So~... I have been working on the next main chapter of Kamen Rider Hero. However, I did run into an unexpected kind of… thing. As the chapter was originally planned to be released last year on what was going to be the 50th and 45th anniversaries of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, I decided to throw in a bit that would honor those. …however, it sorta grew because I discovered Ultraman's 55th was also the same year (what luck) and I decided to do something for that, and then I began to plug some stuff I haven't written yet, and it began to bloom a bit. I then realized the length was gonna get long and decided to write the tribute segment into another file to see the length.

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At this point, I've worked too long on this dang thing to scrap it, so you're getting an additional little special for this. While it may have missed the deadline for the original anniversaries, I do have another to celebrate with this. Plus, as I said, I worked too long on this as it is. Hope you enjoy this… dedication, I guess is the right word…? Tribute? I dunno.

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For Kamen Rider's 50th, Super Sentai's 45th, Ultraman's 55th, and Spider-Man's 60th

Thank You

Takeshi slowly opened his eyes and found himself seemingly floating around an empty void that was against the night sky, but there were no stars as far as he was able to tell. He just let out a heavy sigh as he looked around at his current surroundings, or lack thereof, and then folded his arms.

"Oh, what new spawn of madness is this…?" he muttered.

He took what seemed like would be a step forward, which caused the night sky to begin to generate what seemed like light. It was slowly coming up from what looked like it would be the ground, which caused Takeshi to quickly cover up his eyes before the light hurt it.

The area then depicted what seemed almost like a world of all kinds of wonders and splendors. There were many kinds of people living there in happiness and peace.

"...what am I watching…?" Takeshi asked.

Suddenly, the area ended up going darker and darker as the happy people disappeared and people clashed in conflict. The weapons they were using all varied in shapes and sizes, yet they all seemed united by keychains. Up in the sky, high above everyone, was what looked almost like a heart-shaped moon.

"Is that… Kingdom Hearts? So… this… must be the Keyblade War…" Takeshi realized as he stepped forward.

Suddenly, the heart-shaped moon disappeared from the sky and the world seemingly shattered with a large echo of glass breaking. What remained seemed almost like glass fragments, before the fragments seemingly began to repair themselves into small circles.

"...right. It was said, in the age of fairy tales, that the world was once one, broken apart, and the fragments were restored by the hearts of children…" Takeshi mumbled.

The small circles floated away from each-other and grew into small orbs of light that were connected by various threads of light. Some worlds seemed closer to one instead of another, some seemed like they weren't connected by anything, and others just seemed to float without a care in the dark expanse.

With these orbs filling the dark area, Takeshi simply moved forward as best he could. He seemed to both be walking and floating forward through the dark area that was luminated only by these small orbs of light. He eventually floated nearby one orb and could faintly see into it, which caused some sort of a vision to appear before him.

"Is that… Godzilla? Or… wait… it's… not?" Takeshi questioned as he could see what looked like some kind of a giant monster rampaging around a city, yet the vision before him was too blurry to make out the details of what it could've been. He backed away from the orb, then saw one that was connected by what seemed like a thread to the first orb. He slowly reached out to it and then grabbed it, causing the area to become covered in light...

Takeshi's eyes adjusted to the area around him and he looked around. The area was some sort of a strange void where there were only two people. One of which was an unconscious human in something resembling a kind of military uniform, while the other was more recognizable right off the bat owing to the white and red outfit…

"...Ultraman? Then… that must be… Hayata…" Takeshi realized.

"Who in the world are you?"

"I am an alien from Nebula M78."

"An alien from Nebula M78?"

"...he just said that, dude…" Takeshi muttered.

"That's right. I was taking Bemular from a faraway universe to the Space Graveyard. When Bemular escaped, I pursued it to Earth."


"A demon like kaiju who disrupts peace in the universe."

The giant figure gave a bow of his head in apology towards the unconscious Hayata, "I apologize for this, Hayata. In return, I shall give you my life."

"Your life? What'll happen to you?"

"I will become one with you. And I wish to work for peace on Earth..." the alien continued. With that said, the giant alien dropped a small object onto Hayata's body.

"What is this?"

"The Beta Capsule."

"Beta Capsule?"

"Use it when in trouble. When you do…" the alien began to explain.

"When I do, what happens?"

The alien briefly chuckled in response to this question, "There's nothing to fear."

"...that does not really sound reassuring…" Takeshi remarked. He then took a step forward and the scene around him shifted.

Hayata managed to get out of his downed aircraft, before he raised one arm up with the Beta Capsule in hand. The object sparked briefly, then let out a sound, and Hayata transformed into Ultraman.

"The grandpa of the toku superheroes in a way… Tsuburaya Productions' most famous creation… the hero of 1966, Ultraman."

The area around Takeshi then went back to the dark void that had stars connected in lines. He simply let out a small exhale as his eyes went across the lines that seemed to go forward without an end. He then motioned to another one that was nearby.

Takeshi appeared on what seemed to be a beach at some point in the distant past. He walked forward, the vision growing a bit more blurry. The most visible thing apart from the environment were a bunch of what looked to be people fighting… something.

"What in the…?" Takeshi asked, squinting his eyes a little, "...the Undead?"

Another figure stepped forward and observed the area before his body changed rapidly. What it was he changed into was a total blur, and the only discernible word from what he said was "highlight" before the figure charged forward. The moment then blurred too much…

The area around Takeshi was now a small town. His eyes darted around before settling on a newspaper stand that had the date of August 2nd, 1967. As he looked around, he could see a much younger Hongo had been helping the newspaper stand owner out with something.

"August of '67… must've been when Hongo started university…" Takeshi observed as he looked at the young man who would become history's first recorded Kamen Rider. He couldn't help but chuckle a little to himself as he watched the events unfold, "'s going to be mighty awkward if I ever meet him given the fact I share his first name, granted, it is an alias…"

Takeshi noticed that Hongo happened to be looking at someone and turned his attention to what Hongo was looking at.

Hongo's gaze was locked onto a young woman who had caught a newspaper that had been blown away. The young woman had blonde hair that was just about shoulder length, a white jacket, a blue shirt underneath, a long blue skirt that just went a bit above her knees, and was wearing white sneakers.

"...the heck? Who in the world is that?" Takeshi questioned, clearly flummoxed by whoever this young woman was.

"Here you go, sir," the girl stated with a smile as she handed the paper back to the stand owner, "Um… you wouldn't happen to know the way to Jonan University? I keep getting it mixed up with Johaku University…"

"I'm actually starting there," Hongo informed.

"So am I," the girl responded, "Would you mind helping me out? I'm bad with directions."

"Not a problem," Hongo smiled as he reached into his bag and handed her a motorcycle helmet, "Hongo Takeshi. Just call me Hongo."

The girl smiled as she put the helmet on and got onto the back end of the motorcycle, "Kisaragi Hitomi. Just call me Honey."

"Kisaragi Hitomi? I have never once heard of a girl in all of Kamen Rider with that name…" Takeshi observed.

Hongo simply nodded as he got his motorcycle a bit ahead of where the news stand was and Honey got onto the back end of it. She gave him a thumbs up to Hongo before he revved it up and sped off. Honey looked a bit nervous, closing her eyes at the speed, but soon opened them up and seemed amazed at how quickly they were moving.

"...Kisaragi Hitomi? I've never heard of a girl with that name… ever…" Takeshi remarked as he just scratched his head, " she related to Gentaro or something?, I don't think that adds up. ...who is she?"

Takeshi's vision cleared and he could see what looked to be this Hitomi girl on her way home from somewhere.

"Otou-san, I'm home!" Hitomi called out as she ran into her home. She saw the door to the house was wide open, and she nervously walked in. She then gasped in horror upon seeing her father's dead body.

"...must've been Shocker. It was always Shocker at this point in history…" Takeshi observed.

Mr. Kisaragi's body was soon laid to rest, with Hitomi and Hongo both at his funeral. The grave read that the year of death was 1970.

"1970? ...the year before Hongo became Ichigou.… Shocker's clearly up to something…" Takeshi mumbled to himself, "But… what?"

The scene shifted to show a young woman with pink-red hair eluding some sort of a monster. It lacked the signature Shocker belt to signify their monsters, but had a distinct symbol that indicated it belonged to some sort of group.

