When I was a little girl. All I could remember was my father causing my siblings and my pain. Father would train us to be Japan's following number one hero and take the place of all might. My oldest brother and I would always rebel against him, which caused us more pain than the rest of our siblings. But when my older twin brother got his powers months before me, Father expected us to do his bidding.

I was blessed with the heavenly flame. It is a white fire. My FatherFather saw this as an opportunity for him to train his three most prized children. While my oldest brother and I fought back, my twin was more submissive to our Father'sFather's abuse.

But when mom hurt Shoto by pouring boiling water on our face and then placing ice over it. Father lost it and beat her half to death. My brother and I got involved, causing burns on our bodies and face. My older brother Toya was severely burned on his chest up to his face up to his ears, and parts of his lower eyes, along with his hands and arms, were burned. But I got burned from my chest to my lower lip and pieces of my ear. Along with that, I also got burns on my legs and arms for trying to protect my mother. After that, we never saw mother again.

Our FatherFather forced my older brother and me to work more, not giving our burns to heal. That caused our burns to get infected. he later took us to the hospital, lied, and said that we had an accident in a shed by our house. Us knowing the consequences if we don't follow the story and agree with him.

When the doctor was done with us, he explained that we would have to live with the burns and pain but if my FatherFather agreed to do surgery to get some of the skin fixed. But FatherFather disagreed 'they will learn to never mess with fire again,' he said as we left the doctor's office. Once we were back at the house, 'this will teach you to disobey my orders again,' he said as he pushed us aside to train Shoto.

A year after that, Toya left us to god knows where leaving the rest of our family and me with Father and his abuse. When Shoto started going to U.A, Father beat me half to death because I told him I refused to do anything for him. I ran so far from there and never looked back. I ran to a dock and boarded a ship that later took off to another island. from there, I kept jumping from ship to ship doing chores and other odd jobs just to get as far as possible from my FatherFather, which is how I ended up here.

Mother of so many children that I found along the way.

For this story, I will make the Charlotte children group smaller and change Crackers' age so that he is just a babe when they are young.

I will also just be doing 7 of them for this story because they are such a big family.

After a couple of months of traveling with different merchants, I finally made enough money to buy my little ship. After I got it, I traveled to different small islands. I would meet many people who would happily give me small jobs that would allow me to buy food and other things I might need.

One day as I traveled. I stopped on a small island; the people were friendly and offered me a room to stay in. I stayed there for a couple of days to gain some money. I heard about this family of odd children who ran around everywhere, stealing and hurting people. They told me that the children's mother didn't want them, so she left them abandoned here on the island and that the Islanders were sick and tired of them.

I decided that I wanted to meet the kids, so I went out to look for them. as I walked around the town and the forest, I came upon a little girl being attacked by a bunch of grown men. they had cut her face slightly. I glared as they started to beat her up.

"GET AWAY FROM HER," I snapped at them as I ran up. They all turned around to look at me and glared,

"go mid your business, kid; this is grown folk business," one of the older ones snapped at me and pushed me slightly. I grew angry as one of them kicked the poor girl in her bleeding face, and my flames acted out and shot at all of the boys/ men. they screamed in horror as they started to fall burning. the little girl looked at me, shocked and stared up at me confused and with a little fear as I walked closer to her.

"are you going to hurt me," she asked me. I shook my head

"no, I'm here to help, dear. Now please don't move. I'm going to carry you to my ship," I said as I slowly picked her up "what's your name, dear" I asked her once she was in my arms

"my name... is Brûlée," she whispered.

"Now, Brûlée, I need you to stay awake, so I can treat your wound. Can you do that for me" I asked of her? she nodded slightly.

Once I was on my ship and in my room, I placed her down on my bed and took out my medical supplies, and started to treat her injuries. she flinched away a couple of times and cried in pain.

"it's ok. I'm almost done," I say as I finish up. Once done, I bandaged her head and made her lie down.

"I have to go my brothers might worry," she said as she looked at the clock on my wall.

"Please lay down." I say, "the wound is fresh. If you want, I can go get your brothers," I say as I give her some water. All she did was nod and start to drift.

"We live in the forest close to the river," she said "they might all be looking for me," as she closed her eyes.

"don't worry. Just rest here. I'll find them," I say as I place a hand on her shoulder as she finally falls asleep. Once she did, I put everything away and headed out to look for her brothers. Once in the center of town, I saw a bunch of little boys walking around, seeming to look for something.

