Chapter 1

Accessing File: Hunter's Guild Lunar Outpost

The Hunter's Guild Lunar Outpost is a spatial outpost located in sector 45 of the Earth's moon where the most dastardly bounty hunters of the galaxy refuel and reload. The lunar outpost is a place designated for bounty hunters to regain supplies. It possesses hangars for spaceships, a bar staffed by Blank Robots and cells to enclose prisoners of the bounty hunters.

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Accessing File: Kiva Andru

A human born in the 31st century on the planet Reach before it fell to the Glorft. Kiva is a highly skilled fighter both in hand to combat and mech piloting. Serving as a commander in the Earth Coalition forces Kiva had captured an experimental Glorft mech codenamed "Avatar" meant to serve as the coup de gras against mankind. After modifying it and renaming it to Megas Kiva had it installed with an experimental time drive to take her back to 3035 the Battle of the Last Stand, humanity's last major offensive against the Glorft, and change the outcome of the war forever.

Though after an attack from the Glorft both Kiva, Megas, and the Glorft crew of the Karajor have been stranded in the 21st century. With Megas being modified by Harold "Coop" Cooplowski Kiva now advises him on how to use Megas and hopes to bring him and Megas back to the future and end the war.

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Accessing File: Siviks, Lost to None

Brother of the Eliksni crime boss Rakis, The Spider, Siviks is a dangerously ambitious, cunning, and power-hungry individual who wishes to see those he hates die, and he hates everyone. Like his brother Rakis, Siviks was originally born to the House of Dancers (renamed Devils), however after the Eliksni's first contact war with the Gems a thousand years ago many of the Eliksni's outer colony worlds had been burned to ashes including the world the brothers were born on.

The Ketch they were on had set a course for Riis but had too many individuals on it but they came across a Ketch of refugees belonging to the House of Gentle Weavers (renamed Wolves). The Dancers Baroness Eramis (the future Ship-Stealer and later Kell of Darkness) brought the hatchling Siviks and Rakis with her who met with the Weavers emissary Inaaks who brought her hatchling son Misraaks with her, both doing so as a sign of trust. Negotiations were made with the Weavers offering materials to repair the Dancers Ketch and the Dancers giving some of their crew, including Rakis and Siviks, and a portion of Ether to the Weavers. Eramis was sending the removed crew members to die, with the Weavers, rather than condemn them to the cold and uncaring depths of space where her people could see.

Siviks and Rakis would be raised by Inaaks in the House of Gentle Weavers, later renamed as the House of Wolves. After a disagreement regarding on what to do with a group of captured prisoners with Misraaks, who had been their superior and a ruthless individual before becoming disillusioned with the Eliksni's ways and becoming a revolutionary leader, Misraaks took the brothers disagreement as a challenge against his authority and marooned them and their followers on an asteroid.

Siviks and Rakis would eventually be rescued and started a crime syndicate called the House of Spider led by Rakis who took up the name The Spider and then he somehow managed to claim a generous bounty that was placed on himself.

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April 10th, 201X

Warsats in Sol System now sending back relevant data for possible Warmind Vaults (to house submind units) and Seraph Bunkers (for system defense) locations.


Possible and strategic locations:

Europa: Jovian moon was once home of Clovis Bray I secret colony to create the first Exos and now houses a G3 garrison to guard the Spiral Gem of Creation, the other dimension Black Pyramid, and to grant Stasis powers to a select few G3 agents.

Europa is approved for Vault and Bunker set up.

Io: Jovian moon, uncharted, approved for Vault and Bunker set up.

Mars: Detecting intelligent lifeforms on the fourth planet of Sol, both native and out of the system. Recommend making contact lifeforms to receive approval for Vault and Bunker set up.

Earth: Home world of my makers. Work in tandem with Global Justice and Guardian Units of the Nations to set up Vault and Bunkers.

Earth's Moon: Detecting life forms on its surface. Radio signals detect an outpost for galactic bounty hunters. Vault and Bunker set up declined until a solution is-


Detecting ship signature similar to one found in the future files provided by Kiva Andru. Ship signature ID reads as Spidership Insurrection-Fel. Files indicate it is the future flagship of a mercenary group called Kell's Scourge who will be hired by the Glorft to help them wipe out Earth Coalition forces in the 31st century. Kell's Scourge will be founded and led by the Captain of Insurrection-Fel Siviks, Lost to None.

Hacking into Hunter's Guild Lunar Outpost Security Cameras…

Hack complete.


Inside the bar multiple aliens of different species are seen drinking. The hacked security cameras zoom in on two aliens, one was a12ft tall Eliksni who wore tattered blue clothes, a tattered grey cape with fur lining his shoulders, armor on his arms and legs, spiked shoulder pauldrons, a spiked white helmet with two blue glowing eye slits. The other was a large muscular alien with orange skin, large jaws with the teeth merged with his lips. He also has two brown horns extending downward from his jaw and wore a greyish blue suit.

"My men should be loading your Ketch with the items you asked for." The orange skinned alien said. "You better have my Glimmer Siviks."

