Chapter 3: Karava

Accessing File: Planet Karava

Planet Karava is a lush planet with beautiful greenery, jungles, mountains, and possesses several moons. The planet was once home to an unidentified sentient civilization referred to as the Karavans. Three hundred years ago the Karavans themselves came into contact with the San'Shyuum species, the Sany'Shyuum demanded that the Karavans submit to their expanding interstellar empire. Upon their refusal, the San'Shyuum deployed three hundred N'weo-pattern Gigas bombers to completely wipe out the species on the planet – completely genociding them.

The San'Shyuum themselves faced punishment for their actions after the Sangheili and United Stellar Alliance learned of their actions. The planet itself became a colony world for the Sangheili after the San'Shyuum's empire was defeated.

Though the planet is now a Sangheili colony the planet, a backwater one at best, it isn't under the Sangheili's full control, as several crime syndicates and rogues have taken up residence on it. The most notorious is the Eliksni Crime Syndicate known as the House of Spider, led by the self-proclaimed Eliksni Baron Rakis, The Spider.

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Accessing File: The House of Spider

The House of Spider is an Eliksni Crime Syndicate led by self-proclaimed Baron Rakis, the Spider. Rakis and his brother Siviks were originally members of the House of Wolves serving in a crew of privates led by their foster brother Misraaks. Misraaks' mother Inaaks was forced to take in the two brothers after Eramis had forced the two of them as well as several other members of her old crew to live with Inaaks and her people. While it is true that Misraaks, the revolutionary leader of the Eliksni who had recently overthrew his people's corrupt leaders is known to the United Stellar Alliance and its allies as a hero and a paragon of change it is worth noting that during his days as a member of the House of Wolves he was once a ruthless raider. A past that he is deeply ashamed of.

When Misraaks' crew captured several Gaia Union pilots Misraaks had them locked in an airlock and attempted to jettison them into space, Rakis suggested that they be made to serve their House instead, with Siviks amusingly agreeing. Rakis attempted to release the survivors but was stopped by Misraaks. Attempting again, Rakis reached for the airlock controls. Misraaks, taking this gesture as disrespect toward his leadership, immediately evacuated the airlock into space, killing all of the surviving pilots. Rakis and Siviks, angered, fought back against this decision. Misraaks responded by killing half the Dregs loyal to Rakis and Siviks, before clashing with the brothers themselves. The battle ended in Misraaks' victory, and the brothers, along with their remaining crew, were marooned on an asteroid and left to fend for themselves.

Although Rakis eventually escaped the asteroid, the experience had left him unrecognizable. Seizing upon the opportunity, he declared himself "The Spider" and claimed a generous bounty that had been placed on his head.

The Spider and his fortune eventually arrived on the lawless world of Karava, where he established himself as the head of a major syndicate that now reaches other parts of the galaxy. He amassed a sizeable and loyal following of Eliksni bodyguards, enforcers, associates, and freelance operatives thanks to his generous Ether payment, including continued payments if one of his employees was injured while on the job. Despite any form of generosity, he may display he is quite cunning, devious, and a very dangerous individual. He will dock the lower arms of any Eliksni that fails in their tasks and has once attached a bomb to one of his associates to keep them from acting out of line after they had disobeyed his orders. The Spider's rule was aided by procuring a Transmat system that covered his entire territory from the mercenary Olu Alderdice.

The Spider has been known to pay any currency for Gem shards. Bounty Hunters have made rumors that Rakis might eat Gem shards.

It has been noted that Rakis and his brother Siviks seem to be having a falling out when Siviks had made several suggestions that they try to kill Misraaks for leaving them to die and their race's former high rulers. Siviks desire for anarchy and revenge has only increased after Misraaks has decided to turn to a life of peace and removing the Eliksni's corrupt leaders from power.

