"Last time on Total Drama Island, the campers went on a paintball dear hunt. Cody and Lorenzo ended their alliance with Heather after getting tired of her bossiness. Gwen was about to he attacked by a bear, but Lorenzo was there to save the day. Unfortunately, it ended with him being too injured to continue the competition. And we saw Alejandro once again doing sneaky evil, with putting a cursed relic in Scott's possession. How will that effect today? Find out now on Total Drama Island!"

Dear mom and dad I'm doing fine.

You guys are on my mind.

(Sugar is seen under water and farted, which rose up to Noah and Izzy who were in the water and Noah passed out.)

You asked me what I wanted to be and now I think the answer is plan to see.

I wanna be famous.

(Shawn was in the forest when he heard something in the bushes and thought it was a zombie and ran. It turned out to be Duncan who was laughing. Dawn was nearby shaking her head.)

I wanna live close to the sun.

(Cody was in a raft with an unimpressed Gwen trying to be "manly", but they went over a waterfall.)

Well pack your bags cuz I already won.

(Lightning was lifting a log while standing on a log while Cody and Gwen fell in the background)

Everything to prove nothing in my way.

(Sky swung from a vine and did a triple somersault and landed on top of the confessional, which broke and she fell in and then fell out, with Dave falling on top of her. Scott watched from afar and laughed.)

I'll get there on day.

(Chef was reaching his arm into a pot of green whatever while smirking at a trembling Lorenzo.)

Cuz I wanna be famous.

(Jo and Jasmine were arm wrestling, with Jo using two hands. Yet Jasmine still beats her. On the beach, Alejandro was flirting with Heather who was trying to ignore him, but couldn't help her blush. Ellody was writing in a notepad.)

Na na na na na naaaa na na na na naaa na na na na na naaaaaa.

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous.

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous.

(A shark leaped over a seagull as a tentacle took it down. Kitty is shown adjusting the camera and started posing differently each time the camera flashed. It soon flashed to night as Zoey and Mike were looking at each other in the eyes. The moment was interpreted by Max popping out of nowhere and laughing evilly as the camera zooms at to show the other camper whistling.)

The camera panned inside the Bass boy's cabin where everyone was sleeping. Duncan then woke up and got down on the ground to do some pushups. While he was doing them, he soon noticed that his face was mere inches away from some stained undies.

"Gahh!" He quickly got up ans fell backwards away from them. His yell woke the guys up as they saw what happened. Shawn then laughed.

"Ha, gotcha." He said getting out of bed.

"Dude, those are yours?" Mike asked.

"No, they're Max's. I found them around and thought to place them there to get Duncan back for that little prank he pulled on me yesterday morning." Shawn explained.


Shawn was seen sitting in the mess hall eating some eggs. He picked up the salt shaker to use, but the lid came off and all the salt came out on his eggs. Duncan was then heard laughing.

"Haa! Sorry about the morning assault." He laughed.

"Seriously, ugh. Nothing a little pepper won't fix." Shawn said grabbing the pepper shaker, which lid was also loosened and all the pepper came out, causing Shawn to start sneezing, much to Duncan's entertainment.

End of flashback

Alejandro sighed. "Such childish pranks are a waste of time."

"Daw come on man, it's just a little bit of fun, ans I'm so gonna get you back later." Duncan said smirking at Shawn. He smirked back.

"Bring it." Shawn said putting on his beanie as Alejandro walked out.

"You wanna join in on the fun?" Duncan asked Mike.

"I don't know, I doubt Zoey would really approve."

"Why does her approval matter?" Shawn asked.

"Well, I haven't told anyone, but I kind of like her. I just wonder if she'll go out with a guy like me." Mike told them.

"Well I can help you out. Other than pranking Shawn I've got nothing better to do." Duncan said.

"Same here." Said Shawn.

"Really? Aw thanks guys you're the best!" Mike said bear hugging Duncan and Shawn.

"Anytime." Duncan choked.

Confessional: Duncan

"It's about time Mike starts making some moves, and I'm more than happy to help him. Plus I can possibly get a vote on my side out of this. It's a win win."

End of confessional

Soon we see the campers outside with Chris.

"Today's challenge will test your minds, your teamwork, and your skills in the kitchen! You'll be cooking a three-course meal and serving it to me for tasting. The winners get a reward and the losers will send somebody home. Each team will appoint a head chef to create the theme of the meal and to oversee the cooking. To cook, you need ingredients. Every morning, a truck brings us food. Today's task starts there." Chris explains as a food truck shows up. Driven by a dolphin. The campers just gave weirded out looks, while Dawn waved.

