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Remembering missing the feast yesterday, because he excused himself because of his self proclaimed sleepiness, Vandalieu started wondering if there will be a breakfeast procurred for the "Heros" of this world. Vandalieu still couldnt help himself thinking of Heinz and Kanata as well as the rest of the reincarnators, who probably are still walzing around origin like stereotypical american comic book heros. But at least did come to terms with the fact that "Hero of the Shield" was apparantly his new monicer and job to fullfill in this world. Looking hopefilled towards the future, since he doesnt have to worry about reincarnators showing up, making surviving in a hostile world, because of gods to be honest, unified against him and the rest of vidas races even harder.

Thinking back to his current Status, titles seem nonexistent here, since they were now missing from his status, just like his job history.

Now on his way to find the breakfast room he looked at the few spirits around him, before disappearing like the ones the night before while missing the usual noise he usual dealt with caused by spirits. Concluding once more that all of them had to have been insects or small animals like mice he would have to wait until he got to explore the city to see if human spirits were the same or could even rarely like Sam keep their appearance and personalty even in spirit form.

Finally stumbling upon a kitchen looking room he asked a question politely to one of the maids.

"Excuse me, where may I find the breakfast or the other heros?"

After startling from the unexpected question from a child who seemed to appear out of nowhere, the maid seemed to recognize him by the shield on his arm and after a fastly hidden look of disgust because of the green gemed construct -which vandalieu entirely missed- she answered with a now friendly expression:

"Ah, shield hero. Yes the breakfast is being served next door. The other heroes are not yet awake it seems."

Blinking twice vandalieu looked out a nearby window only now noticing that it was only shortly after daybreak but because of the season and/or maybe a difference in the sun or atmosphere in this world, it was already as bright as he was used to it being at noon on lambda or earth, as far as he remembered. In actuality was this due to his reassertion of his [Dark Vision] skill he reacquired over the night.

Nodding and responding on his part with a polite "Thank you very much", he started walking towards the pointed out direction and finding a buffet like Arrangement of food near a large table where already soldier looking people were eating their breakfast.

Assuming they started a while ago to finish before their shifts started, Vandlieu inconspiciously walked towards an empty seat after filling a plate with bacon and a bowl with ceral looking food along a pitcher, filled with what he assumed to be a kind of milk by its smell and taste, and quietly started eating not interested in starting a dialogue he started instead opted to listen to the conversations around him.

"What a day yesterday."

"Yeah. Just glad everything worked out with the summoning... Im just relieved we got the cleanup done."

"Hmm. Still, keep your eyes peeled. Need to look out nothing crawls out from under the carpet while we are not looking."

"You worry too much. They seem too naive... Worries me more if the heros will be enough to deal with the next waves."

"The three of them will be enough to keep us save. Stop souring everyones mood."

Other dialogues he noticed followed along a similar fashion. Van wasnt entirely sure what they meant by cleanup but assumed it was along the lines of making sure the castle was clean and making a good impression on the heros or something. He was confused because everyone mentioned only three heros but put it aside and chalked it up to the fact that he lacked more pressence than he thought or it was because of the difference in perception of the people of this world compared to the last he lived in.

Over the course of the next hour or so the soldiers trickled out of the room after finishing their meal. Some more time later he was the only one in the room having gone back and forth beetwen table and buffet, catching up after the previous days missed dinner. Now noticing that some maids refilled and stocked some more kinds of better quality looking food than previously presented, before the other heros filed in. Thinking this was a service for the ones expected to save the world, he once more filled, stimulated by the smell his plate and bowl while the heros found themselves their seats. Seemingly like the others using the room beforehand not noticing Vandlieu. After they too loaded some plates full of food, talking amongst themselves about the apparent new stuff they hadn't had at dinner and taking seat, Vandlieu shuffled over to a chair near them to now start another conversation with his fellow summonees.

"Good Morning. I hadn't asked before but is it okay to call you Itsuki, Ren and Motoyasu or should I as the youngest address you with mister sempai or something along the line?"