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Accessing File: Bracus Zahn

Zahn is a notorious Cabal weaponsmith who has made several illegal weapons and sold them to unscrupulous individuals in the galaxy. His title of "Bracus" is the lowest known command rank in Cabal Legions, comparable to a lieutenant or lieutenant commander, and since he is an outlaw, he is not considered an actual Bracus. At one-point Bracus Zahn had dealings with Emperor Calus, whom he regarded as his best customer prior to his usurption. His successor, Dominus Ghaul, would instead summon Zahn to the Shadow Realm System and aid in arming the Red Legion with his illicit weaponry as they went to war with Vilgax and the Chimera Sui Generis; much to the latter's hatred of Ghaul for deposing Calus. Having met Ghaul aboard his ship, Zahn contemplates the weaknesses in Ghaul's ceremonial armor and that killing him could force the Cabal to abandon his foolish crusade. When the Dominus called to question the quantity of Zahn's advanced weapons, the latter tries holding back his anger while responding with a rhetorical question having come all the way to his "throne room" without them. Ghaul's advisor the Consul rebukes the Legionary for his flippant remarks, only to be silenced by Zahn as he was wasting time with the only real weapons supplier they have got. He then smiled much to the chagrin of the two as he knew they needed him.

Once Ghaul was killed by Vilgax and his lieutenants were eliminated Zahn took command of the Red Legion Carrier, Orobas Vectura, and escaped the system.

Ever since Caiatl became empress of the Cabal Empire and bringing forth her reforms and entering in a coalition with the United Stellar Alliance, Zahn's forces have increased in numbers from the number of deserters not happy with Caiatl's decisions.

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Orobas Vectura




Gunfire and explosions ring out all across the former Red Legion Carrier. Eliksni and their robotic minions firing upon Cabal and their Scorpius turrets, both the regular variant that uses a machine gun and the Volcanic Scorpius variant that makes use of a flamethrower.

Bracus Zahn and his outlaws were originally supplying weapons and recovered ancient technology to the Eliksni known as Siviks, Lost to None for a special project of his to construct a weapon he would use to seek revenge against Misraaks and plunge the Eliksni people into a state of anarchy, and thanks to their efforts Siviks had rewarded Zahn and his outlwas handsomely for all their efforts. However, the more the arms dealer aided the anti-establishment Eliksni the more he became intrigued by the project he was working on. After recently learning what it was that Siviks had the arms dealer help make and the origin of the ancient technology that Siviks was using. Zahn decided to take Siviks' secret weapon for himself, though first he had to get rid of Siviks and his associates.

As the firefight raged on two individuals ended up getting stuck in it and were now fighting Bracus Zahn and Siviks lieutenant Thaviks, the Depraved. These individuals were Kiva Andru and Cayde-6. Kiva was currently fighting Zahn and now armed with an Eliksni Arc Rifle. Under normal circumstances Kiva would make use of her martial arts skills, however the Cabal's physiology makes them very bulky, and their armor is too tough. Luckily, she has been trained to use firearms for occasions like these.

Cayde meanwhile was fighting Thaviks and his men. Making use of his hand cannon the Ace of Spades, as well as his Semblance and Stasis powers Cayde was able to hold his own against the marauder and the Dregs he sent to swarm the hunter. Though despite his best-efforts Cayde was still getting overwhelmed by these anarchists and receiving injuries that were beginning to impede his progress. One Dreg managed to pick up a piece of debris and uses it to bat Cayde into a hanging metal catwalk. After grabbing onto it he looks below and sees a group of Eliksni below him. Thinking quick he fires at the loose catwalk, making it drop down onto the group below him as he jumps down.

"Sorry. Not sorry." Cayde says nonchalantly after glancing at the dead group.

Suddenly he is struck by an invisible Thaviks who decloaks and continues punching the Exo. He stops and grabs Cayde by the shoulders and throws him into a crowd of approaching Eliksni who begin to chase him.

Avoiding the Eliksni at all turns Cayde couldn't help but think of how crazy this trip was turning out.

'And here I thought it be a simple assassination mission.'



