Chapter 5: Clash

Accessing File: Project Scourge of the Past

Project Scourge of the Past was an undertaking started by Siviks, Lost to None in an effort to create a war machine he would use to get revenge on the Light Kell Misraaks. New information has revealed that the war to be a 24-meter tall mech built in the likeness of Siviks. The mech itself was made using Eliksni and Cabal engineering along with ancient technology that was believed to have been lost from the last 100,000 years.

Two specially designed Servitors were integrated into the mechs systems to give it an edge. The first is Insurrection Prime, a Prime Servitor to help make the calculations needed to chart across the stars and to face the enemy in a fight. The second is known as Ablazed Glory. The specifications of this Servitor are unknown but judging from its name it is believed that its purpose involves fire.

Close File


Karava Wilderness

Both Coop and Siviks stare at each other from their respective mechs waiting for the other to make the first move.

From his mech Siviks growls at Coop before turning it into a roar and uses his controls to make his mech charge at MEGAS with a raised fist that he tries to hit MEGAS with. Grabbing one of the many controllers he installed in MEGAS Coop is able to make MEGAS catch the other mech's fist and uses MEGAS to swing Siviks' mech around before throwing it further away from the Orobas Vectura.

(Undefeatable by Kellin Quinn (Sonic Frontiers Soundtrack) Starts)

"That the best you got!" Coop calls out with a smirk on his face.

I'm hanging on to the other side

I won't give up 'til the end of me


With a roar Siviks activates several of his mech's weapons. Two cannons emerge from the mech's back and are then mounted on its shoulders. The two shoulder cannons begin firing a barrage of Arc energy shots at MEGAS forcing Coop to go on the defensive. However, the shots seem to be tracking MEGAS as they followed the mech despite every move it made. A few of the shots hit MEGAS forcing Coop to push the button labeled 'Total Shocker' activating MEGAS' electrical defense system and absorb the remaining shots.


Coop and Jamie gasp at seeing Siviks' mech charging at them and it tackles MEGAS onto the ground, and it relentlessly punches it with all four of its fists.

"COOP!?" Jamie shouts at his friend hoping that he'll do something.

"I'm working on it!" Coop says as he pushes a button that says, 'Stop Wailing on Me!'

The car head of MEGAS fires an energy blast from its high beams blasting Siviks mech off of him and it lands on the ground flat on its back. As the mech gets back up MEGAS charges it and grabs one of shoulder cannons and then rips it off.

"WHAT?!" Siviks says in surprise the action itself had managed to catch him off.

(Woah, woah) Your're crossing the line

(Woah, woah) Now we've run out of time

(Woah, woah) I'll take what is mine.

With a roar of his own Coop has MEGAS swing the detached shoulder cannon around before using it like a club and hitting it against the other shoulder cannon. The force caused both cannons to break apart and sent the mech across the ground.

"What's the matter? Never piloted a giant robot before!" Coop said tauntingly to Siviks.

Steadily Siviks' mech begins to stand again but his anger continued to grow more and more from the humiliation this fat human was subjecting him to. A holographic panel then appears in front of the Eliksni mercenary, and he inputs a few commands into it.

"Ablazed Glory Servitor activated." A computerized voice says.

Hrmm (Go!)

From inside of MEGAS Coop and Jamie see several panels on Siviks' mech open up along with an area on the chest compartment. Suddenly, the exposed panels release a fire like energy that flares up and blinds Coop and Jamie.

"Damn! I should've brought my sunglasses!" Coop says in irritation and searches around for a button and once he found the button, he pushes it. Said button was labeled 'Damn! He should've brought his sunglasses!'

MEGAS' windows and windshields become a tinted black allowing Coop and Jamie to see without a problem. But they see that the chest compartment of Siviks' mech has gathered up a large amount of that fire like energy. This new development revealed that the compartment itself was a cannon.

"DIE!" Siviks calls out and he fires his mech's Solar Beam.

A continuous stream of energy sends MEGAS flying back across the ground and only when the energy beam stopped did MEGAS stop moving across the ground. MEGAS was battered and scorch marks all over its chassis, it didn't look like it could take another hit like.

"Dude, you messed up my paint job! Not cool!" Coop called out more ticked off about MEGAS' paint job then the damage it.

"You won't survive the next blast!" Siviks shouts out as solar energy is quickly generated in the chest cannon. "Say goodbye dead thing!"

Seeing that Siviks' Solar cannon was about to fire Coop quickly presses another button and MEGAS' hands are then coated in fire. Siviks' Solar Beam fires and MEGAS holds out its flaming hands managing to hold back the Solar Beam. Coop then grabs a new controller and starts button mashing an X button on it. Slowly MEGAS' arms manage to push up on the Solar beam. With a final yell and more button mashing MEGAS manages to quickly redirect the Solar Beam upward.

