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The shield Spirit already had his list of potential Wilders. Unexpectedly was the new candidates predisposition to reflect much stronger. While the spirit now had an incomparably stronger wielder, it also changed drastically in the process of bringing him to his world. Normally a legendary weapon would act as a kind of additional limb or sense with the main feature being, providing a kind of growth burst or rather lifting the ceiling of ones potential, far beyond the earlier achievable maxim.

This new wielder however was had a truly unstable soul. Owing to this fact the shield spirit couldnt pull the entirety of the new hero of the shield with him back and was left with a miniscule amount compared to souls unexpected whole entirety. Luckily it was possible to extrapolate the composition of the wielders body from the soul similarly to how DNA one can read from any cell of ones body its entire make through the DNA. Happy with the result the shield spirit stopped to resist the pull, trying to drag it back to his world with the newly reforged hero of the shield, the 8 year old dhampir Vandalieu.

Chapter 1: The unexpected shield'th time

Vandaleu regained conciousness. The last thing he was aware of, was his fight with the pure-breed vampire Gubamon in his underground hideout.

Shortly before initiating a teleportation among Gubamon through taking over the dried up old man. He had managed to absorb his demon king fragment, the Demon Kings carapace, and was expecting to arrive at the prepared location, where he had stationed his materialized clones to finish the vampire off. Once and for all exacting his revenge on him for his involvement in the death of his father Valen, at the hand of his fellow subordinate vampires under Gubamon. In all honesty was it all for the piece of mind of his mother Darcia, since Vandalieu couldn't have met his father once and only heard from Darcia about their relationship.

Thinking back... While in the middle of teleporting, did he hear a status messages, mentioning the acquirement of a new skill but can't get a grasp of its name in hindsight. Taking more of his new surrondings in, did he note that he now was in a stone brick room. Three teenager looking boys next to him and five in robes clad people, reminding him of the mages working in the same named guild of the Hartner duchy. Looking further around he noted a new piece of equipment on himself. A plane looking metal shield with an emerald colored sphere worked into the middle of it.

Welcome Vandalieu

Seemed a small familliar seeming voice to whisper. He looked further around but no one had adressed or was even looking at him. Thinking further he doesnt remember mentioning his name...

The Mages confused by something seemingly had regained their witts now and adressed the three Teenagers.

"Please, honoured heros. Assist us in saving our world."

More confused than them, Vandalieu looked at the now grinning boys alongside him.

"After you gathered yourself, may you please follow us to the throne room. His Majesty will be able to answer all your questions."

Aware of the fact that the ones wishing to die or people of Vidas races are seemingly the only people staying aware of his existence somehow, he started following the three others strolling after the five mages.

While walking he started taking further stock of his situation. None of the usually equipped insects and plants where with him. Same fact held true of the ghosts and spirits haunting him. New spirits didn't seem to gather around him as well. That alley of possibilities closed he tried to at least get a look out of a nearby window. Because it was built too high for his 8 year old body, he tried to compensate with his telekinesis spell to lift himself up. After a moment of nothing happening and not even feeling the familiar feeling of mana being used he started spiritualising and remanifesting a part of his head to get a proper look which didn't work as well. Because of the lack of spirits around was it out of question as well to make the windows surroundings into a golem to enlarge it. Similarly was it impossible to build stairs out of the stones around him to reach the window. Getting to his last resort, he started expelling mana to create a lemiur to share his senses with. He at lest felt his mana leaving him, what indicated some kind of progress at least, but it didn't seem like his maximum mana was somehow enough to construct a functioning lemiur. Slightly slumping his shoulders at his defeat by a simple window, he again followed the others who left the "awakening" room with him to not get lost.

Further down the hallway came a large double door into view. After a short exchange of words between the robed people and some armor clad people stationed at the door, did the armored ones start to open said wooden construct. While opening to its maximum the view into the aformentioned throne room was freed.

A luxurios red carped stretched from the door towards the namesake of the room. At the right and left of the carpet stood noble looking people in colorfull garbs expectant of the arriving people. On the two step higher podium at the far end of the room sat a white haired man dressed in purple robes with a staff on his throne. As the doors opened fully, the three teenagers strode confidently towards the supposed king and formed a line infront of the podium. Unsure what to do, followed Vandalieu their example and came to a stop at the far right of three, as he now noticed spear wielding, teenager. Looking at the king again he noticed him glaring in Vandlieu's direction. Looking closer and through moving his right arm a around did he manage to confirm that the glare wasn't directed at himself but rather at the shield on his arm. Taken aback a bit Vandalieu tried to loosen the appareantly unwelcome equipment but was surprised to find it stuck to his body. Even more confused, he tried to ignore those inconveniences for the moment.