Kor Delban

A few hours ago…

"Okay so let me get this straight. We're here on this planet getting the help of the past version of this guy you know in the future, to hunt down this mercenary dude, who will get hired by the squids in a thousand years to help them eliminate mankind. But we're here to kill him before he creates his mercenary gang in five hundred years so we can lessen mankind's losses in their war against the Glorft." Coop summarized after being debriefed by Kiva.

After Kiva told Coop and Jamie that they were going on a mission to space that only required the first Megas she briefed them on what they would be doing.

"That is correct." Kiva said as the trio made it onto the ground as some aliens were looking up at Megas. These people were clearly not used to seeing a 24-meter high mech parked in Kor Delban's spaceport.

"Even though this really won't change the outcome of your war." Coop then asked the 31st century redhead woman.

"Affirmative." Kiva said as she looked in the air for Cayde's jumpship.

"But do really need to kill this Siviks guy?" Coop asked as he was a little nervous about having to take someone's life.

"Exactly how many Glorft pilots do you think you've killed every time you destroyed one of their mechs?" Kiva deadpanned to the overweight mech pilot.

"Good point." Coop conceded to Kiva's argument.

"So why did you need us for this mission?" Jamie asked as he took a minute to look at his surroundings. "You've got the second Megas you could have just come here yourself and met with your friend's past self."

"From what Cayde told me back in the 31st century this planet is quite lawless so bringing in the second Megas would be impractical." Kiva explained as she then took a look at the original Megas. "The changes Coop made to the original's design and camouflage make it blend in better at a place like this."

"Despite all the looks it's getting." Jamie said taking notice of the people looking at the mech.

"Most races don't see 24-meter mechs land in their own spaceports." Kiva said in response.

Suddenly the group sees a jumpship land next to Megas and Cayde transmats out of his ship. He sees the trio and approaches them. Once he's close enough to them, he then turns his attention to Megas.

After looking at it for a few seconds he begins to talk. "You know I really got to say the paintjob on your mech really gives it personality."

"Thanks." Coop said as walked to the Exo's left side. "I really wanted it to say something like 'this is what awesomeness is supposed to look like.'"

"Nice I always like to put the works in for my ship." Cayde said as he pointed to his jumpship which had a few noticeable details on it such as a couple of spade marks. "I call her my 'Queen of Hearts.'"

"The works huh? Hehehe, your my kind of guy." Coop said, taking a moment to admire Cayde's jumpship.

"So, what do you got there a V-8?" Cayde asked.

"V-8,000." Coop answered.

"Woo wee." Cayde said in admiration

"It's kind of like a monster truck." Jamie explained as he walked onto the conversation.

"Well, I see the three of you are getting along." Kiva said to the three of them. "But I think it's best that we get to work on the mission."

"Right, find Siviks, put a bullet in his head, help save the future, then maybe eat a sandwich." Cayde said.

"I like that plan what kind of sandwiches are you thinking, meatball subs or philly cheesesteaks?" Coop asked.

"I'm thinking a BLT burger." Cayde answered. "Or maybe some spicey ramen I know a great shop in San Fransokyo."

"Cayde." Kiva said getting the attention of the rest of the group to keep them on track. "We need to find Siviks and you're the only person I know who can figure out where he is on this planet."

"And I know where to start first." Cayde said. "First, we head to The Spider's Palace. If anyone knows where Siviks is, it's his brother."

"Is that a good idea?" Jamie asked. "I mean wouldn't his brother try to lead us away from Siviks."

"Don't worry your pretty little beanie head kid." Cayde said as he led the Megas trio to their destination. "Siviks may take orders from Rakis, but he's been getting on his nerves a lot with all the secrecy his been up to. In fact, Rakis said he wouldn't shed a tear for him if he did something that got himself killed."

"Some family dynamic these two have." Coop said as he looked around before returning his attention to Cayde. "So, Kiva says you're a bounty hunter?"