Unknowingly imitating the earlier spoken to maid, the three jumped back a bit after being addressed by the youngest of the heros. Recognising the white haired boy the three now broke into a little snicker due to being ju8mped once more by the unassuming presence of their fellow hero.

"Good morning to you too. Matoyasu is fine with me Vandalieu."

"Alright with me too. Can't stand the formal back and forth."

"Itsuki is fine with me as well Vandalieu."

With the reintroduction out of the way, he now got to the questions he stumbled on over the night. He could just as well asked the soldiers before the heros came but with so many of them around took it all out of Vandalieu to just eat quietly while not getting noticed. A factor might be the familiarity he felt with his fellow japanese.

"I think I didn't mention this before. In my previous world, Lambda, existed a status system like in this world. That's the reason why I spoke up first to answer how to access ones status."

Nodding from Ren. "You mentioned something like that in the throne room."

"Right. What confuses me is, there was more in the status listed. Whats missing is "Job history" and "Titles". Do any of you know of something similar since this resembles the games you three played?"

After questiongly looking at one another was Itsuki the first to speak up.

"There are jobs you can assign to your party members by using up monster materials but mastering to master the next is..."

"I held myself back till now but what are you making up right now? Stop confusing poor Vandalieu here!"

Motoyasu unexpectedly cut Itsuki off and rambled on.

"Even if your game had that kind of mechanic its not aplicably here. Neither Jobs nor Titles exist here so stop making stuff up."

In the middle off starting to talk back got Itsuki interrupted by Ren now.

"I have to agree with Motoyasu. Jobs aren't a thing. Titles were a part of the flavour text you could make up for your character but they didn't have impact on damage or interactions with characters in the world as far as I'm aware."

Realising he was the minority in the room, he bit back his words and would have crossed his arms if he had already finished his breakfast he now continued to eat.

"Thank you for the tip Itsuki. I will see if I can find what you have mentioned anyway."

Despite the denials of the other two was Vandalieu still intent on keeping up at least a semblence of a friendly relationship with the others for the foreseeable future. Slightly astonished looked the bow hero at his fellow shield using one and managed a thankfull nod for Vandalieu's acknowledgement of his attempt to help out. Were his eyes allways two different colours... flashed through Itsukis mind.

Interested in Vandalieu's previous world wanted Ren to keep the conversation up.

"What were these Titles for in... Lambda right?"

"That was the name, yeah. Titles were a kind of confirmation of the gods for the things one has done in his world. To get one, one has to be known for example for killing a dragon to acquire the corresponding `dragon slayer`Title. In this example the Title raises the damage one deals to dragons as a race and instills a kind of instinctive fear towards the Title holder in the dragons seeing him. Better I really can't phrase it sorry."

Dipping his head along the apology, Vandalieu hopes to close this question so he doesn't has to explore deeper Titles he had before getting here...

Taken back by the bow of the youngest hero and feeling a twinge of guilt Ren backpaddles.

"Don't worry really. Was just interested in another fantasy world. With your explanation it at least confirmes that it doesn't work like that here because we at this point would have the `Hero of the` with our respective Weapon title already right?"

"Yeah, yeah. We already cleared that up Ren. Stop talking about useless things allready, allright."

After Motoyasu forcefully stopped every further exploration into other worlds or maybe existing mechanics in this one, followed Ren Itsukis example and countinued eating. Trying his best to read the room Vandalieu followed suit and the breakfast continued in uncomfortable silence. This ended when our favourite dhampir heard the call of nature and once more had to ask a question.

"Do any off you know the nearest toilet?"

After no conclusive answer to his question since the others as well as him only knew of the one near their quarters. After a short search around the breakfast barea and a more needed relieve then he expected, he once more approached the Throne room. With no guards around he would have to open the large double doors on his one but was not distraught by this because he could undisturbed add this one to his growing door collection. "[Copy]"


[Name: Double door shield– Base defense: 16]

[Equip bonus: Strength up]

[Equip bonus: Ability 'Double door']

[Equip bonus: Ability 'Lock up']

[Unlock requirements not met]

Wondering what in the world double door skill would be, he slowly but effortlessly pushed the right door open, slipped through and closed it soundlesly behind him.