"excuse me," I say to one of the boys with stitches on his mouth

"what do you want" he snapped at me with a glare. The boy behind him glared

"are you Brûlée's brothers," I asked him. his eyes widened as he kicked me, tripping me and pinning me to the ground

"WHERE IS MY SISTER" he yelled at me

"calm down," I say as I try to push him off. he looks around 10 and well built. "she is on my ship. I brought her there, she was injured, and I just wanted to help her," I say as he slowly got off my with the help of what I assumed was his older brother.

"what happened," the older one asked me.

"she was attacked by a couple of boys." I said as I got up, "she wanted me to get you."

"Can you please take us to her?" he asked of me as more of what I assumed were more of their brothers came behind him.

"Sure, come on," I said as I grabbed his hand and started to lead them to my ship. "I'm sorry we started on the wrong foot. My name is Todoroki Shiki," I say as we walk.

"oh ya, my name is Perospero. These are my brothers Katakuri, Daifuku, and Oven," he said "can you explain more of what happened.

"Sure," I said as we got to the docks. "I was walking around, and I heard someone scream. She got a big slash on her face, and they beat her up. I stopped them before they could do worse, but the scar on her face might be permanent. " once we got to my ship, I started to help them get on "please, she just fell asleep. "I begged them to be quiet as we entered the room where Brûlée was. They were instantly at her side holding her hand.

"Oven, can you go get Cracker and Amande," Perospero said to his brother. He just nodded and ran out.

"she should be fine," I said. "I'm going to stay in the village for a couple more days. I can take care of her wounds until I leave," I said as I saw how Katakuri started to cry over her.

"if you would. The villagers here don't like us that much," Perospero said as he looked up at me. I smiled and left my room for the other room I had. I started to make the bed so I could sleep, and I also took out some blankets for the other kids. when I went to go hand them to them, I saw a girl that looked around 9 years old holding a baby in her arms. she looked at me and smiled and mouthed a thank you. I smiled at her and nodded my head before I turned to look at the boys.

"I brought you guys blankets," I said. "I know what it's like when this happens, so I'm not going to make you guys leave," I say

"thank you, Miss Todoroki," Perospero said as the boys by him nodded at me

"hi can I ask you something," Daifuku asked me as I handed him his blanket

"ya, what up."

"how old are you," he asked me. He then got slapped over the head by his brother Oven.

"you don't ask that from a lady," he snapped at him

"it's fine, Oven" I smiled at him as he smiled back at me slightly. "I am 15. how old are you guys" I asked them

"I am 12," Perospero started. "Katakuri Daifuku and Oven are 10, Amande is 9, and Cracker is 7 months old. our sister Brûlée is 5," he said

"why do you have a ship. aren't you too young" asked Katakuri? he didn't even look at me, just his sister

"um..." I didn't know how to start "well, I had some problems at home, so I decided I wanted to travel. "I smiled down at him.

"Can we come with you?" he asked me. My eyes widened along with his siblings, who were awake. "Mama doesn't want us," he started again without looking at me "she only wants us to take care of the kids that she doesn't want. she has the children she wants on an island filled with cakes," he said. I remember I heard of an island like that. The queen was an aggressive and violent woman.

"Karakuri" Perospero snapped at him

"it's true. She doesn't want us. She only wants us to take care of the children she doesn't deem worthy of living with her. she doesn't even provide us with a house or food," he snapped.

"Perospero, he is right. I remember I was there when her crew was here when she dropped off Cracker" Oven jumped in

"But we can't ask that from her. She already did so much for us," Perospero whispered to his brothers. Before they could continue, I stepped up.

"ok," I say.

They all turned to look at me, shocked, even Amande, who was distracting Cracker. I looked down at my hands before I continued.

"I'm- I'm lonely on the ship," I said as a tear rolled down my face. They all just stared at me. "I ran away from home when I was 13. people are nice to me all the time, but they either can't or don't want to take care of a runaway 13-year-old girl," I said as I looked at my hands. "I don't want to be alone anymore," I said as I rubbed away the tears from my eyes.

"Katakuri," Perospero started, "we will have to all agree to this. that includes Brûlée," he said

"I agree," said Daifuku

"me too," Oven said

"I agree with brother Katakuri and Miss Todoroki," Amande said as she rocked Cracker.

"I... Agree too... brother," we hear a voice. We all turned to Brûlée as she tried to sit up, only to be pushed down by Katakuri.

"lay down. "he told her. she just nodded and smiled at Perospero

"I want to be with Miss," she said

"Well, since we all agree," he said as he turned to me, "will you let us travel with you," he asked me with a bow. I still wiped away tears as I nodded.

"yes, you are more than welcome to."

a couple of days later

after we talked, we all ended up going to bed. I slept in the other room with Cracker, Amande, and Oven. Katakuri, Perospero, and Daifuku stayed with their sister as she healed. For the next couple of days, I started to get things ready for us to travel.

