan's hatred for Stryker and whatever sickos had led this kid to this scenario in the first place even further; she was being held up by several black wires that, like the tank, seemed to vanish into the wall behind her containment tank. She was wearing black shorts and a small black top that covered everything from the neck to the upper half of her stomach, not including her arms or her belly button, which had an umbilical-cord-like tube growing out of it, where it vanished into the base of the tank.

Looking up, just as this cord was released from the girl's stomach, Logan saw that she had auburn brown hair that had been cut insanely short for a girl, as well as a thin face that was covered by the breathing apparatus she was wearing.

'Why, Stryker?' thought Logan, even as he reached up and gently freed the girl from all the wiring, taking a greater deal of care with her than he had done her captors as he moved to remove the breathing apparatus last.

Freed from the wires, the girl fell forwards into Logan's arms, but he quickly scooped her up, almost bridal-style, in his arms and turned towards Sabretooth, whom he noticed was holding the other child. In his arms, there was a boy who seemed to be around the same age as the girl, he was wearing nothing apart from black shorts that covered everything from his waist to his knees, though Logan could make out similar markings on the boy's body to where the girl had been implanted with wires and the tubes on her tummy.

He had short, black, raven coloured hair, which was also cut short, but also seemed to already be regaining some sort of wildish frizzy-like style to its shortness, which made Logan smirk as he looked to the child, noting how he was also dramatically-thin, just like the girl in Logan's arms.

"The kids are coming with me." Wolverine declared, his tone making it sound like he was daring Sabretooth to disagree.

"Hey, it's not like I can look after them, as much as I might want to." Sabretooth snorted, his choice of words surprising Logan, even as he walked back towards the now-abandoned base's entrance, one arm holding the girl, while the other had his claws out.

You'd have had to have been really insane to even dare to try and stop him, especially with Sabretooth behind him, his own talons extended while his own free arm held the small boy gently.


"Well, what have you got?" Logan asked, a mixture of urgency and curiosity in his voice as he stood, now re-dressed in civilian clothes in the office of his friend and aide in his broken past, Professor Charles Xavier AKA Professor X, whom was one of the world's most powerful telepaths and the owner-slash-headmaster of The Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, a special institute founded by Professor Xavier to train young mutants in controlling their powers while also helping them try to get along with regular humans.

Professor Xavier was currently sat behind his desk in his wheelchair: he was a middle-aged man with a bald head and clear blue eyes, which never seemed to lose their shine around friends. He was currently dressed in a dark blue suit with a light blue shirt and tie.

Standing next to him was Hank McCoy who was also dressed in a blue suit, though he stood out far beyond Professor Xavier, mostly because of the fact that he was covered head to toe in blue fur, and the added fact that his body was like that of a gorilla: indeed, his face looked like a cross between an ape, human and feline, while he had pointed ears and claws along with oversized hands and feet.

Despite his appearance he was still undoubtedly a genius and a gentle giant, unless he was out in the field.

Then, the Beast – as was his mutant mantle – took over.

"Well," Hank coughed as he looked down at a computer tablet on the desk between them. "First, let me just thank you for at least trying to show even an iota of restraint over there, Logan: indeed, the veritable fount of information you've retrieved from Stryker's computers have certainly helped with our own research into your two young charges."

Logan just snorted while Hank adjusted a set of glasses on his nose before he hummed, "Hmm…fascinating; well, it seems we've got quite the pair of enigmas on our hands. Firstly, it appears that, from these records, dating back…my word, three years?"

"Hank," said Charles, while Logan clenched his hands tightly around his folded arms, scowling darkly as he suddenly envisioned going back to find Stryker's remains so he could rip the bastard's head off!

Hank's voice, however, seemed to break through the rage as he continued, "Yes, well, as I was saying…apparently, it seems that both of the young children are in possession of the same abilities as you, Logan. According to these reports, they both have superhumanly-acute senses, enhanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes and, on top of that, they also appear to have your healing factor."

"What about claws?" Logan asked, raising an eyebrow as he took in this new information.

"Ah, now that's where we get to the interesting part, my friend," Hank frowned as he looked away from the tablet, meeting Logan's eyes directly as he explained, "Now Logan, as you know, when you first came here we conducted several tests on you, including an X-Ray scan."

"I remember," Logan nodded, recalling the disturbing, but also amusing displays of his adamantium skeleton pinned up in the medical examination room when he'd been given the details…Boy, did that seem like a whole other lifetime now!

"What does that have to do with it?" Logan asked.

"I'm getting to that," Hank sighed, looking back to the tablet as he continued, "Now, at the time, we'd discovered that all of your skeleton was fused with adamantium: well, just to be sure, although both Charles and I feared the answer, we still X-Rayed both of the children to see if either one of them had suffered the same fate."