"Mpf" blinking in confusion he was uncertain what that noise was but just shrugged and started walking towards the throne to stand next to the other heros. Everyone was focused on the King who was in the middle of talking.

"... the companions will choose their heros." A bit tacken aback he reasoned it was to assure the willingness of the companions to be. Slightly hurried now he came to a stop in his spot to the right of Motoyasu and awaited the conclusion of the teambuilding. Seemingly still not noticing Vandalieu no one came to stand behind him and unperturbed king continued his speech.

"Well everyone seems sorted. Now everyone gets an alowance of 500 silver to start off your journey."

Noting his meetings with his companions he didnt mind not getting chosen. Even if it was 40 and a bit years back he was used to the chosen last situation. Only when in front of the other three heros were official looking people handing over bags of the affirmentioned silver did he speak up.

"I'm truly sorry I was a bit late. May I ask if I get an allowance too or is there maybe a reason for the difference in treament." A deja vu overcame him when everyone reacted the same way as yesterday when he spoke up. Seemingly more used to it presumably because of the breakfast together the heros where the first ones beside the king to calm down.

"There you are Vandalieu. I was worried since we started already." Came a guilty seeming motoyasu at him. "Once again sorry. The palace is bigger than im used to navigate." Gotten back his bearrings the king coughed lightly to get the attention back on himself.

"Hum. Yes, ready another bag for the shield hero. Is anyone of the adventurers willing to go with the shield?"

No one of the spoken to people made attempts to walk to him. It rather seemed like they huddled closer to their respective hero. "Didnt see this coming. Then we will alot a bonus to the shield so he may find companions on his own."

Noticebly quiter speaking towards the end he looked behind motoyasu. Following his sight Vandalieu saw a relative good looking red headed girl/woman - got really bad estimating age with ghouls and vampires around me all the time- raising her hand and smiling towards him... Or at least tried. He noticed her looking directly at the shield and not his eyes or even him in general.

"Are you sure?""

Turning back to the king, he was looking grimm and noticebly -even for me- unhappy. Why was that? Because we asked the same question? An odd reason. Looking back at the read head who blinked quickly in confusion she answered at the shield on my arm. "It would be heartbreaking to see someone travel alone wouldnt it?" "I dont mind but youre gonna have to keep track of me you know?" Looking forward to finding new companions like he did after his third birth he was unsure if taking someone with him. He agreed with motoyasu that this world somehow runs on a different system but he cant easily assume that undead would in this now fourth world for him, viewed undead in a positive light, if they exist at all. Taken aback by being lightly refused she staggered a little and got then caught by Motoyasu. He just wants to look and act smooth for her right. Van thought to himself. Once again gathering attention the king spoke up. "That indeed will be a problem going forward... " While speaking he tried like yesterday to get a grip on vans presence. Suspecting someone would be send his way he started slowly to hide the shield from the king. I wish i had a cape or something alike. Setteling on placing the shield on the underside of his arm to at least get the jewel out of sight, he noticed once again his reaction of danger sense death going off. Today it was on the upoer part of a pillar to the left. Sighing the king stopped fixing his gaze on van and settled to continue his speach. " Well then as said previously. The shield gets an allowance of 700 silver." " My deepest thanks." Van offered after receiving his bag and placing it, after noticing his lack of pockets or belt to fasten it to, in his shield.