An intern gets out of the food truck and walks with Chris.

Soon the doors to the food truck open and the Killer Bass look at it.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to be the head chef. I have experience with cooking a number of times." Alejandro suggested.

"Sure, where do we begin?" Mike asked. While Alejandro had the Bass grab different ingredients, the Gophers were discussing who would be head chef.

"Head chef, called it." Heather sais before glaring at Cody. "Try not to mess up this time ok?" Cody nervously nodded as Heather walked away. Gwen walked up to Cody.

"Just ignore her." She said.

Confessional: Heather

"I had to take the leader ship role. Helloo we're on a losing streak, and really everyone else on the team is pretty much useless."

End of confessional

'Sky, mangoes. Noah, pineapples. Kitty, macadamias. Cody, molasses. Gwen, tomatoes. Scott, oranges." Heather commanded as the six each came out carrying the things she requested.

The Bass has made it to the kitchen with their ingredients. Alejandro then came in with holding a can of sauce.

"Alright, we've got three courses and six cooks. Does anyone know how to make any Spanish delicacies?" Alejandro asked the team.

"Well, I know how to make enchiladas." Mike said.

"So do I, we can work on that." Shawn told him.

"I can make some burritos. Wanna help Red?" Duncan asked Zoey.

"Sure, sounds fun."

"Guess that leaves us on dessert." Ellody said to Dawn.

"That's fine, I can't work with meat anyway. What should we make?" Dawn asked her partner.

"Perhaps some churros. I learned how to make them in cooking class." Ellody said.

Confessional: Duncan

"My plan is to bring up Mike in a conversation with Zoey and see how she reacts. If she's into him, should be simple. If not, we'll go with plan B. As soon as we come up with one."

End of confessional

Mike and Shawn were working on the burritos.

"So Shawn, how did you get with Jasmine?" Mike asked the conspiracy nut.

"To be honest, I kinda just counted myself lucky. At first I was hesitant to get a girl since it'll be tougher to survive the apocalypse, but when we were stuck in the cave for the night, I don't know I just thought about how beautiful she is and how much I liked her. Next thing I knew, we kissed. And it was great." Shawn told him with a goofy grin on his face thinking about the kiss.

"Wow, I guess it's just natural with some people." Mike said.

"You don't have to be anything special you know. All we gotta do is wait for Duncan to give the signal, and you just gotta be yourself around her." Shawn said.

"Yeah, I think I can handle that." The two soon heard the Gophers enter the kitchen.

"Kitty and Gwen, you guys are on the citric academia upside down cake flambe." Heather instructed.

"Know how to make that?" Kitty asked Gwen.

Scott came in with a crate of oranges, but a few fell out and he tripped over them.

"Go back to the truck and get more oranges." Heather commanded.

"Yes mam." Scott said leaving as Noah walked in.

"Noah, you and Scott are on ribs."

Confessional: Scott

"Maybe it's cuz pappy was in the army and mama works as a waitress, but I kinda like taking orders."

End of confessional

"Cody and Sky" Heather called as the two stood at attention. "You're on pineapple skewer and mango dip."

"Let me handle the appetizers. I know how to make pineapple chutney." Sky said confidently.

"Oh really? Well that's nice, but since I'm head chef, we're sticking to my plan. And my plan is pineapples with sticks through them got it?!" Heather snarled.

Outside, Scott has gotten a new supply of oranges. He was bringing them to the Mess Hall, but he crashed into a tree. Sadly, there were bees over him, and they stung him in numerous ways. Scott ran away in an attempt to evade the bees.

As that was happening, Duncan and Zoey were making the burritos. Duncan saw Zoey staring at Mike while Alejandro was taste testing the sauce he made.

"I'm getting the feeling you have a thing for him." Duncan said, snapping Zoey back to reality.

"What, I don't have a crush on Mike." Zoey said quickly.

"Then how did you know I was talking about Mal?" Duncan smirked as Zoey realized her error.

"Ok fine. Maybe I do like him. I mean, what's not to like? He's sweet, funny, cute." While Zoey listed things she liked about Mike, Duncan gave him the thumbs up before walking off.

"You got this man, just be yourself." Shawn encouraged as Mike went up to Zoey.

"Hey Zoey. You know, you look nice when you're cooking." Mike complimented.

"Aww, thanks Mike." Zoey said as she and Mike starred into each other's eyes. But of course the moment was ruined when Alejandro stepped in.