"The Dregs are bringing it now Vulkanus." Siviks explained. "And you should be sure the parts I bought from you are working."

"I need the Glimmer, not all of my contacts take Taydens and Krystons." Vulkanus said in response to Siviks' accusation. "Besides, when do I ever go back on my word."

Siviks merely stared at Vulkanus, if his helmet didn't cover his face, one could see that he was glaring at Vulkanus.

"Okay, good point." Vulkanus said in resignation. "When you get back to Karava ask your brother if he has a job I can do for him."


Ending hack.


Siviks will create Kell's Scourge in 500 years and in the 31st century will be hired by the Glorft to help them wipe out the Earth Coalition.


Siviks' death now will not change the outcome of the war with the Glorft but will lessen the losses of the Earth Coalition.

Conclusive Action:

Sending information to Kiva Andru now.


New Jersey City, State of New Jersey,

Goat's Junkyard

Kiva Andru has only ever asked for a few things in life and none of which was ever simple to gain. Ever since she became trapped in the 21st century their have been many, many downs going on for her. First the mech that was supposed to be piloted by her to save humanity can no longer be operated by her thanks to Coop changing its operating systems and the time flux was destroyed by Coop. But, since meeting Ana Bray and the past version of the A.I. Warmind Rasputin things have admittedly gotten better. Thanks to Rasputin the knowledge she needed to operate the modified Megas was downloaded into her mind so now the systems were no longer foreign to her. Not that it's needed anymore thanks to Rasputin sending her advice and blueprints to make a second Megas unit.

Rising from her seat and placing the laptop Coop and Jamie gave her she looks up to see the two 24-meter mechs standing before her. The first one was the original Megas she stole from the Glorft for the Earth Coalition but heavily modified by Coop with a blue paintjob with painted flames and red 1970 Plymouth car for a head. The second resembled what Megas once resembled with a standard Earth Coalition silver and blue paintjob and possesses its original head design. The one difference between the second Megas and the original Megas' Coalition design is that the second Megas had a 02 painted on its left leg. The parts used to build this second Megas came from her original mech, the two drones she brought with her, parts of destroyed Glorft mechs, as well as the remains of Gorrath's Mecha-Megas unit.

Kiva smiles at the new mech built for her to use but frowns as remembers one more thing. Thanks to Ana Kiva was able to get Elsie Bray's time drive but modifying it to return to the future has proven to be difficult. The drive could only travel 100 years into the future or the past and it can only make two jumps. Kiva had to admit for a device made in the 21st century it was more difficult to deal with then she thought.

She can hear Coop and Jamie talking to Goat nearby. Apparently, Jamie tried to flirt with a woman named Susan Delgado at the convenience store. From what she can tell Jamie tried asking if she was related to Hoss Delgado and she felt insulted that he would assume that just because she had the same last name as him. Susan was not related to him and then her husband, a 6'3 ft tall man named Roland Deschain came along, and he looked so intimidating that Jamie fled for the hills.

Kiva couldn't help but chuckle at this. Even if Jamie and Coop get on her nerves almost all the time, she has come to see them as her friends and now she wouldn't give it up for anything.


She hears a notification on the laptop and quickly returns to it. An email was sent to her…from Rasputin!

Kiva is understandably surprised as she only ever communicates with the Warmind for help on upgrading Megas, building Megas 02, and trying to modify the time drive unit to take her to the Battle of the Last Stand. If he's communicating with her now, then it must be important. She just hopes Glorft aren't on the move again.

She reads the message, and her eyes widen in shock at what she sees.

My Warsats have located an alien your files indicate is a threat to the Earth Coalition in your time.

The Eliksni mercenary Siviks, Lost to None was in the Sol System and is now heading to a planet called Karava.

His death now will prevent him from founding his Kell's Scrouge syndicate. Though his death will not change the outcome of your war it should lessen the losses of your Earth Coalition.

Kiva's eyes narrow in determination at the information provided to her. The redheaded future woman knows that Rasputin said in the letter is correct but knowing that with Siviks dead then his mercenaries won't be founded and will not be hired by the Glorft. But from what she heard about planet Karava in the future it's held by mercenary syndicates and criminal organizations not something she would know how to navigate. And then it hits her.

'I do know someone who does who has lived for a thousand years' Kiva thought to herself.

She types in the laptop to remotely activate Megas 02's tachyon transmitter to call this person. Hopefully his communication ID was still the same in the 21st century as it is in the 31st century.

The screen on her laptop reveals an Exo with w blue faceplate, white forehead and horn.

"Hello, you have reached Cayde-6." The man identified as Cayde said in suave and carefree voice. "And who might you be little lady?"

"Mister Reynold my name is Kiva Andru." Kiva replied. "I need you for a job and I can't exactly pay you."

"So how are you going to pay me?" Cayde asked in response.

"What if I were to say that you helping me would help save the Earth in the 31st century." Kiva said as the Exo's eyes widened at what she said.

Kiva smirks knowing that she now has his undivided attention.