[Name: purse shield]

[Equip bonus: Silver coin storage]

[Equip bonus: Appraisal 1]



[Name:silver coin shield - base defense 3] (Mastered)

[Equip bonus: Luck up]

[Equip bonus: ability 'price estimation']


The other heros went wide eyed and imitated him. Unsure what to make of their reaction he looked once more into the eyes of the king and said. "Well then... Since evereything is said and done here one question. When and where will the waves hit? I dont want to be too late to help." In a demonstrative seeming way the king looked away out the windows. Questionly he looked over at the other heros. Then Ren slapped his forehead and said:"Why didnt i think of it earlier. Its years since your Japan and your last world didnt have waves, right" "not to my knowledge,yes" "follow me i'll show you." Turning with his last words around he started leaving. A little bit unsure if it is ok to leave the disrupted audience, the rest of his party followed in his steps and while not getting stopped Van started following. Noting a flare up of a danger sense death reaction coming off of the read headed girl, he left the throneroom.

After leaving the palace circumferences they experienced for the first time the town part of The castle town. Uninsterested in the coming and going of the people he stated approching a nearby from white stone constructed three pronged building. A cross like symbol was prominently featured above the entrance portal. "What is this building?" Van directed his question at ren after closing up to him. "It's the church. The dragon Hourglass where we register for the waves is hosted inside." Came the answer. "Church? What is the object of their faith around here?" Warily eyeing the cross symbol to make once more sure, it wasnt the symbol used by Alda believers in lambda.

"No idea. Now that i think about it, it wasnt mentioned anywhere in the lore i skimmed over as far as i remember. Please excuse me. What is the object of your faith here?"

The question directed at a nearby nun looking woman tried Ren to gloss over his lack of knowledge. Flustered the nun looked between Ren his sword and his companions. Already expecting it Van wasnt preturbed by her not even glancing at him.

"Th-this is the three heros church of melromarc. We worship our saviours the cardinal heros giving their all to protect us against the evils of this world brought upon us by the waves." Lightly stuttering at the first words she found her confidence and gave an unexpected answer. Three heros... The king said it too before noticing me once more. With this new perspective and with a closer look at the symbol the nun grasped while giving her answer he noticed it as a cross formed by overlaying a sword and a spear as the vertikal stake while the bow acted as the horizontal stake connected where normally the handguard of the sword would be. Failing to notice anywhere any kind of shield symbolism. he exasparatedly concluded that the non-treatment of him was due to the shield not being covered in their worship. Wondering how his fourth weapon could fit in the doctrine he noticed the look on rens face. Not able to categorized it he failed note the shock of his fellow hero.

"Uh... Ok, well um. Can you lead me toward the hourglass so i can register for the wave?" Flustered by her ferwent stare at him he held himself back from glancing at vandalieu besides him. After the nun nodded, happy to be of help, she started walking further in. Slowing abit down he turned to van. Getting the usual blank odd eyed stare back... _He has a purple and red eye... How didnt i notice before?_ Van hung up in his thoughts simply returned his look staring right through ren. Should count myself lucky they just treat me as a sideshow and dont antagonize me from the start. Arriving in a widely spaced hall with a hourglass looking construct made of glass and golden dragons at its sides. Roter sand rieselt durch das inneren durchsichtigen glascontainers. Closing in on the dragon hourglass -aptly enough named- next to ren both of the legendary weapons started emitting a ray of light, connecting them to it. Popping up in his vision was a timer 29:04:25. after waiting a minute, the last digit changed. After opening an closing his display he noticed the timer got placed in the upper right corner. Stepping one step closer and stretching his arm to touch the hourglass directly he closed his eyes. Unfortunately the words he expected didnt appear. Instead appeared the message.

'Level for class up insufficient

Class up not available for Legendary Hero'

Taking a step back he noticed ren talking tothe nun again.

"Can you give me some sand from the hourglass?"

"Of course Sword Hero." Almost shouting she strode to the hourglass, Van made sure to stay out of her pace, and after some fiddling she held a handful of the red sand in a handkerchief size cloth. Ren thanked her and poured half the sand into the blue gem on his sword. "Here the rest is for you Vandalieu." He said while beckoning the smaller hero over. In shock the nun staggered at his sight back."the dev- hero of the shield. How- since when is he here in these holy halls?" Clasping the symbol on here neck and starting to murmur what seemed to van like Mantras or chants she stared at him. Halting shortly in his steps he poured, after thanking ren the rest of the sand on his shield.