"Miss, are you sure you want to take them. they are..." one villager said as she gave small looks to the children behind me. The kids looked at the villagers from the bout and ran back inside.

"It's fine. No need to worry. I wanted to ask if the children's mother had come back. can you tell her that they have passed on?" I say, bowing "if she hunted us down, that would mean-"

"It's fine." a man interrupted me "you helped us out the last couple of days. the least we can do is hide you from that woman," he said, "even if the kids have caused us trouble."

"thank you" I bowed again as I grabbed my bag, threw it on the ship, and got on. We all got the things that needed to get done we set off to another island. as we traveled, I went to check on Brûlée.

"hi Brûlée, how are you feeling," I asked her

"a little better," she said. She looked a little upset as she looked and talked in a sad tone.

"what's wrong, dear," I asked her as I sat next to her and started to replace her bandages. "you look a little sad."

she looked down at her hands. she didn't look at me at all when she spoke

"I will look ugly when I'm healed, won't I," she asked as tears started to fall from her face "the scar is going to look ugly, and it's all in front of my face."

"no," I started, "it doesn't matter what you look like," I said as I unbandaged her face. "all that matters is what is on the inside."

"on the inside," she asked.

"you are not ugly, honey. you are a lovely little girl," I said

"but the scar looks ugly."

"Want me to show you something, dear," I asked her. she nodded and gave me a confused look. "I'm beautiful, aren't I," I asked her. she nodded.

"yes, Miss Todoroki," she said. I smiled at her, saying that

"how about now" I asked her as I moved my hair out of the way of my eye. Her eyes widened as she saw my face. She let out a gasp. she slowly raised her hand to my face touching the burns. I flinched slightly as she put pressure on it, causing her to shoot her hand back

"what happened" she asked me as tears started to come close to her, falling from her eyes.

"you didn't answer my question," I said as I held her hand. she paused and started to think.

"yes. You are still Beautiful," she said "can you please tell me what happened," she asked.

"Before I do," I started, "do you guys want to hear it too," I asked, turning my head to the door. When I did, I saw all the boys with their sisters walk in. they all looked bashful but still walked in. I smiled at them and tried to cover my face once they gasped when they saw me.

"We are sorry. we didn't mean to overhear you," Perospero started

"ya, we are sorry," said Amande as she held Cracker tighter as he woke up from his nap

"It's fine, no need to worry," I said

"what happened," Katakuri asked me "who hurt you."

I smiled at them and told them to sit down next to me. Once, they were all seated around me. I paused "when I was a little girl around your age Brûlée." I smiled at her as I petted her head. "I got hurt when my mother got upset. She was mad at our father for the abuse that he caused us. she accidentally poured hot water on both my brother and me. she burned my skin," I said

"But why," asked Katakuri with his hands turned to fists "why did she hurt you like that? what... I mean... you said your dad was abusive" he then snapped, "WHY."

I couldn't say anything. How could I. they are children. So I just smiled at them. "Katakuri," I started, "I can tell by the way you react" I smiled at him as he glared at the ground "you are a very loyal and caring person. But you are still a child. I don't think it is time for you to hear my story" I smiled at him.

"But, Miss Todoroki. why can't we know" Perospero asked me

"Ya, we can know," Oven said

"YA WE ARE GROWN," Daifuku said as he stood up

"Please, Miss Todoroki tells us," Amande asked of me.

"please miss Todoroki " Brûlée asked

"how about this" I started "when you guys hit a good 13 years old," I said

"But then brother Perospero will know first," Oven said

"ya, I want to know," Daifuku said as he pushed his brother out of the way, starting a fight. Their brother Katakuri ended it with a single hit to both their heads

"ok, well then, how about every year I tell you all a little bit of my old life and the country I'm from. until you are 13 when I tell you the full story." I smiled at them

"can you tell us something now, miss Todoroki" asked Amande as she rocked Cracker.

" Sure," I say. 'what to tell them that isn't that harsh' i started to think. Then it hit me, "ok, come closer" I smiled.

"in the place where I come from, there is a thing called quarks." I smiled when I saw their interesting faces "they give a person powers. A Quirk is a special, superhuman ability an individual can possess. Quirks are generally unique to their user and are classified into Emitter, Transformation, and Mutant." I started

"do you have one too, " asked Oven with interest as he claimed on my lap.

"Why yes, I do," I smiled "can you guess what I am."

"Are you a Transformation type," asked Amande

"no, she is an Emitter," Katakuri stated "don't you remember what Brûlée said when she found her"

"oh ya," Oven and Daifuku said,

"so you use fire," asked Brûlée with a sad smile, "but why is it white."