With effort the king now dropped his glare and adressed the teenagers alongside Vandalieu and introduced himself in the process.

"I greet you legendary heros. I am King Aultcrey Melromarc the 32nd. You may raise your heads."

Confused Vandalieu mustered the three beside him and noted that none of the three -or him for that matter- had bowed down or even genuflected. Unsure if he should have done so, he got his thoughts interrupted by the king continuing his speech.

"Now then. May you be so kind as to state your names?"

More ordered than requested, the one farthest to the left started the introductions either way.

"I am Itsuki Kawasumi, still in high school and I'm 17.", the yellow gem fitted bow wielding, sandy blond haired, yellowisch uniform wearing teen started.

"Ren Amaki, I'm a highschool student and I'm 16 years old.", continued the black haired, in blue uniform dressed teen wielding a sword fitted with a blue gem.

"I'm Motoyasu Kitamura, College student, 21.", proceeded the gold blond haired, red vestments wearing, red gem fitted spear wielder with the introduction.

As the next and last one to introduce himself, was Vandalieu. He tried to start with just that but only got to:

"Hello i-"

"Well then Ren, Motoyasu and Itsuki."

He was interrupted by the king ignoring him like he didn't look at him just moments prior.

Rather than the shield... can he really not see me? thought Vandlieu.

The king continued undisturbed to announce further "Now I suppose I need to explain why we brought you here."

Seemingly still not noticing his questiongly tilted head and the two or three nobles, beginning to whisper, after having noticed Vandalieu's attempt at an introduction.

Starting to explain the situation that has befallen the land he began:

"Roughly every month, there are waves attacking our world and causing massive devastation. Without aid would we have been doomed. The waves can be stopped by the legendary heroes, and only them according to ancient prophecys. Before you brave heroes arrived, the first wave had already come, bringing destruction throughout the entire country within minutes. Even worse, the next waves are said to be even stronger than the last. In about a month the next will come and now the summoned heros must prepare themselves through their journeys and set an end to this calamity."

Noticing no similarities to any situation he was in or even in passing heard of in any of his three lifes in as many worlds -rather planets now thinking about it- so far, Vandalieu got even more confused. He wanted to know the structure of this world, its deities, geographie and species especially because he now noticed the people in the audience around him, that everyone was human and not a single elve or even dwarf was among them. Not even on the higher floor he now noticed, arching away from over the large double doors where the less well dressed and jewel hung people stood and observed the procedure .

He certainly didnt expect any member of vidas races but at maybe least a titan among the ca. 40 members of the audience would put him at ease. Now more wary of the crowd and his not really functioning magic he feared more than ever that his danger sense death similarly didn't function as he was used to. Inspired by his worry he started experimenting with his out of body experience and materiaization ability again to at least get a way of fighting back or at least surprise possible opponents. Fortunately he noticed his, invisible for others, spiritualized tentacle like limbs -thinner than hair at the moment- stretching from his hands and head. Using the ones extending from his head to get a 360degree view of his surrondings. No one seemed to notice the newly into existence woven appendages. Not able to stretch them out further than half a meter, he now got to testing the materialization part and started prodding himself unseen from others on the insides of his arms, legs and his by clothes coveres skin. It worked as he was used to but surprisingly a part of the materialized spirit form , getting too close to the underside of the shield and phasing through into the green gem, got absorbed by the protective gear. Nothing seemed to come of it and he didnt feel a sense of damage or danger caused by the loss of his dematerialized body. While this went on unknown to his surroundings, one of the other "Heros", Ren the sword wielder, spoke up.

"Okay, I think we get the gist of it. Anyway, I'm sure you didn't bring us here thinking we would save you for free."

A servant of the king from the looks of him, stepped forward in response to Ren and an in agreement nodding Itsuki, with:

"Of course not, once you repel all the waves, I can assure you we shall reward you most handsomely."