"Yep, galaxy's a chaotic place and I'm one of the few bounty hunters out there with a moral code." Cayde explained.

"How'd you become an Exo?" Coop then asked the bounty hunter. "I mean those guys are only found on Earth and you're not from it."

"Yeah, I came to Earth to learn about Aura and Semblances." Cayde explained before his tone became solemn. "This monster I knew killed some of my friends, so I went looking for an edge to put him down."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." Coop said with a sorrowful tone. He didn't mean for this conversation to bring up any bad memories that Cayde had.

"Don't worry about it old Taniks finally got what was coming to him." Cayde said in response to Coop's apology. "I kept coming back to Earth and then on one trip I got into an accident and now robot body."

"Well at least you get to live forever now." Jamie said next.

"Yeah, plus side there but enough about me for once." Cayde said as he looked at the large building in front of them. "We're here"

Spider's palace was a large structure. The architecture of the buildings that made it up didn't match with any of the other buildings nearby. The group approached the front entrance and came across two Eliksni guarding it and each one was armed with an Arc Spear.

"We need to talk to your boss." Cayde said to the guards.

The Spider's Associates look at each other and then one of them says something in their native language into his helmet's communicator. He beckons the group to follow him to which they comply with.

Making their way through the halls of the building the Associate leads brings them to a door that automatically opens up for them. On the other side they enter a large room filled with people of different races. Some were humans, some were Eliksni, and some were of races Coop and Jamie hadn't encountered before. These people were gambling in various different games and drinking whatever type of alcoholic beverage they had in space.

"One Ether Fizz for Arask, the Bully." Said a robot at a nearby bar holding what looked like a small container of sorts. A 12-foot tall Eliksni approaches the robot, grabs the container, and then attaches it to the side of his helmet's respirator. He gives a satisfied sigh before he then pulls out a Shock Pistol with his lower right hand and shoots the robot's head off.

"I ordered that Ether Fizz 45 minutes ago." Arask said to the dead robot before taking his leave.

"Some people really know how to live up to their names." Cayde said before he turned the Megas trio's attention to a fat Eliksni sitting on a throne that was few feet off the ground on the other side of the room. "That's Spider over their come on everyone and let me do the talking."

As they got closer the Megas trio managed to get a good look at him. He was fat and he wore armor that was white and had faded blue paint on it. He had a brown blanket on himself that displayed the symbol of his house and at his side stood two more of his Associates. He sees the group approach him and turns his attention to the one leading them.

"Well, well, if it isn't Cayde-6, the worst gambler in the galaxy!" He says to the Exo leading the group. "Looking for a job to pay off whatever debt you've accumulated this time."

"Nope." Cayde said. "I think your brother might be doing something behind your back, so my friends and I need you to tell us where he is."

Cayde didn't realize it, but someone nearby was listening in on the conversation and was intrigued by it.

Spider just groans in response at hearing this bit of news. "Why am I not surprised? I have no idea where that impudent little wretch is, I haven't spoken to him in months."

"Really?" Cayde asked to which the Spider simply nodded. "We got a tip saying he was coming back to Karava, any idea where he might be?"

"It's a big planet Reynolds." Spider said in response. "Even if he's back here you'll spend a long time searching for that impudent little idiot and if you do find him, he might be long gone."

Cayde sighs in resignation as knew what Spider was saying was true. "Thanks anyway Rakis."

"Yeah, and if there's nothing else then get the hell out of my palace." The Spider said to the group as they left the building.

Nearby the eavesdropper starts to grin and follows the group.

"So, we came all this way for nothing?" Jamie said in annoyance as the group entered the hallways.

"We know Siviks is here at least." Kiva says in response. "If we can at least look for Eliksni camps outside of Karava's cities then we might be able to narrow down his location."

"I might be able to save your brothers and sister some time with that." Said a voice behind the group. They turn around to see a bearded man in a trench coat and headband flipping a green coin. "For the right price of course."

"Drifter, long time no see." Cayde says as he clasps hands with the Drifter.