"Alright you! WHO ARE YOU?!" the monster roared out in anger.

The woman then gained a smirk as she stepped forward, "Sometimes, I'm a racer. At other times, I'm a police officer. And at others, I'm a runway model. But above all else… Honey FLA~SH!"

A bright light shined from the woman that obscured the area from sight. Once the light faded, the woman stood in a fairly skin-tight outfit with wild pink-red hair that just screamed she was some kind of a magical girl.

"And I thought Senketsu was a revealing outfit…" Takeshi observed.

"I am the warrior of love, Cutey Honey!"

"Cutie… Honey?" Takeshi blinked.

Once Takeshi took a step back, he saw a few visions of this magical girl fighting off monsters and being a defender of the people, while also still spending time with Hongo. The bluenette just gave a confused look at these visions and continued forward along the line that was being woven…

The area was now some sort of a secluded research facility that had scientists with strange markings on their faces. Strapped down to the table, though, was an all too familiar figure that had a bug-like suit on…

"Here we go. April of 1971…" Takeshi remarked, observing the events unfolding, "The guy I took my alias after… Hongo Takeshi…"

Hongo had managed to become free from the binds and meet up with a professor that was on the side of good.

"Shocker is behind everything."

"Understatement of the century…" Takeshi exhaled, before he made a motion forward.

The vision now depicted Hongo driving on his motorcycle in pursuit of a white truck. As he sped up, the wind flowed into his belt and not only transformed the motorcycle into the Cyclone, but transformed Hongo into Kamen Rider Ichigou. The area then shifted to show Ichigou fighting off the Spider Man monster that had been sent by Shocker. With one powerful toss, the monster laid sprawled out on the ground.

"TOH~!" Ichigou yelled out as he jumped up into the air.

Ichigou then came sailing down and kicked right into the monster. However, instead of exploding, the monster seemed to dissolve into some sort of soapy fuzz before dissolving like nothing was there at all.

"… that… looks sorta stupid…" Takeshi remarked, " explosion? Really? I mean… Showa Era, sure, but… come on."

Takeshi took a step back and was now back in the dark expanse. He looked forward and noticed two threads that seem to run parallel to each-other. The first thread showed visions of Nigou, V3, Riderman, X, Amazon, and Stronger, while the second thread showed visions of Zoffy, Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Taro, and Ultraman Leo.

"Toei and Tsuburaya… the two that arguably started it all…"

Then, from the line that depicted the Kamen Riders, another line came parallel to it. Takeshi gave a smile, realizing exactly what it was…

A monster managed to corner a civilian Tsuyoshi and looked ready to kill him. Then…

"Matte matte!"

The monster and the grunts looked up to see Aorenger, who was then joined by Kirenger. The monster just scoffed, when the two were then joined by Momorenger and Midorenger. This caused the monster to look concerned, which gave Tsuyoshi his opening.


Tsuyoshi jumped up into the air, with the Akarenger suit quickly forming over him. He then landed on the ground, ready to fight.

"You! Who are you?!"

"They'll tell you, so listen and be amazed," Takeshi remarked.






The other four then jumped down to join Akarenger's side as they posed.

"Gonin sorete!" Akarenger proclaimed.



"History's first Super Sentai team. ...or, just 'Sentai' originally," Takeshi remarked as he soon saw a vision of the second team, JAKQ Dengekitai. He just smiled a little bit as he floated forward, only to notice an orb that was a bit separated from everything else…


"Takuya… what are you doing idling?" a mysterious voice called out to a young man that was lying in bed and staring up into the ceiling. He glanced around and then noticed a small spider that was up in the corner of the room, "Hurry up and become Spider-Man…"

"Oh, right. The toku Spidey show. …I still need to watch that at some point…" Takeshi remarked.

"Put on the Spider Protector and become Spider-Man. Now, the protector!" the ghostly spider voice almost demanded.

Takuya simply nodded a bit, stood up, and then activated the device that was on his wrist. The device opened up and almost spat out the Spider-Man outfit, which he soon donned on. The now transformed hero looked around a little bit and started to get a bit of a feel for the outfit and powers he now had.

"Toku Spider-Man of Earth-51778…" Takeshi ended up saying as he watched the scene unfold, "And, because of him, Super Sentai as the general populace knows it was able to be born…"

The scene then moved forward and Takeshi noticed that Spider-Man appeared to be in some sort of secret base.

"Well… there are two other things this Spidey is known for…" Takeshi commented.

"Dare da omae wa?!" a villainess yelled at the webbed hero.

"Jigoku kara no shisha!" he proclaimed before posing dynamically, "Spider-Man!"

A battle ended up ensuing between the grunts and this version of the webhead, which Takeshi simply observed with a somewhat interested look. Soon, some sort of a lizard-like monster appeared, "...that… isn't The Lizard. Ick. What even is that…?"

Shortly after, the monster somehow was able to grow, "The heck?! He didn't even beat you into a pulp and make you explode yet!"

The giant monster continued to growl in anger as Spider-Man quickly opened up part of the bracelet.


A downed space vehicle came back to life and rocketed towards the scene. It soon arrived, spitting out a car that rolled up towards Spider-Man.

"Even you had a Spider-Mobile? Ugh…" Takeshi exhaled.

The flying car soon docked into the Marveller and Spider-Man seemed to know what to do after that.

"Marveller, change Leopardon!"

This call out caused the vessel to change shape and become a kind of humanoid robot that was ready to fight the giant monster.

"Thus, the gateway for Super Sentai having giant robots is born," Takeshi observed with a bit of a smile, before the scene faded away.

He was then able to observe the various lines that had shined and were going forward. The lines remained separate and distinct from each-other as far as Takeshi could tell. Then, suddenly, they seemed to forcibly blend together.

"Eh?" he blinked.

"Hongo-kun…?" Honey called out as she walked over with a newspaper, "Do these guys seem familiar to you at all?"

Hongo took the newspaper, which depicted some of the Ultras and a picture of both Akarenger and Big One. He simply stared at the image a little bit, somewhat confused by it.

"Did… did the worlds get mixed together?" Takeshi questioned as he could see the newspaper had Takuya's name on it, "...oh dear…"

"Not… really…" Hongo admitted.

The scene then shifted to show Ichigou and Nigou doing some investigations about the sudden changes to the world around them. While neither were able to explain what they knew was wrong, there was just something off around them.

"So… something at minimum merged the worlds together… so… is this…?"

Ichigou and Nigou came to a stop and got off of their motorcycles. They both walked forward and soon came across both Akarenger and Big One.

"The meeting of legends…" Takeshi gawked.

The four were quiet as they all observed each-other a little. Ichigou and Akarenger both seemed a little confused at the other, while Nigou and Big One had a slight air as if they recognized each-other.

"Cool…" Takeshi mumbled.

The vision shifted and then showed a giant monster and a monster belonging to Shocker both rampaging through a city. However, before they could get far, Ultraman and Ichigou both hurried over to the scene of the attack.

"...right… this did happen…" Takeshi remarked, seeing the fight go on for a bit, "And it happened because their worlds got blended together…"

Another vision appeared, this one showing Spider-Man working alongside V3 against remnants of their respective enemy groups.

"...I think these were photos originally…" Takeshi commented before he shaked his head, "No, but the bigger question is… who or what even did this?!"

The visions then began to shift forward in time a bit. Takeshi exhaled a little as the reality in front of him began to stabilize…

"Hongo-kun? I don't think I remember hearing about these other guys less than… a month or so ago. Something happened…" Hitomi informed.

Hongo looked towards Hitomi in concern as she put her hands at her heart.

"And I feel… different…" Hitomi admitted as she walked forward, "Not like a sick different, but… like something about me has changed. Something is making me… different."

Hongo was quiet and listened to her before he went over to hug her. Hitomi gently smiled, a seemingly pink glow coming from her.

"...I am so lost…"

The scene then showed Cutey Honey trying to fight off what looked like a purple beast that was in armor that was gold and blue that vaguely looked like a bizarre combination of Rider, Sentai, and Ultra. In spite of that, though, the face was instantly recognizable, as was the gauntlet that had slots for six gemstones, five of which were occupied…

"Thanos?!" Takeshi shouted, "...toku Spidey's world had a Thanos?!"

A weakened Honey stumbled back, with both Akarenger and Nigou covering her escape, with Ichigou quickly getting her away from the area.