"Mike, we need some more tomatoes, can you go back to the truck to get some?" He asked.

"Uhh sure, no problem. See ya Zoey." Mike waved as he walked off. Shawn facepalmed.

Confessional: Shawn

"Dang it! There's always something to interrupt a good moment."


"Of course I ruined their moment on purpose. Having couples around just makes things harder. I don't need many alliances running the team, it'll make me an easy target."

End of confessionals

Scott shows up with the oranges, though he had some bee stings. "I got the oranges, heads up." Scott announced before tossing the create of oranges at Noah, knocking him out.

Confessional: Heather

Things are going perfectly except for Scott's hornet stings. And Noah's concussion which means he's out of today's challenge. But still, this challenge is totally ours.' Heather said before she smacked herself in annoyance.

End of confessional

Dawn and Ellody were making the dessert when they saw Duncan constantly reaching for a certain spot on his back.

"Are you okay Mohawk?" Dawn asked her friend.

"I keep feeling something on my back. Is there something there?" He said turning around so the girls can see. They saw a sheet of paper taped to his back that has a picture of a monkey doing the same motions Duncan was doing try to reach for the paper. Dawn and Ellody couldn't help but giggle. "What?" Duncan asked.

"Let me help." Dawn said reaching for the sheet of paper. "Is this what you were dancing for?" Dawn asked with an amused smile.

"Dancing?" Duncan said taking the paper and seeing what was on it. He then came to a realization. "Shawn!"

Shawn was too busy laughing his beanie off to be scared by Duncan's voice. "Ha, told you I'd get you back!" He said.

"Yeah, you did." Duncan grumbled.

Chris came to give the teams an update, and laughed when he saw the drawing. "Three hours and counting guys."

Heather checked on Cody's work on the pineapples. "These slices are totally uneven. Switch places with Sky."

Sky stopped Cody from walking. "What are you talking about? They look fine to me"

"Um, I didn't get to be head chef because of poor presentation!" Heather snootily remarked.

"No, you got to be head chef because you called it! And who are you convincing with this tyrannical power trip you are on?" Sky said back.

By now even the Bass were watching the drama before them. "Are you going to be a team player or what?!" Heather yelled.

"I'm an Olympic trainee, of course I'm a team player. Unlike you!" Sky fired back.

"Just get slicing, now!" Heather said. Sky glared, but reluctantly did as said.

"Thank you." Heather said walking away like nothing happened.

Shawn was chopping some sausages, when Duncan came from behind and slammed a bucket on his head and banging it like a drum multiple times before removing it. Shawn was in a uncontrolable trembling state. Duncan quickly stole his beanie and ran out the kitchen with it. After some time Shawn had came back to his senses.

"What happened?" Shawn asked.

"Duncan stole your beanie." Mike told him. Shawn wasted no time and ran to the cabin. As soon as he ran out, Duncan walked back in from the back way.

"What's going on?" Ellody asked.

"Let's just say Shawn's a bit, hot headed." Duncan said holding a bottle of hot sauce as he and Mike snickered.

"I don't think that'll even work." Ellody said. "Hit sauce isn't hot by touch, only by taste. In actuality, hot sauce actually feels cold so..." Before Ellody can continue, the sound of Shawn screaming can be heard, followed by the sound of splash. Duncan and Mike burst out laughing.

"You were saying?" Duncan said. Shawn then walked into the kitchen dripping wet. Duncan and Mike started laughing again.

"I thought you said you didn't want to be part of the prank war." Shawn said to Mike.

"I'm not, I had nothing to do with this." Mike said.

Alejandro rolled his eyes at the display as he picked up a tray of sandwiches. "While you guys were busy not being busy, I prepared sandwiches for everyone. We can have a snack while we work." He said taking a sandwich for himself. Duncan took one too.

"Nice, I'm starving." He said taking a bite. Alejandro took one too. Once they did, they both had a look of disgust.

"Strange, I don't remember my sandwiches tasting like this." Alejandro said.

"You sure you didn't put the wrong things in here?" Duncan asked sticking his hand inside the sandwich. He then found a dirty underwear inside the sandwich. Alejandro opened his and also found a dirty underwear.

"Ugh sick!" Duncan said dropping the sandwich. Shawn and Mike burst out laughing at this.

"Got you back! I put those in there earlier." Shawn said. "Though I didn't mean to get Alejandro, sorry man." Alejandro's eye was just twitching. "Uh, you ok Al?"