"Well, you are correct. My flame is white because my father has a quirk named Hellsflame. My mother has an Ice Quirk. Because of that, at least some of the characteristics of each parent will get passed on. For example, my siblings. My oldest brother has the quirk Cremation. My twin has one called half cold, half hot. And then there is me," I started "now come on, guess," they didn't even try, just gave me confused looks. I let out a giggle. "alright, alright. My quirk is called Heavens-Flame" I let my flame light up my arm. They gasped and backed up slightly.

" WOW, THAT IS SO COOL" the younger ones yelled. This caused the Baby to start crying. I smiled slightly as I asked Amande to pass the Baby to me.

"you are good with kids," Perospero said

"It's no problem at all," I say as Cracker starts to hiccup slightly "he has a dirty diaper. I will change her if that's alright," I say. They nodded. Once I finished with Brûlée, I grabbed Cracker and changed his diaper.

"Miss Todoroki," Perospero called me after a couple of months.

"yes," I asked as I looked up from Cracker. Over the last couple of months, I became the group's mother. I was completely fine with it, and the older 2 boys, Perospero and Katakuri, helped me a lot with cooking, cleaning, and keeping the other children in line.

"I wanted to ask you about... that thing we talked about before." he started. I just nodded, confused. "my birthday is tomorrow, and I was wondering if you could tell me a little more," he said

"oh really," I smiled "why didn't you tell me before," I asked, " but don't worry, I will tell you when it is time."

"um... I also wanted to ask you something" he paused

"yes, go on" I nodded and lightly placed Cracker on my bed with a pillow next to him

"I wanted to ask if we can take in your name instead of our mother's," he asked with a blush.

"Why would you want my name, " I asked, confused.

"me and everyone else talked about it, and we thought that you are more of our mother than our actual mother."

"well, if you guys want to, I won't be stopping you," I smiled

"now. if you want me to tell you about you know what, make sure your siblings are restricted, so they don't overhear us" I sent him out to go give everyone their choirs and came back later

"I'm back," he smiled at me. "I brought you a snack. Katakuri said it's his turn to make dinner."

"Alright, come sit over here," I said as I played with Cracker. Perospero sat down and handed me the plate while he distracted Cracker so I could eat the little crackers and cheese "alright, well, where I am from, there are heroes. Heroes are licensed to use their Quirks to protect civilians from Villains, natural disasters, and/or harm. But there are these things called quirk marriages" he just nodded his head.

"what's that."

"you remember what a quirk is, right" he nodded " These marriages were arranged with the sole purpose of choosing or enhancing a specific Quirk to be inherited down the bloodline, as a child will either inherit the father's Quirk, the mother's Quirk, or a new Quirk that's a combination of the two," I say

"but what does that have to do with you," he asked me.

"..." I grabbed Cracker from the floor and held him on my lap. "my mother was bought when she reached of age" I paused with him just nodding, "my father, as you remember, had a fire quirk, and my mother an ice one. He is the number 2 hero. Right behind the number 1. he couldn't surpass him, so he desired that his children would do it for him. Every one of my brothers and older sister is a failure. All of us except my twin brother" I held Cracker tighter. He looked up at me and laughed.

"What happened to him," he asked.

"Well, when I was a kid. Mama was making tea when my brother and I ran in. she was talking to our grandmother, complaining about him, saying that his left side. All she saw was a rage when she poured boiling hot water on our faces," I said as I moved my hair for him to see "father came in and saw what she did...he... he... he attacked her and used his fire. But before he did, my oldest brother Touya jumped in front of our mother, protecting her. Father beat us and her half to death." I said as I slowly lifted my dress to show him the burns. he let out a gasp as tears started to fall from his face "he took us to the doctors, but he didn't pay for us to get our skin fixed. My brother left home. My mother was gone because her father placed her in a hospital. My siblings couldn't stand up to him. When I was 13, my brother and I were sent to school to become the number one hero. My brother accepted our father's abuse. But I fought him over it, which caused him to punish me for never listening to him."

"that's when you came to the sea, right," he asked.

"ya," I said as I felt tears run down my face, "I met up with my oldest brother, who got me on a boat."

"What happened to your mom," he asked.

"mother stayed in the hospital," I stated "father didn't want her to fuck up his 'perfect child'"

"Have you seen your siblings since then"

"no, I haven't seen them" another tear fell from my face. It accidentally fell on Cracker. He looked up at me and gave me the cutest confused face.

"Mama," he called. Both me and Perospero looked at him and smiled.