"You will not hurt her!" Nigou yelled.

"You tell 'em!" Takeshi yelled… only to cover his eyes as the alternate version of the Mad Titan unleashed the power of the stones on the two.

"Dread it… run from it… fate arrives all the same…" the alternate Thanos spoke as he stepped forward.

Takeshi just covered his eyes over the ensuing battle and only briefly opened them when he heard an explosion, seeing that Akarenger and Nigou were both injured and had reverted back, but were still alive. Their escape was soon covered, which made Takeshi nervously look to who helped them.

The alternate Thanos looked towards Ultraman and Ultraman Taro, then he chuckled a bit and used the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. The gauntlet engulfed the area in a glow and, once it faded, both Ultras were now the same height as all the other heroes in the combined world.

"… he's used reality, time, power, and space. …and he's got five stones… so… which does Hitomi have…?"

The scene shifted to Takeshi's perspective to show Hongo and Hitomi were talking about something.

Hitomi held out the stone with a bit of tears in her eyes, gently handing it over to Hongo. She tried to force herself to smile, but it was clear she was starting to get weaker without this gem.

"...the Soul Stone?" Takeshi mumbled.

"My… heart and soul…"

"Well… that confirms it…" Takeshi spoke, soon motioning to make the scenes go a bit faster, seeing the heroes starting to get an upper hand…

"Who are you people?!" the alternate Thanos roared out in anger.

The assembled group of heroes looked towards each-other and then exchanged nods.

"Sometimes, I'm a racer. At other times, I'm a doctor. And at others, I may seem like a damsel… but above all else…" the red-haired magical girl spoke up, pausing for a moment and then striking a pose, "I am the warrior of love, Cutey Honey!"

Cutey Honey then motioned over to the assembled Kamen Riders to speak.

"Kamen Rider Ichigou!"

"Kamen Rider Nigou!"

"Kamen Rider… V… 3!"


"Kamen Rider… X!"

"Kamen… Rider… A~MA~ZO~N!"

"Kamen Rider… STRONGER~!"

Next up were the Ultras, who looked towards each-other for a moment before doing their own poses.




"Ultraman Jack!"

"Ultraman Ace!"

"Ultraman Taro!"

"Ultraman… Leo!"

Thus, Ultraman Leo stepped back so that the two Sentai teams could step forward.






Akarenger looked towards the group before they all posed, "Gonin sorotte! Himitsu Sentai…"

"GORENGER!" the five announced.

"Spade Ace!"

"Dia Jack!"

"Heart Queen!"

"Clover King!"

"Big One!"

The five stood together and then posed, "Ware wa JAKQ Dengekitai!"

The final hero stepped forward and posed dynamically, yet threateningly at the same time, "Jigoku kara no shisha, Spider-Man!"

Takeshi just stared in equal parts amazement and disbelief at what was before his eyes. He watched all of the assembled heroes start to fight the alternate mad titan, with the alternate Spider-Man eventually managing to disarm him from the Infinity Gauntlet and allow the heroes the opening they needed to finish the job.

"Gorenger Hurricane! Hissatsu!" Akarenger called out.

Momorenger nodded her head and got the ball going, moving it over to Midorenger, then to Kirenger, then to Aorenger. Aorenger kept juggling the ball as he tried to look for an opening to make sure it could get to Akarenger, yet wasn't able to see it. So…

"Big One!" he called out, moving the ball over.

"Got it!" Big One nodded.

Takeshi just stared in amazement as the ball then went from Big One to Spade Ace, then to Dia Jack, to Heart Queen, to Clover King. The ball then got passed over to Stronger, who tried to find the opening, but then moved it to Amazon, who then passed it over to X. X moved it to Riderman, who moved it to V3, then V3 handed it to Nigou.

"Just keep it going!" Nigou proclaimed as he kicked it over to Zoffy.

"Understood!" Zoffy nodded.

The ball then went over to all of the Ultras, ending with the original himself.

"Spider-Man!" Ultraman shouted as he kicked it over.

The ball initially sailed over the webhead's head, but he managed to web himself over to it and keep it in rotation, "Honey!"

The ball soon sailed over to Cutey Honey, who kept it in motion in spite of the limp the lack of the Soul Stone within her had on her.

"Hongo!" Cutey Honey yelled, quickly kicking the ball over to him.

"Bring it home, Akarenger!" Ichigou yelled as he got the ball into position, while Spider-Man and Ultraman had managed to keep Thanos from moving. Akarenger nodded and then charged forward to kick the football right into the mad titan.

Takeshi couldn't help but cheer as he saw Thanos explode like any other toku monster, making him cheer a bit.

Cutey Honey smiled before her body began to tremble from the lack of what had been keeping her alive. She reverted back into Hitomi and began to fall over.

"Hitomi!" Ichigou yelled, reverting back to normal to catch her, "… you… you can't…"

The atmosphere went from cheerful and hopeful to somber and regretful. Takeshi fell silent, only noticing the alternate spider holding onto the gauntlet before his eyes went back to Hitomi and Hongo…

"...I will always love you, Hongo-kun…" Hitomi managed to weakly speak, giving Hongo a smile. Her body then fell limp and then, nothing. The assembled heroes all stared in disbelief and sadness, with Hongo starting to tear up at the sight.


Spider-Man looked at the Infinity Gauntlet now that he had it on his hand. He turned over towards a grieving Hongo as he held on to the now dead Hitomi. His eyes fell towards the Infinity Gauntlet for a moment before he clenched the fist it was on.

"What are you doing?!" Akarenger yelled.

"I'm going to fix all of this…" Spider-Man stated simply.

Both the Gorengers and JAKQ members dashed over to him to try to stop him from what he was seeming to do and got into close proximity, just as Spider-Man slammed the gauntlet towards the ground, causing a bright flash of energy…

The lights of their worlds then split back up, leaving the world of the Riders and Honey, the world of the Ultras, the world of the Sentai, and the world of the other Spider-Man. The vision returned to an untransformed Takuya, with the charred remains of the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones were nothing more than smoldering puddles.

"Wow…" Takeshi gawked.

Hitomi slowly rose again, her core now back to being the matter converter, as she looked around in confusion, "...Hongo? What were we doing?"

Hongo said nothing, but then just pulled her into a hug. Hitomi had a bit of a confused look, but accepted it nonetheless.

However, in the world of Super Sentai, the ten people who made up the two teams all didn't seem to have their powers or seem to know where they even were. They all walked off without a word to anyone…

"...wait… what happened to them…?" Takeshi asked before the visions pulled him forward through time.

"And here I expected something greater. Do you really think the Earth was protected by you five alone?!"

Black Turbo looked towards the enemy before he spoke, "Of course not! Look!"

Takeshi looked up and then saw the various Super Sentai teams from Battle Fever J up to Liveman. He then blinked a bit as he noticed the first two Super Sentai teams were completely missing. Then…

"Have you heard… of the first Super Sentai team, Battle Fever J?" Pink Turbo asked of the enemy.

"… their proximity to Spider-Man when he fixed everything… caused them to get retconned out of existence…" Takeshi realized, "...this is too much. Show me anything else! Please!"

The next vision was a fairly iconic and well known scene that Takeshi instantly recognized. The area was a jewelry store and a monster was standing and ready for action, when a magical girl stepped forward.

"Who are you?!"

The magical girl looked forward and then spoke, "Ai to Seigi no seeraa fuku bishoujo senshi, Sailor Moon! Tsuki ni Kawatte oshioki yo!"

"Fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight," Takeshi commented with a small chuckle.

The visions pulled out from Sailor Moon and showed other lines that had begun to form that were of other magical girls of other universes and realities.

"So… Cutey Honey was the first magical girl… and thus, led to others like Usagi being able to take a new mantle. That's pretty cool," Takeshi commented before he looked at the growing lines of the various worlds. The line by the Super Sentai timeline then seemed to fork, distort, and then morphed into its own branch that ran seemingly parallel…

Takeshi looked around a little bit, seeming to recognize the area he had ended up in.

"...I'd recognize these rock formations anywhere. Vasquez Rocks? Guess I know what timeline I'm being shown now…" Takeshi stated as he walked forward and could see an all too familiar scene nearby, "Eeyup."