Confessional: Alejandro

Alejandro was vigorously brushing his teeth while swearing in Spanish. You can vaguely hear him say, "I'll remember this."

End of confessional

Fellas, perhaps you can put your little prank war on hold until AFTER the challenge!" Ellody scolded. Shawn and Duncan both mutter an okay.

Heather walked over to Kitty and Gwen. "How's it going?" she asked them.

"We used all the flambe starter, but it won't flambe." Kitty said

"Nothing happened when you lit it?" Heather double checked.

"Oops. I knew we forgot something." Kitty said sheepish.

Confessional: Heather

"It's like talking to an eggplant." Heather ranted.

End of confessional

"Pay attention girls, this is how you flambe. Step one: poor the flambe starter which you did manage. Step two of two, light it." Heather lit the flambe, but it ended up exploding and blew off her eyebrow. Kitty smiled while Gwen tried to stifle her laughter. Heather grabbed a pan and saw that her eyebrows weren't on. "My eyebrows! Scott!"

"What's up?" Scott asked walking over. Once he saw Heather he almost laughed if it wasn't for her glare. "Go get my make up bag from the cabin." Heather ordered the farmer. Scott obeyed and left.

"Excuse me," Sky said. "I need a bathroom break."

"Well I need new eyebrows, but I guess we don't always get what we want!" Heather ranted walking away. At this point, a few of the Gophers were getting fed up with Heather.

Confessional: Sky

"Suddenly I'm starting to forget how much I dislike Noah. Heather now holds that spot."

End of confessional

Alejandro finally came back after brushing, disinfecting, washing, bleaching, and drying his mouth from the sandwich.

"Hey sorry about that man. Duncan and I are gonna hold off on our pranks till after the challenge. We cool?" Shawn asked, though Duncan didn't look as apologetic since the only thing his pranks did to Alejandro was annoy him.

"Apology accepted." Alejandro fake smiled.

Scott came back with Heather's make up, but was covered in bee stings.

"Don't just stand there. Give it!" Heather said to Scott.

Scott slurred some gibberish due to the bee stings covering his face as he tossed the make up bag. Before Heather can catch it, Sky caught and threw it to Gwen.

"Hey, give me that!" Heather yelled as Gwen through it to Cody, who threw it in the open freezer. "Noooo!" Heather ran into the freezer to get her bag, but Gwen closed the freezer on her. "Let me out!"

"Think we gone too far?" Cody asked as he, Gwen, and Sky had their ears at the door.

"I will destroy you!" Heather yelled punching dents om the freezer door.

"She'll get over it." Sky said.

The scene cut back to Ellody and Dawn working on the churros.

"These need to be exactly 15cm." Ellody said.

"You know, not everything has to be perfect." Dawn told the genius.

"The perfect size will equal the perfect score." Ellody said.

Confessional: Ellody

"Precision is key to excellence."

End of confessional

We then see Chris at the dining table, waiting for his food.

"Your meal is coming up sir." Cody told Chris politely.

"Lunch is almost served Chris, I mean sir." Mike said happily

The Screaming Gophers were done with their food

"We might just win this thing." Sky said. "Scott, guard the food."

While sitting in the freezer plotting the demise of her team, Heather drew eyebrows on her forehead with a marker.

We see Chris trying the Killer Bass burritos.

"Your burritos gets a nine, pass the enchiladas please." Chris said as Shawn gave him the enchiladas.

Chris then ate the enchiladas. "I give that a six. With a combined score of fifteen how will the Gophers respond?" Chris asked.

Soon Scott showed up with the ribs.

"These look good.' Chris said happily before taking a part of the ribs and eating it. "Eight points

"Yes." Scott said happily.

"Time for dessert!" Chris declared.

Chris ate the Bass' churros. "Mmm, nine."

Chris then ate the Gophers' pineapple skewer and was impressed "I give this one a seven."

The Gophers will need ten points to beat the Bass. And I do say this dessert looks like a winner." Chris said before looking at the flambé

Chris then picked at it with the fork and the flambe exploded.

"That doesn't look good." Kitty commented.

Chris ate it anyway, but began to choke,

Luckily Shawn came to his rescue. "Hang on, there! Yes! Got it!" Shawn patted himself on the back when the piece was on the table.

"Ewww." Zoey cringed.

"What the heck is this?" Chris asked.

"It is Heather's recipe," Cody said. "Crap, she's still in the freezer." He said going to let her out. Chris have the Gophers a look.

"What, she was getting annoying." Gwen defended.