"WHAT?!" Siviks says in surprise as his Solar Cannon loses power.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Coop yells out as he advances MEGAS forward.

I'm hanging on to the other side (to the other side)

I won't give up 'til the end of me (end of me)

I'm what you get when the stars collide (stars collide)

Now face it, you're just an enemy

MEGAS then launches a fury of flaming fists at the enemy mech. An uppercut to the chin with the right fist and a left hook to the head's side. MEGAS then grabs the two lower arms of Siviks' mech and manages to rip them off causing the mech to be disoriented. Then using the two flaming hands MEGAS grabs the Solar Beam chest cannon rips it out causing massive damage to Siviks' mech.

"No! NO!" Siviks says as he tries to input more commands in his mech but the controls weren't responding and warning signs kept popping up about the damage the mech took.

Welcome to the mind of a different kind

We've been growing slowly

Think I'm on eleven, but I'm on a nine

Guess you don't really know me

Coop then pushes a button labeled 'That Cool Giant Energy Sword Thing.' A fiery orange energy sword is then formed in MEGAS' hands. MEGAS leaps into the air and brings down the energy sword.

"NOOOO!" Siviks cries out unable to do anything to stop his impending doom.


The blade goes down from the mech's head downward causing small explosions to erupt from every part of the mech's body.

Running from the past is a losing game

It never brings you glory

Been down this road before

Already know this story

MEGAS turns its back to Siviks' mech as it's destroyed in one large explosion killing Siviks in the process.

(Undefeatable by Kellin Quinn (Sonic Frontiers Soundtrack) Ends)


Orobas Vectura Airfield

Kiva had always known that 'no plan survives first contact,' though she wishes that wasn't always the case. When the fight against the mercenaries started she had been chased by Zahn and a handful of his men chased her onto a platform that had brought them to an airfield built on top of the ship and unfortunately for the soldier from the 31st century Zahn had the advantage up here.





Especially since Zahn kept activating Volcanic Scorpius turrets that were hidden throughout the airfield. Scorpius units are automated deployable turrets that the Cabal military had invented long ago. Normally, Scorpius units are ballistic war turrets but as an arms dealer Zahn was creative and he managed to create a new variation of the Scorpius that acted as a flame thrower. Hence the name, Volcanic Scorpius.




Kiva herself had to make use of new tactics in this fight with Zahn and his Cabal mercenaries. Under normal circumstances she would try to get up close and personal to make use of her martial arts skills, however the Cabal themselves are too bulky for her CQC skills to be effective, so she had to make use of run and gun tactics.

A Cabal Legionary uses their armor's jump jet to leap at her with a wrist blade deployed from their freehand to hit her with. But thanks to her smaller stature Kiva was able to evade the swing with a back flip and once she landed she fired a blast from her Shock Rifle at the Legionary's head. The blast knocked off their helmet and killed the merc.

'That's another one down.' Kiva thought to herself as she picked up a weapon from the dead mercenary. She recognized it as a Cabal Headhunter sniper rifle. Changing tactics, she got behind cover and slung the Shock Rifle onto her back so she could use the Headhunter.

Taking a peak behind cover while looking through the scope of the Headhunter she managed to survey the airfield with plenty of dead Cabal and broken Scorpius turrets. The only enemies remaining were Zahn and two more Volcanic Scorpius turrets by his side. And from what she could see Zahn was pointing a much larger Headhunter made for his much larger size directly at HER!


Reacting quickly Kiva got behind cover making the bullet miss her.


'Got to switch back to run and gun tactics.' Kiva thought to herself as she tightened her grip on the Headhunter.

Kiva then takes a deep breath and after a few moments she exhales. She then sprints out of cover and begins to zigzag around the airfield in order to avoid sniper rounds from Zahn and flames fired from the Volcanic Scorpius units.

"YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME!" Zahn taunted.

Once Kiva was within good range of Zahn, she looked for a supply. Once she found one, she sprinted towards it, and she then jumped onto it and then flipped over it. While in midair she gains a clear view of Zahn and points the Headhunter towards his position.




She fires three shots from her Headhunter. Two of the rounds destroy the remaining Volcanic Scorpius units but Zahn narrowly manages to keep the third bullet from hitting his head and instead it strikes his left shoulder.

Grunting in pain from the bullet Zahn recollects himself and turns his attention back toward Kiva. But to his surprise he sees the future woman running towards him. Activating a wrist blade in the armor of his left arm he tries to cut her in half, but she vaults over him and pushes herself off of his suit's thruster back.