[Name:Teleport shield ]

[Equip bonus: Skill 'Group Teleport']

[Unlocking requirements not met]

Acknowledging the useful looking skill while dissapointed by the fact of not meeting its acquisition requirement he turned oncemore to ren. " I tried to confirm if maybe the dragon hourglass acts like the job changing rooms i know, of since i've gotten a similar feeling from it. Unfortunately it didnt work as i hoped. I got a notice of unable to class up instead. You know something about it?" Badly hiding a grin, though van didnt notice at all, he gloated. "See? Said so, Itsuki was wrong and missleading you. A class up can be performed by anyone reaching level 40 to surpass that level cap and boasting their stats in the process. We heros dont need that kinda thing since we dont have a level cap to begin with so dont worry about it." Looking at the still praying nun he continued. "You should try to make yourself more noticebly. Scared the hell out of her." Van looked once mare at the nun, sending shivers down her spine in the process. Agreeing with ren he apologized:"I dont know why but most people overlook me. Im sorry for scaring you." Just nodding at him, the nun continued to slowly back away from him. "Well then... Uhm thank you for showing us around and the sand. See you around." Awkwardly thanking and sich von ihr verabschiedend wenden sich die beiden helden, gefolgt von rens gruppe, zum gehen und verließen die kirche. Noting the overly decorated portal once more he stepped aside and murmured "copy"


[Name:Church door shield - base defense 6]

[Equip bonus: magic defense up

Belief support]

[Equip bonus: ability 'follower enhancement']

[Level requirement 4]

"My gratitute for leading me around Ren. I dont't want to over stretch your goodwill but would you happen to know where a weapon or armor shop might be?"

"I do and no problem leading you there but... Shouldn't you first get your companions to coordinate equipment or at least expenditure for them?"

"Sounds reasonable. I still would like to go there with you. Then I at least know where the shop is for later."

Nodding at that Ren started to walk into the bustling streets. In view of the city walls Van saw a sign with a sword pictured with an unfamiliar script above an entrance. Confused he asked Ren.

"Can you read the writing Ren?" Halting in his steps, he musterd the sign himself for a moment.

"No. I take it you can't either?"

Nodding Van waited a moment but shrugged after no one said anything and bid Ren good bye and got to exploring the town on his own. He marveled at the sights stretched before him. Big ostrich like birds pulled carriages to and throw. Some where pulled by dinosaur looking dragons. If he didnt got his fill of dinosaurs in thalosheim already he would jump at the chance of getting one for himself.

To his surprise he noticed non-human people in the streets to. The ones he saw looked like the demihumans he was used to from lambda. More weirded out was he by not seeing a single elf or dwarf among the ones passing by. To his distress he noted most demihumans to be slaves or at the very least in disheartening work relations with collars around their necks and wearing ragged clothing. Coming to halt he noticed a confligration of spirits coming out of a side ally. Following them to their origin he came across a tent he vaguely remembered from pictures on earth. Whats a circus doing here... And why are things dieing here of all places in this peacefull looking town. Ignoring the spirits now swarming around him like he used to, he started looking for the entrance. Coming across a noticebla gap he lifted the cloth of the tent. Inside were a cages stacked on top each other all around the tent sides. Only noting the animal looking inhabitants of the cages, he walked further in seeing more spirits coming towards him. Around a hardly noticebly corner appeared a dwarf sized ball like man with tophat and glasses dressed in a purple tuxedo.

"Hm. Ah a customer yes?" Vandalieu halted in his steps and looked behind him. After making sure there was no one who came in after himself, he once more looked the man over. "You mean me?" He asked just to make sure.

"Yes indeed. You found your way here so what exactly are you looking for, yes?"

Without giving another answer he kept going in further. seeing another spirit floating into sight. After a few moments he came across the darkest and filthiest looking part. The stench of decay now undeniably all around him. A cage a bit further down the row of cages was obfiscated by a large cloth. Tucking it aside, a barely to stomach sight revealed itself infront of him. 7 or 9 bodies were stacked up on one another in the cage. Some noticebly none human with scales or fur covering their body. The rest with animal ears and tails. "What is this about?" Vandalieus voice was flat as always. His mind raged with disgust and pity.