"Zordon said these morphers would give us power. Let's do it!" Jason told the others, earning quick nods from the others as they all stood up and then held out the Power Morphers…




"Saber Toothed Tiger!"


With a flash of light, the five then morphed into what looked to be spandex suits that anyone would know well…


All the blunette could do was chuckle a little at the sight of the first known team of Power Rangers. He started to do an air guitar in time with the original theme song from the original episode with a goofy smile.

"Go go Power Rangers," Takeshi sung out, before he was pulled back to the lines of reality to see the world of the Power Rangers had spawned somewhere parallel to the Super Sentai world and was going at its own little pace.

The visions slowly moved forward before it eventually put Takeshi into an all too iconic and tragic scene…

"Andros, listen to me… it is your duty as a Power Ranger to save the universe. Now is the time."

The Red Space Ranger then compiled and shattered the tube, sending out a golden energy wave.

Takeshi just waved for a moment, before the area around him shifted and changed.

OhRed walked forward, soon seeing a few other red that seemed to be led by Battle Japan. Before they could exchange introductions, the world began to tremble and shake.

"Oh NOW what?!" Takeshi shouted, with the vision pulling out to show another section of the multiverse undergoing its own problems, "...Crisis on Infinite Earths? But… Ohranger was 1995 and 1996… so… was there a delayed ripple effect on the rest of existence because of the Anti-Monitor?"

The world finally seemed to settle. Battle Japan looked around a bit before they all heard someone approaching. The reds all took a battle ready stance, but then eased up when they saw who was approaching.

"...A-A-Akarenger-san?! Spade Ace-san?!" Battle Japan gawked.

"It has been a long time, thank you for keeping an eye on them…" Akarenger spoke, "It is good to be back."

The next vision was heavily blurred and no person was discernible to Takeshi's eyes as he looked around. He scratched his head for a little bit, when suddenly…


An Ultraman rose up and began to fight off a monster.

"The first Ultra of the Heisei Era… Ultraman Tiga…" he realized, "...wait, why was it on a separate line from the Showa stuff? Does it not take place in the same world? …ugh. Why must these things be so confusing…? I missed when this timeline stuff was simple…"

Takeshi looked around again, seeing that he was now within a church that was very much on fire. He couldn't help but give a soft gasp as he realized where and when he was being shown…

"I'm going to fight!" Yusuke shouted.

"You're still saying that?!" Ichijo questioned as he tried to hold Yusuke back.

Yusuke still managed to stand up and stared down the Unidentified Lifeform, "It's for everyone's sake!"

He then dodged a blow, but ended up getting closer to the fire as a result, "I don't want to see anyone's tears!"

The Unidentified Lifeform got close to Yusuke and grappled with him, yet the young man continued to speak, "I want to see everyone smile!"

He was then knocked back towards the detective. However, Yusuke simply looked towards him and knew what to say, "Dakara mi tete kudasai! Ore no... henshin! (So have a good look! At my… henshin!)"

Yusuke then stood up and spread his hands to the side as the belt, the Arcle, formed around him with a red gem that began to glow. With his hands cupped around the gem, the glow ended before Yusuke shot his right arm across his chest and had his left over the center of the buckle, both hands and arms moving back to their respective sides slowly at first in a dynamic pose to the sound of a beating heart, the flames roaring quietly behind him, and a pulsing sound growing. He then slammed his left forearm down the button on the side of the belt with his right hand before resuming the fight, punching the Unidentified Lifeform and blocking as the pulsing sound increased in speed. Yusuke roared in rage as the suit formed on his body with a black bodysuit, and armor on his chest, shoulders, wrists, ankles, and head like before, but now the white was red, and the horns were much larger. The pulsing ringing sound ended before he threw the Unidentified Lifeform aside, posing, and now ready to fight.

Unidentified Lifeform #3 managed to get back up and looked towards the now transformed Yusuke. It then said something in a shocked tone, but the only word that was clear to the two humans was "Kuuga".

"...Kuuga?" Yusuke repeated, "I see… so this is Kuuga?"

"And, thus, Heisei's first Kamen Rider is born," Takeshi spoke, "Kamen Rider… Kuuga!"

With that, he floated forward down the routes of the visions. The world of the Ultras had diverged and split to have a lot of different branches, while the world of the Super Sentai and the world of the Power Rangers had remained mostly consistent. Small visions of each world from the early 2000s graced Takeshi's vision, which made him smile a bit, before he spotted a new line growing and looked to the next vision…

Takeshi took a glance at his surroundings and, while somewhat familiar to him, it was more of a vague and uncertain recollection as he walked around a bit. A glance at a calendar revealed it was February in the year 2004. He glanced around before spotting two people moving around and doing something, then he seemed to recognize them, "Nagisa and Honoka… was it?"

"DUAL AURORA WAVE~!" both girls shouted out in unison, before Nagisa gave off a confused look at what she had just said before lights surrounded both. Once the lights had faded, the two now stood in outfits that were very clearly meant to be magical girls of some sort.

"Hikari no Shisha (Emissary of Light), Cure Black!"

"Hikari no Shisha, Cure White!"

The duo posed side-by-side, "Futari wa Pretty Cure (We are Pretty Cure)!"

"Yami no chikara no shimobe-tachi yo (Servants of the dark power)…" Cure White proclaimed.

"Tottoto ouchi ni kaerinasai (Return to the darkness from which you came)!" Cure Black concluded.

"And, thus, was born the legacy of the little siblings of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai… Pretty Cure," Takeshi observed. The visions then began to get blurry as he motioned forward, which made him confused. While he was able to hear voices, specifically one of the Dekarangers calling out that they were facing an Alienizer, it was somewhat distorted. The images got less and less focused, as if what he was trying to view was abnormal…

"Ikuze, aibou! Change standby!" Ban called out, earning a quick nod and a 'roger' in response.

"Emergency, Dekaranger!" they both called out, before they both quickly transformed.



"Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger!" the two proclaimed in unison.

The Alienizer growled a little in response to this sudden appearance, "The special police?!"

"We gotta go and help them!" Nagisa quickly said, earning a nod from her partner.

"Dual Aurora Wa~ve!" they both shouted out before they both transformed as well.

"Hikari no Shisha, Cure Black!"

"Hikari no Shisha, Cure White!"

"Futari wa Pretty Cure!" the two shouted in unison.

"Yami no chikara no shimobe-tachi yo…" Cure White proclaimed.

"Tottoto ouchi ni kaerinasai!" Cure Black concluded.

"URUSEI!" the Alienizer shouted in anger.

Takeshi just stared a little at the scene unfolding. While it was heavily distorted, he was able to make out that the Alienizer looked almost like a Christmas cake of some sort and the two Dekarangers and Cures worked side-by-side to fight it.

"The fact there hasn't been an actual crossover that wasn't just an audio drama is such, to borrow a certain someone's line, nonsense," Takeshi stated simply. He was then pulled back and could see visions of the various other Pretty Cure teams that had come to follow the original duo, then he looked forward to the Rider timeline. The visions kept coming and going before he saw one in particular and gave off a very happy grin…

Ryotaro loaded the ticket into his pass, quickly folded up the pass, and then saw the Terminal Buckle suddenly appear around his waist. He locked it into place and then held the pass up.


With that, he slid the pass over the center of the belt, generating Plat Form. He then pressed the red button atop the belt and slid the pass over it again.


"Here we go~~~!" Takeshi beamed.

The armor formed over the suit and then the helmet slid into place. Den-O then ran right towards the edge of the roof, jumped off, then struck his iconic poses.

"Ore… sanjou!"

"YOSHA~~~!" Takeshi cheered, clapping in pure joy. He couldn't help but wave as he saw DenLiner heading off for December 24th of the year 2004.

The visions then stopped for a moment and Takeshi was back at the lines of the various worlds.

"Okay, fi~ne! I won't look at Den-O stuff all day, whoever or whatever is showing me these things!" Takeshi yelled out.

The lines of reality seemed to keep on going, with a few crossings between some of them as they went on, before Takeshi's eyes were drawn to another line from the Ultra timeline…

"I can't be defeated here!" Hikaru yelled out as he raised the device that was in his hand up to the sky, only for a mark to appear on the back of his hand and cause the device to come alive and spawn a figure of sorts.

"...seriously? ...seriously?! The trinket is literally a toy!" Takeshi proclaimed.