"Mercifully, it would seem that they were fortunate enough to avoid it at this moment in time," Hank replied, earning an audible sigh of relief from Logan, earning a faint smile from Charles, while Hank continued, "It seems that Stryker was hoping they'd both physically grow before he attempted to repeat the barbaric practices of what he had done to you, Logan. Why, this time, he might have even succeeded in moulding them into weapons, seeing as how they were both raised from infancy with only him for company."

"Then…that's good, right?" Logan frowned, before he quickly added. "Hey, I couldn't help but notice you made it sound like something bad had still happened to those two. What's wrong, Furball?"

"Not bad, at least not yet, but there was something odd when I X-Rayed them both." Hank responded, hiding a growl of disdain when Logan referred to him as a furball. "Let's start with the girl: she, unlike you, does not have three claws in each arm: instead, she would appear to have two in each arm, as well as an additional, single one in each foot!"

"What? Why?" Logan asked in a confused voice.

"I'm not really sure," Hank admitted, scratching at his furry head in confusion and curiosity as he explained, "Perhaps it is because she's a female, and the idea that they are deadlier than the male in most predatory circles of evolution. Yes, that might have affected her mutation in some way, but if not that, then it could be any other number of reasons. I have quite a few theories on the matter."

"As do I, but it's hardly something to worry about." Professor Xavier replied.

"Not unless she tries to kick you." Hank agreed.

"What about the other kid?" Logan asked.

"Ah, the boy, well his X-Ray was what had confused me most of all," Hank responded, holding up the tablet as he narrowed his eyes, as though trying to scrutinise his results before he continued. "He, much like you, has three claws stored away in his arms. But, unlike the girl, he also tested positive for pieces of metal in his body…or, at least, he did at first."

"What do you mean?" Professor Xavier asked.

Setting the tablet down again, Hank quickly filled in the blanks, "The first X-Ray showed that he had some form of metal in his arm, but when I ran more tests on him I couldn't find any, I ran a second X-Ray and there was no more metal in his body."

"Maybe there was something wrong with the machines." Logan guessed.

"Perhaps but unlikely," Professor Xavier said in a thoughtful voice. "Our equipment is state of the art: it's possible for it to make some small, minor mistakes but not very likely. If I was a betting man, I would suggest that the boy has an added mutation that could have interfered with the scan."

"It's possible," Hank nodded, gesturing to his wild-haired comrade as he explained, "Mutants can have more than one power: why, Logan himself is a very good example."

"So, these kids, they have the same powers as me, what are the odds of that happening?" Logan frowned as he looked between both of them. "Am I related to them somehow?"

"If they weren't related to you, then very unlikely, but possible." Professor Xavier answered.

"As for your second question, Stryker's notes had confirmed that the two are brother and sister and he knew you were related to them, it wasn't hard to work out after all. I took the opportunity to take a DNA sample so we can see just how you three are actually related." Hank added.

"And?" Logan asked in an impatient voice.

"Their names are Laura Lily and Harry James Potter," Hank responded, offering a friendly, if not congratulatory – or possibly mocking, given Logan's earlier ribbing of him – smile as he looked up at a dumbfounded Logan.

"Congratulations Logan, you are now the proud family member to two grandchildren."

Wow, talk about an interesting first encounter, but I'm sure we're all wondering how our two poor, unfortunate souls will take the news?

Also, what could this mysterious added power of Harry's be and, if him and Laura are the grandchildren of Wolverine himself, then whose side are they from?

Keep Reading to Find Out

Next Chapter: The twins awaken and meet their new 'family' while learning a bit more about their new circumstances; however, it looks like there may be a bit of a mountain to climb before the twins settle;

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AN: Portrayals

Logan/Wolverine: Hugh Jackman (OBVIOUSLY)

Charles Xavier: Patrick Stewart

Colonel Stryker: Danny Huston

Victor Creed/Sabretooth: Liev Schreiber

Hank McCoy/Beast: Kelsey Grammer

Laura Potter: Dafne Keen

AN2: Adoption

Also, don't forget that this idea is NOT originally mine, but something I've adopted from another writer onsite – as well as a dear friend who writes so much fun work – and, although my friend has given me free reign over the idea, I'm going to try and, at least, maintain some of the original draft with a few minor edits and add-ons here and there.

Admittedly, the BIGGEST change I intend on having will come when the gang goes to Hogwarts, which won't be for several chapters yet, but, anyway, I hope you all enjoy the fun.

Especially you, JustBored21, as this was your brainchild…thanks again for letting me adopt it.

Now, on with the show…