Motoyasu chimed in with a bit of smugness in his words:

"Yeah? Well, it would seem that we have no choice but to take you at your word."

Repressing a surely unnoticeable eye roll at the conversation, he continued his observation of the crowd. Especially focused on the now four nobles he noticed who showed signs of hearing his interrupted introduction of which two seemed to already have forgotten about his presence since then.

Ren spoke up again:

"As long as you rember that, we'll work with you. But don't think for a moment that you can tame us."

Itsuki finally joined verbally in on the conversation:

"Exactly, we won't put up with you looking down on us."

These "Heroes" really sounded entitled and reminded him unpleasently of Riley the green-wind spear whose soul he had already extinguished alongside the high-priest Gordan responsible for the execution of his mother. Van hoped they wouldnt end up against each other through similar circumstances but dismissed the thought after remembering that no one came with him so it was unlikly that he had to kill someone in reasonable rage and revenge for killing his Mother or anyone else of his close companions. Thinking of... what about Gubamon? He couldnt complete his revenge on and destruction of his soul. Rediscovering his desire to go back and finish what he had started, he opened his mouth to ask the questions on his mind but once again...

"I can trust that we have reached an agreeable arrangement, so i ask you brave heroes to now check your statuses to ascertain your current strength."

Stated the king after neither the other heros nor his servant/minister or whatever, came to the end of their conversation.

Blinking in confusion Itsuki started asking:

"Status? What are you talking about?"

Realising he didnt check his status since waking up in the room, he took the opportunity and spoke out.

"You just have to think or say status and a display with writing and numbers you can understand should appear."

With great astonishment were all eyes immedietly directed at the 8 year old boy, who looked to everyone else only about 6 years old due to his height, who suddenly seemed to have appeared out of nowhere next to the hero of the spear. The three heros next to Vandalieu made a startled jump away from him, owing to his perceived sudden appearance and the candlewax like white skin and similar coloured hair that made him appeared as if from a horror movie to the three japanese. The clothes made of black leather he wore didnt help in that aspect either.

"How... What are-?"

Stopping himself, the king coughed shortly to gathering his bearings.

"Why is this shield... Why are you wearing that shield, boy? Who are you anyway?"

Collecting himself and trying to not reveal anything that might bring disadvantages to himself in this appearantly human only kingdom he started talking. At the last moment he decided to at least formulate it in a way to give the three other heros, who seemed to either have come from either earth or earths Japan, a bit of reassurance that he was in a similar position to them.

"Just like the other three here next to me was I once a 15 year old student in Japan. I attended a schooltrip on a fairy which got attacked by terrorists and consequently sunk by explosives. Afterwards I found myself alongside several others of my class before a selfproclaimed god of reincarnation named Rodcorte. He sent us to our second life in a world called Origin, in which Magic and science coexisted. There we were supposed to collect knowledge, to help develop a third world called Lambda. He intended us to reincarnate into Lambda in our third lives, to further its in, his eyes, lacking development. I was the first to die in my second life after around 25 years and started my life in Lambda before the others. In Lambda now I celebrated my 8th birthday a while ago. To summarize it like the other heros had before me... My name is Vandalieu, i am 8 years old and was in the process of becoming an adventurer."

After his explanation followed silence. Caused by confusion from the audience, a lack of understanding by the king. The other summoned heros silence was caused by his from, their perspective, unbelieveable recollection from the boy, or if he speaks the truth meanwhile 48 year old former japanese citizen, of his meeting with a god.

While the others processed his lifes story, started Vandalieu noticing a reaction of his [Danger sense: Death] that appearently still worked. The source of the reaction originated from one of the drapes near the high windows to his far right. Reasoning it away by attributing this reaction to a secret bodyguard of the king who only a short while ago managed to notice him and subsequently was wary of the unknown boy, who unbeknownst to him got right before his king. Getting more and more confident in the fact, that he hadn't answer the unspoken question from his surronding of what he is and taking simultaniously comfort in the fact that everyone just went along with his statement that he was a 8 year old boy, in their mind interprated as human, while really being a 8 year old dhampir born to a dark elf while still not knowing if other races beside humans actually life in this for him now fourth new world.

Regaining his bearings the king once more spoke up to get the mare then derailed audience back on track.

"I thank you for the retelling of your circumstances Hero of the shield. May we now come back to the reason you are here in the first place. Have the heros checked their status already?"