Hikaru looked at the figure in confusion for a moment before he just grabbed it. Once he did, visions of an Ultraman fighting against the darkness appeared in his eyes. The vision faded and he looked towards the figure, "...Ultraman… Ginga?"

He then brought the figure down against the device in his other hand, which made it spark with energy.


A giant version of the crest that was on Hikaru's hand then spawned and surrounded him with blue energy that soon began to appear as if two galaxies were converging...


"...alright, but… again… that thing was a literal toy…" Takeshi commented before he was moved forward, "...right. They kinda had a Black RX…"

"We are not friends…" the person spoke before he stepped forward with his device, which generated another Spark Doll.

"...they increased the budget, yet he still uses a literal toy…"


Takeshi was pulled back and soon spotted another diverging line for the timeline of the Ultras, which made him sigh a little bit as he moved forward to the next vision.

-Daichi, we have to unite!- X proclaimed.

"But my fear of heights…" Daichi started to nervously respond.

-Now's really not…-

"The time?"


"Ikuzo!- both shouted as Daichi pressed the top of a device that housed Ultraman X's consciousness. It unfolded into an X shape and out spawned a Spark Doll similar to the ones used by both Ginga and Victory.

"…" Takeshi exhaled as he looked at the item in question, "...another literal toy… oi…"

Daichi grabbed the Spark Doll and scanned it on the device.



Ultraman X rose from bright energy, shouting out what almost sounded like "fu~sion~" as he grew in size.


Takeshi simply gave a small nod at that as he continued forward. As it went on, though, he spotted what seemed to be yet another new branch that had formed somewhere in 2014 and was going in its own direction, separate, yet connected to various other branches. A bright light soon covered Takeshi's eyes…

The light died down and Takeshi's sight returned to him. He looked around a bit… but the area was not familiar to him whatsoever. He looked to see the sign for a high school academy, yet… it was foreign.

"Tomodachi Academy? Huh?" he blinked in confusion before he looked around a bit.

It looked to be some sort of a graduation ceremony and various people were gathered. Among them were a group of Kamen Riders, a Super Sentai team, and a group of magical girls that were similar to yet different from both the Sailor Senshi and the Pretty Cures.

"...I… huh?" Takeshi spoke in confusion, soon spotting a trio of people walking over. The first one was clearly the red of the Sentai team, followed up by a person who looked… quite a bit like a human version of Twilight Sparkle. The third, however…

"EH?! ORE?!" Takeshi yelled as he looked to the vision to see… someone with nearly the exact same face, blue hair, and green eyes that he had, although the outfit looked different.

"Toa Transform!"

"Tomodachi Transform!"


The trio transformed and then all walked forward alongside their companions as the crowd cheered for them all.








"Unmei no toitsu gimu!" all seven of them proclaimed.

"Toa Sentai…" MataRed continued

"Mataranger!" all seven shouted.

With that, MataRed motioned for the magical girls to take their turn.

"The Guardian of Magic, Pikari Mitsuko!"

"The Guardian of Laughter, Natsukawa Momo!"

"The Guardian of Generosity, Fukui Kisho!"

"The Guardian of Kindness, Koharu Hinata!"

"The Guardian of Honesty, Akiyama AJ!"

"The Guardian of Loyalty, Hayabusa Sora!"

"The Guardian of Humility, Tenchi Minato!"

"Atashi-tachi wa... The Guardians of Eclipsia!"

The Guardians stepped back so that the group of Kamen Riders could step up.

"Kamen Rider SEGA! It's Time for Game Start!"

"Kamen Rider Nintendo! It's Time to Start Playing with Power!"

"Kamen Rider Playstation! Beyond the Boundaries of Play... Let's Fight!"

"Kamen Rider Xbox! Let's Break the Limits... All for One!"

"Kamen Rider Steam! Steam time da! CHARGE UP!"

"Kamen Rider iMac! It's time to play to win!"

All of them posed and the crowd cheered them all on.

Takeshi's jaw dropped at the mere sight of what was in front of him and he had absolutely no idea what to even say at this point. The visions of this world moved forward in time to show a certain duo was walking nearby…

Tsukasa and Natsumi looked at the academy for a moment, then towards each-other before Tsukasa turned around and began to walk away.

"You gonna tell anyone else about this… Tri no Sekai?" Natsumi soon asked.

"I don't think I will."

"...why not?"

"I've witnessed their story. They've dealt with more than enough. I think this is one world that should be allowed to remain having its happily ever after…"

With that, the two headed through the mists for their next adventure.

Takeshi, meanwhile, was looking like he was in the middle of an existential crisis as he was sputtering and muttering in confusion at the sight in front of him, before he was able to form somewhat coherent words again, "This isn't possible. This shouldn't be possible. How the…?"

The visions seemed to realize something and then began to project another one to try to get him to not worry about what he had just seen.

"Wait… no way…" Takeshi spoke, seeing another vision, "That is not possible. Ryotaro and the Taros stopped him for good!"

The figure then entered a photo booth of sorts and held out a giant transformation item, then pulled out cards.





"Hikari no chikara, okarishimasu!"


Takeshi looked to see the Ultra rise up and it seemed to click in his head what was actually going on, "...oh. This guy must just be played by the same person as the final villain of Den-O…"

The visions pulled back for a moment and Takeshi just exhaled a bit as he tried to refocus a bit more. His thoughts drifted forward as some other visions became visible, only for him to recoil a little upon seeing one of Ghost.

"No. I don't wanna look at stuff related to that! That season was fine, but I would rather see any other vision of any other hero!" Takeshi stated bluntly.

The light of a different vision soon appeared around Takeshi, making him glance around to see if he could find a context clue to his whereabouts. He eventually saw the year 2016 nearby and began to walk forward a little out of a degree of curiosity before he heard something.

"Cure UpRaPaPa! Dia! MiracleMagicalJewelryle!"

"Oh, Pretty Cure world? …I think I've seen a bit of this one. Started the week before Zyuohger did…" Takeshi observed, soon recognizing the duo, "Right. The one where they actually looked like spellcasters."

"Futari no kiseki! (Our Miracle!) Cure Miracle!"

"Futari no mahou! (Our Magic!) Cure Magical!"

"Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!"

Takeshi just gently clapped a bit, not quite sure what else to say at the moment, before a small thought hit him, "...huh. What luck that the first Pretty Cure season that Ex-Aid aired alongside had the opening have the phrase 'Dai-Henshin' in it…"

"Alright… this thing is… sort of responding to me. Sort of…" Takeshi observed as he returned to the lines of the various realities. As things kept going, a thought seemed to cross his mind.

"Okay… you know what… whoever or whatever is showing me these… show me how Tsukasa messed up the Fire Emblem worlds. The cloaked lady is probably NEVER gonna tell me, so if you can show me, then I'll appreciate it…" Takeshi requested.

The light of the vision faded from Takeshi's view and he looked around, seeing what looked to be some sort of a quarry where people were fighting. He walked forward a bit to try to get a decent view.

Suddenly, as the leaders of Embla and Askr clashed with each-other, a mist distortion of sorts appeared. Everybody turned towards it as a figure came tumbling out. The person in question was in a primarily magenta armor that had white and black streaks along it, had green bug-like eyes, and a white belt buckle with a red center in it.

"Tsukasa?" Takeshi questioned as he walked forward, "...right. It's actually his fault this happened. Wonder how vindicated Narutaki must feel."

All sides began to stare at this figure as he slowly stood up. However, more creatures emerged from the mist distortion. The creatures had a humanoid-like body that was completely black, bearing red gloves, boots, heads and chest-armor. Decade just scoffed as he took out a sword, switched it into a gun, took out a card and then loaded it into his belt buckle.


Energy began to charge into the gun of the warrior as the black and red creatures charged towards him.

"Who… who or what are you?!" a warrior of one of the nations yelled out.

"Torisugari no Kamen Rider da... oboetoke!" Decade yelled out as he closed the buckle on his belt.


The shot fired from the gun and soared towards the three creatures. The blast quickly made contact with them causing them to spark. The Rider simply gave a confident smile before noticing the sparking on the creatures was behaving rather oddly. They did eventually blow up, but a strange energy wave shot up into the air and around the entire world after the explosion had occurred. All four armies looked on in confusion as the Decade's own armor began to spark as well. Energy then bounced off of his armor, flew into the air, and began converging with the strange energy that was affecting the world.