"These are to my dismay the bottom of the barrel of my products, yes sir." Until he posed his question a wide grin was plastered on the man, now it losing its shine.

"What happened to them?" Van asked once more, he got more and more disturbed by the fact that he couldnt ask the spirits directly. They lost all their self and were no more then will-o-wisps he knew of lambda. Apparently noting his unwillingness to talk further the man elaborated.

"These slaves had unhealable diseases and injuries. It would have been too costly to save them. If you are still interested in them in this condition, i will make a good price, yes sir."

"Why were they here as slaves for sale in the first place?" hesistating more he continued. "The most of them were demi-human and theriantropes caught by slavers in and around melromarc. Two of them were once gladiators in zeltoble i acquired cheaply after an injury in the arena, yes sir." While listening van tried to supply some of the spirits with mana to enable them at least to communicate with him. One reacted favourably and gained a humanoid resemblance with scales shimmering through his ghostly form.

'Are you willing to follow me after living once more in your old body?'

The scaled spirit seemed thoughtfull but denied with an apologizing shake of his head.

'Got it. Sorry to keep you here.' A smile haphazardly appearing on the face Vandalieu cut the mana supply and the spirit once more shrank to a speck of light.

"Make sure to give them a proper burial... Are there others about to meet their fate."

" A compassionate customer. How rare, yes. At the moment there are 5 with a bad enough constitution, warranting worry for their life." He walked towards the cages near the one for corpse collecting. His before now unknowingly ignored danger sense death informed him of the fact that three of them might die in the next hour and the others at the latest the next day. From his earlier conversation he gatherd that this seemed to be a black market slave trader... Now thinking about it, he didnt hear anything about legal slaves in this land.

"Is there a custom in this land to enslave criminals or are the only ones enslaved of races disliked by humans?"

"A sharp mind o hero of the shield. In this land prisoners get sometimes subjected to a slave seal. Even then they are mostly political prisoners or even spies. This ensures their honesty and silence, yes. My products here are mostly the kind catched by questionable means and rarely the aformentioned former gladiators, forced to fight because of depts, yes."

Ignoring his monicer of hero, Vandalieu begann to think more radically.

"Is ther a way to guarantee... Never mind. I will make sure your products survive longer. Keep them at least from starving."

With those words he started spiritualising parts of his hands and connected himself with every slave he could feel a sign of death from and shared his regeneration enhancement with. Ones afflicted with illness or the like he casted dissinfect on and sterilization at the whole tent in the process to prevent a reinfection. Feeling his mana running low he took his payment in form of blood from the 26 slaves he was connected to. By only taking about 250ml or less if their problems demanded it. Thinking back he connected to the slave trader as well taking a litre from him to top his mana off after treating the last of the slaves. The only ones not treated were ones with psychological issues which he had to treat after remastering the mental encrochment skill. Noticing the betterment of the slaves the slave trader went from cage to cage frolicking after confirming their complexions.

"Oh. Oh joy, yes. Dear customer what miracle you mustered, yes! Well please at least share in the fruits of your labor and take one with you at least."

Glancing at the once more ear to ear grinning man, van walked towards the cages and looked at them. Now further from deaths door they should be more rational towards him. After his "conversation" with the spirit he ventured that death charm was either less effective in this world or the souls are of a different make. Hearing a coffing coming from a half covered cage he lifted the cloth an saw a girl with round ears and a flat tail with lightbrown hair sitting in her cage. Shemust have a deeper routed problem since his treatment didnt fix her cough. At the trader directed he spoke. "I take her. How much?" "Since you already did me a great favor i make you a great offer with 20 silver."