His earlier statement seemingly forgotten started the Hero of the sword now to explain to the other two, that the status can be opened by concentrating on an icon appearing at ones edge of vision. Realizing an icon as described appeared for him as well and noting again that he didnt check his own status as well, he now concentrated on the icon and the status Vandalieu was used to from lambda appeared before him. To his dismay did the staus seemed to have developed a fault since some things he was used to seeing where no longer there and new columns have appeared.

Name: Vandalieu

Class: Shield Hero lv.1

Age: 8

Eqipment: Small shield (Legendary Shield)

At the lower right corner were the new options displayed.





None of his skills or status values were listed like they used to be. Looking closer at the new options he discovered them to lead to a new status "window". With the previous selected option now proudly on top as a kind of title but with the new window below only filled with the word EMPTY in the middle. Help was the the exception but there was too much text to read through at the moment.

"We are all Lv.1 hm?"

Itsuki announced for everyone and continued:

"Will need a lot of grinding to get up to speed for the next wave."

Not shaken in his attitude or mood the spear hero grinned while saying.

"No problem. We will just use others untill these ones are up for the challenge."

Meanwhile he started swinging his overdecorated golden spear around. Not seeing any kind of technique behind his movements as he was used to from people having spear related skills, Vandalieu was not overly reassured of the fighting or martial arts experiences Motoyasu may have picked up back in Japan. From Ren came only a silent nod commentating Motoyasus statement.

"Now then. We prepared accomodations for you Heros as well as dinner. Please make use of the services we can provide and dont hesistate to ask when you need something."

After the kings announcement appeared a in maid clothes dressed woman through the double doors to escort the heros to their Rooms to have short rest before the promised dinner.

Following the others he once more confirmed that everyone seemed to have lost sight of him.

After five minutes the four heros arrived at a living room like abode with a sofas near a respective desk as well as a glass door leading to a balcony with view over the castle perimeters and the town further beyond surronding the castle walls. Taking in the view even further by stretching once more his spiritualised body parts, which now curiously managed to stretch up to one meter away from his body, to further admire the sight. Wanting to experiment he started stretching his seethrough appendages even more and noticed that he can stretch up to a one meter radius away but inside that perimeter he can make his spiritualised body as long as he wanted. Even going as far as bulding a kind of sphere around himself.

"Uhm... Vandalieu right?"

Halted in his, so to say, tracks turned Vandalieu around and saw the spear hero Matoyasu awkwardly rubbing his head while looking at Vandalieu. Disappointed of not being able to continue experimenting, he answered the question of his fellow hero with his own while quickly retracting his spiritualised sphere to have a clear look at his fellow hero.

"Yes... Do you need something?"

"We just want to talk to you because of your story... It's a bit hard to take in that a 8 year old boy was once a 15 year old japanese student... before meeting god... and reincarnating... twice?"

His doubt clear in his hesitation to get the question out speaking as slow and clear as possible at certain parts to underscore their importance to him. Vandalieu was sure of it, that now was the point to be as clear and honest as he can be to not repeat a kind of situation with Kaidou Kanata and other reincarnators sent by Rodcorte to kill him. The biggest hurdle would be to channel his non existent people skills and see this through.

"To start with the in my opinion hardest part. You seem to not have met a god before coming here?

Three nodding heads were the answer he expected.

"To clear things up. I didnt meet THE god you might think of, as in christianity or other religions. I dont think earth has any of those anyway. He is just a god in charge of reincarnation of multiple worlds. What or how he exactly does it, I dont know. He is actually responsible for my short second life in origin. To sweeten the deal to accept a reincarnation, he granted the souls he sent to origin in his words so called "cheat-like-abilitys". I didnt get any because there was another person unrelated to me or even the school I was in with almost the same name, who got all the abilitys meant for me. That Asshole threw me into my second life without a fortune or ability what basically meant that no coincidence or stroke of luck would help me and i spent my 25 years there being tortured and experimented on by scientists after being sold to inhumane researchers by my second parents."

Noticing talking himself int a fit of rage, Vandalieu stopped and took a deep breath before continued.