"What the…?" the Rider blinked a bit.

"Onore Decado!" a familiar voice yelled.

"...not you again…" the Rider muttered.

Another figure emerged from the mist, which was now wobbling in a strange way, and this person looked rather angry.

"Oh, hi Narutaki…" Takeshi remarked in a dry and almost bored tone.

"Your presence has upset the nature of this world!"

" being here… has somehow damaged this world?" the Rider said as he tilted his helmet a little bit.

"Kamen Riders were never meant to exist in this reality! By you being here and destroying those monsters… you have upset the balance of this reality!"

Decade looked and noticed the energy that was sparking in the air before it went tumbling to the ground. The energy continued to spark on the ground as what looked like mist began to appear. The Rider simply looked on in what seemed to be horror, "Oh no…"

He then quickly made a run for the wobbling mist, also dragging the man who had yelled at him through it, as the world began to shake and the mist went up into the air. The mist floated down across the world as eight mist screens to fly off in various directions. The four armies all simply watched as this occurred with no idea what was happening to their world.

"So… that's how it all went down?" Takeshi observed, "I mean… I know cloak woman told me it was Tsukasa's fault, but to see it with my own eyes…"

He then let out a small sigh and then took out his transformation device to write something down, "Note to self: if I ever meet Tsukasa, slap him for what he did to the Fire Emblem worlds."

The visions then kept moving forward and arrived at a moment that made Takeshi smile a little.

"Waga maoh… use this…" Woz spoke as he bowed his head and offered Sougo the Ziku-Driver, which the teen accepted, "You should know how to use this."

"Oh, here comes the best part…" Takeshi remarked as the scene fast forwarded a little.

"Iwae!" Woz cheered, opening up his book, "Zen Rider no chikara o uketsugi, jiku o koe, kako to mirai shiroshimesu toki no ouja. Sono namae wa Kamen Rider Zi-O, masani seitan no shunkandearu!"

Takeshi mimicked Woz's motions, even though nobody would see him, then laughed and moved along from the scene and into another.

The area was dark and there looked to be several magical girls running from… something.

"Oh, their 15th anniversary. Guess it makes sense they'd do something big. …gotta imagine how happy Toei has to be that the anniversary years don't mean they have to celebrate the Riders, Sentai, and Cures all in the same year…" Takeshi remarked.

The younger Cure had been captured by a villain, who was saying something about draining power from her, before the villain was kicked and the younger Cure was freed from the monster's grasp. Her two rescuers then lanced against a clock tower before springing forward.

"Are wa…?" the younger Cure spoke as the two fought against the dark power the enemy had sent their way.

"Ano futari wa…?" another Cure spoke, though another one seemed to recognize the two as they kept fighting, actually punching and kicking away the darkness.

"Leave it to the senpai duo to bail out the kouhai…" Takeshi remarked.

The monster was then stunned by another Cure and then smacked a fair bit away by the original duo before they spoke…

"Hikari no Shisha, Cure Black!"

"Hikari no Shisha, Cure White!"

"Futari wa Pretty Cure!" the two shouted in unison.

"Yami no chikara no shimobe-tachi yo…" Cure White proclaimed.

"Tottoto ouchi ni kaerinasai!" Cure Black concluded.

"Black! White!" the younger Cure exclaimed in joy.

Takeshi just nodded his head a little and then pressed forward. He then noticed an odd mixing of lines of the Rider timelines and went forward to see the result. Once his sight came back, he looked around and then smiled when he saw where he was…

"Who are you?" Sougo soon asked.

"Kamen Rider Den-O."

"Aha! He said it! He actually called himself a Kamen Rider!" Takeshi happily cheered.

"Baka-yaro. As if we could ever forget about you… Ryotaro…"

Takeshi just happily cheered a bit before he went back to the area of the lines and moved forward. He then spotted another line that seemed to be off on its own and approached. The vision of the events soon came to him…

"Oh, look."

The young man screamed as he evaded an attack from the Risen. Something rolled out of his pocket and he quickly grabbed it, "What the…?"

He then saw it looked something like a belt buckle. The buckle was like a sliding pencil case in design, with a part pulled out that looked something like a phone with a card insertion slot, while the belt buckle had various cards in it. He looked at it and plucked out one that resembled a Kamen Ride card, but the Rider was unfamiliar, having a white head and teal colored bug-like eyes. He then, somehow, knew to put it into the phone-like item, slap that on his wrist, and then slap the belt buckle onto his waist. With a press of a button on the front of the phone like object, a white light surrounded him.


The four weapon symbols from Fire Emblem surrounded him and he became a Rider that seemed similar to a Ghost Kamen Rider, with a robe and a hood over his head, the teal colored bug-like eyes, a black belt buckle on his waist, golden accents like a Gaim Rider, and a card holster along his waist as well.

"How'd I… know to do that?" he asked himself as he looked towards the Risen, "Oh… better take care of that first…"

Takeshi couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the vision of himself in the past before the scene changed a bit, "Man… it feels like that was years ago now…"

He pulled out of the vision and could see that the line representing his own path was distorted and obscured, clearly owing to it still being made. He then looked around and another vision soon came up to him.



"And that's… where I left off and what I know until I get back… wonder where it'll go from here…" Takeshi said, somewhat absentmindedly. The area around him began to shift as if it was going to increase speed, "What, no wait!"

He clutched his head as the lines seemed to be moving in all kinds of weird and random directions…

"Ryusoul Change!"




"Eikō no Kishi! RyusoulGold!"

"Wait… what?!" Takeshi proclaimed before the visions shifted beyond his control.


"No, wait, wait! Stop!" Takeshi yelled, covering up his eyes.

"Ike, Tsukuyomi-kun!"



"No more spoilers!" Takeshi shouted.

"Shout it out, Hiroyuki! 'Buddy go!'"

"Buddy~~~... GO!"


Takeshi winced in pain as the info just seemed to keep on coming, no matter how much he tried to block it out.






=A jump to the sky turns to a Rider Kick.=

"...what in… who…?" Takeshi spoke in confusion.

"Zero-One! Sore ga ore no nada!"

"Quit it already…" Takeshi weakly spoke.


"Kiramei Chenji!"


"Hirameki Supākuringu! KirameiRed!"

"Michibiki Shūtingu! KirameiYellow!"

"Totsugeki Raitoningu! KirameiGreen!"

"Kissaki Ansutoppaburu! KirameiBlue!"

"Tesabaki Inkurediburu! KirameiPink!"

"Kiratto sanjō! Karatto kaiketsu!"

"Mashin Sentai…"


"Ki… what…?" Takeshi managed to speak before it all went blurry again.

"Yosh… ikoze!"



Flashes of light came from activations of devices…

"Jīttoshite temo dōnimo naranē!"

"Ore-iro ni someagero..."

"Ikuzo, Taiga!"

=COME ON! BUDDY~~~~... GO!=


Takeshi tried to shove the blurry sights out of his face, only for a different one to take its place.






"Kaenken Rekka? Yoroshiku!"

Takeshi just gave off a frustrated yell, covering his head with his hands as the visions just kept flooding.


"Ore wa sekai o mamoru tsurugi da!"






"Knock it off already!" Takeshi shouted, waving his arms forward a bit.


"Uchū kenpō, hidden no kamiwaza! Zero-shishō! Seven-shishō! Leo-shishō!"



"Goshōwa kudasai ware no na o! Ultraman Zet!"



"Why won't it go away…?"

"...using old morpher technology and snake DNA…"

"No! Do not ruin Beast Morphers! That show is good!" Takeshi shouted out.

"You're starting to put it together. I. WAS. VENJIX!-

Takeshi flailed his arms around, screaming a bit, but a different vision ended up taking the place of what he was already seeing.

"Uh... where are you going?"

"That is a RED one!"

"You need to come out right now!"

A loud clattering and a growl emerged as if something were advancing.

"I will let you eat... EVERYBODY!"

"Do you promise?!"

"I promise!"


Takeshi tried to make it stop, yet wasn't able to move fast enough.

"It's Morphin' Time!"

"Dino Fury Keys… activate! Link to Morphing Grid!"