Zahn then turns around and fires the wrist blade at Kiva. She jumps back and the blade explodes when it hits the ground. Zahn takes a step forward but stops when he hears a hissing sound coming from right behind him.

Seeing the confusion on the Cabal arms dealer Kiva decides to enlighten him, "I placed a Anskum-pattern Firebomb on your thruster pack."

"A plasma grenade?!" Zahn says in shock realizing why Kiva had vaulted over him earlier.

"A little something Cayde gave me before this operation started." Kiva stated knowing that the plasma grenade would be impossible for Zahn to remove.

"No. No! NO!" Zahn said while trying to pry the grenade off of his thruster pack, however his attempts were futile.


The plasma grenade detonates and kills the arms dealer once and for all.

Seeing that her fight was done Kiva takes a deep breath and then exhales. Looking out from the airfield she could see Coop's battle with Siviks and witnesses the destruction of the Eliksni mercenary's mech.

Smiling she thinks to herself, 'We did it, Siviks is dead and now Kell's Scourge will never be created. This will only lessen mankind's losses in the future but to finally have a victory in this time conflict, no matter how small, is good to have.'

She knew that Elsie's time drive was the key to getting out of the 21st century but with it being more difficult to modify then she realized it will be a while before she could return home.


At the same time,

With Cayde,

Orobas Vectura

Things with Cayde weren't going as smoothly as well. When he and Kiva got separated by the two factions of mercenaries, he ended up having to deal with Thaviks and a swarm of who knows how many Eliksni. He had to make his way through the ship fending them and several other Cabal off until he ended up in what was once the Orobas Vectura's cargo hold. The giant room was in ruins with dead Cabal and Eliksni along with debris everywhere. The things still alive in it were the Exo bounty hunter himself and Eliksni under Thaviks' command. Standing in the center of the room Cayde-6 could see Eliksni approaching him, all of them being Dreg's and Vandals, and Thaviks himself was hanging back letting his minions do the work.

"Okay everyone, step aside." Cayde casually said to them hoping that they would surrender.

However, the Eliksni mercs only began to run toward him.

"I said!" Cayde says as he pulls out his hand cannon the Ace of Spades. "Stand aside!"

Without even looking he fires his gun over his shoulder into the face of a Dreg that leapt at him from behind. He then pulls out a dagger and throws it at another Eliksni that tried to flank his right side. Cayde then twirls forward and shoots an approaching Vandal and then pulls out another dagger. Cayde then turns around toward another Vandal that grabs him in its four arms and begins to push him back. Cayde struggles but manages to point his gun upward toward the Vandal's head and fires. The dead Eliksni falls backward, and Cayde then sees two more oncoming Eliksni. He fires the last round in his gun's chamber at one Eliksni and then he throws his dagger at the other.

Cayde reloads the Ace of Spades and ducks to his left to avoid a Dreg that tried to attack him from behind. He then fires four shots, three shots hit three charging Eliksni and the fourth hits a fuel tank that explodes sending the corpses towards Cayde. He then steps to his right with his arms outstretched to his left as if to say, 'go right ahead.' The corpses then hit a group of Eliksni that tried to sneak attack Cayde.

Cayde then sees Eliksni coming toward him from all sides, so he then jumps into the air with the aid of his thruster pack to avoid them crashing into him. He lands on top of a pile of debris, it shakes from his added wait. He sees Eliksni approaching from his left, he then plants a tripmine grenade and starts shooting Eliksni trying to climb up from where he jumped from as he approached a gap in the debris pile. The Eliksni that approached from the other side to reach him, but they trigger the tripmine grenade and it explodes.

Cayde manages to make a flip over the gap and slides down some metal and shoots a surviving Eliksni that was following him. However, a Vandal manges to grab Cayde from behind with its four arms and throws him into some debris making him drop his gun with a grunt.

"Yeah," Cayde says as he rubbed the back of his head. "That hurt."

The Eliksni that threw Cayde into the debris than uses it's four arms pick up a large piece of metal and then it approaches Cayde with it. Cayde manages to pick up his gun and get back on his feet, but the Eliksni manages to swing the debris at Cayde and it sends him flying into the hanging piece of a broken catwalk. Thinking quickly, Cayde manages to grab one of his daggers and stabs it into the catwalk. He slides down it a little before coming to a stop. He looks down to see some Eliksni below him and then he shoots part of the loose catwalk, causing the piece he was hanging on to land on the Eliksni below after he jumped off it.

Looking back at their corpses he says, "Sorry. Not sorry."