"Anyway. After dying a second time I arrived in Lambda and managed so far to live in my opinion happily as you can seeup to my 8th birthday. Regarding being japanese... I really dont remember specifics I could give. Thinking of it. You guys have any idea where I could get my hands on rice around here. I was looking all over the place and was just about to get a steady supply of rice before getting here."

Looking at each other compelled by the boys suddenly intense question at the end, they hesitated.

"I believe you, when you say you lived in Japan at one point. But rice here... No idea really."

Motoyasu made a unsure noise and threw a questioning look at the other two for backup to his statement and their input to answer Vandalieu's question.

"Not really sure and you have to confirm with the king or someone else of the kingdom but I think in the far east they grow rice in their countryside."

Itsuki added not looking confident either about it himself.

"Too bad... Will have to look myself then. Now then, how did you get here?"

Tried Vandalieu to get this particular topic to a close and getting to know about his fellow heros. Since Kanata like the heros before him got suddenly thrown into a world with a status system reminiscent of games in japan, he feared that they too might commit unthinkable crimes and destroying peoples lifes in the process like Kanata did.

"I got run over by a speeding truck after returning from prep-school." Itsuki

"While shopping with a friend, i got stabbed after protecting my friend from the assailant." Ren

"I had multiple girlfriends and-"

Started Motoyasu with his recollection after Ren jokingly interrupted.

" -and got stabbed to death after one got to know about the other?"

Astonished by Rens words Motoyasu simply nodded and mumbled something under his breath.

While Itsuki snorted with amusement or disgust was Van just thinking how lucky he was that everyone around him were all just happy with each other while sharing him. He tried to banish the thought that this might change when it will come to the natural next steps in his relationships after reaching puberty... If he can get back that is.

"And this World is to you... what exactly? As i told you, I have already lived in three different worlds but for me its still the first time to live in one without having to go through childhood first... Or defeating a coming apocalypse for that matter."

Once again confused where the three heros looking at each other and where seemingly communicating silently.

Motoyasu started this time with his view of the situation..

"This is some kind of an extension of Emerald online."

He was met with a moment's silence from the others, like he was suddenly speaking in an unknown language. Flabberghasted he continued

"Seriously? It's a huge game!"

"What are you talking about? This isn't some online game, it's a new console game I'm playing. It's called Dimension wave."

Itsuki retorted, sounding very sure of himself.

"You're both wrong, everything about this place is identical to a VRMMO called Brave star online."

Ren chimed in, sounding just as sure as Itsuki.

With growing horror Vandlieu tries to specify his question to make sure that this will not play out like he suspects.

"You three are... You three think this is a game come reality fashioned after your favourite game?"

Three synchronised nodding heads answered Vandalieu.

Unsure if he should try to let them see reason, because of the sheer absurdity of their statement, he had to admit that it could be possible that this world got created by a god inspired by games of earth. He had the feeling of hearing something similar about how the status system in Lambda came to be...

Since he hadnt had any experiences with afformentioned Games on earth because of his uncle and on origin for obvious reasons...

Darkly he thought that one or another scientists spirit had droned on and on about a game he didnt get to play because of his death.

Either way the conversation between the three had moved on and they were comparing notes about their respective japan but since 33 years had passed since he life on earth he didnt recognize any of the names or games they mentioned. At least none of them came from Origin. Vandalieu based this conclusion on the fact that none of them reacted to the name and none of them seemed familiar with magic or even mana signatures, a form of recognition like fingerprints in Origin, except from their respective game.

"Well then, you three can keep brainstorming about this stuff. I'm really tired and just too sleepy to keep talking... Sorry about that."

Vandalieu wasn't that tired but was just worn out by the long talks he had with strangers since waking up here about two hours prior. Additionally was he still curious about the shield from which he can now feel some form of life after getting used to this new world... Or at least he thought that must be the case.

Leaving the inofficial Hero meeting room, not noticing the maid girl he almost hit with the door, and choose one of the nearby rooms reserved for the heros to sleep in.

After he left and the three were sure Vandalieu was far enough away to hear them choose Motoyasu this moment to speak up.

"Poor boy... I feel bad for him ending up with the shield."

With a confirmng nod from the other two behind him, they started comparing hunting grounds and talked a bit more until the maid came back to announce that dinner was ready for the legendary heros. Hesitating if they should get the fourth hero, they decided to let him sleep while thinking of his dead fish like eyes and the look of tiredness they were sure to have seen on his face.