"...keys… huh…?" Takeshi managed to speak before he got another sight, this one slightly less blurry, yet still heavily distorted…

"Nani ga daiji ka wa, jibun de kimeru! Ima ichiban daijina koto wa… daijina koto wa…" a girl's voice spoke before there was some sort of a mysterious glowing.

"Ningen, sore yo! Sono ringu ga kitto kagina no yo!"

"Kagi? Rōra, ima tasukeru! Purikyua, Toropikaru Chenji!"

Sounds came from the distorted vision, somewhat implying a transformation sequence, before…

"Tokimeku tokonatsu! Kyua Samā!"

Takeshi wiped his eyes a bit and unintentionally moved the vision further forward through time…

"Zettai ni yurusenai! Purikyua, Toropikaru Chenji!"

Another bit of sounds a la a transformation sequence had begun to echo in the area…

"Yurameku Ōshan! Kyua Ramēru!"

The visions pulled back as Takeshi stumbled a little, rubbing his head.

"Why won't they just stop…?"









The scenes just grew more and more scratched and distorted to Takeshi's eyes…

"Daiji ni kimeyou ka!"







"No more…"


"Jibun no yowa-sa o ukeireta atashi wa... muteki yo."





"Watashi no hontō no tsuyo-sa misete ageru! Sakutto taosuyo!"

"I said… no more…"





"No… more!"

"Watashi no… hikari?"

Twinkling sounds echoed, followed by the noise from Tiga's rising sequence. A monster was heard moving back and making noises, as if questioning why Tiga was there.

"Are wa… Ultraman…?"

"Ultraman… Tiga!"





"Saa… koke kara ga… highlight da!"

"NO MORE!" Takeshi yelled, stumbling back a bit.


Takeshi just groaned in pain and tried to shut out what was being shown to him, waving one of his hands freely while the other was trying to nurse the headache that was forming. It kept shifting the visions in front of him before…

"Hello, Peter."

"Hi? Do we- do I know you?"

"What have you done with my machine?"

"Your mach- I don't know what you're talking about. I don't- what machine?"

"The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand. It's gone."

Takeshi just yelled and closed his eyes again, motioning forward a bit…



"Wh-what happened to you?"

"'What happened to…?' You're the walking corpse!"

"Wh-what do you… what do you mean?"

"You died… Norman. Years ago!"

"You're insane…"

"Stop…" Takeshi managed to speak.

"What are you talking about? He's standing right there. He's not-"

"Dead. They both died. Fighting Spider-Man. It was all over the news. Green Goblin, impaled by the glider you flew around on. And a couple years later… you, Doc Ock, drowned in the river with your machine."

"That's nonsense! Spider-Man was trying to stop my fusion reactor, so I stopped him! I had him... by the throat! And then I- …and then I was here."

"Aw, please. Lemme tell you something: I was whooping Spider-Man's a**. He'll tell you. And then he caused an overload, I was stuck in the grid, absorbing data, I was about to turn into pure energy, and then... and then I... and then... oh ***t, I was about to die…"

"Max, do you know? Do I die?"

"MAKE IT STOP!" Takeshi yelled in frustration, causing the area to go dark apart from a single, small, light.

A small machine was blinking various colored lights. One light settled on blue, another settled on pink, and a third settled on yellow. Two other lights were blinking, one between white and red, the other between red and green.

"STOP SHOWING ME THE FUTURE!" Takeshi yelled, smacking the lights.

The lights then stopped blinking, settling on white and red respectively…

Takeshi slowly sat up, letting out a small yawn, and rubbing his eyes a little bit. He looked around, then saw that he had been sent into the next world. He slowly stood up and then his eyes shifted around. He began to rub his head a little bit, before he spotted Tiki-chan floating nearby.

"Are you okay? You sounded like you were screaming a bit…" Tiki-chan spoke, clearly concerned.

"...I… think so? I think I saw visions of… something…" Takeshi informed.

"Of what?"

"...other heroes, I guess? It's already becoming a blurry mess…" Takeshi admitted.

To be continued…

As you can no doubt tell by the length and the fact I had to spin this off into an entirely separate project, this ballooned out of control. Work on the next proper chapter of Hero has been ongoing and pending, arguably, the greatest amount of rewrites I think any one chapter of this story has ever had… but it is going.

I'll go into where the scenes pulled from. I will say this is gonna be a bit of a long explanation. Brace yourselves. I will say I did try to go for the chronological order of events, but I may have adjusted a few things for pacing and flow reasons.

The first vision was from the very first episode of Ultraman, the second was something I decided to add in while focusing on this and that scene is of a round of the Desire Grand Prix that is distorted and set so long ago that nobody would notice. Third scene is from something else I wrote, Secret Hero: Kamen Rider X Cutey Honey. Some of this stuff was easier to write when I could just port stuff I've already written. Following that is a scene from the future of that story, so keep your eyes out for that. Following that, Kamen Rider's first episode, Gorenger's first episode, the first episode of toku Spider-Man, a scene from another story that I've yet to write that I thought would be out when I started work on this, which leads into footage from Utlraman vs. Kamen Rider. Then the following scenes in the combined world are from that same story. The version of Thanos from the toku Spider-Man reality wanted to make absolutely certain no hero would stand up to him, hence the blending of worlds. …no, I do not know if there is a Thanos from that universe. Just go with it.

That then pulls us into the next clip. So, you may be wondering why it is the retcon of the Gorengers and JAKQ happened. Well, the first episode of Turboranger said that Battle Fever J was the first Super Sentai season. Rather than ignore that episode completely, because where's the fun in that, I decided to explain their disappearance. While I did need to pull something random to explain how they came back, being a delayed side effect of Crisis on Infinite Earths, considering the Marvel multiverse is attached to the Sentai/Rider multiverse, that would also make the DCU tied to it as well.

…and I really couldn't think of a better explanation. …maybe I should've just taken the easy way out. *shrugs*

Then came the clip of Sailor Moon, thrown in because… well… I wanted to. As for the two Power Rangers clip, episode one of Mighty Morphin' and the finale of In Space, I figured it would've been a disservice to not include Power Rangers. It's kinda cause of them people are aware of toku as a whole.

And I already explained the clip of the reappearance of Akarenger and Spade Ace, so moving onto the next one… which doesn't have a direct source. It was just put in so I could include Tiga, but also working with the rules of his actor not being allowed to be seen because of issues with his acting company.

Speaking of issues with actors, that brings us to the Kuuga clip from episode 2. Admittedly, I reused it from the Kuuga anniversary story I made a few years ago, so thank you to KKD for helping me write that segment out. That scene is too iconic.

And onto the next, which was from the first episode of Futari wa Pretty Cure. I've warmed up to the franchise, even if I still don't really care for it as a whole. The only stuff I have… some degree of knowledge of are, the first three Futari Wa seasons, the other season featured in this special, vague details of the 15th anniversary, Tropical Rouge, and vague details of Delicious Party. And, like the above, thank you to KKD and TB for having written stuff that actually used the original season, so it gave me something to actually use for the rollcall bits that felt like I'd be willing to use.

As for the bit with the Dekarangers? That was an official special. It was called "Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger/Futari wa Pretty Cure: Winter Break Fun Special CD". It was released as an audio drama. …and I tried to find any subtitles for it, I really did. I found squat and eventually just threw in the towel. I will admit that the description of the Alienizer provided is based on my rudimentary knowledge of Japanese and I could've horribly misunderstood the description provided. The day I'm wrapping this up, I'm doubting what it was I heard about the monster is accurate, but I'm too far to go back and change it now.

Then there's Den-O's second episode. KKD is the person mainly reading this story, I had to include a Den-O clip somewhere. I was going to do the transformation from episode one, but that proved to be a little too long to write, so I just went with something simpler from the second episode.

After that, clips from the first episodes of Ultraman Ginga, Ginga S, and X. I will admit I was debating putting in a clip from X's movie, but I was getting a bit burnt out and decided not to. *looks up something* X's VA was also J in Go-Buster. Neat. *checks again* …huh. He was also in the other Pretty Cure season that was highlighted. How about that?

Now, for the big surprise that made Takeshi have an existential crisis for a moment… the return of Tri no Sekai, or the stories of Toa Sentai Mataranger, Guardians of Elipsia, and Neodimension Kamen Rider SEGA. Those stories were ones done by myself, KKD, Sylver, and TB wa~y back in the day. In fact, it's because of those stories that TB became part of the group. The stories don't have any actual ending and, while I do have access to the notes page that vaguely describes ideas for the ending, we never wrote it. The stories fell apart for reasons out of our control and I do hope to at least, at some point, give them something resembling a proper conclusion.