"Oh, I feel that." Chris said as he and Shawn, who was still standing behind him, cringed.

"Oh the horror!" Shawn said. Heather was standing there ice blue and shivering with drawn on eyebrows. But that didn't stop her from glaring at her team.

"You guys a-are s-so dead." She said. "Is the challenge o-over?

"It is! The Bass win twenty-four to sixteen and it's because I almost died." Chris said as the Bass cheered

"Great! That's just great! Why do we keep losing. people?" Heather yelled at her teammates, who were all mad at her.

"Since the challenge is over." Shawn said before going behind Duncan and dropping some ice cubes in his shirt.

"Gahhh that's cold!" Duncan started wiggling and hopping around like he was dancing like a monkey again while Shawn, Chris, and the rest of the Bass enjoyed the little show. While moving around, Duncan bumped into Scott, causing something to fall out of his pocket. Chris picked it up.

"What is this?"

"I don't know, I just found it on my person and thought it looked cool." Scott said taking it. Alejandro then made his move.

"Amigo, I recognize that. I saw it on our trip to Bony Island." He said faking worry.

"What?" Heather said.

"You took something from Bony Island? The deadliest island in Muskoka. The one I specifically said not to take anything from or you'll be cursed forever!" Chris ranted.

"I didn't take it, I just found it yesterday." Scott tried to defend.

"Well no wonder we kept on losing." Gwen said glaring at Scott.

"Alright alright I'll put it back." Scott said walking out.

"The Killer Bass now lead with seven members to the gophers' soon to be six. And as promised, the winners will be enjoying a reward tonight. A five-star dinner under the stars." Chris announced, making the Killer Bass excited.

"Awesome!" Mike said hugging Zoey, making her blush.

Sky was seen near the cabins with Gwen, Cody, Kitty, and now Noah, who had a bandage on his head.

"I don't know about you guys, but Heather has got to go." Sky said as Gwen nodded.

"Yeah but Scott cursed us with that wooden tiki doll thingy." Cody reminded.

"While I don't believe in curses, that idiot gave me a concussion!" Noah spat. "And besides, he's not the most useful person. We can always get rid of Heather later." The girls gave a thoughtful look.

Soon we cut to the elimination ceremony where Chris and the remaining Screaming Gophers are.

'I've got seven Gophers sitting in front of me tonight but only six fluffy bits of sweet safety in my hands. So good luck. When I call your name, come up and get your marshmallow." Chris said.

"Cody, Gwen, Kitty, Sky, Noah." Chris called the safe Gophers as he threw them their marshmallows. "Heather, Scott, this is the last marshmallow." The two gave nervous looks.




"Heather." Chris tossed her the marshmallow. "Scott, the gang has spoken." Scott glared at his former team before walking to the boat of losers.

"And you might wanna burn some sage to get rid of any lingering curse vibes." Chris warned the team.

"Will Chef give us some sage?" Sky asked.

"Nope. So good luck with that." Chris declined.

In the middle of the night we see Shawn sleeping. Soon the bed is lifted by three familiar male figures, and they ran outside with him still asleep.

In the morning Shawn, woke up and got out of bed. He was still half sleep and took him a couple seconds to focus his hearing on the giggles around him. He also took the time to notice that he was outside. He noticed that all the girls were in the lake.

"Good morning Shawn." Some said in a sing song manner. Shawn then felt a breeze down under and looked down. He was now fully awake when he noticed he was butt naked.

"AHHH!" He yelped.

"So, do you surrender?" Duncan asked as he and Mike were in a canoe while Alejandro was swimming.

"Ok, yes I surrender!" Shawn yelled.

"I'm gonna need more than that man." Duncan said.

"You're the prank master. You're the best!" Shawn spoke.

Duncan smirked. "That's more like it." He grabbed a bag and tossed it to Shawn. Shawn caught it dashed off to change while Duncan and Mike laughed. Alejandro had a smirk on his face.

Confessional: Alejandro

"Consider that as my little pay back for the sandwich."

End of confessional

Scott- I love Scott, he's in my top ten favorite contestants. But he didn't have much going on here and I don't need a lot of villains roaming around at once.

Screaming Gophers: Cody, Gwen, Heather, Kitty, Noah, Sky

Killer Bass: Alejandro, Dawn, Duncan, Ellody, Mike, Shawn, Zoey

25th: Max

24th: Jo

23th: Dave

22th: Sugar

21th: Jasmine

20th: Izzy

19th: Lightning

18th: Lorenzo

17th: Scott