"Too long brother." The Drifter replies back.

"Drifter?" Jaime asked.

"No one knows his real name." Cayde answered. "But Drifter here runs a smuggling ring and hosts an underground fighting ring."

"I look for the biggest, meanest, nastiest monsters in the universe for folks to fight." Drifter answered. "High risk and reward."

"Nice." Coop replied with a grin. "Got anything for a 24-meter giant robot?"

Before Drifter could answer Kiva quickly interjected into the conversation.

"You said you might be able to help us?" Kiva asked.

"Yeah, cause unlike Spider I like to keep tabs on Siviks." Drifter explained. "You see, Siviks is a major anarchist and a wildcard that makes him dangerous."

"So where is he?" Cayde asked.

The Drifter pulls out a data pad.

"You'll find his coordinates on this data pad." Drifter explained. "Siviks has been up to something lately, you see he's been hiring mercenaries, arms dealers, and the best engineers he can afford to buy and or find the best technologies he can get his claws on. His assembling something with help from Bracus Zahn."

"The Arms Dealer?" Cayde asked which Drifter nodded in confirmation.

"Bracus? That's a Cabal military rank." Kiva said.

"That's cause he is Cabal." Cayde answered.

"What are the Cabal?" Coop asked.

Cayde, Kiva, and Drifter remained silent as they turned their heads to three hulking 8'1ft tall eight fingered aliens that walked past them. They wore heavy armor, but their heads were exposed. They had wrinkled, leathery tan-grey skin, a tall head, dark wide-set eyes with slit pupils, and a very high, inverted-V-shaped upper lip that exposed their upper gums and many irregularly sharp fangs. The one leading the trio had tusks.

As soon as they were gone Cayde continued talking. "Those were Cabal."

"Those fat guys don't look so tough" Coop said confidently.

"That ain't fat on the Cabal, that's muscle." Drifter responded. "Real tough to chew."

"Ignoring how you know that last one." Jaime said not wanting to know if Drifter has tried eating the Cabal. "But man did you see how ugly those guys are? Hate to see what their chicks look like."

"Their females have tusks Jaime." Kiva answered, revealing to the slacker that he had just seen one of them.

"Never mind." Jaime said in response.

"Back on track." Cayde said before he brought out a device and inputted a few commands.

Drifter takes out another device and looks at it with a smile before handing the data pad over. "Pleasure doing business with you brother."

As he left the hall Cayde and Kiva took a look at the data pad. "Looks like Zahn landed the Orobas Vectura here and set up a firebase around it."

"You and I can sneak in." Kiva says. "Coop, you and Jaime stay and Megas and only approach if we need it."

"Where's the fun in that?" Coop asked.

"This isn't about having fun." Kiva answered. "If we can take out Siviks without causing a panic then we'll need a quick escape."

"Okay." Coop said in disappointment.

"Knowing my luck, it'll probably get loud." Cayde says reassuringly. "Now lets go whack a bad guy!"


Orobas Vectura,

The same time…

Onboard the airfield of the former Red Legion Carrier three Cabal in chartreuse colored armor. The leader of the group was 12ft tall had wore a more modified version of the Cabal legionary armor, this was the arms dealer Bracus Zahn. His group watched an Eliksni Ketch land next to the carrier with several Skiffs landing around the vessel. One Skiff, however, landed on top of the airfield and out of it came Siviks and his own entourage.

"Siviks." Zahn greeted the self-proclaimed Eliksni Baron. "My engineers and your Splicers have finished making the war machine to your exact specifications."

"Insurrection Prime and Ablazed Glory have been installed?" Siviks asked the Cabal outlaw.


"Good, all that remains now is the integration of the power core that I have secured for it." Siviks says as he walks to the airfield elevator followed by Zahn.

"I hear that this power unit is derived from a great power that was lost 100,000 years ago?" Zahn asked. "I hope you can tell me of where you found it."

"And you will." Siviks answered as the lift went down

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