And this is, admittedly, the scene that had to undergo the greatest amount of revisions. Sylver and I had a… falling out… to put it simply. When I asked about using her characters for this, which would've basically amounted to nothing more than a cameo, I was told no. That pretty much forced me to rewrite the cameo scene more times than I care to admit to until KKD gave me the solution after confirming that he technically created Kamen Rider Steam and Kamen Rider iMac (yes, seriously, that was her name. I double checked). So long as I didn't show the two untransformed, it would be fine. I will admit I did need to go and reread a bit of the stories to remember the rollcalls and stuff. Also, I did need to make up iMac's rollcall bit there because there wasn't one for her since the form debuted in one of the last chapters written.

So, yeah, Tri no Sekai does exist within the multiverse of this story. However, nobody but Tsukasa and Natsumi are aware of its existence. So… yeah, that's why they don't come up.

Next scene is from the first episode of Ultraman Orb. I was gonna do a little more with clips from the season, including a clip of Orb Trinity from the movie, but the length was ballooning and I decided to scrap it and keep it simple. I did try to avoid naming "Kai", the main villain of Den-O, out of an abundance of caution. Funnily enough, though, there was one official sub for Orb that miswrote "Gai", the name of Orb's protagonist, as "Kai". Whoops. *laughs a little*

Onto the next bit. The scene is the transformation sequence from Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure. Someone I follow on Twitter has been watching through the show and I wanted to include at least one other season for the sake of variety. I am curious enough to check it out at some point and I will say the theme song is awesome. And the bit of Takeshi remarking on the "Dai-Henshin" thing was something that occurred to me.

Then the next bit is, obviously, from Heroic Tales: Kamen Rider Marth. I decided to include the scene to it for Takeshi getting that context finally. And that bit of him writing down that he'll slap Tsukasa will be mentioned later on.

In case you're wondering why none of the Fire Emblem worlds got shown… I just couldn't think of how to include them, being honest. I tried, but it was too difficult. Sorry.

Clip from Zi-O's first episode included because it's cool. Woz is great and a fun character.

Next up is the clip from the show that celebrated Pretty Cure's 15th anniversary, which aired the same year as Zi-O did. It's called… uh… *checks* "HUGtto! Pretty Cure". …I have no idea how you pronounce that. At all. I stumbled onto the clip from this season while just randomly looking up "Pretty Cure" on YouTube one day. The song in that clip is awesome.

The reason the dialogue in this clip wasn't in English was because of a simple reason… I couldn't find English subs for this clip. I tried, but I couldn't find an actual English sub for this particular moment or the episode it was from. The only subs I could find were in Spanish. *sighs* So… yeah. I'll admit that while I did look up the episode number, I know basically squat about the season this was from. Heck, I don't even know the name of the pink Cure from the season or the name of the villain. It wasn't in the clip I found, or if it was, I never noticed. Sorry.

Side note, do you ever wonder how the Pretty Cure time and space continuum hasn't just… collapsed from the crossovers? Like… they pull the original duo from the first or second season, and then there's them in their forms from Star Splash. …how their timeline hasn't collapsed from that, I will never know. Guess their timeline and branch of reality is made of stern stuff?

Anyway, Heisei Generations Forever clip so KKD could have another appearance by Den-O. I thought this would be the next best way to have Den-O pop up somewhere. And then we go to Takeshi's first day as a Kamen Rider, ported from the very first chapter of Hero proper. Certainly a throwback to say the least.

…heh, remember when this story was simple and looked like it wasn't going to take Arceus knows how long to finish? Good times.

Then the last clip is just generically from Zi-O Trinity transforming, but I did pull from Episode 30 of Zi-O specifically before we then hit what I like to call the "cut-off point"/"cut-off period".

The cut-off period is basically anything from after around where Takeshi was pulled from, which was early to middle April of 2019. The only reason the Geats stuff was shown earlier was because Takeshi thought it was the Undead Battle Fight because of how blurry it was. And then the reason the Japanese ended up being left untranslated was because you're meant to sort of relate to Takeshi's position here. The thing that's showing him this info is showing him stuff he doesn't want to see and he's trying to not pay attention, so he's not trying to understand the Japanese.

Thus, stuff he shouldn't know about. One kinda funny thing about the first two clips following the cut off point is that the clip of RyusoulGold and the clip of Grand Zi-O… Ryusoulger episode 14 and Zi-O episode 40, the episodes those clips came from, actually aired on the exact same day. That was a total coincidence. I didn't plan that. It just kinda happened.

Then episode 48 of Zi-O, followed by episode 1 of Ultraman Taiga. I tried to find the Japanese of the scene, but I got so frustrated from a later bit that I just decided to not bother. We'll get to it in a little bit. Then we got episode 1 of Zero-One, and the rollcall of the Kirameigers. You can see how it's being left untranslated because of how the rollcall was rendered. I thought it was clever.

The following bit comes from Ultraman Taiga's movie, which was one of the earliest scenes I decided to include for the special following the cut-off point. Then there's episodes 1 and 16 of Kamen Rider Saber. Just generic transformation things. And I also kinda had to include a bit from Ultraman Z, since it's my favorite Ultra season. Zet and Haruki are good protagonists… unlike Zero. Moving on.

The bit from Beast Morphers was included because it was so tense and exciting to learn that truth. I just love Beast Morphers a lot and had to throw in some reference to it. I don't exactly know why I decided to include a clip from Venom: Let There be Carnage, but I did. Then the clip from Dino Fury was slotted in to have a bit of better tonal change, given what the next two scenes were from.

And for those who follow my Twitter, you'll know it's Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure. This bit ended up proving to be the next big headache. Since I was going for the whole "untranslated dialogue" idea, that meant actually FINDING the dialogue that Manatsu had said in this scene. I actually found it because of, and I'm not kidding here, another fanfic. It was written in Japanese and had the basis of Touma (somehow) being in the world of Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure. It gave me the original Japanese and it matched, thankfully. Shout out and thank you to that person. I… don't remember their username.

Further not helping this issue was one of the dumbest things Crunchyroll has done in a while. They stuffed ALL of the Pretty Cure shows they have behind premium walls. Since I actually don't have the login for the Crunchyroll account on my computer since I didn't make the account, that means I'm gonna HAVE to use the TV. *sighs* And it just made pacing the scene far harder. Thankfully, the other bit of dialogue, from episode 17 of the show, was easier to locate.

I was debating including a scene from Tropical Relationship, which is a SumMer story I'm working on, but I decided against it. Mainly for length. Then we get a clip from episode one of Revice. …a quick aside, Toei's own official subs somehow got that announcement wrong. It's "Revi, Vice, Revice", yet the OFFICIAL SUBS thought it was just saying "Revice" three times. *throws up arms and then sighs*

The scenes of Daiji and Sakura are both pulled from Heroic Tales: Kamen Rider Marth. I just inserted them for sake of simplicity. Aguilera as a Rider naturally comes from Revice episode 36. The clip of Ultraman Tiga's appearance in Ultraman Trigger was from episode 19 and I included that because the scene is cool and whatnot.

Then we got Ace's transformation from episode 1 of Geats, and then a clip from episode 10, which is the most recent new toku thing as of this concluding production. Neon is awesome and she and Ace will make a cute couple.

After that, in honor of the 60th of Spider-Man, I had to include some stuff from No Way Home. The reason why the clips from No Way Home were put where they were after I asked KKD when that movie takes place and he said it would, roughly be 2023. So that would place it after Geats. So, thanks for that, KKD.

Then, the final scene before Takeshi is back to reality is not from anything, but is meant to allude to Zenkaiger. I had the idea sitting in my head for a while and the scene is basically from when Kaito's parents created the tech originally and it decided what colors would be used. And you would probably need to pay me a lot of money before I would throw Dondumb into something Hero related.

Before we conclude this, I will be doing my best in Hero's next chapter to try to properly explain why it was Takeshi saw these visions. It may be a little complicated, but I will do my best to try and explain it. With that said, I hope you all look forward to Hero's next main chapter.

Just Live More.