Seeing more of Thaviks' men in front of him he then charges forward shooting one and then he slides underneath another Eliksni that lunges toward him. While sliding underneath the Eliksni he manages to shoot it. Cayde then stands back up on his and draws out another dagger and uses it in tandem with his gun to fight off more mercenaries. All the while Thaviks watched from a distance with killer intent, he then activates a cloaking device and disappears.

Cayde continues fighting but Eliksni manages to hit him hard enough that he's sent flying into some debris that was placed like a teetertotter. The debris goes up hitting a mercenary and while Cayde ended up landing on his knees, he starts using the debris like a shield with his left hand. He shoots an Eliksni coming at him from the front, and he then sees another approaching from the debris' side. Cayde then uses the debris to catch the alien and throws both to the side. He then stands back up and begins firing into the crowd of aliens. Not liking his chances with how many were beginning to swarm him he shakes his head a little and starts to run away from them. As more and more Eliksni got closer Cayde fired at any alien near him to slow them down. He stuns one Eliksni in front him allowing him jump on it and then he launches himself off it. While in the air he activates his Semblance Sundance incasing himself in molten fire. He points his fire covered revolver at the crowd of Eliksni and then…

An Eliksni lunges at him and they both crash into the ground. Cayde's Semblance deactivates but he ended up hitting the ground harder and rolls across it. Cayde's Aura then simmers and breaks apart showing that he was now vulnerable. As Cayde began to get up he sees an Eliksni charging at him, he tries to shoot it but it knocks his gun away. Then it tries to bring a mace down on him, but Cayde manages to roll away. He sees his gun nearby and tries to grab it, but a Dreg manages to grab Cayde with his cloak and pulls him in close. The Dreg then tosses Cayde over to a Vandal who then smashes Cayde's face into some debris causing some pieces from the left side of the Exo's face to come off and then throws him to the floor where it and several other Eliksni start punching Cayde repeatedly. With every hit that landed the Exo Huntsman grunted until…


Cayde manages to activate his Semblance and propels himself a few feet into the air with a spin. He was covered in flames, and he had six molten daggers, three in each hand, then threw them into the swarm of Eliksni. Each dagger finds their mark and creates an explosion that reduces the Eliksni to ashes. Cayde lands on his feet though a little shakily.

"That's it!" Cayde says angrily as he picks up his gun. "Now I'm pissed."

He is then tackled by another of Eliksni mercenary and ispinned against a piece of debris. He kills the Eliksni by headbutting it with his horn, and stumbles forward.

"Was that really… all you got?" Cayde calls out.

The room was empty apart from him now, but the Exo knew better. Thaviks was still here and he hadn't yet made a move.


Cayde feels something hit the back of his head causing him to crash onto the ground. He looks up to see Thaviks decloak in front of him. The 12ft tall Eliksni easily loomed over him and in his right hand was a mace. Thaviks raised it up and began to repeatedly hit Cayde with it.




When Thaviks tried to hit the Exo again Cayde channels his Stasis power into one hand and touches the mace with it. To Thaviks' confusion the weapon becomes incased in an unusual blue colored ice before shattering before his eyes. Not deterred by this strange power the 12ft mercenary uses his four arms to bring Cayde close and starts to crush him.

"AAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!" Cayde hollers out in pain.

Every part of his body was becoming more and more damaged and he could barely move his hands. Though he had something close to his right hand that he struggled to get but managed to grab and activate it.

"Hey…Thaviks." Cayde weakly says. "Present!"

Thaviks feels something attach to his chest and he looks down to see a plasma get stuck to it. He looks at Cayde with his eyes widened in shock…


The explosion sends the two combatants backwards in two separate directions.


"AAAAAHHHHHHH!" Cayde hollers out in pain and looks to his left leg to see a rather large and sharp piece of metal debris now sticking through that leg's knee. He grabs that debris and with a grunt of pain he manages to pull in out. As he struggles to stand back on his own two feet he sees Thaviks, alive, manage to stand back up. Cayde notices that the Eliksni pirate's own cybernetic legs were sparking showing that he did get hurt though not by much.

'He must have had an absorption shield on him.' Cayde thought to himself.

Thaviks then grabs a hand cannon from his side and begins to point it at Cayde.

Cayde looks at himself seeing that he was too damaged to run and in no condition to fight anymore.

'I'm not going to make it out of this.' He thinks to himself.

He then looks at his hands to see his hand cannon the Ace of Spades and says, "I'm coming home, Ace."

Noticing that his hood had been blown back he pulls it back over his head and aims at Thaviks. Cayde begins to channel Stasis energy into his gun and locks eyes with Thaviks. Both combatants stare at each other with hatred and then…


Cayde drops the Ace of Spades, and it clatters onto the ground.

To be concluded.