Blinking at the fact that he could buy 25 slaves like her, he sighed and countered. " I give you 200 and you make sure that every slave already here and every you aquire will neither freeze nor starve or even further injured until i come again. Make sure to remembrr this: i will know if you did your part." Conciously weaving anger and a threatening tone into the last sentence he glared at the slave trader. "How compassionate, yes. If i can count a hero among my customers and even sponsor in a way then i have no reason to refuse your generous offer, yes." Opening the cage he pulled the scared girl out of her cage toward the center of the tent and prepared some utensils on a table. An ink filled saucer got pushed towards Vandalieu.

"Please procure a drop of blood for the seal to be applied." Wondering if there is a special spell or ritual involved to produce this kind of ink, he took the smallknife next to the saucer and slit his thumb. By pure curiosity he activated the demon kings blood before leting it drip into the ink. After mxing by slightly shaking the saucer, the ink began to bubble and almost spill over. Unsure if this was bad he poured some on his shield hoping it got acknowledged as a material.


[Name:Servant user shield 1 ]

[Equip bonus: Servant maturation adjustment (minor) | Servant mutation inducement(minor)]


Shrugging at the aquired shield he passed the ink back at the slave trader. Reasoning the mentioned abilitys away by thinking back on his already accomplished induced mutations, like the black orcs, - goblins and anubi as well as pauvina, back in thalosheim. After the slave dealer took it, he dipped a brush in the ink and drew a circle on the girls chest. Noting her growing pain he connected himself once more with her via spirit form manipulation, he suppressed her nerves affected by the seal. After the glow subsided from her chest he withdrew from her. In the upper right of his sight he noted the appearance of a new name under his own with its respective health and mana bar. Only now noting bars below his own, of which the mana bar stretched over the whole top of his field of view. A notice of the so called contract column in his staus magic notified him of the options be can choose from to control his new slave. Dismissing the announcement and noting the new name column was filled with the words

"Slave A" he asked her. "What is your name?" Hesistantly she looked at him -rather his shield Van noted- and quietly answered "Ra- cough... Raphtalia"

The party member section now updated withher name he looked at the slave trader. "Remember our deal... Ah, last of all, whats your name?" "I am Beloukas dear customer and yes i will remember wellmy deal with the honoured shield hero, yes."

After mulling it over a moment he asked his last question. "Are there precedents to training monsters or even undead creatures to fight alongside humans?" Immeadiatly an answer cam with a glint in beloukas eyes.

"Why yes sir. I in fact am officialky a monster trader and specialise in the trading of filorials and also dragons. They are most common in the countrys all around the world as mounts or to pull carriages, yes. As i gather from your question, might there be a similar custom in your world sir hero?"

Turning around to leave the tent he started walking. A confused noise later raphtalia followed two steps behind him.

Retracing his former route back to the weapon shop he noted the growing number of stares directed at raphtalia behind him. Regretting not having asked for a cape or cloak before leaving the tent he beared with it until he reached the shop. After entering he took his timeand tried producing threat and knitting something for his new companion. It took more mana and effort then expected but suplementing with non sticky demon kings inc and blood as well as malleable horns he managed to make a poncho like clothing for her. "Here wear this for the moment. I will look for the owner."

Walking past her and taking a closer look at the wares around him he noted some interesting Looking shields around the counter. Knocking at the wooden top he turned his head to look at raphtalia. She still stood flabbergasted at the door with dk poncho in her hands."just put your head through the opening."

Fearfully looking at him she did as told. Hearing steps he turned back at the counter noticing the until now muscle bounded man he saw till now in this world, entering through the folds of cloth drapped over a doorway. Gazing awestruck at the man he didnt hear his surprised words.

He repeated himself unnerved: "What are two kids doing alone in my shop?"

"Im sorry. My name is vandalieu, her name is raphtalia. We are looking for equipment and guidance to start our journey to get stronger for the waves."

Flabbergasted by his wide eyes, flat tone and words the shop owner could only blink in response. Unpeturbed was Van continuing to admire the man before him with statue similar to borkus, likely formed through multiple hard battles underscored by scars on arms and his bald head. Resuming his witts the uncle took a closer look and noticed the shield on his forearm.

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